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#steve rogers x reader
I just wanna let you know I found pseudo princess and I LOVE IT SO MUCH I HURTS ME SO MUCH THO!! and I also read your Thor starlight story (so sorry I can't remember the name at the moment) and that hits too close to home girl you got me all in my feels I adore you so much have a great day!!

Most of my fics come from real places. Real emotions that I feel myself and then I just build stories around them so, the fact that they’re relatable makes me happy and also sad because I love y'all and don’t want y'all to really he sad.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the rest!💋❤

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Warnings: Some angst, some fluff, eventual SMUT

Chapters containing SMUT will be clearly labeled!

Word Count: 289

Author’s note: Hey guys! I’m really excited about this new idea! I’m working on chapter one and am hoping to be able to post it this weekend! But for now, here is kind of an introduction to my AU!Steve! I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear any feedback you guys might have! Here goes nothing!!


Have you ever met the perfect man? You know the one I’m talking about, right? Brilliant, handsome, and charming? Successful and generous? Well, I have. His name is Steven Grant Rogers and he’s the most breathtaking man I’ve ever seen, photoshopped models included. He’s tall and he takes good care of himself. His hair is always perfectly quaffed and his beard neatly trimmed. His suits are always tailored to fit his athletic build and his cologne is the most intoxicating scent known to man. The guy is an absolute knockout, extraordinarily bright and exceptionally kind. A Columbia Business School grad, he’s a shark in the boardroom, a lethal predator who stops at nothing to claim what is rightfully his. He negotiates deals that highbrow politicians envy. Though he is a hardass when it comes it his businesses, even his competitors have respect for the way he handles himself and his brand. As ruthless as he can be in business, there’s a side to him that the magazine covers and gossip websites miss. Steve lost both of his parents at a young age and he was taken in by his best friend’s family. Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, he grew from his personal tragedies but has never forgotten them. Every month, the man quietly donates to charities around the world, more money than most people will see in their lifetimes. The hospital his mother was a nurse at recently received a mystery donation of more than a million dollars. He never confirmed it was him, but I knew. 

So the answer is yes, I have met the perfect man. His name is Steven Grant Rogers, he’s my boss and I am completely and hopelessly, in love with him.

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Originally posted by capsgrantrogers


  • missing him at 3 a.m. when he goes off training so you bring a blanket and go watch him at the gym
  • him winking at you as he does combat training 
  • trying to pick up his shield and falling cause its so heavy
  • “Y/N? What are you doing?”
  • “Uhm, its a little cold ya know?” 
  • wearing his hoodies and shirts when he’s off on missions *sobs quietly*
  • rarely every fighting and getting into arguments 
  • he made you cry once from yelling at you, but he instantly melted into putty from feeling bad
  • cuddle you the rest of the day and took you out for late night food 
  • he 
  • gives
  • the
  • best
  • hugs
  • like, in the world
  • tries to cook for you on Valentine’s day, ends up setting the counter on fire
  • takes you out to Olive Garden instead
  • people asking if he’s your sugar daddy when he takes you as his date for events 
  • “Hey Steve?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “You know I’m not in it for the money right? I actually love you and I mean it so I just-” He stopped you with a kiss reassuring you that he knows
  • being BEST friends with Peter and giggling over Steve and Tony’s arguments 
  • Steve doesn’t really have nicknames for you but he does call you things like ‘sweet heart’ mostly
  • “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are sweet heart?” “Everyday, and every chance.”
  • doesn’t really show PDA but holds your thigh at the movies and shares popcorn as well
  • he’s just, the perfect guy what can i say ♡

Requests are always open!! ♡

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Summary: Steve ponders religion on a wintry Sunday morning. 
Pairing: Steve x Reader
A/N: 2.1k words. Smut. Fluff. Tenderness with just a wee bit of Angst.
Inspired by Arcade Fire’s “Good God, Damn”. I’ve been writing a lot of sacrilegious and Bucky stuff so here is something in the opposite direction lol. Steve needs love, too. :)


The soft glow of Sunday morning wakes Steve. A faint fluttering. Quiet rustling of branches in the breeze, as if hushing themselves. He rubs his eyes gently, brushing the sleep out of them, wiping the loose lash he feels tickling his cheek.

Tiny movements. Delicate and careful. Not even the blanket rustles to life any more than for half a second as his hand finds its way faithfully back to its former position. Warmly, tenderly, calloused palms and pads return to the softness of the arm over his chest, squeezing for just a second because he can’t help himself.

