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Gamora: We need to distract the guards. 
Quill: Right. I’m on it. Just leave it to me. 
Gamora: Are you sure? What are you going to do? 
Quill: I’m going to kill them all. 
Gamora: …
Quill: That ought to distract ‘em, right?

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When Rocket got Groot back to his room, Rocket was preparing the patient hoist in order to get Groot into his bed. As Rocket was struggling to get the sling around Groot, the raccoon felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Need help?” The voice, which belongs to Peter, asked.

“No, Star-Munch, I-.” Rocket turns around on his heel to see his favorite human punching bag along with the other Guardians in the room. “What, what are you guys doing here?”

“We were in the area and decided to stop by and visit.” Peter answers as he helps Rocket with the sling and getting Groot in his bed.

Rocket smiles and shakes his head. “Tsk. You guys are ‘always in the area’.”

“Well, yeah. We like to visit from time to time. Let Groot know that we care about him.” Peter replies as he tucks Groot into bed.

Gamora quickly thinks to change the subject. “What are you two up to tonight?”

“We’re just going to hang out here and watch Bob Ross.” Rocket answers as he turns on the TV for Groot. “Groot had a long day with therapy and stuff.”

“Oh?” Mantis pipes up. “What did he do today?”

Rocket beams, trying not to cry. “He stood up today.” The Guardians were proud of Groot as Kraglin entered the room. “Sure, he needs the use of a standing frame in order to do so, but he did stand up today.”

“That’s great. Groot is deserving of rest today.” Drax declares.

Kraglin missed the conversation, having a sudden craving for soup that could only be satisfied by visiting the cafeteria downstairs. “So, you ain’t taking Twig down to the talent show tonight?”

“Wait, what talent show?” Peter asks Rocket.

“The nursing home has a talent show that the patients and their families perform in every year.” Rocket explains. “They give awards and other stuff. I don’t want Groot to go there.” He added on as Peter quietly excuses himself from Groot’s room to use the general restroom.

“Why not?” Gamora wonders.

“I don’t want Groot to get jealous of the other kids here being better than he is and them being able to do more than him.” Rocket answered.

“Then how about us and him just go watch and not perform?” Peter, who reappeared in the doorway after his bathroom break suggests. Rocket eventually agrees to it and they go downstairs to the auditorium where the talent show was being held.


The Guardians watched the talent show. They were about to leave as the last performance of the night was finishing up, but Peter encourages them to stay, which they all agreed to, except for Rocket who commented that Groot should be getting ready for bed.

Azrik appears on the stage. “And now for our last performance for the evening, the musical stylings of Peter Quill and Groot!” He announced as the Guardians, especially Rocket, look like they’re going to kill him for signing Groot up for this and potentially embarrassing him.

Peter gets up and pushes Groot over to the side of the stage where Azrik lowered the wheelchair lift so that Peter could push Groot onto it before closing the door behind him and climbing the stairs to meet Groot on the stage and getting him out of the lift and onto center stage.

Azrik hands Peter a microphone and puts another one on a stand right in front of Groot. As the music started, Peter saw Groot try to take his mic off of the stand. Peter took the mic off and hands it over for Groot to hold.

“Ooh-oo, child. Things are gonna be easier.” Peter starts to sing as Rocket mocks Peter in the audience and the raccoon gets a dirty look from Gamora. “Ooh-oo, child. Things’ll get brighter.” He dances as Groot remains still, not even tapping his fingers to the beat.

Peter motions to the disc jockey to cut the music as he gives Groot a pep talk on stage. Rocket facepalms, his fear of Peter embarrassing Groot in front of a lot of people confirmed.

“Groot, buddy.” Peter kneels down to talk to Groot. “What’s wrong, buddy? Are you nervous?” Groot nodded and then pointed to his throat where he couldn’t use his voice. “I know you aren’t able to talk, but you can still hum and I’ll help you dance. C’mon, what do you say about that?”

It took Groot some time, but he eventually agreed with Peter. The human motions for the disc jockey to start the music again and their performance was flawless. Peter sang as Groot tried to do the “Ooh-oo” parts and during the musical interlude in the middle, Peter pushed Groot in his chair in a manner that imitated dancing as Groot moved his arms. By the time that they were done, Peter and Groot recieved the biggest applause of the night (the biggest of which coming from the Guardians, especially Rocket) as the other participants rejoined them on stage as it was time for the awards ceremony.

“And now for the final award of the night, the Audience Favorite Act goes to… Peter Quill and Groot!” Azrik exclaims as he walks over and hands Groot his trophy and gave each of them a medal as he shook their hands and patted Groot on the back.

