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#steve rogers x you

Steve Rogers x Reader


Summary: Newly back from being dusted by Thanos and revived by The Avengers, you take your deceased Grandfather’s journal and photographs and decide to visit the locations he wrote about in 1944-45, recreating some of the images and paying respects to the friends he lost. However, you never expected to meet Steve Rogers doing almost the exact same thing.

Warnings: A small amount of angst. Cussing. Smut. Bad google translate. mostly though, this will be fluffy and light.

A/N: Now that Twenty/Twenty is coming to an end, I’m going to start posting this fic! It will update on Sundays :)

Please send an ASK to be tagged. closes on the 26th.


Steve squints as he looks around himself. The stonework of Montecassino Abbey is impeccable, absolutely beyond gorgeous and for a moment he can forget the history of the place and get lost in its medieval glory. The view from the top of the steps, above the courtyard, gives an even more beautiful view of the hills beyond the abbey, the forest still green (if not a little orange) despite the winter air.

Steve had never come here in the war, but it was on his checklist nonetheless.

After Thanos defeat, and with the world returning to somewhat normal, Steve had started a list. He’d fought with himself for a long time, but had finally, in the post-battle stillness that had come after, with both Nat and Tony alive and healing, decided to retire.

He’d passed the shield along to Sam, the only viable option in Steve’s mind, and had forced himself to take a backseat. In 1970 he’d seen Peggy, older, greyer, still as beautiful as ever and he had become homesick for a life he’d never had. After returning the stones and coming back to the future, Steve had made his decision; he was going to quit.

He’d never quit anything in his life, and for as long as he could remember he’d been fighting. Disease, sickness, war, death, Loki, aliens, Ultron, HYDRA/SHIELD, Tony, Thanos… He’d had enough. He didn’t want to fight anymore. There was more to life now, he realised. And he wanted to find that.

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synopsis: you’re on the run with steve after the civil war. you miss tony and steve is starting to rival you in terms of who’s more damaged. 

pairing: steve rogers x reader, tony stark x reader 

warnings: smut, angst, pining!reader, nomad!steve, kind of dark(?), mentions of alcoholism, basically everyone is sad and has bad judgement.

word count: 2.8k


Originally posted by evansensations

The first month on the run you were like a petulant child. A petulant, angry-at-the-world child. Sam followed Natasha to Russia, apparently she wanted to go visit her parents’ grave. The two promised to return as soon as the coast was clear.

That left you and Steve to fend for yourselves in a shabby, rundown motel in the middle of Vienna, Austria. Steve tried his best to take care of you, tried to get you to engage with him, but to no avail. Anytime he came close you would lash out at him.

In your mind, he was the devil incarnate.

You had sided with him, you’d fought by his side, and where had that gotten you?

An international fugitive.

You didn’t sign the Accords. You didn’t know that the argument would escalate to a fight to the death. You didn’t know Siberia would happen. You didn’t know Tony would tell you to your face that he could never love someone like you.

But he had once.

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Originally posted by captainsamerica

Summary: Bucky is captured, Bucky escapes, Bucky is captured again, YN refuses to believe Steve may possibly like her and her alone

Warnings: bombs, fighting, teasing, swearing. This isn’t edited so…. YEET

Songs: “Atlas: Eight”— Sleeping at last / “Bellbottoms”— The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Home- Vince Staples / “3 Nights”- Dominic Fike

Till The End Masterlist / Of The Line Masterlist


YN’s heart pounded as her fingers flew across the keyboard on her phone, spamming Giovanna and Natasha and hoping— praying to the Gods that they were alive. She could handle them being in a hospital, but been blown to bits was another story entirely. 

To: The Baddest Bitch 


Her hands shook, and she dropped into the chair behind her when she saw the three jumping dots at the bottom of the screen as Giovanna began to reply. Steve heard the movement and rushed around the table, pulling up another seat and leaning forward on his knees. 

“Are they okay?” He asked, and she looked up, both knees bouncing nervously. His hands reached out and settled them both, and she sucked in a breath, finally focussing on the man in front of her. 

