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#steve rogers x reader

Pairing: Dark!Steve X Reader

Summary: Steve Rogers is America’s Golden Boy, right? Wrong. To the outside world, he might be, but you get an up close and personal view of just how fucked up the hero is. And he has big plans for you.

Chapter Warnings: Non/Dub-Con, Language, Angst, Injuries, Smut, Humiliation, Violence, Somnophilia

Word Count: 2.1K

A/n: Okay. This is a thing. Sorry I think idk






Your ass burns.

It burns so fucking bad.

Every time you move you feel like you’re on fire.

And with each step you’ve forced yourself to take, the space between your thighs has lit itself on fire then whacked itself with a hammer.

Needless to say, you’re in pain because of one Steve Rogers.

“You awake?” You don’t respond, far too afraid of him to do anything but lie there motionlessly.

“You know what happens when you don’t answer.” His fingers trail over your hardly-healing ass cheeks and you wince.

“I-I’m awake.” He sits next to you and pushes your hair out of your face,

“Morning, pretty little thing. How’s your ass feeling? Does it hurt?” You nod, tears filling your eyes as he rubs his fingers gently over the bruises, welts, and scratches.

“Well, you’ve been a very good girl for the past two days. Letting me do what I want when I want. I think maybe you deserve a reward.” You perk up at the mention of a reward.

“C’mon. Let’s get going.” He scoops you up in his arms and carries you out of the bedroom. Your body aches all over and you hold back tears as he brings you into the bathroom.

“Now, stay still like a good girl while I fill the bathtub and get everything ready for a nice bath. Then when you’re out of the bath I’ll put some ointment on that sensitive ass of yours. You want that? Yeah?” You nod your head yes and lean against the counter as he bends and starts filling the bathtub.

“Soon, if you keep being the good girl you’re being, you’ll be able to do more things and have more access to fun nice things. You want that?” You bite your lip then sigh.


He nods with a smile. “As long as you continue letting me train you, you’ll have that in no time. You’re doing so well already.” You watch as he drops some bubble bath into the tub, the scent making you feel happy despite your situation.

Once the tub is full, he grabs your hand and pushes you into the tub. You squawk unattractively as your elbows smash against the acrylic tub.

It takes you a moment to gain your bearings and maneuver yourself into a half-seated half-laying position, but when you do your ass burns.

“It’s nice, huh?” He asks from beside you, one of his hands coming up and brushing your hair out of your face. “Now I’m gonna clean you and then you’re gonna lie down on the bed nice and ready for my cock, okay?” You don’t respond, turning your head towards the wall as he grabs a washcloth.

The soap he uses smells like lavender and you almost hate it for calming you down the way it does. His hands are surprisingly gentle as he washes your body, spending a little too much time on your breasts.

When he finds his way to your thighs, he ditches the cloth and carefully spreads your legs.

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Series Summary: Steve Rogers was walking down the streets of Brooklyn after finishing a mission. The goal was just to take some time to clear his mind along the city streets, but when he runs into a gorgeous young lady that looks extremely familiar… How can he go about moving on? Who is she? What does he know her from? Was that memory even from this decade?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (Rosalyn Ember/ Y/N ?)

Word Count: 3700+

A/N: And all that’s left is the epilogue my dear readers! I absolutely loved writing this story with all my heart, and I’m so glad it was as popular as it was. I heard your request for more Marvel, and darlings… I will do my best to fill those request! Just give me some time to come up with some great storylines:) Please enjoy and leave feedback!!

Chapter 28:

“Banner thinks he found a cure.” 

When you heard those words, you froze. A cure. For you? He found one? How? You’ve spent your whole life studying this, tried everything, every combination. What could he possible put together that you didn’t.

Bursting through the doors with Steve close behind, you walked quickly to Banner who was leaning over a microscope. 

“Tell me this isn’t just a theory, Bruce. Please tell me this is real.” you said out of breath from running to get there.

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Pairings: Steve x Reader & platonic Bucky x Reader (mostly)

Warnings: PTSD / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Mental Health Issues, Survivor Guilt, Eventual Smut 18+

Summary: The first time you met Steve Rogers, he kissed the hell out of you. It wasn’t the first time he met you.

Part Six / Master List

Steve and Bucky followed behind you as you made your way downstairs to the kitchen. They didn’t ask any questions, and you didn’t give any answers, but conversation still flowed just fine between the three of you.

“I’ll make you guys something,” you offered along the way, feeling a bit more like yourself with your mind set on a goal. “It’s the least I can do.”

It was, of course, false confidence with which you spoke and carried yourself. You were humiliated by how easily you’d broken down in front of them and, even worse, how you wound up in Steve’s arms. Truth be told, you weren’t entirely sure how it even happened; one minute you were hyperventilating, and the next you were on the floor, pulled safe and sound against his warm chest.

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  • Ship: Steve Rogers x avenger! reader
  • (avengers x platonic! reader)
  • Type: one shot (words: 3k)
  • Warnings: ANGSTY, injury, blood, death???
  • Summary: You go on a secret solo mission, but everything goes wrong. The rest of The Avengers won’t be happy when they learn about the tragedy

masterlist in bio

Note: i’m cruel to Steve in this one… sorry?


Just an hour ago, you left the Avengers facility to go on a mission. S.H.E.I.L.D had found an old – believed to be – Hydra hideout. They had been there, checked out the place and made sure it was clean from Hydra agents. They had found a box stuck in the wall – impossible to open – with maybe some valuable information. S.H.E.I.L.D couldn’t open it because of an energy source protecting it. Fury decided to recruit you to the job. You, the Avenger who has the power to absorb energy and use it against others.

Before you left the facility, you told Tony and Bruce you had to visit your sick cousin in Stamford. They accepted your excuse to leave, and you could easily leave before anyone else from the team woke up. You didn’t even tell Steve the truth - the person you love and trust more than anyone else (not that he knew about it) - and left him to worry once he would get the news. You didn’t want to bother the others and decided to go alone, because the mission would go easier and faster that way. Yes, you are a team, but this mission was going to be just an easy task. ‘Clear and safe from Hydra agents’ according to S.H.E.I.L.D. Once the job was done, you could report and give Fury the information from the box and go home.


“Has any of you seen Y/n? I wanted to ask her to train with me.” Steve asks, as he enter the lab to find Tony and Bruce working on something.

“She left to visit her cousin an hour ago” Tony respond, not even looking at the Captain. “In Stamford, was it, Banner?”

“Probably” Bruce agrees, and changes looks with Steve. “She didn’t tell you I assume.”

“No…” Steve says and looks down, thinking about the information he had just got.

Steve Rogers, the guy who know you better than anyone, know it’s a lie. He knows you don’t have a cousin in Stamford. Something else is up.

“Everything ok Cap?” Bruce askes when he notices Steve’s thinking expression.

“Yeah, I’ve got to go” Steve says as he turns around and leave the room.

Steve think about all the things you could be doing right now as he walks towards his own room. ‘Are you sick and left to get some medication? Do you need a break from everyone and went on a vacation? Why didn’t you say goodbye before you left, to him? Why did you lie in the first place? Nothing makes sense…’

“Oh no…” the realisation just hit him. “Why would she do that!?”

His heart starts to beat faster and Steve decides to make a run into his room. He picks up his phone from his bed and find your number before he calls you.

“Please pick up, please pick up…” Steve raises the voice impatiently, but it goes to voice mail. “Damn it!”

Steve sits down on his bed in frustration as he rubs his face in his own hands. Steve had put the pieces together and came to the conclusion that you had gone on a mission alone, which worried him. Of course, you wouldn’t tell him about it, because he would never have let you go alone. At first, he was just a little hurt you didn’t say goodbye to him, but now he wished more than anything you did. Even though the mission maybe was just something easy, he didn’t want you out there alone. He loves you like crazy and thinks about you all the time.

“I have to calm down…” Steve takes a deep breath and whispers to himself. “She is strong. She can take care of herself… so everything is going to be ok, right?”


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~Part 8~ The Life of an Avenger: Destiny Arrived. Fuck.

