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#steve rogers

Word Count: 6078

Warning/s: Implied smut. Angst somewhere. Steve and Val’s still kind of a bitch.

A/N: I wrote my head off for this part. Fitting word count before we transition to the Oceans 8 arc, don’t you think? God, I hope you like this part. Please, comment your reactions. I really love reading from you guys!  

PS. If there are any grammatical mistakes I’ve still overlooked, I apologize.

PSS. Since you’re already reading this part. Please, be careful out there. Protect yourself from NCOV. Wear a mask if you’re going outside. Wash your hand regularly, and bring alcohol everywhere you go. Take your vitamins C seriously, and stay hydrated. If you feel flu like symptoms, get yourself checked by experts. Don’t self-medicate. The world is a better place because you’re here. Stay with me. xx

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Baby Love Masterlist

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Chapter 4! Here’s the Ao3 version.

Summary: Steve’s POV. This chapter is very long, and it’s from Steve meeting Bucky through the events of the first chapter.

Note because I’ve been asked to make this clear in the past: Steve in this fic is, in fact, a cheater. I hate cheaters. Therefore in this fic, it is not Steve Rogers friendly. It also is not very Bucky Barnes friendly. While I love these characters to death, not so much in this fic.


Steve knew instantly that James was going to be his very best friend.

He had punched the person bullying him right in the face. It… it was amazing. To be defended. To feel like someone actually cared about him. Steve, a dirt-poor son of an Irish Catholic immigrant, who wore clothes twice the size of him and went to mass and said his prayers. Poor, immigrant, Catholic. The perfect victim, at least here.

And that isn’t taking into account how sickly he is. The doctors are sure he’s going to die before he’s 18. He’s malnourished, he has heart and lung problems, so many illnesses he can’t even pronounce. And he gets beat up every other week. His life expectancy isn’t the highest. 

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Hello friends! First of all, I love you all. Thanks for finding me again and showing me love. It’s the best. 

I’ve decided that until I get caught up with reposting, and to save people a flood of notifications, we’re gonna SCHEDULE POSTS. She’s organized! She’s committed! She’s probably gonna fuck it up but SHE’S GONNA TRY!

So, here’s what the schedule will look like:

Monday-How’s it going, bitch?

Wednesday-When Lies Become The Truth (the series itself is on hiatus but I’ll still be reposting the chapters I do have)

Friday-Red and Black

All chapters will be posted at noon EST and I’m hoping that by the time I’m caught back up I’ll have How’s it going, bitch and Red and Black finished. I’l be reposting one shots here and there as my mood changes. Thank you all again for all the support. You’re amazing and I love you. 

Taglists below the cut:

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The Time Heist worked, but at a cost. Natasha gave her life for the Soul Stone. Following a promise to make her sacrifice worth something, the Avengers continued their plan and succeeded in reversing the Snap. But along with everyone else, the biggest threat the Avengers have ever faced re-appeared.


 Now Steve and Katie, along with the rest of their team are locked in a fearsome battle, between light and dark, life and death. Simply put, it’s a battle which they cannot afford to lose because they’re in the Endgame now…



Major angst- get the tissues ready.

Steve Rogers x OFC Katie Stark

Stark Spangled Banner Masterlist

So we’re almost at the end! I reckon 2 more and an epilogue and we’re done…well, I say done, onto one-shot territory as I’m not ready to leave the Roger-Stark-Barnes-Wilson family behind, just yet…

This one is quite heavy on the flashbacks- but I wanted to give everyone an little flash of the dynamic between Katie/Steve and Katie/Tony before she started dating Steve, which is something I’m toying with doing as a Prequel of sorts too from Iron Man through the Avengers…I’ll see how that one works out. We go right back to Iron Man 3 territory in this one. Hope you enjoy, please re-blog, comment etc. I live for your thoughts!!


“Happy?” Katie frowned momentarily as the man strode into her kitchen, followed by Steve. “Wasn’t expecting to see you today, not that you’re not welcome, of course you are…” she hastily added.

“It’s ok Kiddo, I know what you meant.” he said, chuckling softly “The kids not here?”

“Jamie’s gone to the park with Bucky and Sam, and Emmy’s taken Lucky out for a walk.” she answered. “Why, do we need them?”

“No, I was just gonna say hi but I’ll see them tomorrow I suppose.” he said, smiling sadly at the thought of the funeral. “But, anyway, I came to deliver this. It turns out even… even when he’s gone your brother has me running errands.”

