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See, the thing about being a loser is you don’t have anything to lose. So, be true, be brave, stand, believe. And don’t ever forget: we’re losers, and we always will be.”

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You can’t wake up this is not a dream


Originally posted by godfreysteel

Summary: The Winchester siblings have always relied on each others for years. But has the years passed they made a small family. Years and years of fighting monster have brought them to the town of Derry. With fight a creature that is not of this world have to the Winchester finally met their match?

I went to sit on my bed and went back to looking into the two cases that we had. I decided to look more into kids who have gone missing. I found that stuff happens here in Derry every 27 years. I heard a knock at my door. “Come in.” I said. “Hey kiddo.” Dean said opening my door and walking into my room. “So I’ve looked into the kids who have gone missing.” I said. “Did you find anything helpful?” Dean asked as he sat down on my bed. “It seems like kids go missing here every 27 years.” I said. “How long does it go back?” Dean asked. “That’s the thing it’s been happening since the start of time.” I said. “So sounds like we are open against something that probably not from earth.” Dean said. “It what I was thinking.” I said. “Sam and I are going to Ludlow tomorrow to get some more information on the Creed family. So you’ll be on your own for a while after school.” Dean said. “But I want to come help.” I said. “I know kiddo.” Dean said. “Why do I need to stay?” I asked. “Just do it for me please kiddo.” Dean said. I nodded. “Why don’t you hang out with your friends after school.” Dean said. “Is that why you want me to stay?” I asked. “Kiddo.” Dean said. “Really Dean.” I said. “Will you please try act like a kid your own age.” Dean said. I let out a sigh before nodding. “Thanks kiddo. Get some sleep.” Dean said kissing my head. “You two.” I said. Dean got up and started to walk out my room. “Is there a circus or something in town?” I asked. “Not that I know. Why did you see something kiddo?” Dean asked. “ I came back in my room after I took a bath. I was grabbing my laptop off the desk and I looked out the window. I saw a clown in the tree line.” I said. “Are you sure you saw a clown?” Dean asked. “White face, Red nose, wearing a clown custom. I’m pretty sure it was a clown.” I said. “I’ll ask around and check it out. Just don’t tell Sam about it yet.” Dean said. “Done.” I said. “Night kiddo.” Dean said. “Good night Dean.” I said. Dean left my room. I watched Netflix for a little while before finally falling asleep.

It was around 6:30 when Dean came to wake me up for school. I grabbed some clothes and went to my bathroom and change. I picked a back crop top and red plaid jeans shorts. I brushed my hair and brushed my teeth. I went back to my room and put on my boots. After I got ready I handed to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I saw that Sam and Dean were already at the table. I went to the fridge and got the orange juice. “What are you wearing?” Dean asked. “Um clothes.” I said getting a cup and pouring myself a glass. “I want you to change your shirt.” Dean said. “Come on dean it’s June and some of my classes are hot.” I said. “I don’t care change your shirt.” Dean said. “What come on! Sam help me out here.” I said.  “Don’t bring me into this you two.” Sam said. “I’m not changing.” I said. Dean let out a sigh of defeat. “Well look at the time. Y/n we should be getting you to school.” Sam said looking at his watch. I quickly finished my juice and headed back to grab my backpack. Sam and Dean were already waiting for me outside. I opened to the backdoor of the driver side of the impala. I buckled up and Dean started the impala driving me to school. Dean stopped in front of the school. “Do you know what time you and Sam will be back yet?” I asked. “Probably around nine. Here.” Dean said as he handed me a small gun. “Why do I need this? I have weapons at the house.” I said. “I know it for you to protect yourself while were gone today. Needed you to have something that you could hide in your bag.” Dean said. I nodded putting the gun in my bag. “I should get inside the bell is about to ring.” I said. “Ok kiddo we’ll see you tonight.” Dean said. “Love you guys.” I said and leaned over and kissed each of them on the cheek. “Love you too.” Sam and Dean said. I got out of them impala and closed my door. I made my way inside. I decided to go ahead and made my way to my first hour. Maybe one of my friends if a circus was in town to see if that would explain the clown I saw last night. I went to go sit in the back in the exact same place where I sat yesterday. I was waiting on Henry and Vic to come in the classroom. I was looking out the window when I saw a red balloon appear out of nowhere. I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I look too see Henry. “Didn’t mean to scare you there y/n.” Henry said as he took a seat beside me and Vic took to the seat on the other side of me. “Can I ask you something?” I asked him. “If you’re asking me out on a date then the answer is yes.” Henry said. I let out a soft giggle. “Not exactly what I was going to ask.” I said. “Awe now you have made me sad. What do you wanna know?” Henry said. “Is there some sort of circus in town?” I asked. “No why?” Henry asked. “Oh. No reason.” I said. “You sure?” Henry asked. “Yeah totally.” I said.  “Did you tell your brothers?” Henry asked. I nodded. “How did they take it?” Henry asked. “I’ll tell you later.” I said. Henry looked at me and nodded. Vic gave us a confused look. The rest if the hour I spent talking with Henry and Vic. When the bell rang I went to go meet up with Richie and Eddie. “Hey guys.” I said as I walked up to them. “Hey y/n” Eddie said. “Where are Bill and Stan?” I asked. “Right behind you hot legs.” Richie said. I glared at Richie. “Gee Richie do you want her brothers to beat you up.” Stan said as he and bill came up to us. “Please I can so take them.” Richie said. “You didn’t see them yesterday did you Richie?” Eddie asked. “tt-t-they ww-wwi-will snap y-yoo-you like a tw-twig.” Bill said. “Yeah Richie they are huge.” Stan said. “What are you guys doing after school?” I asked. “We’re hanging at my house why hot legs.” Richie said. “Well my brothers had to go out of town to discuss another case. I’m going to be on my own till they get back tonight and Stan asked me yesterday about hanging out during the summer.” I said. “Sound great. My parents can drive you back home if you want.” Stan said. “Yeah I think that would be best. I don’t think my brothers would want to walk home alone.” I said. “I’ll text them and ask.” Stan said. “Thanks Stan.” I said as the bell rang. “Well we should get to class.” Eddie said. Richie, Eddie and I walked to our class together. We sat where we were yesterday. We talked the whole hour. I just hoped that the rest of the day would go by quickly. I needed to help Sam and Dean with the cases. “Y/n you ok?” Eddie asked. “Yeah I’m fine why?” I asked. “You seem to be distracted.” Richie said. “Yeah I’m fine. Just have a lot on my mind I guess.” I said. “I have that effect on the ladies.” Richie said. “Oh you wish.” I said. I heard Eddie laugh. 