Summary: The team takes the fight to the Garden where more is revealed than what they bargained for. You always think you’re prepared for the worst, but some things you can never be prepared for.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader

Words: 4240

MASTERLIST - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Originally posted by kane52630

  watch the flames 

  lick at your 


  when you’re taught to see the world through fire, nothing looks safe

  -amanda lovelace

  (Y/N) swallowed her nerves in a shot of Fireball, hissing at the burn down her throat like the dragon she needed to become, born and raised in a hellstorm. She learned how to survive, not from love, but the end of a cigarette twisted into her skin. She was immune to fire, embracing the heat to burn those stupid enough to try and burn her.

  Thanos was that stupid motherfucker…today. Tomorrow would be different. Tomorrow when she woke up tangled in the sheets of her own bed, stretched her arms over her head, kissed her super soldier on the cheek, and looked out the window at the Snow White songbirds chirping in the dawning skies above, she’d watch the sun rise on a grateful Universe. Grateful Prophet Nonsense was six feet under, marked by a middle finger over his gravestone so the people of the Universe could mosey on down to literally spit on his grave. Beautiful.

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Word Count: 2500ish

Warnings: a touch of angst, Me having no ideas, set in a weird au after 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Barnes!Reader

Request by @witch-of-lettersCan I request Steve one-shot (which you can turn into series, if you want to, of course), where reader is Bucky’s older twin sister who is in love with the blonde (and vice versa)? Unfortunately like Bucky, she gets taken by Hydra as well, and through various experiments, they mold her into a lethal weapon - not only making her a supersoldier, but giving her Jean Grey-like powers. After the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., R stays with the Avengers, but secretly helps Bucky with moving out of the US (she doesn’t tell Steve where he is, and surprisingly, he can’t find it in himself to be angry at her when he finds Bucky in Bucharest).

A/N: I literally had no idea. my mind is blank and i did the best of what i can do and tried to incorporate as much of the request as possible. still i hope you enjoy~💓


Ao3 link

Originally posted by bisebchris-archive

Steve let out a deep sigh as he opened the door to his home. He removed his jacket and threw his hat somewhere on the floor before letting his body fall back on the lumpy couch.

Closing his eyes, the exhaustion of having to match long strides all day finally got to him that he couldn’t even begin to look for the familiar soft giggling emitting from his kitchen.

“Oh dear, what’s wrong this time?”

Steve groaned, keeping his eyes shut, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “The girl didn’t even spare me a single glance all day. I don’t think she even noticed that I left.”

The woman hummed, already having heard of the same reply too many times before. “And James?”

“Tried to come after me but they just whisked him away.”

She held in a laugh, holding two cups of coffee in her hands, making her way towards the table in front of Steve. “Poor Bucky.”

Steve scoffed. “Yeah, poor him.”

[Y/N] placed his cup down and took a sip of her own, sitting right next to him. The silence of the room was almost nonexistent. Once they stopped talking, one could hear almost every noise that Brooklyn could offer. His heater rumbled, the faucet continued to drip and there was the constant creaking of the floorboards and ceiling. And that was what she can name only from inside the room, counting that his apartment’s walls were almost as thin as paper.

“Is that the only thing that’s wrong?”

Steve finally opened his eyes, moving his head to face her. [Y/N] knew him all too well. Bucky may be his best friend but at times, he feels as if she can understand him more than Bucky ever could.

Steve finally sat up and took in a long drawn out breath, almost as if he was holding this secret for so long. “Bucky keeps pushing to these double dates as if I need them,” Steve confessed, his frustrations clear in his voice. “And they always end up the same way.”

“I don’t know how to make him stop. I know he means well but these dames both just want him, they don’t even look at me.”

“Maybe they’re just blind. Or have no taste.”

“You two are the same,” Steve sighed, defeated. He should’ve known [Y/N] would react like this too. He had already heard that line one too many times from Bucky.

[Y/N] pouted to that, unable to disagree. “We are kind of twins, Stevie.”

“I don’t think anyone else in this world ever sees what you two think you do.”

[Y/N] held in a sigh as she placed her cup back onto the table. Here they go again.

“Steve Rogers,” [Y/N] called his name, grabbing his attention from his thoughts. She leaned forward towards him, looking him in the eye, serious as a heart attack. “You are one of a kind and any woman in this world would be damn lucky to be the owner of your heart.”

“And here, I’ll bet every money I have in my pockets that when that happens, those ladies would weep when they realize what they lost,” [Y/N] stressed, meaning every word, “and they will.”

[Y/N] pointed a finger at him as she winked, leaning back onto her chair. “You can quote me on that.”

Steve only stared back at her with the same reaction, but he couldn’t deny the slight turn at the corner of his lips. He was damn lucky that he ever had the chance to meet the Barnes twins.

He just snorted, nodding over to her clothes. “How much money do you even have in there?”

[Y/N] nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders, not bothering to check. “Enough to take you on a better date.”


“You heard me. Where do you want to go?”

Steve blinked, frozen in his seat. “That’s not funny, [Y/N].”

[Y/N] just smiled, resting his chin at the palm of her hand, amused of the shell-shocked look on his face. “Try me, spitfire.”


[Y/N] groaned, the calm darkness enveloping her senses. She shifted her body, subconsciously chasing that sight again. But it was too late, she was already awake.

[Y/N] opened her eyes, greeted by the monochromatic tones of the ceiling of her room. She never took up the invitation to have it redecorated to her liking. She never did have the intention of staying for long. And yet, here she still was.

The longer she stayed by his side, the more that comes back to her, which only makes it harder to leave. It’s a bit faster than necessary, although she’s thankful that they do come. Especially when the ones that she remembers are the ones she could smile about.

But that was so long ago, the memories that come back also served as a reminder of how much had changed and of how much she had missed. And truth be told, so much had already passed her by.

But, at the very least, to this day, that little spitfire was still the same as he was before. Maybe a few additional features here and there, with that funny looking shield and nice tights. But even with all that, Steve was still her Steve.

Though sometimes, she wished that he’d lose just some of that flare. It would do him some good, especially with the stakes they had now.


“So, what happened?” Natasha asked politely, but judging from the two soldiers’ faces, she already had her answer.

Steve only stared back down at the ground, face hard, obviously frustrated with himself. Nat’s gaze flickered towards Sam, silently asking for her answer. But the man only sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“He’s already long gone,” Sam filled in when Steve couldn’t say it himself. “His trail was already cold even before we got there.”

[Y/N] didn’t even freeze, nor did she react, completely acting as if she wasn’t close enough to hear everything all the way from the kitchen. She continued with pouring herself a cup of coffee, keeping to herself. But even Clint who was standing next to her, waiting for his turn, could feel the tension in the air.

“It was almost as if we’re on a wild-goose chase,” Steve spoke out, letting his voice get louder.

The others inside the living room all shrunk, even Tony couldn’t say something, because everyone in the room knew when a finger is being pointed. Even [Y/N] could feel his glare at the back of her neck.

“Why are you looking at me?” [Y/N] nonchalantly asked, bringing the cup up to her lips, not even bothering to turn her head to check if he was. “I’ve been with Tony the whole day, ask him.”

Tony nodded, snapping out of it for a moment, knowing that he did nothing wrong this time. “She’s just been helping me and Bruce with some stuff at the lab.”

With that, [Y/N] finished her coffee with swift gulps, setting down the empty cup back on the counter. She quickly turned around, making her way out the kitchen as Clint intelligently moved out of her way.

“[Y/N].” Steve stood up, his eyes following her as she just passed everyone. “I’m not having this conversation with you again, Steve.”

[Y/N] was about to leave but Steve had already grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Not to her surprise, Steve was glaring down at her with a cold expression. “It will be easier if you just tell us where he is. We can help him.”

“You just have to tell us where he went. You know we can help,” Steve slowly explained, obviously holding back. Spending a year of looking for a ghost that didn’t want to be found was no day at the park.

“I don’t know,” [Y/N] answered curtly, not backing down from Steve’s glare.

