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Originally posted by republiccommando

Tem knows, in that moment, that just because her cage was gilded made no difference.

inspired by and dedicated to @whirlybirbs

masterlist is my url/writing

send me your thoughts on this, i apologize for the lack of accent marks

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1. Darth Maul repeatedly dying and then randomly turning up for absolutely no narrative reason, exclusively to ruin Obi-Wan’s day

2. Hondo Ohnaka in general

        2.a. Bonus: Hondo and Maul competing to be Ezra’s Weird Crime Uncle

3. Dave Filoni being forced to spend 6 7 seasons doing narrative backflips to keep Anakin and Grievous from meeting, because of one throwaway line in ROTS about Grievous being short

4. The B1 Battle Droids in any given moment of the Clone Wars, but especially during the movie

       e.g. those two droids on top of the cliff at Teth, arguing about seeing the approaching clone army and fighting over the binoculars, and one of them just fuckin FALLS of the cliff and the other one goes “get BACK HERE          sergeant”

       also e.g. Rex and like, one other guy, completely surrounded by droids and Rex is like “surrender! we have you outnumbered!” and one of the droids is like “hang on” and actually stARTS COUNTING

5. Grievous bailing hard the moment anything goes remotely wrong 

6. Anakin stabbing a guy in cold blood as the Imperial March plays in the background and then looking all offended at Obi-Wan and going “WHAT? he was gonna blow up the ship!”     

7. Dave Filoni’s incessant need to put wolves in Star Wars

8. the fact that the Mandalorian almost died and earned his clan signet on an errand to fetch brunch for a bunch of jawas

9. Rex’s plan on the Rishi Moon base: “ok so to get into the base currently occupied by droids, i’m going to hold a droid head up to the camera and do my best droid impression and ask them nicely to open the door” and it WORKED

        bonus 9.a: that same episode, Cody’s reaction to Rex shooting one of their brothers (as far as he knew) right in the face was “HECK”

10. Kallus, to Ezra and Kanan: ok you have to knock me out so i don’t get caught as a spy. it has to be convincing.

Ezra: ok *uses the force to fucking YEET kallus through like three panes of glass*

Kanan: EZRA

Ezra: WHAT? that is convincing

Kanan: yeah, but i was gonna do it

11. Kylo Ren stalking into the war room and going “i sense… unease… about my appearance.” and all the generals rushing to compliment his new mask

12. those two stormtroopers in TFA walking around the corner, seeing Kylo Ren having a tantrum and beating up a console with his lightsaber, and just quietly backing away

13. Stormtrooper bonking his head in A New Hope

14. Rex bonking his head on a pipe

15. “It’s ok that we’re here.” “It’s ok that you’re here.” “It’s GREAT that you’re here.” “You’re relieved that we’re here.” “THANK GOODNESS you’re here” “Welcome, guys.”

16. the fact that Palpatine was is still so pissed off about Anakin slam-dunking him down the garbage chute at the end of Return of the Jedi that he had a giant pit built in his Secret Backup Fortress specifically so that he could throw Anakin’s grandson down it thirty years later like that level of PETTINESS

17. Darth Bane was voiced by MARK FUCKING HAMIL

18. Boba Fett dies by blind, confused Han Solo going “BOBA FETT?? WHERE????” and spinning around and accidentally backhanding him into the Sarlacc Pit (of course he’s not really dead shhhhhh fuck you disney)

19. those two scout troopers in episode 8 of the Mandalorian, having captured Baby Yoda and radioing in to try to tell Moff Gideon that they captured the asset like “is he available yet” “yeah, he just killed an officer for interrupting him, so it could be a while.” “ugh ok whatever. Standing by. Still.”