“I think so. I think they’re okay.” She let out a rush of air as she spoke and looked back down to her phone. 

From: The Baddest Bitch

‘We’re okay.’ 

Immediately, she pulled the link she had saved from the news articles she had read in the past three minutes and sent them to her. 

To: The Baddest Bitch

‘Did u see this’

Attachment: ‘Officials have released a video of a suspect who they have identified as James Buchanan Barnes…’

Almost immediately, YN’s phone ran and she gave a weak smile to Steve and stood, ignoring the brush of his fingers against her thighs as she walked to the window and answered the phone. 

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Relax, Cap!

Words: 788

Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: cuteness


Originally posted by briedanvrs

Every day the work of the Avengers seemed to get more intense. Steve was just not stressed out because he had Y/N by his side. She was sweet, gentle and caring for him like no one, but after a while, even with her help, it was getting hard to endure. 

Even he has his limit.

“I think you should take a break.” Y/N suggested it. 

“Break? But Y/N I can’t afford a break when the world is in danger.” Steve replied angry.

“Easy there, pretty boy. Are you seeing any HYDRA agents or aliens around here?” She asked, but Steve answered nothing, just turned her face so as not to look her in the eye. “Yes, I didn’t see it either." 

Y/N wanting to capture the look of Steve again, threw the cushion he had in his lap back on the couch and sat on the lap of the boyfriend. Steve blushed with his girlfriend’s attitude, but he didn’t rebut her.

"Look, you haven’t been fighting since World War II. You live in favor of world security, that’s commendable, but if you don’t stop a little, you’ll collapse. ” Y/N said affectionate holding Steve’s face with both hands to force him to look her in the eyes.

“The nearly 70 years I spent sleeping on the ice doesn’t count?” He replied and Y/N smiled.

“If I told you, you wouldn’t be as stressed as you are now.” She replied and then gave him a quick kiss.

Steve sighed and hugged his girlfriend by the waist, then hid his face on her shoulder. He almost moan in approval when Y/N began to fondle his hair with one hand, and with the other she nurturing his shoulder. 

“Talk to Tony later, you just need a few days.” Y/N suggested in a whisper.

“Okay, you win.” Steve said, defeated.

Y/N opened a happy smile when he came out of Steve’s lap. She held his hand and led him into the room. When Y/N closed the door behind you, Steve was very red, because it was the first time he entered her room. Actually Steve didn’t know what Y/N was planning, so she just stared at all sides to divert her attention from her thoughts, but it wasn’t easy.

“Steve, take off your shirt.” Y/N asked.

Besides the shock, Steve got even more red. Y/N hoped he would obey her, but Steve did nothing, just stared at her like she wanted to confirm what she was talking about.

Y/N laughed at Steve’s discomfort. “Relax, Captain. I’m just going to do a massage on your back. " 

"Ah… Ok… I got it…” Steve said still a little bit nervous, but ultimately obeyed Y/N’s request.

Y/N saw the boyfriend take off his shirt and came to sigh when he saw his body. It was a very beautiful body, even with some small battle scars. She had to control herself not to make him uncomfortable, so she breathed deep and smiled at him.

“Great, now lays face down on the bed.” Y/N asked one more time and he settled in bed after taking off his shoes.

Y/N climbed into bed next to Steve. She settled under Steve’s lumbar and started massaging his trapeze and shoulders. Steve was so tense that instead of relaxing he felt pain, but Y/N’s touch was still smooth, albeit firm, so Steve started to relax gradually.

“You carry the weight of the whole world on your back, no wonder you’re all tense like that."  Y/N commented by going down the massage to the full extent of Steve’s back, pulling out groans of appreciation on his part.

"I needed… Hmm… that…” Steve commented feeling the lightest back of tension.

Y/N bent over her boyfriend and made a trail of kisses from his shoulder to close to his ear, making him tremble and creep at every kiss.

