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#star wars

watching clone wars for the first time since i was a kid is wack i used to think this was just a cool jedi show how did i miss all this stuff about politicians and bankers profiting from war

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It’s thinking about Cut Lewquane hours

In aftermath they make a point of him being the model father and talking about how “Old man Lawquane” chose his family over War.

And I’ve been thinking about how that story is going to be passed down and since Saleucami is a farming planet it got me thinking….

There has to been an old farm bar somewhere on Saleucami where a soloist plays on a valacord the Balard of old man Cut Lawquane. Because we need more ballads in Star Wars I will die for this!!!!

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page 3 for my little sequel!AU to Cara and Eidana. i already showed the first picture in this post. a little throwback to the original/republic times, tried to show the big three stages of Ana’s and Cara’s friendship: Eidana as apprentice, equals and duo (it was a background from Geonosis so the attack of the clones times) and of course the Clone Wars with Heeli too. :3 this time i tried to work with more dynamic poses, and i’m really happy about the result *-*

i already have a quick layout for the finishing and it looks like this little idea will be 5 pages long, so still 2 to go. :3

[Page 1]
[Page 2]
Page 3 - this
Page 4

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Rogue One…

The saddest fucking Star Wars story there is. I fucking hate it. It’s painful to watch.

Lmao funny thing is when I saw it in cinema I was like, it’s gonna be sad. We know none of these people make it. But.. fuck, I got attached.

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Funniest Star Wars villain is this guy whose name is fucking Worm Loathsome

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