A happy sigh trills its way out beneath his chin, hot breath on his bare chest and he smiles, closes his eyes, stops himself from grabbing that arm again and rousing the lover so peacefully dreaming there.

The room is chilled, bleak in the way a winter morning feels with the seeping cold of the outside finding its way in to wrestle with the warmth. The light from the window is blindingly white— sun rays reflecting the starkness of the snow to dye it all in a shade that borders blue.

Steve is hot, as he always is. That molten magma core inside of him burns like a furnace and radiates like the sun. It’s the only reason why in the dead tundra of a New York January, he’s waking up with his clothes on the floor.

Well, not the only reason.

Last night was the reason.

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Originally posted by sheisraging

Song Series! Based off the song “I won’t say (I’m in Love)

Warnings: SmUt! Language and slight SLIGHT angst. fluffff

Words: 959

Steve Rogers x Reader

I sit at the counter, eating my cereal, while Steve is on the other side of the room, reading a newspaper. My eyes don’t tear from his figure until I feel a harsh nudge at my ribs. “Wanda!” I glare at her. She smirks. “When are you going to tell him?” I raise my eyebrow. “Tell him what?” I ask back. “That you are madly in love with him.” I slap her arm. “Wanda! I am not!” She rolls her eyes and sighs. “You are so in denial.” “Yea right. I think I’d know by now if there were feelings, and there aren’t so butt out.” I bump my hip into hers. “Yea you have only been sleeping together, for what, three months now.” She sasses. I give her a tight glare as she does to me. “Whatever, it’s your heart that’s going to end up broken.” I sigh and glance up at Steve, as she walks away. “It’ll break if I tell him.” I whisper to myself. 

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ˏˋ♡ HC: daddy Steve and his little girl༄*

N/A: a lovely anon requested an headcannon for steve and his little. ♡

warnings: some spanking and fluff.

  • Steve is the sweetest daddy ever
  • you can count with him on everything
  • he’s so caring about how your day was, if you ate, if you still hungry, if you did something cool or wich movies you watched
  • he’s the type of possessive daddy that doesn’t let anyone take care of you
  • but often he finds himself having to ask Nat, Bucky or Sam to keep an eye on you when you’re in your little space and he has to go for a mission
  • his heart aches when he say bye to you, you cling on his leg and cry loudly when Nat holds you so he can leave
  • but as soon as he’s back you’re smiling again, bouncing at the couch while you tell him about your day
  • you tell him how Nat and you made cookies and watched Lilo & Stitch
  • usually you two stay at the compound but sometimes he prefers taking care of you at his apartment
  • so he takes you home, where you can be comfy and near him
  • Steve is soft but rigid
  • he can’t say no to your cute face and usually he gives in to your whims
  • but unlike Axel, he has a few limits and strict rules:
  • always tell daddy how you’re feeling and how old are you
  • definitely not swearing 
  • always clean your little room and organize your plushies and toys
  • don’t be rude and don’t tantrum in front of daddy’s friends
  • don’t eat candy without permission
  • don’t touch your princess parts when he’s away
  • if you disobey one his rules he will punish you, depending on the severity, of course
  • he prefers not punishing you physically so he has some ideas
  • no playtime for a while
  • giving you a number of lines to write on your little notebook until you learn that you were a bad girl
  • standing at the corner facing the wall for a few minutes
  • can’t eat candy for a while
  • or going to bed earlier
  • BUT
  • he can’t lie and tell he doesn’t like having you on his lap while you whine and cry after he spanked your little butt with his broad hands
  • you’re his cry baby
  • he loooooves cuddling you
  • strong and big arms holding you while you watch cartoons, he kisses your head and says that he loves you so much
  • when he has to cook for dinner he leaves you in your crib
  • you want to stay with him so you whine and pout until he takes you to the kitchen
  • “you’re such a spoiled little girl, hm?” He says, kissing your nose as he places you in the kitchen counter
  • Steve doesn’t let you worry about what clothes you have to wear or what food you have to eat
  • he likes being the one who commands so he does everything to keep you happy and carefree
  • Steve is a busy man so sometimes he forgets the name of your plushies so he has a few notes on his jeans pockets to remember him
  • Steve shows your draws for EVERYONE
  • one day you drew him and you at the beach with a puppy and colored flowers and he thought it was so cute that he showed everyone at the compound
  • Tony would rather die than admit that he thought it was cute too
  • cuddling with Steve while he holds your sippy for you
  • going to the museum and him explaining everything to you and he always gives you ice cream
  • Steve buying you cute little things like colorful pacis and onesies
  • tea parties and bedtime stories!
  • playing hide and seek at the compound
  • tummy kissies and love bites
  • sucking his thumb when you’re too sleepy to ask for your paci
  • Steve loves when you’re a small whiny baby
  • he holds you and whispers sweet nothings to you softly
  • he loves bathing you
  • stroking your soft skin with his big hands like a delicate little doll
  • spreading strawberry lotion on your skin and washing your hair till its clean and pretty
  • he dries and combs your hair and dress you on your comfy pjs
  • when you’re ready he gives your paci and your favorite plushie
  • Steve holds you all night, making sure you’re feeling safe and loved.
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Yandere poly stuck demons try to possess exorcist female reader? Halloween ask? Minor Gore and nsfw? You are a great writer.

