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Pairing: Loki X reader

Word Count: 657

A/N: Short little cute moment.

Originally posted by loco-for-loki

You stood on the balcony alone at 00:15, feeling slightly stupid. It was incredibly cold, and at this point you’re pretty sure you imagined Loki existing at all.
You had woken up one morning, note crumpled up in your hand and sheets pulled up to your chin.
“Balcony, midnight-L.” Was all it said, and you wonder when Loki even managed to give it to you.
You always locked your door, but he hadn’t been to the Tower in days and not even Thor had heard from him in a while.
Looking over the balcony, you saw no one near the doors, and no movement anywhere near the Tower at all.
You turn around to go in, chastising yourself, when Loki opens the balcony door with a blanket and a wry smile.
“Hello there. I’m glad you got my note.” He steps outside and closes the door, and you nervously smile back at him.
“I did. But why are we out here?”
“Have you looked at the sky? Clearest night I’ve seen on this planet in a while. I thought you might want to stargaze.”
“Yep. I even brought a blanket.” He holds it up as if it’s not very obvious.
“Loki, God of Mischief and Lies, wants to stargaze with me.”
“With you is the important distinction here.” He walks past you to the lounge chairs, laying down on one and putting his hands behind his head.
You stare at him in surprise, and after a few moments he pats the chair next to him.
“Come on.” With those words you lay down on the chair, and he tosses the blanket on you.
“Thanks.” You unfold it and cover yourself, staring up at the sky too.
You both sit in silence for a while, watching the stars twinkle, and you look over at him eventually.
“Why are we stargazing?”
“You don’t like it? I thought you would, you always ask about space.”
“No, I like it, but there’s a reason we’re out here isn’t there?”
“I realized something, that’s all.”
“What did you realize?”
His only reply is a small smile, still staring up at the stars, and with a sigh you look back up at the sky as well.
“I’m still cold.”
“Midgardians…come here.” He mutters, easily pulling you and your whole chair closer to him with one tug to a chair leg. He opens one arm towards you, and you quickly press yourself against him.
“You smell delicious.”
“That sounds cannibalistic, Loki.”
His laugh always surprises you, deep like boulders moving but melodic like birdsong.
“I promise not to eat you, pet.”
“Why do you always call me pet?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“Well, you don’t call anyone else pet.”
“They aren’t anywhere near as special to me.”
That gave you pause, and you’re suddenly hyper-aware of the closeness of the both of you.
“You tensed. Are you alright?” Loki’s voice is marred by worry and you nod your head.
“Just didn’t expect that.”
“You should have. I haven’t exactly made it secret.”
“No, apparently not.”
Silence for a while, and Loki turns on his side to face you, your face now pressed into your chest and his hand in your hair.
“Your heart is beating fast.”
“You do such odd things to me.”
He almost whispers it, and you see his eyes have closed. So much for stargazing.
Slowly you reach up, running a finger along his jawline and up his cheek, feeling the warmth of his skin and the strong bone underneath.
When your finger travels close to his lips he opens his eyes again to look at you. Smiling, he takes your hand in his free one and kisses your fingers, before putting it back down to his chest.
You both stay laying together through the night, you only woken up by the sun in the morning and the feeling of his lips on your forehead.


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Suddenly, she finds herself, crying out to stars, to beg after a late-rising Moon, to know if he is well…

His abode, lonely, in the blizzard of an indigo sky; are there, at least, astronauts to care for him?

Oh god, if only her hands were more like red-painted rocket ships, and less like bone, and flesh.

If only she had been one born, a pale-tone Selene, robe of silver silks, colour of his-eye-blue

One born, nearer a space to his home, even if she might have been Eos, saffron-cloaked Aurora…

As it is, she stands in the dirt, the leaves, too many roots to reach out to him, there in his big sky country…

Flowers, alive in the darkness of dirt, always seeking out a something from the heights of blue sky.

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L'édition 2019 du Festival de Cannes se termine ! Et ce cru 2019 a été riche en moments insolites… En effet, chaque montée des marches ou chaque soirée est l'occasion pour les dizaines de photographes présents sur place de capter des regards, des rires ou des gestes incongrus de la part des personnalités présentes sur la Croisette.

20 mai dernier, par exemple. Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche et Jean Dujardin montent les marches du palais des festivals quand l'actrice et épouse de Guillaume Canet tire la langue à ses collègues. Un moment capté par les flashs des photographes présents. Tirage de langue également pour Melanie Page, l'épouse de l'animateur Nagui.

Mais Cannes, ce n'est pas seulement sa montée des marches, c'est aussi sa plage. Le 15 mai dernier, Izabel Goulart, mannequin brésilien, est photographiée en train de se baigner. La photo de l'épouse de l'ancien gardien du PSG, Kevin Trapp, a aisément sa place parmi ce bêtiser. Certaines stars ont également fait le show, volontairement, devant les photographes. C'est notamment le cas d'Antonio Banderas, le 18 mai dernier à l'occasion d'un photocall ou encore de Elton John et Taron Egerton, le 16 mai, lors du photocall du film Rocketman.

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