20. the fact that, from Obi-Wan’s point of view, ROTS is just fucking bonkers. Like, he and Anakin rescue the chancellor, everything’s going well, he tells Anakin he’s proud of him, and then he leaves to kill Grievous and just when he succeeds and the war is just about over, Cody tries to shoot him off a cliff and when he makes it back to Coruscant, Anakin is slaughtering a bunch of children and swearing allegiance to a Sith Lord and Obi-Wan has NO IDEA what the FUCK happened there

21. Twilight of the Apprentice from Darth Vader’s point of view: you chase down a bunch of Rebels to a secret Sith Planet. You go to the Temple. Surprise! Your old apprentice is there, along with some random jedi kid. She forces the kid to flee the collapsing temple, and then you proceed to have a big ol’ lightsaber fight but like THIRTY SECONDS LATER, a portal opens up in mid-air, the SAME KID but with a different haircut pops out, grabs your apprentice, and just fuckin vanishes. Poof. Gone. Like, that is just something that happened to Darth Vader one day and it’s just something he had to deal with.

22. JJ Abrams dedicating an entire scene in Rise of Skywalker to calling out Rian Johnson’s shitty Luke-related decisions from TLJ. Rey throwing away the lightsaber and ForceGhost!Luke catching it and going “wow hey maybe treat a Jedi’s weapon with a little more respect RIAN” and “hey Rey don’t do what I did and fuck off to the ass-end of nowhere for twenty years and refuse to do anything useful because that was really stupid and pointless and out of character of me, wasn’t it RIAN”

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The first two seasons and first half of season 3 of Clone Wars really gave us the Malevolence trilogy, Rookies, Cloak of Darkness, Lair of Grievous, the Ryloth trilogy, Hostage Crisis, the holocron heist trilogy, the Geonosis arc, Grievous Intrigue, The Deserter, the Mandalore trilogy, the Zillo Beast, the Boba Fett arc, Clone Cadets, ARC Troopers, and plenty of other good episodes but those are the best off the top of my head, and some of you dumbass fools are STILL saying you should skip them in the year of our lord 2020, and for what? Because of, what, FIVE episodes where Jar Jar plays a role in the plot? Out of the first 55 episodes Jar Jar only appears in fucking FIVE of them and THAT’S enough for some of y’all to decide that nearly the entire first half of the show should be skipped? Fuck off. Last I checked the fucking D-Squad arc took up an entire fifth of season 5 but you don’t see anyone saying to skip that whole season. Shut the fuck up and just watch the whole show like an fucking intellectual. Bitch I’m gonna kill you.

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Part one of ???

This is the intro of one of the characters of a very long story that I’ve decided to write. It consists of multiple perspectives and relationships, which are all connected in some way or another. I hope you like it!

It was early in the morning, when Y/N woke up. The sun was starting to rise, and a few of the sun’s rays shone through the curtains. It was just like any other day on Coruscant. Y/N got out of bed, went to the kitchen, and grabbed something to eat. The appartement Y/N lived in was quite big, not to mention expensive, but they had a two roommates they shared it with. When Y/N wanted to get something from the fridge, they saw a note from one of the roommates.

Left home early, have a lovely few weeks without me!

They always left early when they had to go off world. Which was understandable, a medic can’t just miss their transport, or something bad might happen when they weren’t at the end bay. Y/N remembered their roommate had told them, that they were going to some medical station, since they were short staffed there. Having grabbed food, Y/N sat down at the kitchen table. Their other roommate still hadn’t come out of their room, meaning they were probably still sleeping. Which wasn’t surprising since they had been working all night at 79’s. After finishing their breakfast, Y/N got up and went to their roommate’s room. Opening the door Y/N walked into the room and sat down on her roommate’s bed.

“Wakey, Wakey.” Y/N said “It’s morning.”

Groaning and muttering some words Y/N’s roommate turned around to lay on their other side. This prompted Y/N to poke them in the side, which made them groan even more.

“What do you want? I’m sleeping.” They muttered

“I have to go to work soon, and I just wanted to make sure you wake up in time.”

“Ugh, fine. I’ll get up soon.”