Katie smiled softly as he held up the box in front of her.

“He left 3. One for you and Steve, one for Pepper and Morgan, and one for his Funeral….so…”

“His Funeral?” Steve frowned, as Katie opened a drawer and retrieved a knife before she walked over to the table. She had a feeling she knew what was in there, but she didn’t say anything. Instead she carefully slip the tape on the cardboard box and took a breath as she realised she was right. Inside was an Iron Man helmet, one of his many spares from his suits over the years.

“He’s erm…” she said, taking a breath as she instantly recognised which suit this had come from “He’ll have left a message or something, like he did all those years ago from Tennessee.”

Happy nodded “He did…the boxes arrived at the house today. Along with instructions that if he had, you know, then they were to be distributed accordingly.”

“Thanks…” Katie said, setting the helmet on the table and glancing into the box. There was another, smaller box inside, to which an envelope was attached. She smiled as she read her brother’s handwriting on the front. It simply said “Spangles”

“Thanks but I should be getting back.” Happy said, declining Steve’s offer of lunch as Katie turned her attention back to them. “Stuff to do before tomorrow.”

Katie gave him a small smile, placing the smaller box on the side. “Can’t say I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me neither.” he said gently, dropping a hand to her shoulder “But we’ll get through it. We always do, huh?”

“I’ll see you out.” Steve said, as Happy gave Katie a hug before he nodded and the two men left the room.

Katie looked at the helmet which now sat on the table, and she took a deep breath before she picked it up and looked straight into the eye sockets. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, resting her forehead against the cool metal she held in her hands. It was from the mark 42 autonomous prehensile propulsion suit, the same one he had been wearing when Killian bombed their house back in December 2012, the one he had flown to Tennessee.

And then she was in another flashback, so vivid it was almost like she could hear, touch, feel her brother once more…

“This is fucking bullshit Steve!”  Katie raged at him, as she stormed down the corridor “We are the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistic Division…If this guy isn’t a terrorist threat to our homeland, then I don’t know what is.”

“Hey, look, Sweetheart, I agree with you.” Steve tried to reason “But you heard Fury. We deal with the bigger threats…maybe he has a point, SHIELD can’t go chasing off every lead on the Mandarin.

“I might have believed that if he hadn’t sent us in, no questions asked to save a diplomat and his family just over 8 weeks ago.” Katie shot back, “During which, I got my fucking nose broken. But yet here we were, refusing to do anything about a terrorist that is hell bent on taking as many innocent lives as possible.”

“How is Happy?” Steve asked gently as she hit the button for the elevator.

“Critical but stable, whatever that means.” Katie said, her tone slightly more gentle. “But that’s not why I’m pissed.”

“I never said it was…”

“I just…” she turned to look at him as he selected the Man Ops floor “Isn’t this what SHIELD or the Avengers is about, taking down threats that…”

“If you ask me the Pentagon is scared.” Steve said, cutting her off. “And the reason the World Security Council voted that this isn’t SHELD or Avenger business is because that would show the world America can’t cope without us.”

“So instead they do nothing.” Katie shook her head.

“Well, not quite nothing…” Steve said, as he looked at her, a smirk on his face.

“Oh yeah, I forgot…Rhodey got a new suit a few weeks ago…” she coughed and put on a fake, deep announcing voice “I give to you the saviour of America, Iron Patriot…all they did was take his suit but paint it red, white and blue…”

“If it’s any consolation, the world’s press also thinks that it’s ridiculous.” Steve said as the elevator door opened.

“I know, I saw. Joan Rivers’ ripped it apart on The Fashion Police.”

“I have no idea who or what that is.” he said, shaking his head as they walked down the corridor to the main STRIKE Operations Office where the team were working on some intelligence Widow had sent them about a potential weapons trader operating with Chitauri Weapons.

“Erm… Nova…”  Evans said, looking up as Steve held the door open for her. He gestured to the screen which was displaying the news on the wall “You might wanna see his…”

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106. “I’m right here. I’ve been here all along, but you still can’t see me.” for stevexsharon, please? Thank you!

Steve and Sharon have known each other since fifth grade, when Bucky was out-sick with the flu for a week and Sharon was new to the school. She was wearing jeans that were obviously nearly worn through, a sweatshirt, and always had her hair in a very messy ponytail. 

She also punched out the first guy to threaten Steve. 

He kind of thinks he’s been in love with her since. 

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Song: Blood thirsty bastards from the album Waterloo to Anywhere by Dirty Pretty Things.