“Damn that you don’t know, [Y/N],” Steve hissed, his hold on her arm subconsciously gotten tighter. But she didn’t flinch nor move, she only continued to hold his gaze. “You know where he is. You know exactly where he is.”

Steve narrowed his eyes at her, half pleading and half negotiating. “Why won’t you just tell us?”

[Y/N] stayed silent, eyes bored and tired. Her stature was relaxed, completely unthreatened by the tower of a man in front of her. “Steve, I would talk if I knew. But I don’t,” she softly answered, trying to shrug off the hand on her arm. “So lay off, will you?”

“Why is it that I don’t believe you?”

That’s when [Y/N] finally jerked her arm off of his grasp, calm and collected, keeping eye contact. “Maybe it’s just because you don’t trust me.”

Steve only glanced back at her just like he did before, reading her like a book. “Or that I know when you’re lying.”

[Y/N] stared back at him but then, she sighed, finally giving up. She couldn’t keep it up with all that disappointment plastered on his face. “I can’t deal with you when you’re like this, Steve.”

[Y/N] tried to turn around, hoping to end this before it could get out of hand. But Steve had other ideas when he pulled her back. “Why can’t you just tell us?”

“I’m not doing this with you.” [Y/N] ground her jaw, now starting to get annoyed at how easily Steve grabbed her arm.

“Just tell us why can’t you let us help him!”

“Because I didn’t experience what he was forced to do,” [Y/N] finally filled in, already done with this whole thing.

Steve’s hold on her arm softened, taken back that she actually answered him. But [Y/N] had never started anything she couldn’t finish. “You know what happened to us. What happened after you thought we were gone. What they did to us.”

“They shelved me.”

The memories of being back in that hellish place flashed in her mind. The times when she could hear Bucky’s screams from closed doors as they rearranged his mind, just knowing that she could do nothing to help, being strapped to a chair of her own. Just remembering it was a new kind of torture. “While they used him again and again and put me to the side for something called a bigger purpose.”

“That even when we couldn’t remember our own names, he was already protecting me.” Bucky took most of the torture while they did more experimentation on her as she slept. If anything, she was the lucky one. “And I’m supposed to be the older sister!”

[Y/N] took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, having no intention of crying over this. She would never shed another tear for Hydra; she promised Bucky that much. “Now, I have the chance to protect him. And he chose to be alone.”

“So, please,” [Y/N]’s brows knitted as she begged with Steve. “Respect mine to keep him hidden.”

“He’ll come out of hiding when he’s ready. Until then, just wait for him.”

[Y/N] finally placed her attention at their poor audience who was forced to watch their display in silence. She glanced at them, seeing the pity in their eyes. “And I apologize in his behalf.”

With that, she gave Steve one last glance before making her leave, letting everyone in the room deal with the awkward tension left by an impromptu confrontation.

“Why was she looking at me, you were the one doing the digging?” Tony defended, deflecting the blame back to Steve only to have his arm slapped by Bruce.

But the man was already long gone. Steve was left frozen on his steps to stare where [Y/N] had gone, feeling numb all over. He could barely get his head around what [Y/N] just told him, having kept all that to herself. But he knew it was harder for her. His anger and frustration had all melted away as the guilt finally settled in.


A soft knock on her door made her clench her eyes shut, interrupting her desperate attempt of going back to dream land. [Y/N] groaned, thinking of how she could just tell the person to go get lost, but she already knew who was behind the door. “Come in.”

The door slowly opened and careful steps sliced through the silence of the room. [Y/N] sat up on her bed, eyes still closed, pressing a finger to her temple as she readied herself for the light. But she didn’t need to look at him to know how much he appeared like a guilty puppy with his tail between his legs.

The side of her bed dipped with the familiar weight. [Y/N] merely rested her head at the head board, letting the silence carry the tension of the room.

“I’m sorry,” Steve whispered out, “I didn’t mean what I said.”

“I know.”

“I never wanted it to get to this point.”

“I know.”

“I just want to help him,” Steve croaked.

“I know,” [Y/N] sighed, finally opened her eyes. Steve couldn’t even look at her, knowing his own faults. Her heart ached to see him like that, in pain and disappointed with himself. It was just like when they were kids. She was never able to get angry with him, even if she tried, especially when he only had his best interests at heart.

“That’s what we all want to do.”

[Y/N] inched closer, placing her hand on top of his and taking hold, letting him grab onto her. “But we can’t do that.”

Seeing him look down on their hands sprawled on the bed, tears staining his cheeks, vulnerable and bare, it was too horrible for her. [Y/N] knew him even before he was Captain America, even before he was put on a pedestal, even before he could breathe right. But until now, he was still the same Steve as he was before.

“Is there anything I can do?”

[Y/N] wiped away his tears, letting the man cry as he needed. “Wait. At this point, only time would tell.”

“Until then, let’s just keep waiting. That’s all we can do.”

Steve finally nodded, pursing his lips, recollecting himself. “Okay,” he succumbed, “I’ll stop.”

“I didn’t tell you to stop. I told you to wait.” [Y/N] snorted, making him look up at her. She shook her head at him. “Because I know you too much for that.”

“Does he even remember me?” Steve asked, entwining their fingers together.

[Y/N] nodded, watching as he played with her hand. “Yeah.”

He stopped. “Do you remember me?”

“Of course,” [Y/N] confirmed as she leaned forward, reminiscing how she stayed back after the fall of Hydra just to give Bucky time to escape, but chose to stay for Steve. “I’m here, aren’t I?”

Steve asked right back. “By how much?”

[Y/N] finally smiled. “Try me, spitfire.”



@obsessivegeekynerd @iamwarrenspeace@winchesterandpie@tomshollandz@nadtandy@carryondrarry@white-chocolate-mocha-fan@thechristinax@johnmurphys-sass@ptersparkers@thevillainway@hurricane–amelia@bestillmystuckyheart@stankyboiholland@chupplebubbleholland@lilylovelyxo@pparkerssweetheart@just4muggles

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Spoilers for Umbrella Academy Season 1! This is my rendition of what happened and in no way has any connection to season 2 as it hasn’t come out yet!

January, 2016
Steve sat in the compound of the tower, lounging on the couch in the corner of the room. A few of the other Avengers were around but he ignored them in favor of the book in his hand. During his search for some popular forms of entertainment in the 21st century, he had come across a box of comic books.

“What are you reading, Steve?” Natasha asked, sitting down across from him with a bowl of snacks. He held up the cover of the comic book and Natasha laughed slightly.

The Umbrella Academy. Been awhile since I heard about them.” She confessed with a chuckle.

Steve tilted his head in confusion. “Is it true that they are a real group of people?” He questioned. Natasha was silent before looking up at him.

“On October 1st, 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth simultaneously, despite none of them showing signs of pregnancy until labor began. An eccentric billionaire named Reginald Hargreeves adopted eight of those children. He then turned them into a superhero team called The Umbrella Academy. As children they fought together, but no one has heard from the Umbrella Academy in years. Though, I know Nick Fury has had his eyes on them for awhile.”

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Warnings: ignoring the mcu timeline, minimum violence, bad writing

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Sister! Reader

Moving all my old imagines from Wattpad onto Tumblr so I can organize my books :P

Not My GIF

Originally posted by kvndreil

As the newly recruited SHIELD agent walked through the underground base, she smiled at her friend, Peggy Carter. After her brother and best friend died in the war, she wanted to help fight the bad guys, so she joined forces with Peggy Carter and built SHIELD up from the ground together. They became sisters on the way.

You joined Peggy Carter down the corridor to her left as you both turned on your heels. “Any news?” You asked. She nodded.

“We have sources that have reported seeing someone sneak into their farm and sneaking about. He has been keeping dangerous equipment for us in his barn and he was afraid that someone would steal them. That’s where we come in.” She told you, her accent rushing out the information.

“That’s where I come in you mean.” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.” She shot you a look while your grinned innocently.

“Suit up Agent (L/N).”

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (Doctor/Mafia AU)

Warning: Angst. Angst.