“If you take a break and stay here at home in the meantime, I’ll give you a massage like that, or even a better one every day.” Y/N promised before giving a kiss on his blusher cheek and then stealing a kiss.

“You had already won that fight, young lady.” Steve replied, a little anxious, but with a smile on his face.

“I’m just saying what you’re going to gain.” Y/N said in debauchery, getting back to massaging her boyfriend’s broad back.

“It looks like a worthy prize.” He said. 

“A deserved prize, though it can earn more than that.” She said. 

Y/N Wined at him, again leaving Steve red of shame to the point of sinking his face into the pillow to hide. 

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Just a like to a do a little statement about WhatsApp?

I had a lot of asks-comments about the next part… It’s on its way, I have most of the chapter written down, but I have a lot of things to do.

Today, we walked a hike lasting 16 km (10 miles) and I’m dead. And now we will head to my uncle’s house for a vacation… So… Don’t worry, it’s coming.


Originally posted by thekaskproject-art

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Love and War - 13/16

Description: In a harsh medieval world, you set out on a perilous quest that will lead you onto a forbidden land. A land ruled and controlled by a ruthless Warlord King, one who does not look favourably upon trespassers of any kind, and punishes all with an iron fist. You may not know exactly where this quest will end, but what you do know is you will forever be altered by it. And that knowledge alone is what truly terrifies you the most.

Catch up HERE.

Word Count: 4,190 ish.

Pairing: Medieval!Steve Rogers x Reader.

Rating: PG for now. May become 18+ later.

Warnings: Violence. Curse words. Mentions of fears and potentially brutal medieval tactics. Most likely more to come down the road. Please don’t let these warnings scare you too much, give the story a try before you judge it.

A/N: I sadly don’t own any of these characters. And no beta reader either, so I do proudly own all these errors and this story, so there’s that.


“And where exactly do you three think you’re going?”

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Chapter 13: The Separation

Series Masterlist

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 895

Warnings: A bit of angst.

A/N: I’ve officially finished planning out this entire series, and it came to exactly fifty chapters. Wish me luck!


Steve and Y/N walked hand in hand inside of the 50’s themed diner. The place was decorated wall to wall with memorabilia from that time, the checkered floors and red furniture adding a bit of flare. The couple visited there quite regularly, even though neither of them were technically around in that period. But Y/N thought the place was just adorable, and everybody knew that they had the best chocolate milkshakes in town.

“For two, please.” Steve told the hostess with a polite smile, before they both followed her to a corner booth.

The pair sat down after thanking the woman, and began to glance at their menus. They had already known what they wanted, but it was fun to see what was new at the small restaurant.

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It’s okay baby √Steve Rogers√

Gender Neutral!reader

Angst and fluff

I wake up to an empty bed, the side where my fiance would usually be, was cold, the sheets neatly made. I frown, eyes blurry and still half asleep. I stumble as I get out of bed, sliding on my fuzzy pink slippers, a pair Steve bought for an anniversary. Clutching my robe around me tightly I follow the sound of clinking.

My eyes itch as I step out on the patio. Steve sat on the edge of the table, shoulders hunched, a cigarette between his fingers. He looks up at me, his eyes rimmed in red. “Baby,” I sigh softly and step forward, wrapping my arms around his waist as he inhales the cigarette. He flicks the butt on the ground and buries his face in my shoulder, tears streaming down his cheeks as he presses kisses on the junction of my throat.

“I’m sorry.” My heart breaks at how small and weak his whimper was “For what darling?” I ask as I pull away, but he inhales sharply and wraps his arms around me tighter, whining. “F’ bein’ such a burden.” He chokes out “M’ PTSD is gettin’ worse doll.” I sush him and step up on the lawn chair so I could settle myself in his lap “I’m here for you sweet boy.” I caress his cheek and he leans into my hand, seeking comfort in my touch “I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you.” He looks down at me, his puppy dog eyes glimmering with tears “It’s-” he cuts me off “Don’t say it’s okay Y/N!” He shudders, trying to suppress his sobs. I comb my fingers through his hair “Come on sweet boy, let’s go calm down and watch a film.” He nods, picking me up and carrying me to the living room. He settles himself between my thighs and I comb through his hair again as I flick through a few films “Wait,” he points at the screen “that one… Please?” He says softly, shy and slightly embarrassed. The Winnie The Pooh theme song starts playing and I feel him relax. Knowing fully well that occasionally he needs to be pampered and babied.

