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Once Keith & Lance were having a ,, uh ,, heated make out of sorts and then Keith whispers jokingly, “You’re such an good boy, aren’t you /Papi,” Then Lance nuts in his pants. Keith is very confused at the sudden heat against his erection (don’t worry Lance gets him hot and bothered soon ,, somehow)

Nothing gets Keith hot and bothered more than knowing he can undo Lance with a single word. After a good laugh and reassuring kisses they’re ready to go again.

Thanks for the Ask! This made me chuckle.


(Image Description: Lance is kissing Keith’s jaw as he moans, “Oooooh papi you treat me so gooood,” and Lance freezes and sweats before collapsing to a laughing Keith’s shoulder. The last panel sees them cuddling. Lance is worrying as he says, “I’m sorry.” But Keith seems absolutely enamored and replies, “Don’t apologize it’s fine!”)

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Hawaiian Style BBQ Seitan #itswhatsfordinner #whatveganseat #veganmeats #seitan #homemadeseitan #bbqseitan it’s buried under the pineapple, onions, peppers and tomatoes. #veganbbq #bbq #hawaiianbbq #foodporn #GoVegan #veganformyhealth #veganfortheyum #VidsByMelly #MelanieCranfordPhotography #veganfood #steamy #colorfulfood

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series: Paranormal chronicles of Skadest   


Part I-

It was evening in the world of Skatest . The phoenix were soaring the sun was about to set it was a perfect day. Where a wooden home sat the edge of the city. A dwarf lie sleeping in a bundle blankets on a wooden floor of the house. The sleeping dwarf was awakened by the sound of fist pounding on his stone door.  As he rubbed his forehead he spoke, “It’s going to be one of those days.” he mumbled softly.

As the dwarf got up he scratched scarlet five o’clock shadow. He pull on his Dragon hide trousers and his shadow rat coat. The coat was sentimental to him because it was his late father’s. As he wiped the wax from his eye, the knocking at the door started again it was driving him crazy. If it kept up he thought he was going to have to remove the stone door the sound echoed to much.

“Arthur!” shouted a similar voice.

Sure enough it was his estranged wife, Luna the Lieutenant Lycan spy second in command under her father command Lord Badr Wolfenstein. We meet through her father Badr who brought Luna Silver Wolfenstein which is my wife as an offering to seal the breach between our kingdoms as my bride, but Badr only wants more land and new women.

“I know you’re there I can smell your winter pine cologne,” called out Luna.

He thought why did I put the cologne on. I could’ve slept a hour more, damn.

“How do you know it’s me this isn’t a rare cologne it could be anyone!”the dwarf said.

“I know the difference,” called back Luna.

She just might but the thing is I can’t tell if she’s bluffing, dammit, and if I don’t answer she will cause a scene and blame it on me. he thought.

“Alright I’m coming out,” spoke the dwarf.

As the Dwarf open the heavy stone door. He peeked his head out, and took a gander at the women he once loved. A short curvy Human though she was short she was taller then him with brown skin. She had silver hair with a crest above her right breast permanently branded the when she came of age. Although they separated because of  his drinking problem. She has no idea he quit, and hasn’t touched a drink in seven month.

“Are you done staring at me or should I have a local artist sketch a picture for you,” stated Luna.

“Does that mean you’ll give me a second chance?” questioned the Dwarf.

“Only if you keep up in combat training Loverboy,” answered Luna.

At that moment the Dwarf jumped into the air in delight, he ran into his cabin and took off his shadow rat coat, but before he could put his dragon scale shirt on that he to protect himself from his wife’s curse of the moon god Badr.

“Arthur you won’t need those in fact, I’m positive you won’t,” said Luna taking his hand and giving him a tug onto to the path to the Kingdom of Ridgewood.

When Luna finally got Arthur out his house a tiny Fairy no bigger than a shoe with colorful wings that folded back when she landed on Arthur’s shoulder said “You have a message, do you wish to receive?”

“I accept the message. Please deliver as was given,” spoke Arthur.

“Yes, sir as you wish. Mistress Sonia hope the dwarven prince Arthur oh and Luna. You and Luna are invited the Blood ball if you shall accept send this Fairy with your answer,  oh I almost forgot it’s a costume ball,” spoke the Fairy delivering the message.

Luna and Arthur argue and told the fairy we accept. At once the Fairy flew off toward the east skies of the dark forest home to the BlackBlood Kingdom where they focus on immortality and magic.

“Luna are you sure you want to go? She is the reason we separated she dated while we were separated,” spoke Arthur.

“Did you sleep with he yes or no cause if you did you can go by yourself I don’t care if I don’t leave me for that witch,” said Luna.