Words: 2,062 words

Series Summary: Being a struggling doctor with a small clinic is hard, but having to deal with a bullet-struck man in the middle of the night is harder. Especially when he’s got a gun.

One Shot Masterlist | Series Masterlist |

Originally posted by dailymarvelheroes

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

Steve sat in his car as Bucky got in beside him, looking at the location of the café that Y/N talked about. “Steve, are you sure about this?” Bucky began as he drove. “I mean, going to meet whoever this friend of Y/N is. What if this is just a trap to lure you in?”

Steve rolled his eyes, looking at his best friend. “Really? My Y/N would set a trap for me? Just drive, Buck.” Bucky frowned, opening his mouth, but he closed it when his phone rang.

Steve pulled Bucky’s phone out and put it on his shoulder, making Bucky tilt his head to hold the phone in place. “Yes?” He said, listening, and the car suddenly came to a screeching halt.

“What happened now?” Steve asked, annoyed, and Bucky’s reply got a growl out of him. “Sam.”

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***NSFW, 18+ under the cut! 

also, this is actually my first smutty post so tell me how i did!!!!


➳ alright here we go

➳ lets be honest, he would be such the gentleman- he opens doors for you and does that incredibly cliché thing where he’d take off his jacket and wrap it around you if you got cold 

➳ on the extremely rare occasion you’d wake up earlier than him you’d go to the kitchen and start making coffee 

➳ he’d soon notice your missing presence and go to the kitchen and wrap his arms around your waist from behind and rest his head on your shoulder while pressing kisses to your cheek/neck

      “Good morning, beautiful,” he whispered. You smiled, raising your eyebrows.

      “I thought my name was (Y/N)?” you said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and moved away, but you whined at the loss of contact.

     “No, wait-” you said, scurrying over to him. You took his arms and wrapped them around you, and he smiled.

➳ you both knew you loved each other from very early on- like the beginning of your relationship

➳ cuddling with him is the best

➳ you always fell asleep the same way- you would rest your head in the crook of his neck and he’d snake his arm around your waist while you draped a leg over him

➳ you always melted into his touch because you felt so safe in his arms 

➳ however, you were an active sleeper so it never ended up that way in the morning 

➳ somehow you always ended up wrapped in all of the blankets

➳ he didn’t mind, he thought it was cute

➳ slow dancing with you to old 40′s music

➳ his nicknames for you were sweetheart, love, and honey

➳ yours for him were baby, darling, and captain

➳ you used that last one in the bedroom if you know what I mean

you know what I mean.

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“………….Why are you on the ceiling?”

“How do you know this isn’t the floor? Maybe you’re the one walking on the ceiling.”

“I-….You know what? Fuck it, I don’t want to know. I’m having a nap.

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Irresistible (Barry Allen x reader)

Warning: mature language and content reader discretion strongly advised mature sexual content ahead


2:14 pm | you’re a single woman — but no one really understands why

Sensuality seemed to be your best friend. And you wouldn’t trade in that trait in for the world. It’s what kept people on their toes, their chin at your fingertips. You loved the feeling, of having the world revolve around you. You didn’t let it get your head, but you liked to show it off sometimes. Especially in front of Barry Allen.

Barry Allen was the pinnacle of attractiveness. He was smart and always smelled nice and had a killer smile and knew exactly how to make you laugh. You were a sucker for it. You were a sucker for someone who could make you laugh, and no one could make you laugh the way Barry Allen made you laugh. And God, did he adore that smile every time you did. You had known Barry for a long while now. You met him while going to school at Central City University. You were studying for your minor in Spanish, your major in economics. You came all the way from California, a change of scenery seemingly good for you. Until you realized that moving to Central City was going to be more than just a change in scenery; it would become the city of heroes and the city of crazies. No other city had criminals like the ones here.

But Central City also became your city. You created a life for yourself. You had friends, a stupid office job, and school. You kept out of trouble, and in return you had fun. You were the life of the night, always the one to suggest a good party. You loved to dance and you loved to get dressed up and you loved to have fun. You were loud and carefree and exciting. This made people want you, it made people remember you, it made you feel powerful. And you used it to your advantage.

You met Barry Allen late at night at Jitters. You were buried deep into your Spanish notes, mumbling and trying to recognize Spanish jargon from different Latin American countries. You had a full cup of hot coffee in front of you, and you were too focused to notice anything else. You heard the bell on the door ring, but you didn’t look up. And when you were so deep into your studying, you had thrown your arms out in frustration. Your coffee mug knocked over with the swipe of your arms, but you never heard a crash. Instead you were met with glittering green eyes and a man with the fastest reflexives you had ever seen. And from the moment you saw him smile, you were falling deep into a hole you wouldn’t be able to climb out of.

You were not a one-man kind of woman. You always liked the attention, you always liked having people drop at your feet. But now you had a man you wanted to impress, something that had never happened to you before. You finally had something to go after, someone to please. And although you and Barry Allen were nothing but flirtatious and close, neither of you ever made a move. And it frustrated the both of you, frustrated both of you to the core.

You were currently in the elevator at Central City Police Department. You had a bag of food in your hands, and you were tapping your heel as you waited. You were wearing a tight pair of light wash jeans, a button-up shirt with just the right amount of buttons undone, and your favorite pair of heels. You had your purse over your shoulder, and you were picking at your nails. When the elevator doors opened, you emerged into the bustling room of frantic voices, telephones ringing, and orders being shouted.

You pushed your hair behind your shoulders as you walked, making your way up the stairs. You ignored the stares, just smiling politely at people. Maybe you had too many buttons undone?

You made your way to Barry’s lab. Inside, he was seated on top of his desk as he filled in some paperwork. The sound of your heels made him look up, and he gave you a dazzling grin. The sight of you in his office meant there was much to be admired.

“Hey, (y/n),” Barry greeted you.

“What are you doing here?”

You winked at him, holding up the bag in your hands. “I was at Big Belly Burger, and I just felt like these were calling your name.”

Barry laughed, putting the manila folder down and making his way towards you. “You’re the best.”

“I know.”

You set the bag down on the desk behind him, wrapping your arms around his neck and biting your lip. Barry pulled you in for a hug, lifting you off of your heels for a few moments. You laughed into his ear, making him smile even wider. You smelled like fresh linen and air.

“Awww, Barry, I missed you,” you cooed. You leaned in to give him a soft kiss, and Barry held you lovingly at the feeling. You took his breath away, his heart pounding in his chest. He knew you were just playing him, teasing him, but he didn’t care. The sultriness of your personality could never be resisted; you were just too damn tempting.

“I missed you, too,” Barry chuckled, letting you go. He turned to sit down on his chair, opening the bag of food. He licked his lips at the aroma, pulling out fries and popping them into his mouth. You had bought a few of everything, knowing his appetite required more carbohydrates because of his metabolism. He would be hungry in a few hours again, though. You sat on top of his desk, and Barry’s eyes flickered to your chest for a few seconds. You took back what you thought before; perfect amount of buttons undone.

“So what’s a handsome guy like you doing at this hour?” You wondered, leaning over and tucking your fingers underneath Barry’s chin. You lifted his head to look at you, and he gave you a cheeky grin with a mouthful of fries. You giggled, that radiating smile again playing on your lips. Barry needed that, he loved it. “Paperwork. As always,” he replied. You pouted sympathetically. You caressed his cheek with the palm of your hand. Barry relaxed against your touch, his heart feeling airy in your presence. Your personality and your looks were definitely what drew him to you first, but Barry couldn’t help falling for you; you were so smart and well-rounded and hot. He hated himself sometimes for wondering what it would be like to put his hands underneath that shirt, expose more of that pretty lace lingerie you were showing off already. Your voice pulled him from his thoughts.

“Awww, Barry, baby, you’re so much more than just paperwork,” you said softly. You slid off the desk and hopped onto his lap. The wheels of his chair moved back a little at the force, and you crossed your legs over one another. Barry chewed on another fry. You were not helping his thoughts from calming. His mind was only racing more.

“Well, that’s not what they tell me here,” Barry replied, motioning around the room. His tone was a little bitter. You traced the surface of his lips with your thumb, biting your lip as you did so. Barry was lost in your eyes now, his breath hitching in his throat. You were so good.