[Warning: Violence, Exorcism, Mentions of Religion, Blood, Sadistic Stucky (Unfortunately no NSFW because there isn’t really a way to do it with the possession, I could however do a part two somehow if you are interested!)]

  • Having attended many exorcisms as study, it was finally time for you to perform one yourself.
  • While you were nervous, you knew that you had the power to save this affected persons life.
  • Upon arriving you had to make sure that this person was actually possessed and not experiencing intense mental illness of some sort.
  • Pulling out your kit, unrolling it on a nearby table you took out a rather large wooden crucifix, and a bottle of holy water blessed by the cardinal at your church.
  • Most times you wouldn’t be allowed to perform it alone but you were the only qualified that was available to do anything at that time.
  • Using the bottle to flick some water onto the woman sitting in their bed, tied to it with chains effectively holding them in place.
  • Loud growling, hissing, and an array of curses were spat back at you, strangely in two distinct voices you noticed.
  • While it was rare, sometimes two demons could possess the same person both using the vessel for their bidding.
  • Immediately you knew this was cause for an exorcism, so you returned to your supplies to grab out your bible and to light your small bundle of sage.
  • Looking at the woman you were about to begin, but not before the entities began to speak however not to you, but to each other.
  • “Buck she is really pretty, and a much better body than this old witch. What do you think?” -S
  • “I agree, you know what to do.” -B
  • “They won’t even see it coming.” -S
  • Ignoring the words they were uttering you began by finding the passage you wanted to read from.
  • Using the smudge stick you begin to wave it over the woman from head to toe, for about 30 seconds.
  • “Please demon or demons leave this person you are terrorizing.”
  • “Leave this person! This world is not for you, you need to return to your own realm. I mean you no harm.”
  • Walking forward you place your palm on the woman’s forehead before repeating the sacred words you had heard all too many times before.
  • “Depart, then, impious one, depart, accursed one, depart with all your deceits, for God has willed that man should be his temple.”
  • While the woman’s body lurched forward, as if they were leaving her forcibly, allowing for her to regain her sense of self.
  • It seemed that everything went according to plan, but there was still a nagging feeling at the back of your mind that something just wasn’t right.
  • Packing up before heading back to your residence you kept shaking your head in an attempt to shake off the anxiety you were experiencing.
  • That was when you heard the voices from before, only not in your ear but in your head, part of your very thoughts.
  • “You really shouldn’t have touched her, it forced us out of her sure… but then it left you open to receive us.” -B
  • Part of you started to panic and reach for the phone to call the cardinal, but another took over your movements throwing your phone against the brick wall.
  • “No, no, no, you are ours, there is no saving you now.” -S
  • Forced to walk into the kitchen, slowly but with effort you slid a knife out of the block sat upon the counter.
  • You could only watch as they began to carve into your skin, meanwhile you are screaming and begging for mercy.
  • They did not heed your cries of pain as they continued, blood dripping heavily onto the polished flooring.
  • A puddle forming beneath your feet rather quickly before they were finished, their names now freshly imprinted into your flesh.
  • “Now you can never forget who owns you, we will never let you go.” -S
  • Feeling faint as they brought your arm up to your mouth lapping at the crimson liquid oozing from your wounds, the taste of iron and smell of copper overwhelming your senses.
  • Forever would you be trapped in your own body, at the mercy of two obsessive, possessive, sadistic, demons.

[Thank you so much for this request! It required some research, and some figuring out but I really like how it came out! I hope you enjoy it too, and let me know if you do want an NSFW part two somehow!

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Baby, she’s mine, and I’m yours. (Epilogue)

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Divorced newly father Steve Rogers life turned for the worst when his now ex-wife Peggy goes back to England and he is left in the care of his baby girl Sarah. What happens when he meets Natasha’s old friend? What will happen when said friend is a famous photographer and travels over the world? What happens when he starts spending time with her?