“Luna Wolfenstein she only slept me cause I upset it was pity sex nothing more and nothing less I was used I quit drink altogether because of it that was seven months ago,” confessed Arthur walking away weeping into hands out of guilt.

Luna slow walk toward Arthur taking his hands  and spoke that took a lot of guts to tell me and do. He look up at Luna as a tear ran down his cheek as his chin trembled but before he know it their lips were touching and he forgot why he was crying and he returned the kiss speaking never leave my side again as he knocked her over on to the grass. While remove her charcoal corset as her Rosy red skirt fell to the grass revealing her perfect round perky brown brest while suckling dark nipuls. What seem like seconds was hours of touching and kissing………….

“That was amazing I almost lost myself in the pleasure,” stated Luna.

“My love that is only the beginning just wait tonight,” he said with a wink while getting fastening the button on his trousers but before he could take step. He could feel Luna tongue go up the back his spine as she pulled him into her in brace.

Let me turn you as I mate with the man I love so much I’ve missed you my love, let me make you mine forever no one else,” pleaded Luna

NO! I would like to grow old die. I can’t see myself living for intercity and see all my friends pass away,” stated Arthur shrugging of Luna grasp on him.

What if we made a Kin of lycans of family and friends, please don’t leave me I’m sorry I shouldn’t have suggested it forgive just don’t go,” Luna cried out to her beloved Arthur.

“I’ll give you a month with me then I will be gone for a year in a the dissect Kingdom of the elvish. They need stronger weapons and armor made Mytheal essence so they can enchant them,” said Arthur take Luna’s hand making an apology  gesture Luna did the same.

When they kissed and made up Arthur spoke these word I alone are yours as you are mine.  It was their vows when they fell in love a year after the arranged marriage. It was like they were falling in love all over again. Luna started to crying in her sleep muttering don’t leave me here alone. Other nights she cried take don’t die don’t leave me, but Arthur couldn’t bare to see his wife in such agony. So Arthur left his wife Luna house into the streets of Ridgewood as a voice called him to the outskirts of Ridgewood. Where a voice seducing voice spoke to him from the out skirts from Death Woodrim  roamers of women going missing. Why was he heading there this confused me to the point he stated back when another voice spoke it was his wife Luna she had followed him to the edge of  Ridgewood forest.Where Luna began crying, and blurted out don’t go I’m pregnant don’t you care and at that moment Arthur turned around as Luna clasped to her knees weeping and shaking in of losing Arthur to another women a mortal someone that can grow old with him, but maybe the little one will keep him close to me. Luna waited  for his response, he just stood there in ahhh.

“Say something, don’t you’re going to be a father.” cried Luna while kning at Arthur feet

“I already the father of the Damned can’t you hear the dummes of his heart beats like no other of my own. Don’t see why I sleep till noon and why I wonder in the night. I’ve been an immortal for centuries! You were never my bride only corbinde I’m damned to my mistress Sonia my true bride. Though I’m bond to you by the council I am bound by blood to her  and yet I love you and only you my love your sent of your blood is  intoxicating. I earn for your bitter sweet blood every aching moment,” confessed Arthur looking away from Luna.

Just as Arthur began to turn his head. Luna begun to feel mixed emotions and find hard to stand her ground in a mixture of emotions Luna shifted into a six one part human part Were, as her teeth elongated what her white nails turned black and become sharper then an elven blade. As a sheet of fur crossed over her curves of her body engulfing her. She lunged at him in sadness sorrow and anger with a hint of closer. Digging her teeth into his neck not care the considerations of the result.  Of what she was doing as bit down she  infected me with her curse while mingling with mine, as pleasure corsed our body. So in return I gave her my curse mutating my child. While imposing hundred of questions coursing through her brain, but the only thing she could say is lets kill your wife than I shall be your true bride.

“I knew I choose you for a reason,” confessed Arthur sweeping Luna off her feet carrying her into forest where he plan to consume every bit of her body while filling her every way.

“Foolish man, I’m the best that ever happened to you and you know it!” she crying out his name in ecstasy as Arthur fed from her.

As they fed off one another in ecstasy each of them could hear the drums of their hearts the beat in rhythm like their  hearts where in unit see. Once they had their fill of each other they began to mutate  from passing on their curses on to each other. As they continued to feed off of one another Luna’s pregnancy continued to sped up, they now have eight fangs in their mouths four on the top and four on the bottom. That they could bite through anything even the strongest elvish metals.

“Would you ever abandon my side for any reason my love?” asked Luna choked up because she was going to be  mother.

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surprised that keith didn’t end up gagging at some point or does he just not have an gag reflex lmao

Keith shows Lance his sex toy collection.