“But if I say it, it has to mean something right?” You pleaded. Barry just nodded his head, and you took his chin into your fingers again. You planted another soft kiss on his mouth, the saltiness from the food making his lips taste even better. You giggled into the kiss.

“Oh, Mr. Allen, has anyone told you how great of a kisser you are?”


“Mmm,” you hummed, capturing his lips again. Barry dropped the bag of fries onto the desk, his arms coming around you. You shifted in his lap to put both hands on his shoulders, and Barry pulled away reluctantly. You gave him an innocent smile, and Barry shut his eyes at the sight. You were not innocent at all, and he hated how good it looked you.

“Oh, please, stop,” he breathed. You rolled your eyes, smoothing your hand over the surface of his chest.

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

“No! No,” Barry laughed nervously. He opened his eyes to look at you, but you knew he didn’t mean it. You liked making him nervous. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong, you did not do anything wrong. You’re good at that, I-I mean, you’re great at kissing, too, I just…don’t want to get carried away.”

Ooohh, I forgot you’re supposed to be working,” you said innocently, trying to act sweet and stupid. Barry didn’t buy it. “Well, then, Barry, I guess that’s my cue to go.”

You got up off his lap, brushing your jeans off and turning to look at him. He was already looking at you. You gave him a smile, raising your finger to twirl a piece of your hair. Barry thought you were being rather teasing today, and he hated it. He hated it because he loved it. You had him hanging on your every word with that sultry voice of yours. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, he couldn’t help but listen to everything you said. And you were just getting started.

“So soon?” Barry wondered. He tried not to sound too pushy, but the way you looked in those jeans were making his mouth water. Had he ever wanted you so bad? He wasn’t sure. He seemed to always want you.

You smiled, turning to take a few steps away. You made a show of your walk. “Don’t sound too sad, Barry.”

“I-I’m not. I was just wondering,” Barry scoffed. He tried to play it cool, leaning back in his chair as he grabbed the bag of fries again. He downed the potatoes in a matter of minutes, and your heels made loud noises as you walked around his lab. Barry kept his eyes on you the entire time. Your fingertips brushed across stacks of papers, around the rims of empty coffee mugs, over the surface of keyboard buttons. You were passing time, letting Barry drink in the sight of you. You and him had long played this game, and they often ended in kisses and confessions. But the two of you would never go out together, would never consider one another an item. But you both longed to, just were too afraid to admit it.

“Barry! I have so much to tell you!” A voice yelled from the door way. You had your back to Barry and the familiar voice. You were examining vials of substances, reading labels and biting your lip as you did so. You turned on your heels, smiling sweetly.

“Cisco. How wonderful to see you,” you said. Cisco was already staring at you, and the sight of you made his smile widen greatly. You leaned over to pull him into a hug, and the sight of your unbuttoned shirt made both men in the room roll their eyes back a little.

“Wow, (y/n), I didn’t expect to find you here,” Cisco remarked. You circled around Cisco, making your way back to Barry. You trailed one finger around his collarbone, leaning over him from behind. Barry was blushing now.

“Why not? I love spending time with Barry. He’s such a charmer, isn’t he Cisco?”

Cisco laughed at the sight. He couldn’t believe Barry had a girl like you leaning over him, on his arm. Every time he saw you two flirt or stand beside each other, he couldn’t believe that Barry had you somewhat on his radar. Just the fact that he had kissed you was already a win. Cisco had to admit he was incredibly jealous; he didn’t mind seeing you in those jeans either. Did anyone?

You stood up straight, leaning over and plucking a fry out of the bag on Barry’s desk. You chewed on it politely, winking at Cisco as you kept one hand on Barry’s shoulder.

“You guys are coming out tonight right?” You asked, pointing a finger at Cisco and back at Barry. Barry turned to look at you, frowning.

“Out?” He wondered.

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, we’re going out tonight. It’s ladies’ night down at my favorite club, you know, the one that serves the hot pink cosmos?”

Cisco nodded. “Yeah, how you love your damn cosmos.”

You shrugged. “Well, anyways, ladies are getting their first drinks free, and you guys know I can’t pass up my favorite ones.”

Barry glanced at the date and time on his phone. “It’s a Wednesday,” he complained. You dragged a finger down his cheek, holding his chin to meet your gaze. You bit your lip as you looked down at him. The sight was driving him crazy. “Awww, please, Barry? I don’t ask for much…”

Barry didn’t reply, just grimaced. He knew it was a bad idea. He had to get up early for work the next day, but the sound of your voice was all too convincing. Cisco spoke up before Barry could.

“I’ll go, (y/n),” Cisco piped. You let out a breath of relief, smiling wide. You clapped your hands, walking over to him and caressing his cheeks between the palms of your hands.

Gracias (Thank you), Francisco,” you cooed, giving him a light kiss on his nose. Cisco was grinning wildly, making Barry clench his jaw in anger. He knew he couldn’t speak up; you weren’t his girlfriend, and you could do whatever you wanted to. “You can invite whoever you want, tonight will be fun.”

“Yeah, for sure. Just text me when,” Cisco replied. He was lost in your smile, and you turned back to Barry. The expression on his face satisfied you, and you bent over to grab your purse. When you came back up to stand, Barry was looking at his feet. You let out a sigh, feeling a little bad for him.

“Well, I really do have to go. I’ll see you tonight, Cisco,” you said sweetly. Cisco nodded his head, wiggling his fingers at you as you turned to leave. Before you did, you made your way back to Barry and bent over, giving him a soft, lingering kiss. He was again at your mercy, shutting his eyes as he reached for more. Before he could deepen the embrace, you pulled away. “I’m gonna miss you tonight, Barry Allen.”

You gave him another soft kiss before walking away. You smiled to yourself as you disappeared around the corner. When you were out of their sight, you touched the surface of your lips. They were tingling with something sweet, and the violent uproar of goodness in your belly was just getting started.

When the sound of your heels was gone, Cisco let out a groan.

“Dude, how have you not asked her out yet?” He cried. Barry licked his lips, grabbing a burger from the bag. It was still hot and greasy and good. He unwrapped it, taking a bite. Barry was smiling to himself.

“I don’t know,” Barry replied. Cisco sat down at the seat across from Barry, letting out a whistle.

“Barry, you’ve known her for forever. She is so into you.”

“That’s not true. She’s just messing around, haven’t you seen how many guys she talks to?”

“Barry, seriously. No woman kisses you like that if she’s just messing around,” Cisco laughed. He grabbed another burger out of the bag, leaning back as he kicked his feet up. He took a bite, shrugging his shoulders. “But, whatever. If you won’t go for it, I will.”

Barry shut his eyes as he took another bite of out of his food. Suddenly, the greasy goodness tasted sour in his mouth. Cisco noticed the expression, but he didn’t say anything. God forbid he get near Flash’s girl. He knew better.

Barry looked out the window as he chewed. You were a woman of many talents, but getting underneath Barry’s skin was something you did best. You didn’t even have to be in the same room as Barry to get him going. It was absolutely ridiculous how irresistible you were.

10:14 pm

You pulled the hem of your dress down, biting your lip as you emerged from the taxi cab. You left a generous tip before shutting the door behind you.

You were wearing a gorgeous navy blue velvet dress. It was held together by two spaghetti straps, a slit coming up your thigh. A simple wrong move would’ve had the dress at your waist. Your legs were elongated in matching blue heels. You anticipated your outfit was acceptable when you heard the amount of whistles that erupted from the line outside the club.

You pushed your hair behind your shoulders, skipping the line as you made your way to the front. The bouncer smiled as he noticed you.

“(y/n)! On a Wednesday night now? Man, I never seen anybody have more fun in my life,” he laughed. You winked at him. He held his hand out and you handed him your purse. He opened it as you held your arms out slightly, a metal detector waved around you. When he was satisfied, he allowed you inside before the long line.

You emerged inside, biting your lip as you looked around. Cisco said he had gotten there earlier, and you searched for his dark eyes.