Author’s note: sorry about this rollercoaster. Thank you to @chloerinebarnes and @whothehellisbucky for this ending. 

Inspirations: @geosaurusrrex   @sunmoonandbucky @buckthegrump @crappyimagines @daffodilsbucky @cptn-sgrogers


 @inquisitor-selvala @xoxabs88xox @kakakatey @the-omni-princess @https-bucky @ravennightingaleandavatempus @a-timeheist @starkrobb @learisa @xxsirensong @dumbbitch11 @dianadov @saliarheva @deathofmissjackson  @archangelslollipop @nerdy-bookworm-1998 @actualdpshuri  @teenybucks @hahahhahahajk @fangeekkk @ladysergeantbarnes  @katshrev @inlovewithjamesbarnes @izziebladez @malionnex @momobaby227 @creepylittlemarvelgirl  @nea90sweetie 

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Pairings: cop!Stucky x F!Reader

Warnings: Steve’s a little cheeky, and then all the fluff, no joke, tooth rooting fluff

Word Count: 3500+

Summary: (Cop AU) There was just one crappy thing after enough that happened to her. It possibly couldn’t get any worse, or so she thought until she saw the dreaded flashes of red and blue behind her. Could things get any worse?

A/N: I have NOT forgotten about this wonderful story. I hope you all haven’t either lol. This part is completely fluffy like I said in the warning. Because it is a warning. I just want you all to know that you might die for cuteness overload. So yeah. Fair warning. I hope you all enjoy it and let me know what you think! 

The gifs are not mine, credit to the owner.


Originally posted by evangerseb

Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 *Coming Soon* | Series Masterlist

Y/N grumbled under her breath, hitting the breaks as she yet again caught another red light. She let her head fall back against the headrest and let out a heavy sigh. She was so close to being home. It was her day off and she was supposed to be relaxing. But no. Instead, she’d been running errands all day and didn’t get one second to take a breather. She was exhausted and just want to kick her shoes off. Literally.

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Baby, she’s mine, and I’m yours. (Chapter 13)

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Divorced newly father Steve Rogers life turned for the worst when his now ex-wife Peggy goes back to England and he is left in the care of his baby girl Sarah. What happens when he meets Natasha’s old friend? What will happen when said friend is a famous photographer and travels over the world? What happens when he starts spending time with her?

Author’s note: OHHHHHHHH SHIT

Inspirations: @geosaurusrrex   @sunmoonandbucky @buckthegrump @crappyimagines @daffodilsbucky @cptn-sgrogers


 @inquisitor-selvala @xoxabs88xox @kakakatey @the-omni-princess @https-bucky @ravennightingaleandavatempus @a-timeheist @starkrobb @learisa @xxsirensong @dumbbitch11 @dianadov @saliarheva @deathofmissjackson  @archangelslollipop @nerdy-bookworm-1998 @actualdpshuri  @teenybucks @hahahhahahajk @fangeekkk @ladysergeantbarnes  @katshrev @inlovewithjamesbarnes @izziebladez @malionnex @momobaby227 @creepylittlemarvelgirl  @nea90sweetie

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Hey! I just found your page and Pseudo Princess and I have to tell you that is one of the most creative Steve’s fic I’ve ever read! I just couldn’t stop reading for the whole day and I also LOVE that the chapters are so long! Thank you so much for writing this, keep up the great work, I’m excited to see where it goes! ❤️ Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll be reading the rest of your fics 😂❤️

Thanks, babe! I hope you like the rest of my works too. And sorry for having so many WIPs.😅

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Steve is a Bed Hog

You couldn’t be bothered to check the clock. You couldn’t even be bothered to open your eyes. It was one of those times when you just barely woke up for a couple of seconds to readjust your position before falling back asleep. 

You rolled over to get more comfortable, but you found your path blocked by a wall of a chest and groaned. Steve’s biggest talent was hogging the bed, he just always seemed to gravitate toward the center of the bed and take up all the space. 

“Steve,” you whined. He didn’t respond. You refused to open your eyes and risk waking yourself up more, so you reached out blindly and gave him a little shake. “Steve!”

“Hmm?” he grunted. 

“You’re taking up the whole bed again,” you complained. “Move over. We need to figure out how to fix this issue in the morning.”

He shifted and before you knew it you were being pulled tight against his chest. You could pretend to be upset, but truthfully you loved it, so you smiled and nuzzled closer to him, letting his scent surround you. 