“Don’t forget you have to leave soon.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know”

With that Y/N got up and left. After getting dressed, they gathered their files and left the appartement to go to work. Y/N didn’t have the most interesting job in the galaxy, but it was alright. They were an aide to senator Padmé Amidala. They liked their job, even though it wasn’t what a lot of people would want to be. While on their way to work, they passed some Coruscant guards, they were mostly just walking around, since it was quite calm in the morning. Finally arriving at the senate building, Y/N could go to work. While walking through the halls on the way to senator Amidala’s office, Y/N greeted some of the other aides walking around, running errands for their senators. Getting close to the office, Y/N could see senator amidala a little farther down the hall. She was talking to none other than Anakin Skywalker, one of the Jedi leading troops in the war. When Padmé saw Y/N approach, she smiled at her and waved at them.

“Y/N” she said “Good to see you. Could you bring this disc to senator Organa?”

She handed Y/N a small disc with some engravings on it.

“Of course, senator.”

“Thank you.”

Then she turned towards the Jedi and spoke.

“I have to go back to work now. Would you please excuse me.”

The Jedi nodded and left, and the senator went back into her office.

With them having left, Y/N went to senator Organa’s room to bring him the disc with data.

This was the intro to one of the reader’s perspectives. I hope you guys liked it, and I will continue with the story by writing from the other perspectives first, and then continuing this part. The further I get, the longer the stories will probably be.

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Erik Trekum’s first interaction with Moonlight Battalion

Captain Diego: Hello, sir.

Erik Trekum: Oh. You’re smart, cool, and level headed. I like you. You can balance my dumbassness. Just relax a little though.

Captain Diego: okay, sir?


ARC Trooper Nexu: Sup.

Erik Trekum: Yeah. Another dumbass. We’ll be great friends. You’re just as cocky and as stupid as I am.

ARC Trooper Nexu: Hey! I’m not a dumbass!

Erik Trekum: You’re an ARC it comes with the ranking.

ARC Trooper Nexu: … that’s fair.


Chief Medical Officer Nine: ……

Erik Trekum:…. hi?

Chief Medical Officer Nine: … I don’t like you.

Erik Trekum: I mean… that’s cool. I guess.

Chief Medical Officer Nine: … you’re a dark Jedi and a dumbass. I don’t trust you and I don’t like you.

Erik Trekum:… now wait a minute, only I can call myself a dumbass.

Chief Medical Officer Nine: You handed me your lightsaber on our first actual mission working together with no regard for the weapon, and you have another lightsaber that matches a sith weapon.

Erik Trekum: …touché.

Moonlight battalion belongs to @black-star1472

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I’ve honestly missed doing fan-art and what better way to get back into it by doodling my favourite, softest boy Obi Wan! <3 
Also hands-down, one of Obi Wan’s softest looks is in his season 1 - 2 amour because he is just pure!

Because I haven’t done any proper pieces of art in so long my style feels like it has gone out the window, but hopefully something will start to take shape again, fingers crossed! 

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Word Count: 1564

Tags: Grief

Summary: Matahd Sa finally opens the holocron that Master Jocasta Nu gave him after his master’s death. The message he hears was not the one he was expecting, and he learns something about his late master that he never knew about her while she was alive.

AN: Written for @celebrate-the-clone-wars prompt When the Dead Speak. It is also a sequel to A Sad Inheritance. Also, I ended up crying while writing this one so you may want tissues nearby.

Mat had been ignoring the Holocron given to him by Master Nu. He had been ignoring it because he did not want to listen to it- he did not want to see his master’s face. He did not want to hear his master’s voice. 

Today was different. Perhaps it was a moment of weakness or perhaps it was a moment of braveness- the true reason he may never know. He grabbed the holocron from the shelf it lived on and opened it, watching as a holographic version of his late master, Almenia Costa, appeared.

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Jedi? In relationships? Having attachments? God, who knew!