The lights were going wild around you, in greens and pinks and reds and blues. The music was bumping loud around you, and the flyers advertising ladies’ night were bright pink along the walls. Suddenly, you heard a commotion behind you. When you turned, your small smile grew to something sensual as you saw your favorite man standing in front of the bouncer, trying to get in.

“Hey! He’s with me,” you called out. The bouncer and Barry both turned to look at you. Reluctantly, Barry was let inside without anymore problems. You let out a whistle as he came close to you. He was wearing a dark grey blazer and pants with a black tie. He looked absolutely wonderful, dashing even. Barry licked his lips as he met you, holding you at arm’s length as he looked you up and down.

“You look absolutely amazing,” Barry said softly. You shrugged, hooking your arm through his.

“Thank you, Barry. You look incredibly handsome, if we’re being honest here,” you replied. When he turned away from your eyes, you observed his outfit. You wondered how much better he would look without the ensemble. Barry smiled at his feet before he guided you towards the bar. You held onto his forearm, feeling the muscle underneath. You were satisfied with the feeling, biting your lip hard as he helped you sit atop a stool. You giggled to yourself as Barry slid an arm around your waist. The warmth his arm offered was appreciated, and you had to admit it felt nice to be on someone’s arm, especially Barry Allen’s.

“Mmm, it’s ladies’ night, honey. What can I get you? First drink is on the house,” the bartender said, coming around. You rolled your eyes.

“Is that really a question? You know I love myself a cosmos,” you replied. They winked at you. You turned to look at Barry before ordering his drink. “And the strongest stuff you got for my handsome guy over here.”

Barry gave you a look as the bartender walked away. He leaned in close to your ear so you could hear him. His breath fanned the cartilage. “You know that won’t work on me, right?”

“Can you at least try to get wasted? Pretend?” You laughed. Barry shook his head at you, chuckling. The bartender came back with your drinks. A glass of hard liquor for Barry and your mixed drink in a martini glass. You swirled your drink around before taking a sip. Barry downed his liquor in one go. “Show off.”

Barry smiled. “Only a little.”

“Hey, guys! I’m two shots in already, and I am already starting to see funny,” a voice said behind you. You turned to laugh, and Cisco was holding a beer in his hand. He looked just as handsome, in a navy blue suit of his own but without a tie.

“Cisco! I am so glad you made it. Did you bring anyone with you?” You asked. You spoke too soon, as a familiar redhead emerged from behind him. She too was two shots in and had a margarita in her hand. She looked amazing in her own dress, black and hugging her curves perfectly. Her hair fell in perfect waves as always.

“Caitlin! I always love to see you getting out more,” you complimented her. She shrugged.

“Long day at the labs. Really needed a drink.”

You motioned to the bartender for a round of shots. “Okay, guys. Let’s party.”

The music was just one long rhythm in your head. You weren’t wasted, but you certainly weren’t sober. You were in the middle of the dance floor now, in someone’s arms. They had their arms wrapped around your hips, the heat off their body mixing with yours. You had to admit they were good at whatever they were doing; their hands on your waist, their rhythm synced with yours. You weren’t sure who you were dancing with, but that’s how it always was. You danced with a lot of people when you went out. You were a wild partier, sober or inebriated.

As the night grew longer, so did the music. The songs got better, the dancers got wilder, the music got louder, the drinks got stronger. You finally decided to take a break, sweat glistening around your face. Your chest sparkled with it, your body was hot with evidence. You pushed your way through the crowd, biting your lip as you looked for a particular someone. When you felt eyes on you, you turned. Barry sat in the corner of the room, sipping hard liquor still. He still looked absolutely dazzling, especially in such a dark light.

You stumbled a little as you made your way over to him. When you were halfway to him, he met your gaze. He continued to sip on his drink, but now he had a coy smile on his face. You giggled as you got close to him, reaching one hand out. You wrapped your fingers around the length of his tie, pulling him into you. One hand slid down the side of your velvet dress, caressing your waist. His other hand went to put his drink down.

“Hi, Barry,” you said softly. Barry’s eyes danced with something dark.

“Hello, (y/n).”

“Where’ve you been? I’ve been dancing all night trying to get your attention,” you whined. Barry chuckled a little. “Aren’t I putting on a good show?”

Barry rolled his eyes, pulling you into him. Your chest was pressed to his now, and you slid your hands up his chest. Barry tilted his head to look at you in the changing lights.

“Of course you are,” he replied. Barry had been watching you all night. He watched you dance, he watched you sway to the beat of music with others. He was so incredibly jealous, watching others touch you the way he wanted to. There were so many times when he was tempted to just speed you out of the crowd, scold you for letting anyone else dance with you like that. You were just as hot on the dance floor as you were off of it, and the whole thing seemed like a show and you were starring in it.

You wrapped your arms around Barry’s neck, pushing him back against the wall as you looked up at him. You knew the alcohol in your body was adding to your smooth confidence, and you decided just to go with it. You wanted Barry anyways; you had wanted him for so long. Liquid courage was all you needed.

You turned your body so your back was pressed against his chest. Barry crossed his hands in front of your stomach, and you bit your lip as you moved his hands to caress your waist again. Barry sucked in a sharp breath as you began to dance against him.

“Oooh, stop,” he whispered, but he never pushed you away. You took it as a good sign, smiling to yourself as you felt Barry behind you growing more excited by the second. Soon he was dancing with you, his hips following yours as your curves led the way. You reached one hand up his neck, past the surface of his cheek, tangling your fingers into his hair. You pulled his head down towards you, his lips going to your neck as you continued to move against him. With every second of your body pressed close to his, Barry grew more and more impatient.

That’s it,” Barry breathed. Just as you were starting to go at a lovely pace with Barry to the music, you pulled away, dragging him with you off the wall. Barry groaned at the loss of contact, but you spun around quickly and captured his mouth in yours. It was a hot kiss, one that began open-mouthed. The alcohol was pulling you into a state of easiness, and Barry couldn’t thank the drinks enough. His hands spread across the surface of your back, stopping at the nape of your spine as he squeezed the fabric. Your dress was riding up your legs again, but you didn’t care. Barry Allen was kissing you, Barry Allen was touching you, and nothing else in the world mattered.

You pulled away from Barry, licking the wetness of your lips as you looked up at him. Barry thought you looked absolutely sinful in the dark lights. That dress you looked so stunning in was riding up your thighs, and one strap of your dress was already off your shoulder. The hair around your face was stuck to your skin with sweat, and the heat of the night made you look pink with fluster.

You grabbed his tie again, pulling him down to give him another wet kiss. Barry chased your lips when you pulled away. You giggled, and Barry began to pant a little at the sight of you. You were quickly becoming his favorite game, and he wanted to play so bad. The teasing was too much, the days of anticipation were overwhelming. Barry had been thinking about this moment for so long, and the heat of your body against him was not helping his desire calm any faster.

“Say something,” you said softly, your breath against his nose. Barry’s hand slid up your back to tangle into your hair, and you let out a whimper as he pulled at it a little. The force of his tug made your neck fall back a little, and Barry leaned down to kiss the newly exposed skin. You shut your eyes at the feeling, gripping the collar of Barry’s shirt tight in your fists.

“You’ve been teasing me all day,” Barry whispered. You giggled as he spread a nice amount of kisses across the surface of your throat.

“I always tease you, Barry.”

“Not like this, (y/n).”

“And so what if I did? It’s not like it meant anything.”

The comment made Barry laugh between kisses. At the sound of his deep chuckles, a knot began to form in the base of your stomach. You squeezed your thighs together suddenly, biting your lip as Barry’s hand reached down lower, cupping your upper thigh.

“You’re gonna tell me you don’t feel anything, (y/n)?” Barry asked. He stopped kissing your neck, and you lifted your head back up to look at him. Barry was licking his lips, and his eyes were so dark with desire. It was the sexiest expression you had ever seen on anyone. You tightened your arms around his neck.

“Yeah, I am,” you replied, smiling. Barry turned you, backing you into the wall. Now it was you encased in his control. You had never seen Barry like this, and it was turning you on more by the second.

