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#stanley uris

Aight so I know I don’t have any followers, but

Would anyone be interested in a modern Losers Club story where Richie, Bev, Mike, and Ben start like a little cover band in high school for fun, but then when everyone goes off to college, Richie’s kinda just left to himself making music and gets real sad cuz he thought they’d all stick together and go to like the same college or at least colleges near each other, so he just moved to LA and makes music full-time. But then they all meet up again during the summer. It’ll have reddie, benverly, and probably stanlon. Lots of angst and Richie only ever talking about his feelings in songs but never talking about those songs with anyone.

Idk how to fully describe the au/plot without like writing paragraphs about it, but yeah if anyone’s down to hear about it, like this and maybe reblog it?

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If the Losers had superpowers:

  • First thing first, Pennywise died and they are friends as adults because I said so
  • There’s some accident that they were in and boom, they have powers, idc about plot
  • They’re like 26-28 when it happens
  • Bev can create/control fire, you’re hair is winter fire
  • Ben has the power of empathy, he can feel others emotions and has the power to make people calm when he touches them
  • Richie has super speed, his energetic ass had ADHD and he’s always moving
  • Bill has the power of healing, that way he can help and no one has to die like Georgie did
  • Mike can transform into any animal he wishes, all the time on the farm gave him a connection to the animals
  • Eddie can read minds, now he will always know when someone is lying to him
  • Stan can create a force field, it will protect him and anyone behind, he’s the one that keeps the group safe
  • They totally become superheros
  • Richie wanted to use his power for personal gain but Bev set him on fire and he changed him mind
  • Eddie refuses to wear those stupid outfits and Stan agrees so they have somewhat normal looking costumes
  • Eddie has so much gossip on the others he totally uses it for blackmail, but he would never actually tell them
  • Mike often transforms into any adorable animal when he feels as if he’s loosing and argument
  • Richie consumes so much food because he burns so many calories, they almost go broke trying to feed him
  • Stan often creates a field around Richie that is sound proof when he wants him to shut up
  • Ben is always afraid of touching others, he feels as if he’s invading their pricacy, Eddie feels the same
  • Later they both learn to control it and often have conversations about their powers together
  • Eddie totally discovered his powers by reading Richies mind on acident
  • This is also how they got together because Richie was thinking of Eddies ass at the time
  • Stan saved Patty from some muggers, but if we’re being honest he just helped because she was totally kicking their assets on her own
  • She then asks him for coffee and he shuts down because a cute girl asked him out
  • Patty and Richie weirdly get along and it concerns Stan
  • Sometimes Mike will turn into a cat and curl up on Bills lap, he is the only one blessed with this gift
  • Bill is never sick and is always taking in animals that are injured to heal, Mike enjoys watching
  • Bill kisses Mike and then proceeds to run away and completely disappears for three days
  • When he comes back they fuck
  • Ben touches Bev once and is suddenly overcome with the feeling of love and it takes him a week to confront her about it
  • The love was for him and they date from that point on
  • Beverly has a fireplace in her room, she’s also never cold
  • Bill almost revels his secret identity once after he accidently healed a child’s broke arm in a Taco Bell at 3am

Anyway, send me IT headcanons

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stanley uris, incredibly sleep deprived, three days into finals week: birds are dinosaurs who shrugged off a couple apocalypses. some eat bone marrow. some drink nectar. they outswim fish in the sea. they smile politely at gravity’s demands. i am grateful to see them. i am grateful to feed them. i am grateful to know them.

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remember when people went to see that horror movie where that killer clown chased after seven kids, casually enjoyed it, then came out of the cinema, appreciated and discussed it for a week or so, then moved on?

haha remember guys ???

we still here

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Bev: [Decorating Richie like a Christmas tree] ♪ Oh, Christmas Rich, Oh, Christmas Rich they candles shine so brightly. Oh, Christmas Rich, Oh, Christmas Rich. Much pleasure thou canst give me ♪
Eddie: [Entering the room] Why do you guys do stuff like this?
Richie: Cause it's fun.
Bev: Yeah
Bev and Eddie: [Continuing to decorate Richie.] ♪ The sight of thee at Christmastide Spreads hope and gladness far and wide ♪
All: ♪ Oh, Christmas Rich, Oh, Christmas Rich. Thou tree most fair and lovely.♪
Eddie: [Placing the star on top of Richie's head] Don't move.
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Summary: Stan tries to kill himself but fails, Bill shows up at the hospital to talk to him. 

A/N: this was part of the secret santa exchange by @itfandomprompts​. This story was for @sqwidart​ I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think! 

Warnings: This deals with dark thought and suicide attempt (not graphic but still) 


Originally posted by sweartobestenbrough

The beeping of the machine was driving Stan crazy. For the last two days he had been in the hospital, and the beeping was still insistently beeping next to his ear. At least he could now move freely again. The first day after he woke up, his arms had been tied to the side of the bedpost, so he wouldn’t be able to hurt himself again. Stan scoffed, as if he would try again, especially since the room he was in was surrounded by windows, where once in a while someone would come and see through. It was embarrassing, and Stan hated it. He felt like an animal in the zoo, but he supposed that it was his own fault.

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I was going over this au in which Ramón leaves Mill Valley (after Sarah screams herself into the afterlife) and travels up to Maine- hits Derry and meets Stan and Ben in the library. I’m trying to go past awkward introductions, but my brain won’t let me ignore the fact that Ramón would most likely drive out the minute he hears about Pennywise. Like “oh, y'all got a killer clown eating kids? alright, cool. listen, i’m gonna head out now. It was great meeting you two, take care!”

He’s just not here for another monster in the same month and that’s that on that

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Stanley: *to Richie* What are you doing?
Richie: *looking at his phone* Nothing.
Stanley: *grab's his phone* You better not be taking pictures of Eddie when we're in the middle of fighting this fucking clown!
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I mean I love the idea that Stan is completely into Bill’s alpha male posturing but also consider Bill hitting that deep and he’s not moving yet, he’s giving Stan time to brace himself.

And he says low and gravelly, “Gonna fuck your brains out, baby.”

And Stan’s like “Uh… not sure how well we’d function if neither of us had brains, maybe you should let me keep mine.”

And Bill’s like “Huh? What do you mean?” 

And Stan’s realizes, no he’s definitely into the zero brain cells big dick routine, “Are you going to fuck me or not? I better not be able to walk after this Bill!” 

And that’s when Bill starts fucking Stan within an inch of his life. When it comes to dicking someone down at least, Oh Bill’s a prodigy, a genius, a virtuoso honey! 

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