Lance: This explains so much…

Thanks for the Ask! Happy Klancing!


(Image Description: Keith has open a tresure chest filled to the brim of the vague shapes of sex toys. Lance holds one aloft, an intimidating dildo, while Keith laughs good naturedly.)

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i REFUSE to believe that keith didn’t grow a mullet— the second ugliest haircut in HISTORY besides a fucking RAT TAIL — for it NOT to be PULLED

Tags: aged up au, temporal rift au, older Lance, post-season 8, cockwarming

“Five years and you’re still saving money letting nature style your mullet.”

“Twelve years and you still haven’t outgrown your hardon for my hair.”

Lance barked out a laugh. It was an infectious laugh: Lance threw his whole person into it and Keith couldn’t dampen his reflex smile. He swiped at Lance when he threw an arm around his shoulder. He walked on, unbothered by the heat of his skin and gaiety.

Lance was missed. Sometimes Lance was still missed. Keith sometimes longed for the immature boy who had a talent for bringing out the worst of his petty tendencies. Lance was still Lance, but what used to be swagger was now tailored masculinity.

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keith with a tail and lance tugs at it bc “haha keith has a cat tail fucking furry” and keith ends up just going bright red, holding in a moan. but then keith’s tail becomes the ultimate Wingman and it ends up curling around lance’s thigh and stroking his groin. keith is, of course, very embarrassed but lance is NOT complaining. at all. long story short lance has a thing for shoving keith against the wall and yanking his tail to grind against him because keith won’t complain 🤷🏻‍♀️ theyre horny

Forgive me but I immediately thought of the aged-up au I was playing with recently while reading this.

Keith grows more into his Galra form during Lance’s absence–maybe what was twelve years for Lance was closer to five for Keith–and Lance finds Keith’s tail adorable to say nothing of Keith’s reactions themselves.

Eventually they find a cozy little corner.


Thanks for the Ask! Happy Klancing!


(Image Description: An older Lance is holding Keith aloft against an implied surface. Keith is blushing and has his hood up, his tail wormed between Lance’s thighs.)

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lance with a dick piercing and all right?? so him and his partner are just fooling around, just heated make outs and slamming each other against any surface to grind against each other until they’re shaking. then lance’s partner unzips his jeans to jerk him off but then they feel the head and just quietly ask, very frantically, “lance?? is that a piercing??” and lance softly just goes “um ... no?”

Lance: You know it’s not easy to explain away when I go through the airport either.

Thanks for the Ask!


(Image Description: Lance is topless leaned against a wall decorated in hickies and bracketed by Pidge, wearing a sports bra, hair in disarray and looking down his yanked open trousers with a pleased, appraising smile.)

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👀 I mean... You can put them up on Twitter. Just come join us. 😈🤍♥️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Ah, this Ask is in relation to the steamy drawings.

While I can’t post them on Tumblr I could post them on Twitter, eh? I didn’t realize that platform allowed nsfw illustrations.

Thanks for the prompt, Anon! I’ll look into it if I dredge up the courage to draw more than just implications!

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Can you do Romano for the last ask you posted?

💕Omg! I forgot Roma in the make out Sess! I am trash with a capital T! I’m sorry!💕


As soon as you walked into the dark room you were shoved up against a wall. You smirked lightly as familiar hands gripped your waist and tugged you to them.

“Lovi? Am I that irresistible?” You giggled against his lips.

“You know the answer to that my Bella.” He grumbled trailing his kisses down your cheek and neck with each word.

Bitting right at your pulse he smirked as you instinctively pushed yourself against him.

“I don’t wanna get caught.” You murmured tugging at his shirt.

“We won’t, they weren’t even paying any attention to us Bella.” He assured before capturing your lips in a more loving kiss than the last.

“Fine ten minutes and then we go back.” You stated wrapping your arms around his neck.

“We both know I need a little more time than that.” He teased, hoisting your legs up and around his waist.


Originally posted by baby-vintage

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Long before his most popular and Academy Award-winning role as the stoic and honorable single father and small Southern town lawyer Atticus Finch in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (‘62), Gregory Peck had established himself as a versatile leading man. It all goes back to 1944, when Peck made his feature-film debut in Jacques Tourneur’s Days of Glory, which outside of Peck being quite young and handsome, is an otherwise forgettable film and performance. But despite a rather unimpressive start, Peck rebounded, and by 1950 had earned four Academy Award nominations for performances in THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM (‘44), THE YEARLING (‘46), GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT (‘47) and TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH (‘49). While he often joked throughout his career that it always seemed like he was only offered movies passed on by his good friend Cary Grant, by the end of the 1940s Gregory Peck was considered one of Hollywood’s best and most popular leading men.