Soon it was lunch time and I decided to go outside to get some fresh air. I was sitting under a tree with my laptop in my lap. “Hi.” I heard a voice say. I looked up to see a tall guy standing over me. “Um hi.” I said. “So I’ve seen you around school. I’ve been meaning to talk to you but you always seem to have people around you.” He said as he sat down beside me. “I’m Y/n Winchester.” I said. “Robert Grey but you can call me bob if you want sweetie.” Robert said. “I think Robert would be better.” I said. “So what brings you to this town?” Robert asked. “My brothers they were brought in to help with the missing kids.” I said. “Oh really? Do they have any leads?” Robert asked. “Not that I know of. They are not really allowed to talk about the cases.” I said. “Oh. Can I tell you something?” Robert asked as he moved closer to me putting a hand on my knee. “Sure.” I said. “You’re really pretty. Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?” Robert said. “Oh Robert I’m sorry but I can’t tonight. My brothers had to go help with another case and won’t be back till tonight. I already told my friends I would hang out with them after school. Maybe another time.” I said. “I can come to your house tonight.” Robert said. “I don’t think it would be a good idea for my brothers to come home to see a random guy with their sister.” I said. “Yeah that’s ok I don’t feel like getting shot.” Robert said. Which made me laugh a little. I heard the bell ring. “I guess we should head back inside now.” I said as I closed my laptop putting it in my bag. “Let me help you.” Robert said getting up and held a hand out to me. I smile and took his hand as he helped me up. “Why don’t you could ahead and I’ll catch up.” Robert said. “Are you sure?” I said. “Yes y/n.” Robert said as he leaned down and kissed me on my cheek. I nodded and made my way back into the school.  

Pennywise’s POV

I watched the smallest hunter as she walked back into the school. She seems to be smarter than the other kids I’ve tricked so far. I thought if she did fall for my trap that the two other hunters would leave him alone. But I guess that I now will have to figure out another way to make these hunter leaves. I will have to be keeping an eye on those hunters. I will put an end to these hunters. I’ll take the small one first so I can watch the other two go mad. I just need to get her alone. I should have taken her when we were alone. I’ve always wonder what a hunter would taste like. No hunter has ever tried to stop me before. It’s funny that they think they can stop me. No one can or will ever stop me. I plan to keep my eye on the small hunter. She has already proven that she is very different than the others I have taken. Maybe if I don’t decide to end her then I should take her as a mate.