“You don’t feeling anything?”

“No, Barry.”

Barry took that as a challenge, looking over his shoulder before he moved his hand out of your hair. You tried to look away from Barry’s eyes, but he moved his free hand underneath your chin. He forced you to look at him, and you let out a gasp as his fingers traveled down your side. His hand brushed past your waist, and the feeling made one of your legs lift, your knee in line with his hips. Barry trailed his fingers down the outside of your thigh before he walked them up your inner thigh.

“Shit,” you breathed, and Barry grinned in satisfaction.

“Still don’t feeling anything, (y/n)?”


Barry’s fingertips were rubbing circles against the inside of your thigh. You shivered in his grip, and suddenly Barry’s hands were ghosting over the surface of your hot center.

Shit, baby, you’re not wearing any panties, are you?” Barry chuckled. You bit your lip as you looked at him, shaking your head. Barry shook his head as he laughed. “You’re gonna be the death of me.”

Barry teased your opening with the tips of his fingers, and you let out a whimper as you pulled him tighter against you. Despite the coolness of the wall behind you, you could feel beads of sweat rolling down your back. Barry had his tongue between his teeth as he watched your expression change from calm to anxious, your brows furrowing and your bottom lip being bitten down on hard as the pads of his fingers entered you slowly.

“Barry,” you let out. It resembled a hot, airy moan, and Barry wanted to hear you moan like that more. He slid the tips of his fingers out, pushing your thigh back down so you stood on two feet. He raised the two fingers into his mouth. They left his lips with a popping noise as he stared down at you, and you whimpered again at the sight. “Why did you stop?”

“For one, you apparently don’t feel anything,” Barry replied, pulling you off the wall. He began to walk backwards, and you grabbed his drink off the table beside him. You threw your head back as you downed the rest of the liquor, the sensation burning your throat the whole way down. Barry smiled at the sight. “And two, I’d never take the chance of someone seeing you like that.”

“Why not? I think its kinda hot,” you joked. Barry’s expression darkened, and he held you closer. His breath was fire against your lips.

“Because (y/n). They can dance with you, and they can flirt with you, and they can kiss you, and they can tell you whatever you want to hear,” Barry began in a low, hot tone. You swallowed. “But I’ll never let them see what’s mine, and I’ll never let them touch you the way I’m going to touch you.”

“And how are you going to touch me, Barry?” You were losing your words, and your breathing was becoming harder to control.

“Like nobody ever has before.”

Speed was a luxury. The modern world was always trying to get places faster, do things quicker. The whole world seemed to want to run forever, never slowing down.

Barry Allen knew what it was like to do things quickly. Barry Allen knew what it was like to finish things in a few seconds. And normally, he took advantage of his powers. Normally, he liked to finish first and he didn’t take his time. But tonight, Barry Allen would hold back. Tonight, Barry Allen would forget his abilities. He would forget them because he had a woman like you in his arms, and you were someone that needed to cherished. You were someone that needed to be loved, that needed to be appreciated. The lovers you had before only took time for themselves, but Barry Allen wasn’t your ordinary lover. He was the man you loved, and being with him would be like nothing you had ever experienced before.

Your back hit the door of Barry’s apartment hard. It didn’t hurt, but the door shut loudly. Barry put one hand on the wall beside your head, and you smiled as you felt his breath fanning the skin of your nose. Barry reached his other hand around, locking the door. You reached over and grabbed the collar of Barry’s jacket, pulling his body close to yours.

“How long have you been thinking about taking me home, Barry Allen?” You asked, looking up at him. Barry’s eyes darted back and forth between your eyes and your lips, and he chuckled as he scanned your expression.

“As long as I can remember,” he admitted. You moved one hand up his neck, cupping his cheek. Barry blinked slowly at the feeling, letting out a shaky breath as you traced the surface of his mouth with your fingers. You liked the fact that your touch affected him so much. It satisfied you, gave you that powerful feeling again. But to have power over Barry Allen? That meant more to you than anything else.

“Oh yeah?” You teased, smiling as you tilted your head to observe his lips at another angle. They looked so soft and pillowy, wet and utterly irresistible.

“Yeah,” Barry breathed. You pressed your body close against his, forcing his hand to leave the door. You were too close to stand properly on two feet, and he used his hand to steady you against him. You licked your lips, craning your neck to whisper into his ear.

“Then show me, Barry,” you said in a sensual tone. Barry gritted his teeth at the sound, shutting his eyes as the velvet of your dress felt more like a distraction.

“Show me, Barry. Show me what you’ve been waiting to do to me for so long.”

Your words were too much. An overwhelming feeling of anxiousness and desire came over Barry, and you cried out in surprise as he used his speed to force you down on the couch. You were underneath him now, and Barry wasted no time in kissing you. Barry was between your legs now, and you bent your knees around his waist. Your dress was beginning to stretch uncomfortably around your thighs, and Barry relieved the unpleasantness by bunching up the dress at your hips.

He let out a sort of growl when he remembered you lacked a proper pair of undergarments. The sight of you was enough to make him go wild, but he remembered what he wanted, what you needed. For someone that does almost everything fast, Barry was determined to love you slowly. He wanted you to remember him, distinguish him apart from your line of lovers. He never wanted you to think of anyone else, just him and the way he made you feel. Barry was already becoming a hot, irresistible animal above you.

As the two of you shared hot kisses, you undid the knot of his tie. Barry already shrugged his jacket off his shoulders, and now his tie was beside it. Barry kept the kisses soft as he slid his hand down your thighs, unbuckling the straps of your heels and letting them fall onto the floor. Your fingers had undone a few of his shirt buttons before he forced your legs around his waist, his hips in line with yours as he began to grind against you.

“Barry,” you uttered, throwing your head back. The wetness of your core was staining his dark pants even darker, and Barry was clenching his jaw. He could feel the warmth of you through the layers of clothes, and it was driving him absolute crazy.

You reached between the two of you, gripping the buckle around his waist. As much as Barry wanted you to please him, he knew there would be other days for that. He needed to impress, he wanted to make you feel good. Barry was determined to become your favorite addiction.

“No, (y/n)…let me worry about my beautiful girl,” Barry protested. You let your hands rest at your sides as Barry lowered his head to kiss the space that was your collarbone. You put your hands on his neck now, arching your back as he made the surface above your breasts his mission. His kisses were open-mouthed and wet, his teeth grazing against your skin so gently. You let out a string of curses as one of his hands came back up your inner thigh, teasing you. You were dripping by this point, your desire already pooling.

Barry’s fingers met your center, and he hissed as he felt how wet you were. He loved the way you were squirming underneath him, your head thrown back against the couch’s cushions as you let him touch you gingerly. Barry was meaning for you to remember these moments, and you were quickly forgetting about anything else. Barry was too good, too good at this.

Barry bit his lip hard as he teased you with two fingers. You squeezed your eyes shut at the feeling, opening your mouth in a silent show of pleasure. You let out a breath, gripping Barry’s forearms hard. He flinched a little as you dug your nails into his skin, but he enjoyed watching you. He spread the two fingers inside of you deeper, and you finally let out an airy moan of satisfaction.

“There it is, beautiful,” Barry chuckled, curling his fingers inside of you now. You whimpered at the feeling, clawing at his skin as your back arched more, your chest meeting his. Barry watched as you moved your hips, silently begging him to move his fingers. Barry shook his head playfully, giving you a light kiss on the collarbone as he lowered his lips to your hips. You gasped at the sensation, gripping the locks of his hair now.

“Does anyone else make you feel like this?” Barry asked. You let out another moan as he kissed even lower, his breath just above your core now. You tugged at his head, pulling at his hair for his mouth to meet you where you wanted him. But Barry was too strong, and he just moved his fingers agonizingly slow inside of you. You were clenching around him now, your body begging to be pleased. “Answer me.”

“N-No, Barry,” you breathed. “N-Nobody makes me feel t-the way you do…”

Barry grinned, moving to put your legs over his shoulders. You sat up a little look at him, and you could’ve gotten off just by the sight. Barry was smiling so darkly at you, his green eyes alive with something so mischievous.

