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Strangers Online (pt 8/?)

summary: you lose your wallet one day, but a good citizen finds it

word count: none; social media au

pairings: steve x reader

a/n: i am sorry this took SO long for me to update i am highkey a piece of garbage lmao

part seven

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Hi I read mistake and loved it! Do you plan to write more for it? I saw in comments you have. Please write more...

Hey 👋🏻

Thank you so much for reading it. I’m so happy that you liked it. 😇

Yes I’m writing it… just it’s taking sometime.. I have a lot on my plate.. life is going really hectic! But I’ll post soon.

Thank you so much!💜💜💜

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Pairing: Stucky x Reader

Chapter Summary: The ingredients for a dramatic funeral include unbreakable tension from your two ex-lovers, confronting your fears and past traumas by talking to your father’s corpse, and a swiftly planned escape with your new best friend!

Word Count: 5,530

Warnings: Language, drinking, angst, sad Bucky :(

Masterlist / AO3

A/N: Hi everyone, I just want to say thank you for the response on the last chapter! All of your comments are amazing! Also I want to thank @Jessieray98 my beta reader, she is awesome! I hope to have the next chapter out before Christmas, hopefully!!!

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Steve Rogers taking in a Android:


Originally posted by sunshinelokii

  • You were built by Tony
  • Steve finds you after Tony is gone
  • You were built to be a son to Steve
  • At first he’s hesitant
  • He doesn’t know much about machines let alone androids
  • But Tony has programmed you with a great deal of knowledge
  • Steve cries when he finds you
  • He at first takes you in as more of an obligation
  • But soon his affection for you grows
  • Cares for you diligently
  • Steve gets Peter’s help in taking care of you
  • He takes care of you like you were his human son
  • It’s very important to him that you go on in Tony’s memory
  • Loves working out with you
  • You’re one of the only ones that can keep up with him
  • He learns quickly how to improve and repair you
  • You help him with that as well
  • Steve is very protective of you
  • You spend so much time together
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Scars and weary bones (a father and a son with them both)



There’s a man with scars embodied in his skin.

For no one to see.

There’s a man who has everything and nothing

There’s a man with a broken family and a blue heart

He is rage and bitterness and blood and war, and he is kind and gentle but he mistakes it for weakness. So he continues to be everything the world hates because it’s easier to be hated than to be loved.

He has eyes that should be gold, shown with love and gratitude and gentleness.

But instead they are tired, with angry rims and open sea eyes stare back at him, they are betrayal and love and guilt and feral.

he wishes to drown in the sea.

There is a boy

With anger of the devil in his heart

But the gentleness of a doe in his fingers

There is a boy whose hands are forever coated in the blood of an innocent because of a man with greed in his bones.

There is a boy, with the anger of the devil in his heart.

But has seen what it makes men become

So he touches with the gentleness of a doe

And fights with the anger of the devil.

There is a man

Who sees a boy

The man sees himself and everything in the world in the boy.

The boys eyes are like his, sad and tired with a devil that cackles and smiles.

The boy teaches him strength and gentleness he hadn’t known.

There is a man

With scars embodied in his skin.

For no one to see.

But a boy whose anger is greater than the Gods.

There is a man who had nothing but now everything.

And it’s a boy who looks at him like a son would his father.

And a man who looks at him like a father would his son.

(They are Peter and Tony, and even the devil wouldn’t dare take them apart)

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The Unbelievable Poole Sisters



“I think I’m dead and now I’m in the MCU??”

“If you’re dead? Than I’m dead too… Cause I’m pretty sure that’s not actually Robert Downy Jr. But Tony Stark… I mean fuck. He’s flying around in an IronMan suit. I don’t think Elon Musk has invited that yet…”


Nineteen year old twins Gwendolyn and Y/n Poole are having a rough week. Y/n bombed her finals while Gwen was fired from her part time job. Life can’t get any worse. Well their luck might just be taking a turn for the better? Considering that they may or may not have been transported into The Marvel Cinematic Universe? These are confusing times…

Dedicated to all sisters everywhere. I sadly don’t have a sister (I grew up with three brothers). But hopefully you’ll find this tale cute and funny. ;)

1. Devoted Sisters

2. Sisterhood of the traveling


@spidey-swift @miss-nerd95 @spideygirl2003

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