End of Pennywise’s POV 

The rest of the day went by fast. Thank Chuck. I walked out with Stan to go meet the other boys. “Oh y/n I forgot to tell you my mom can take you home.” Stan said. “That’s great. Thank you again Stan.” I said. “Don’t mention it. My mom didn’t want you walking alone in the dark with everything that has been happening.” Stan said as we walked out of the school. “I kind of figured. Even if your parents couldn’t have taken me home I’m pretty Richie’s or Bill’s parents could have. Now Eddie’s mom I’m not sure if she would.” I said. “You’re probably right.” Stan said. “I’m surprised she hasn’t convinced Eddie not to hang around me.” I said. “I’m guessing Eddie probably hasn’t told her.” Stan said. “That mama’s boy.” I said chuckling. Which made  Stan laugh too. The other boys were waiting by their bikes. “There you two are.” Richie said. “We didn’t even take that long.” Stan said. “Well let’s go before bowers and his gang shows up.” Eddie said. Right then Henry and his friends walked by us and to Belch’s car. “Well that was surprising.” Richie said. “Why?” I asked. “Because they have made our life a living hell since we could remember.” Eddie said. “I don’t get why they left us alone today.” Richie said.  Then they all looked at me. “What?” I asked. “You. They left us alone because of you.” Richie said. “In a way sorta.” I said. “What do you mean?” Stan asked. “Well after I hit Patrick. Henry told him that he could come after me because I was off limits.” I said. “So you’re saying Henry has a crush on you.” Eddie said. “I wouldn’t say that exactly.” I said. “Come on guys we should get going to my house before my parents call the police.” Richie said. “Y/n yyy-yyoo-you ccc-ccaaa-can  rrrr-rii-ride wi-wwii-with me.” Bill said. I nodded getting on the back of Bill’s bike putting my hands on his shoulders. Then we made our way to Richie’s house. 

Supernatural taglist: @darkqueennox

Overall taglist: @the-broken-halo-writer

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What would be hilarious is if Richie surprises Stan with concert tickets for his birthday, but the whole thing is a surprise. A typical Richie endeavor.

When Richie pulls up to the venue, Stan is intrigued, but he thinks Richie either got tickets to some boring clarinetist or Post Malone or someone. He can’t tell if Richie is intending to insult Stan’s taste in music or to troll him. 

But then they get inside and it’s a Doja Cat concert. Richie intended to troll Stan by dragging him to a loud concert of a genre Stan hates.

But then Stan starts jumping up and down, ecstatic bitch, and the bitch knows every word and is singing and rapping along (except for the n word of course), and Richie is like “No way. No fucking way. This isn’t real.” 

The troll has been trolled.

And because we know Stan has a little booty action going on, he definitely starts twerking. And yeah, he’s dressed even more formally than normal, because he thought Richie was taking him to a restaurant or some shit. But still, he drops it low and throws it back. All the kids around them are like “Work sis!” And Richie is like:


And Stan isn’t even aware that Richie intended to ruin his birthday with a concert he thought Stan would hate. He’s just riding the high of having the most fun he’s had in months. So he definitely gives Richie the best head of his life when they get home, unless he doesn’t wait until they get home 👀

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Sis I had the Big Brain moment regarding the losers as athletes/track star Eddie au and here it goes:

I decided that Bill and Stan are not a couple, because we need a goal for Stan too. It’s kind of boring if he and Bill are already together and just cheer Richie on from the sidelines. Plus it makes the tangled web of awkward more fun. 

Stan and Eddie are out. Like out out. Richie is selectively out, and even then kind of ironically. Bill is not out, which might be because of his teammates. 

Richie and Stan are best friends and have been since they were infants. Stan and Eddie also know each other. Eddie and Bill know each other (maybe another overlapping sport?). Richie knows Bill. Richie does not know Eddie and Stan well he knows of Bill but they’ve said like a total of 6 words to each other since elementary school.

The first time Richie sees Eddie, he immediately elbows Stan and says “Oh wow look at that guy!” 

Stan kicks him in the shin before he can start chanting “Yowza yowza yowza!” and cause everyone in the cafeteria to stare at them. 

And then Stan’s like “You seriously don’t know who that is? That’s Eddie Kaspbrak.”

Richie gawks, surprised Stan knows such an exquisite specimen of manhood. But then again, is he? Stan works on the yearbook committee with Ben, and on top of that, if Stan and Richie are joined at the hip, Mike is joined to Stan’s other hip, and Mike literally knows everyone. Point Mike at a random student and he knows their name. So Stan probably does know him.

“Is he gay??” Richie asks.

Stan rolls his eyes like “Yes Richie! We’re in the GSA together. He has an Outsports article about him and everything. Too bad you never show up to the meetings!”

And Richie waves him off, something about finding the whole premise of a GSA cringy, which only makes Stan (adorably) fume like always.  

“I’m going to make him fall in love with me,” Richie declares, shoving his whole sandwich in his mouth.

Stan laughs at that. A dry laugh. A suspicious laugh. Richie almost chokes on his food.

“Unless- Staniel, are you fucking my future husband??”

Then Stan chokes on his food, and sputters “Ew! No! He is not my type!” and yet there’s a blush dusting Stan’s cheeks, and his eyes look nervous.