Summary: After the Snap, Steve returns to the safehouse he left you in.

Pairing: Neutral reader x Steve Rogers

Length: 538 words

A/N: Another one that Grammarly has correctly identified as being sad. See here for what this is all about.


The world seems out of touch now. Half of all life, just gone. It makes no sense. Not to you, not to anyone, and certainly not to Steve. Thanos was there, and then he wasn’t. Then Bucky was disintegrating.

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Bucky: I’m not mad

Steve: You’re obviously mad

Bucky, slamming his fists on the table: If course I’m mad! You three almost died!

Natasha: In my defense, I have super soldier serum

Sam: In my defense, those two have super soldier serum and could save me if I couldn’t

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I don’t have much time, so I’ll try and make this quick.

It’s cold as hell here, and it ain’t getting warmer any time soon but at least the seargent mess has insulation.

I mea nt I meant what I said. Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone. i f the mailman does what I’m paying him the hell to do, you’ll get my service shot with this letter. Don’t fucking lose it. It wasn’t cheap. It’s for you to keep so you remember who’s out here, saving your ass in frosty the snowman’s icey asshole.

I l

See you when I’m back, punk.


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Clint doesn’t talk for a long time. Your breathing is still ragged. You’re still coming back around. And, like before, you need time. Time to readjust. Time to get back to where you’d been before. 

He knew, kind of, what this state felt like. Like you’d touched a live wire. Every sense heightened until you could practically echolocate. Thor raises an eyebrow, and Clint nods, “Hot bath, clean clothes, cuddles,” Clint murmured, “She’ll be okay.”

Thor frowned, but nodded, leaving Clint to take care of you and go find Bruce. Bruce would want to know about this. Thor, for his part, was honestly thrilled. “kill mode” wasn’t something that happened often. You hated it.

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I just remember the one something like, Hydra!Steve x Winter Soldier where Rumlows kinda forcing them to make out? If I remember correctly

So this is shit, because I am apparently just incapable of writing Hydra!Steve so I am very, very sorry.

Duncon/drugged non-con idk. It’s Hydra and Winter, nothing they do is with their consent.


The Captain sighs, looking at Rumlow with disdain. “Really? This is what you want?” He asks, voice laced with judgment.

That’s one thing that has always fucking gotten on Rumlow’s nerve. He fucking hates it. The Captain is just a machine, a toy for them to play with. Same as the Soldier. Jesus, Pierce spoils the stupid thing. “Yes. Or if that’s too much, I can just rape you into next Sunday and you won’t have to do a damn thing.”

The Captain rolls his eyes, pulling the Soldier close and kissing him with passion. It feels… it feels familiar, so familiar. But why? He doesn’t think he’s ever been allowed to use the asset before?

He kisses him rougher, pushing the other man into the wall. Something happens, the asset’s eyes go wide and alert.

Usually the Captain would inform Rumlow, but something is telling him not to.

He turns the soldier around, to face the wall. He rips his pants down his hips, and the very slight protest in the way his hips moved is, thankfully, unseen by Rumlow.

He spits on the asset’s hole, and again on his cock. It’s gonna be annoying without lube; it’ll distract from the good feeling. He supposes it doesn’t matter in the end.

“I hope you are ready for me, asset.” The larger man asks, rubbing the spit into his cock.

The asset surprises him. “Ready to comply,” is whispered softly, soft enough Rumlow wouldn’t be able to hear it.

It’s perplexing. Why would the asset give fake consent without Rumlow hearing. Unless…

The Captain pushes in roughly, hips slamming against the Soldier’s. He grunts deep in his throat, starting a punishing pace.

The soldier keeps whispering things Rumlow can’t hear, things that bother him so much. “It’s okay,” and “I forgive you Stevie,” and “it isn’t your fault.”

“Who the hell is Steve?” The other man hisses into the asset’s ear. For some reason, he doesn’t want Rumlow to know about this conversation. And by the sounds of it, he’s too busy jerking off to notice.

The soldier only smiles sadly, spreading his legs farther apart. “Til the end of the line, pal. It’s okay. It’s okay, I forgive you. When you start to remember again, just please, please remember that I forgive you.”

Steve—the Captain doesn’t know what he’s done that would need forgiveness, but he just keeps going.


Later that night, when he’s in bed and the asset is back in cryo, Steve suddenly remembers.

He remembers, and he fights the urge to throw up when he suddenly understands why his love was forgiving him.

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