“Fixed it,” he mumbled. 

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Baby, she’s mine, and I’m yours. (Chapter 12)

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Divorced newly father Steve Rogers life turned for the worst when his now ex-wife Peggy goes back to England and he is left in the care of his baby girl Sarah. What happens when he meets Natasha’s old friend? What will happen when said friend is a famous photographer and travels over the world? What happens when he starts spending time with her?

Author’s note: I am sorry: @chloerinebarnes is to blame for this

Inspirations: @geosaurusrrex   @sunmoonandbucky @buckthegrump @crappyimagines @daffodilsbucky @cptn-sgrogers

@inquisitor-selvala @xoxabs88xox @kakakatey @the-omni-princess @https-bucky @ravennightingaleandavatempus @a-timeheist @starkrobb @learisa @xxsirensong @dumbbitch11 @dianadov @saliarheva @deathofmissjackson  @archangelslollipop @nerdy-bookworm-1998 @actualdpshuri  @teenybucks @hahahhahahajk  @fangeekkk @ladysergeantbarnes  @katshrev @inlovewithjamesbarnes @izziebladez @malionnex @momobaby227 @creepylittlemarvelgirl  @nea90sweetie 

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Part 3

Warnings: Smut and language 


The following morning Steve was back to his regular sweet self and made breakfast for the both of you. He offered to drive to the tower, but you declined. You didn’t want people gossiping about you and Steve on your first day, especially since you were worrying about what people would say since you were the director’s daughter.

Walking through the hallway, you bumped into Natasha. “How was the date? Get lucky?” Nat wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

You pushed her into an empty room. “Did you know that Steve is a…..” For some random reason you were too shy say dom, but Nat was able to know what you were thinking.

“A dom?” Natasha finished your sentence for you.

“How did you know?” you unnecessarily whispered to her.

Nat shrugged her shoulders and exited the room. “I caught him in the act one time. We just finished a mission and instead of heading back home we stayed at the hotel. I drunkenly went into his room on accident that night and he had some girl tied up. Looked like she was having the time of her life.”

Well, who would’ve thought America’s golden boy had a kinky side to him?

You couldn’t delve further into the conversation, because you entered a room full of agents and Avengers. Steve was in his suit talking with Tony, most likely arguing. You couldn’t tell, Steve said they naturally had a combative relationship.

Tony saw you first. “Fury Jr! Welcome!” He greeted you and pulled you into a hug.

It felt as if there were two holes burning into your back and you quickly escaped out of Tony’s embrace.

Steve stood there pissed at Tony putting his hands on you. He knew he should’ve fucked you last night, leaving marks all over your body to show who you belonged to. But he knew he had to take it slow with you, so for now he reigned in his possessiveness.

Before you could acknowledge Steve, your dad entered the room. He informed everyone of your mission to find out what Ghost wanted to do with one of the local gangs. After, that he got updates from each active mission and debriefed everyone on upcoming missions. Every so often Steve’s eyes would meet yours and he would undress you with his eyes, making your body warm up another 100 degrees.

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Promptnumber: 30 “I’m with you, you know that.”
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Maria Hill makes an appearance
Warnings: description of chronic illness
Words: 2380
Summary: You have a secret and you’re not sure how or when to tell him

A/n: kinda a scenario that’s close to home, because when do you tell someone that your chronically ill…


Originally posted by gypsyastronaut


That first date had unexpectedly been wonderful. Having been set up, you didn’t know what to expect beforehand. Of course you knew who he was. There wasn’t a soul in the world that did not know Captain America. His celebrity had made you incredibly nervous. Why would someone like him, go out with someone like you? Wouldn’t he want someone more flashy? Adventurous?
There were so many questions that swirled around in your head and there were no answers for them. They weren’t yours to answer.

Maria had promised you that it would be fine. Which would have eased some of your fears if you hadn’t known her as well as you did. She tended to say that about everything.

World falling apart? It would be fine.

Aliens attacking New York? It would be fine, the right people were on it.

Trusting her judgement might have gotten a tad harder, after you needed to be saved from a crumbling building during the attack on New York.
That didn’t stop her firm belief that all would work itself out, it never faltered. And as a pessimist, having a friend with such rock solid faith was nice. She always knew just what to say to you, to make things seem less daunting.

Same went for this semi blind date. She had helped you pick an outfit and made sure your confidence was boosted by the time he came to pick you up. And having around for the initial contact was good too. She easily broke the tension with her pragmatic attitude.

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