Meanwhile, Ava Gardner was also finally finding her stride in her career, just three years after her breakout performance in the film noir THE KILLERS (‘46), directed by Robert Siodmak. Prior to that role, Ava had been featured mainly in shorts and uncredited roles in feature-length films, but was unfortunately better known for her personal and romantic life, which included a brief marriage to Mickey Rooney, which was exploited for publicity by MGM and served as fodder for the tabloids. However, by the end of the 1940s, Gardner was well on her way to securing a spot amongst the top leading ladies of the day.

In 1949, the same year as his Oscar-nominated performance in Henry King’s TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH, Peck was cast in THE GREAT SINNER, directed by Robert Siodmak and featuring an all-star cast, including Gardner, Melvyn Douglas, Ethel Barrymore, Walter Huston, Frank Morgan and Agnes Moorehead. Peck is Fedja, a writer who is interested in studying and writing about the culture of gambling and gamblers in the German city of Wiesbaden. It is there where Fedja meets the beautiful Pauline Ostrovsky, who is engaged to Armand de Glasse (Melvyn Douglas), the owner of a casino. Their engagement is not one of love, but out of desperation: Pauline’s father owes a considerable amount in gambling debts to De Glasse and her arranged marriage will serve as payment. During his research of the gamblers in the casino, Fedja remains an outsider, merely observing patterns and behaviors. But once Fedja learns of Pauline’s fate, he intervenes, and begins gambling with the sole purpose of winning enough to buy her freedom from De Glasse. Of course, gambling has a stronger pull than Fedja had anticipated, and he finds himself falling victim to the thrill and desperation that often accompanies it.


Based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Gambler, published in 1866, and with an adapted screenplay by Christopher Isherwood, THE GREAT SINNER fell short of capturing the essence of Dostoevsky’s original story. Originally a project for Warner Brothers several years prior, MGM obtained the rights to the story and hired Robert Siodmak to direct. The production was long and difficult, with the first cut of the film being three hours long. Siodmak was under immense pressure by the studio to make sure the film was high quality and prestigious—no doubt to entice Oscar voters come time for awards season. After a first round of edits that significantly reduced the runtime, MGM ordered Siodmak to helm a series of reshoots emphasizing the love story between Gregory Peck’s Fedja and Ava Gardner’s Pauline. Siodmak wanted no part of it, forcing the studio to go with another director, Mervyn LeRoy.

Many of LeRoy’s reshot scenes made it into the final movie, but he remained uncredited for his work. Ten years after the film’s release, in 1959, journalist John Russell Taylor spoke with Siodmak for Sight and Sound magazine. The director spoke about his experience making THE GREAT SINNER and expressed frustrations with the finished product saying, “When I eventually saw the finished film, I don’t believe that a single scene was left as I had made it.” THE GREAT SINNER failed to be the prestige picture MGM had hoped it would be, resulting in both a critical and commercial misfire.

While THE GREAT SINNER was a box-office failure at the time of its release, it’s not a terrible film, especially given the incredible talent involved. Actually, it’s quite a solid, second-tier studio picture. Not exactly what MGM had originally envisioned, but it’s fair to say that it has benefitted a bit from the passage of time and a reassessment by modern audiences seeking out the work of Siodmak and the all-star cast. It’s always a joy to see the likes of Peck, Gardner, Huston, Douglas, Barrymore, Morgan and Moorehead at work. While the film has largely been forgotten, even amongst those in the classic film community, it was a significant film for both Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner, and fans of both actors should definitely watch their performances in this film. Why?


While not particularly influential for Peck and Gardner’s careers individually, it kicked-off an on-screen partnership between the two that resulted in them starring together twice more in THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO (‘52) and ON THE BEACH (‘59). It was also the beginning of a close friendship between them that lasted until Gardner’s death in 1990. Of all his many leading ladies, which included Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Deborah Kerr and Lauren Bacall, Peck always said that Ava Gardner was his favorite. Peck recalled his professional relationship and friendship with Gardner saying, “She was much better than she thought she was. She had no vanity about her talent, but she will stay in the minds of millions. … She did nothing that lowered her standards as an actress or as a lady. ″

THE GREAT SINNER might have not been the film that director Robert Siodmak or MGM had originally envisioned, but it brought together two beautiful and talented actors for the first time. And while it would be of interest to see Siodmak’s uncut version of the film, one must be grateful for Mervyn LeRoy’s reshoots, incorporating more “romantic” elements, as it brought us a few steamy moments between Peck and Gardner—GIF’d for your enjoyment—Dostoevsky’s story be damned.

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