“Good answer,” was all he said before placing a soft, wet kiss onto the suppleness of your center. You let out a sound of pleasure, and you felt yourself shaking at this point. No one had ever paid enough attention to you to get you so riled up and hot, and the feeling was making the knot in your stomach grow so quickly. Barry was making you feel incredibly good and intense, and you just wanted more and more and more. You would be on your knees begging if you had to.

“Oh, please,” you groaned, raking stripes through his hair as Barry buried his face between your legs. Barry couldn’t believe how wet you were, and he chuckled a little as he moved his tongue so slowly across the surface of your center. You squeezed your thighs around his head, desperate for relief. He chuckled again, and the echoing of his voice made you cry out in pleasure.

“You like that, sweet girl?” Barry asked, and you could only hum in agreement. Barry attached his lips back to the supple parts of you, and you pulled harder on his hair. His fingers were moving faster, his tongue warm and welcome against you. He found a good rhythm inside of you, the sweet taste of you an encouraging motivation to get you to peak. “C'mon, (y/n). That’s it. There you go.”

Barry’s sweet names and beckoning words were making the knot feel as if it was about to burst. Suddenly, there was a sensation you had never felt before, something that had you seeing stars. Barry’s fingers deep in your core began to vibrate ever so slightly, and you let out a cry as your vision turned white. Barry was quick to lap up your wetness as you rode out your high, your hips rolling against his mouth as you moaned his name over and over again. Barry knew he could get used to the sound; your voice was a sweet song in his ear, your wetness his favorite type of candy.

“Oh, Jesus, Barry, what the hell was that?” You laughed, panting as your vision began to become normal again. Barry slowly pulled his fingers from you, holding them up for you to see. When your expression showed confusion, he used his speed to vibrate them right before you. You leaned your head back to laugh again, biting your lip. Barry was doing things to you that were so new and hot.

You sat up on your elbows after your breathing began to calm. When your eyes met Barry’s gaze, he removed himself from between your legs. Rising onto his own elbows, you shut your eyes as Barry kissed you. Tasting yourself on his tongue, you let out a groan and pulled him so he was chest-to-chest with you. Barry cupped your face in the palm of his hand, sitting on the couch properly as he brought you into his lap.

You tilted your head to the side to deepen the kiss, and when you opened your mouth for air, Barry bit down on your bottom lip. You let him trace the outside of your mouth with his tongue, groaning when he finally kissed you again. You both fought for dominance, but Barry didn’t last long as you began to move your hips against his, the metal of his belt buckle cool against your bare skin.

“Baby girl, these pants are expensive,” Barry chuckled, and you reached down to unbuckle his belt. That familiar knot in your stomach was coming back as Barry’s hands found the back of your thighs. You unzipped his pants, biting your lip as you saw how hard he really was. Barry smiled at you. “Stop looking at me like that.”

You batted your lashes at the comment, biting your lip harder. Barry scoffed, and you kept yourself busy as you moved your hips against his harder. He groaned at the feeling, the friction of his hard against your warmth making him twitch underneath you.

“(y/n), stop teasing me. Stop that.”

You let out a moan, the wetness building up inside of you as you ignored him. “Make me.”

Barry let out a growl, but he didn’t stop you. Your dress was still bunched up at your hips, your straps hanging down your arms. Barry still had half his shirt on, but both of you were becoming more and more eager to finally have each other. You both had waited far too long for this moment, both of you had sacrificed too much time to stop one another.

Barry simply pulled his boxers down his thighs a little more, and you reached between the two of you, guiding your hips in line with his as you lowered yourself onto him. At the contact, Barry let out a cough, his head against the back of the couch. You yourself flinched at the feeling.

“Barry, shit,” you breathed, your fingers seeming to bruise his shoulders as you held tight. Barry’s hands moved to your hips, and he moved his head to watch as you took all of him in. At the sight, Barry’s eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Christ, baby girl, just like that,” Barry let out. His voice was strained and breathy, hot and heavy. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your chest in line with his chin as you began to move above him. Barry kept his hands on your waist, losing his mind as you rocked your hips in a lovely pattern. You were a sexual goddess on his lap, the magic in your rhythm as you found a good pace. The sweat building up around your forehead only quickened as the desire in your belly began to spark.

“Barry, don’t do that to me,” you giggled, meeting his lips. Barry was lost in your trance as always, under your mercy. You were so tight around him, and it was attacking his insides violently. He needed you, he’d never felt such an attraction to anyone in his entire life. You were a sweet, sensual dream, and he finally had you.

“Show me how bad you’ve wanted this.”

Barry let out a shaky moan at the thought. All this time he’d thought about this moment, about finally having you, about finally being able to show you much he loved you.

“You’re mine,” Barry whispered, rolling his hips to meet yours. You let out a cry at the feeling, his hips aligned at the perfect angle to hit your sweetest spot. Barry let out a chuckle when he found it, moving one hand in between your writing bodies to touch your most supple parts.

“Yours,” you moaned, shutting your eyes as you quickened the pace. The only thing you could hear was the hot mix of moans and the most pleasant sound of skin friction. Barry grabbed a fistful of your hair, pulling it so your neck fell back. You let out a gasp.

“Mine, beautiful girl,” Barry repeated.“All mine.”

“All yours, Barry.”

You were so turned on by Barry’s possessiveness. Your panting became irregular, and you let out a long, drawn-out moan as you began to feel the second wave of pleasure beginning to peak. Barry was cursing under his breath, and your thighs clenched together as Barry continued to hit your sweet spot. He had the most perfect angle inside of you, and his own breath was becoming heavy and hot as your walls tightened around him.

“Yes, baby girl, just like that,” Barry moaned.

That’s it, good girl.”

"All mine, you’re all mine.”

“Keep doing that, beautiful. Say my name.”

“There you go, (y/n).”

“Oh, don’t you know how perfect you are, baby girl?”

Barry’s voice spitting out the most perfect names was enough to throw you over the edge so quickly. You let out a cry of his name and curses as you let go. Again, your vision seemed to fade for a few seconds. You held onto Barry for support, riding out your high against his length. Barry soon followed. How could he not? You looked like absolute sin cursing his name and riding him like that.

When the atmosphere of the room seemed to calm, Barry made sure you were comfortable. Your dress was gone, but you had on one of Barry’s shirts. You were laying in his bed, your eyes almost shut completely as you tried to relive the night in your head. Barry’s hands on every desirable part of your body, the way he felt against you, inside of you, his kisses. You had never known Barry to be so sultry in his own skin, but it was turning you on again just thinking about it.

Interrupting your thoughts, Barry’s arm came around your waist, pulling you close to him. You let yourself sink into the duvet and into his warmth, shutting your eyes. There was nothing more tranquil than this, nothing than could beat the moment.

“Worth the wait?” You asked suddenly, yawning. Barry took the time to kiss your shoulders, his mouth still red and swollen from your hot embraces.

“What wait? I could’ve had you anytime I wanted,” Barry chuckled, continuing to pepper kisses along your shoulder blade. You scoffed, shaking your head.

“Not true, Barry,” you giggled. “It was definitely you that wanted me.”

“Wanna bet?”

“No,” you admitted, biting your lip. Barry laughed behind you, and you smiled when he pulled the covers over the both of you. “Good. I’m not ready to argue.”

“Why? ‘Cause you’d lose?”

“Course not, baby girl. You’re just…so damn irresistible.”

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imagine waking up to your golden retriever engulfing steve while wagging his tail while steve is laughing his ass off in bed because the dogs little kisses tickle but he’s trying to keep it down because he wants you to sleep in, even if it’s a monday. the sun is shining through a small gap in the curtains and in that moment you notice that steve and your puppy have the same hair color and that they’re both very good boys.

And once Steve realizes they both woke you up with their play, he puls you to him and the puppy goes from him to you and back to him because he’s so happy he’s loved, full of energy and wants to play all day long and you can’t stop smiling because you know you hit the jackpot with your two big, very pretty, very blonde and very good boys.

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