Groot and Peter exited the stage and returned to the rest of the Guardians who cheered for them as they walked back to Groot’s room. The celebrations went far into the night until visiting hours were over and they were forced to leave. But that didn’t mean that they would forget this night anytime soon.

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(Woooo back to some GOTG! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)


Originally posted by youremy-kindofman

Yondu-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d suddenly get quiet with you, not wanting to entertain your thoughts anymore and would just order you sternly to go wait in your room for him, putting his foot down the moment you’d try to argue and practically picking you up himself there. Once there, he’d surprise you with how easily he bends you over and can just pull apart at your clothes as he feels like, spanking you and making you apologize for your behavior, only to finally give you what you want or need once he feels like you’ve had enough.


Originally posted by love-ale-g-things

Peter-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d totally mess around with you and would act even more childishly, wanting to annoy you and mimic you, only to get quiet and look at you intently when he’s had it with the last thing you did. You wouldn’t even have time to open your mouth to say the next thing and he’d already pull you to him and would shut you up, before getting you on your knees and have you take his cock, wanting to prove himself that he isn’t easily swayed by your attitude.


Originally posted by fatmonicas

Drax-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d bluntly ask you as to why you’re acting as such, wanting you to explain yourself, only to manage to make you squeal in surprise and practically get you flustered as he grips your wrist and pulls you closer to stop. You’d have to practically reach for his cock and beg him to punish you for him to catch on, loving to see how impressed you are by his strength and gladly picking you up to fuck you against the nearest wall and satisfy you.


Originally posted by raindropwrites

Rocket-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d get annoyed pretty quick and would pull you closer to get in your face about it, warning you that he’ll wipe that attitude of yours away, only to want to prove to you as you’d taunt him. To your surprise he’d easily pull you along with him, ordering you then to get on the bed and do as he asks of you, often making you edge yourself, all while making you say out loud your apology to him, not letting you the chance to finish as he’d stop you when he feels like it.


Originally posted by murraybaeman

Kraglin-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d find it to be his opportunity to prove to you how he isn’t easy to mess with, practically glaring at you and smirking as he taunts you back and manages to corner you against the nearest wall. As you’d try to stand up to him still, he’d take you by surprise as he pin you to the wall and would kiss you at each instances you’d try to add further, only to start to undress you more and more, gladly teasing you until you admit you were acting up for his attention.


Originally posted by honeybakedjam

Ronan-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d calmly try to stop you with the way he grips you and pulls you closer, whispering in your ear about how he’s had it with your attitude and if you don’t stop he’ll have to punish you. As you’d mock him, he’d easily drag you right to your shared room, ripping away at your clothes and bending you over, surprising you with how rough and harsh he can get when you egg him on so much.


Originally posted by yodaprod

Stakar-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d smirk and would practically egg you on to keep acting that way, only to end up surprising you as he throws you over his shoulder and spanks as he takes you to the bedroom. Once there, he can’t help but kiss you rather roughly and would take his time with the way he teases you, making sure to edge you hear you beg for your release, proving to you he’s in charge.


Originally posted by yanderevenom

The Collector-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d be confused wondering what he did wrong to have you go against him so much, only to surprise you as he’d finally snap and order you rather sternly to stop with that attitude of yours. As you’d mock him and would provoke him, he’d be appalled and would order you right to your bedroom, telling you to bend over and count the number of spankings he gives you, only to then overstimulate you as he decides to finger you or go down on you as he can’t stand just punishing you.


Originally posted by courtnywhitmore

Garthan Saal-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d have no time for it and would already get in your face to try and prove himself to you that he’ll punish you for it, only to get riled up the more you’d mock him. He’d surprise you with how he’d order you sternly to get on the bed, even more as he’d make sure to pin your wrists and keep you from fighting him off as he decides to overstimulate or edge you, showing you who’s in control.


Originally posted by kane52630

Thanos-When you’d be a total brat with him, he’d let you run your mouth until you’d come to a stop yourself, only to surprise you as he’d easily pick you up on his lap and keep his hands all over you to show you who’s in charge. As you’d try to squirm away, he’d strengthen his hold, teasing your body and reminding you that you need to go through with the punishment of him, fingering you and overstimulating you, adding on that it’s surprising how you can only seem to moan all of a sudden.

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Once they got back to Groot’s room, they saw Azrik setting something up on the teenager’s TV.

“Hey, guys.” Azrik waved to them.

“Hi, Azrik.” Rocket responded. “What are you doing?”

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A/N: In an attempt to be more organised, I’m making posts like this for all of the writing on my blog! This is a masterlist for my PETER QUILL x READER fics from the MARVEL fandom and most on this list were written in May 2018, though it will be updated accordingly if I decide to write for Peter again in the future! Enjoy!


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