Truthfully, Eddie and Stan have a lot in common, and get along well enough. The problem is that Stan has a crush on Bill of astronomical proportions. And Stan thinks that maybe Eddie likes him, which is so weird to him. But it also makes things awkward. Because in Stan’s more melodramatic moments, when he sighs profoundly, wishing and hoping that Bill Denbrough could ever notice a boy like him, a part of him resolves that… yeah Eddie would make a pretty decent boyfriend. Maybe he should reciprocate that energy.

And now here’s Richie barging into Stan’s complicated (it’s high school okay) love life and he does not need this drama! 

Richie can tell that Stan is already 8x more stressed about this situation than any normal human being has a right to be. 

“Well Stan the Man, if you put in a good word for me with Señor Kaspbrak, there might be something in it for you…” 

“What?” Stan scoffs. “What could there possibly be?”

“I’m in anatomy with Bill Denbrough. Maybe you scratch my back, and I can scratch yours?” 

Stan rolls his eyes again “Nice try Richie, Bill Denbrough is-”

“A total closet case, I can smell it on him. Trust me Stanny Bananny, a knockout like you? He won’t stand a chance. He just needs a little push out of his ironclad closet and into your arms.”

Stan ponders it, and Richie sees Stan’s eyes slowly light up, and he knows that they’re doing this. This is going to be so much fun. 

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So, we all know Stan faked his death, right? So he goes on vacation, expecting it to take the losers months to defeat It like it did last time. But they do it in like 2 days. And he’s panicking cuz he can’t tell them because he’s with Patty on a long ass vacation and he is relaxing. Chilling. Vibing. He simply cannot tell them yet. But when he gets back Benverly is getting married. It’s a bad time to reveal himself, so he just sneaks into the wedding. After the honeymoon, he thinks. But then reddie is getting married. Jesus fucking Christ, did those two seriously finally get their shit together at the most inconvenient time?!?! So he sneaks into their wedding too. A month later he thinks he’s in the clear. But then he finds out that hanbrough is engaged and fucking snaps. So he shows up to game night in the pouring rain, soaked from head to toe and is just the angriest gremlin. The losers are Shocked and So Happy and Why Didn’t You Tell Us but Stan is just pissed that they all had the nerve to get married wtf and they’re like omg we’re so sorry you missed it Stan we didn’t know. Then Stan pulls out photobooth strips of him in increasingly ridiculous accessories and holding stupid props by himself, wearing the most Tired expression from all the weddings. He even pulls selfies at the courthouses when Bill, Bev, and Eddie got divorced. The duck face at Eddie’s may have been in bad taste, but the lighting was good, ok?

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i like to imagine that Stan met Patty because a coworker of his was like “my daughter watches these videos of a lady that takes care of birds and stuff on social media-” and Stan snaps his neck to look and just goes “a lady that does WHAT

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You’re so sweet! Thanks for this!! This honestly made my day… Here’s a lil Stan for you,, you deserve it💕💕

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Okay but what about Prince Stan in line for the thrown and then Bill born into being a servant without choice. Being outspoken about his opinion and just snarky about it. Stan’s father, the king tries throwing him out on several occasions, but Bill stays cause Stan’s in love with his whole rebellious but kind of dumbass act.. and the loudmouth is kinda hot with a big dick too. 😳🤭 yeah also the whole fucking him on the throne in full prince atire and crown 😳🥴🥴🥵

Okay but why are y’all so into these power disparities? Like girl… 

Bill doesn’t have to be “born into being a servant without choice” who’s livelihood is threatened by him speaking up for himself and is then only saved because Stan likes the big dick? Yikes girl? You’re basically saying that Bill is Stan’s slave…

Like Bill can just be a regular schmegular degular girl from the Bronx and not be involved in any of that drama! He can just be a regular ass guy and still be the bad boy that Stan loves. I get the connotations of having Bill be a member of the staff or the inner circle, he probably grew up with Stan, and has probably been a corrupting influence on him. But to have him be born into servitude? Sis…

No, like, I see what you’re putting down with this. You want Bill to take this pure thing that is Stan, and taint him, and get away with it. And the fact that Bill is so powerless in comparison into Stan’s (and Stan’s father) makes it extra juicy that Stan would, let me guess, sob on the end of Bill’s big cock? So like, that’s also like… 

Girl Stan is not an object that exists to spite his own father for the sake of his boyfriend’s play at masculine pride? I’m not a huge fan of that trope either sis!

Yeah the Prince and the Pauper trope can be cute, but we don’t need to wrap it up in weird layers of the Pauper being scripted as inherently more masculine, and having him sexually dominate the more feminine Prince as a way to reclaim power after being economically marginalized. God it’s like if Bernie Bros wrote fanficiton (you know if they didn’t hate gay people already). And we certainly don’t need to have the Pauper born into bondage serving the royal family!

Can we please not take something cute and make it… messy?

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