Anakin and padme:The entire Senete is basically in one big betting pool about it. Lets be clear, this isn’t on if their together, it’s for how long. Chuchi, Satine and Bail amoung others are hevily betting on married since before the war. There are even fan pages about them.

Obi Wan and Satine: Hottest topic of gossip amoung the Padawans. They saw the beard stroke on the landing pad, dont think they didn’t. Most Masters are in denial and the knight’s are pretty close to starting a betting pool on when they’ll hook up. Again.

Obi Wan and Cody: Ok so I might have lied with every one thinking Satine and Obi Wan are a thing, a good 50% of the temple think CodyWan are basically married. Cody litrally carries this man to bed. This is the biggest Ship war in the temple to date!

Jokes on them, Obi Wan has two hands.

Kit, Aalya and Bly. They think there relationship ninjas but they have the subtlety of Padme and Anakin. The flirting and eye sex between Aalya and Bly is driving the Star Core MAD! And they do it in war briefings. Mace Windu is right their, Yoda is right their, we are right hear, stop acting like you want to peg the commander on the consol! And it gets twelve times worse when Kit is there. He knows what that smile dose to them! He knows!

Shaak Ti and Plo Koon: Now their not together, but they are co-parenting about six billion kids which means they get weird calls in the middle of council sessions. Like they try to explaine them away while muttering where Yue left his sock, no Dan you can’t borrow your brothers blaster, yes they will come and help them with homework when finished and fine you can use her lightsaber if Nahla Sei said that about your brother. No one wants to know what will happen if you cross Shaak and Plo on their kids, and everyone likes living to much to find out.

Mace Windu: Denial isn’t just a river on Terra. Mace likes to think he is above attachment. He is not. Everyone with two eyes can see this, the way he hovers around his injured troops, the hugs he’ll never admit giving to Depa and sometimes Caleb, and the fact he looks at Pond’s like he’s hung the star’s in the sky. Yes, Mace Windu has a gigantic crush on Commander Pond’s but he’s so emotionally repressed he doesn’t know he has one. And yes, it’s just as infuriating for everyone as you think it would be.

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Word Count: 1227

Tags: None

Summary: Sari Nebi was in deep meditation where she was presented with a glimpse into what might be her possible future. It was there in meditation where she was confronted with the warring parts of herself she keeps so hidden that it feels almost real. No matter what she chooses, there are going to be consequences. 

AN: Written for @celebrate-the-clone-wars prompt The Other Side of the Coin

When a force user meditates, what they see is different. Sometimes its nothing. Sometimes its the future, other times the past. Still other times it’s a sort of… meeting ground. That’s where Sari found herself.

It looked enough like the training dojo on her master’s ship that she didn’t immediately realize something was off. At least, not until she saw the two other people standing there. The two other versions of her. One was a jedi, dressed in traditional royal robes that she couldn’t recognize, but a jedi none the less. Behind her stood a proud Obi-Wan Kenobi. The other was dressed in dark black robes. On her arms were more tattoos and her eyes were harsh. Behind her stood a cloaked figure Sari vaguely recognized but couldn’t name. It wasn’t Xanatos, this man was someone else. Someone worse. Both versions looked at her and smiled, “Hello there Sari. We need to talk.”

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Look, I LOVE the politics in Star Wars. I think it would be very cool (albeit unlikely due to the limited number of episodes) if we got some insight as to the growing concern in the Senate. Seeing Rebel leaders like Mon Mothma, Padme, and Bail Organa beginning to form what would become the Rebel Alliance would be fantastic. They could even use the deleted scenes from ROTS!

The Clone Wars Countdown 10/16

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Hot take mayhaps but most of the Jar Jar episodes in Clone Wars are actually genuinely decent if only just because Jar Jar himself is way funnier when you pair him up with a more serious character like Mace or Bail or the clones so that they can act as an audience surrogate by rolling their eyes at him and looking like they want to die the whole time

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