By the time the film was over he was finally settled down “Let’s go lay down sweet boy.” He stands, shifting from foot to foot, eyes darting around. I smile softly knowing what he wanted, our routine common. “Bubble bath?” His cheeks turn pink and he nods, quickly clinging to me as we head upstairs. I flit around the bathroom, filling the tub with sweet essential oils and bubbles, tossing in a bit of Epsom salt and even a bath bomb. I help Steve out of his clothes, taking note of his shakey hands. We settle down in the tub, me laying between his thighs this time, my cheek pressed against his chest. Our breathing syncs as we fall asleep, legs tangled and water turning cold.

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Chapter 3


Pairing: Professor Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Some cursing. Coffee spillage. Drunken shenanigans.

Description: After taking years off of school, you finally decide to go back and finish up that degree.

Word Count: Approximately 3,000

*This is a slow burn*

A/N: I apologize if I missed anyone I said I’d tag. Just let me know and I’ll get you added. Likes, comments, and reblogs are always appreciated.

*Italics are internal thoughts.

Catch up with chapter 2

The next two weeks went by relatively easy. You weren’t necessarily avoiding Professor Rogers, lets call it, giving him room. More like giving yourself room. You really needed that space to make your mind go back to a normal student and teacher relationship. Although, you were pretty sure it was all one sided on your end anyway.

You devised a plan the weekend after the first week of classes. It included bringing coffee from home and if you really needed that second cup after economics class, which you did last week, you went inside the student union to get it rather than the coffee cart. Arriving really early for his class so that you could find a seat in the back and in the middle of the row so he wouldn’t notice you. His eyes always seemed to find you, so that one didn’t work well. Since you sat in the back, you were up and out of your seat as soon as class was dismissed. This aided in avoiding an awkward conversation that could occur if you lingered after class. There wasn’t a rule that required you to speak to your professor after class. No, you were doing everything right. Getting your butt to class, doing the required readings, studying for that test next week. You even toned down what you wore to class. Gone were the skirts and heels. Opting for jeans, blouses, and flats. You definitely felt more comfortable. You’re a normal college student. Yes, that’s what you are.

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(Steve Rogers x reader; drabble)


Summary: Steve’s girl is a little demon.

Wordcount: 661

A/N: This is in the same AU as Moving Target. Just a little silly thing I wrote because I saw a gif of IW Steve. Ya know how it is.



The music coming from Natasha’s room was loud and obnoxious, as it always ended up being when they would all gather together. The redhead’s room somehow became their little group’s after-party destination and whenever Tony’s parties became too stiff and the fancy clothes too uncomfortable, the four of them would ditch the prestigious gathering, change into sweats and spend the rest of the night at Nat’s. Maybe they’d snatch a few bottles of booze from Tony’s bar, but he didn’t have to know that.

And there they were again, Steve could hear their laughter and terrible singing as he wandered down the hall, freshly showered and changed into jeans, a tshirt and his favourite leather jacket. He’s been busy with multiple missions these past few weeks and didn’t really feel like shaving off his beard and haven’t had time to get someone to cut his hair. Bucky said he’d give Steve a few more weeks and they’d both look like twins.

He leaned against the open door, and took in the complete chaos in the room. Bucky and Sam were sprawled on Natasha’s bed, bickering and swatting at each other over some game Steve didn’t bother knowing about. It was always funny to him how they were constantly at each other’s throats but absolutely nothing could keep them apart.

The host of the after-party was sprawled on a chunky fluffy blanket in the middle of the floor, impatiently inspecting the playlist and complaining about some song she couldn’t find. Next to her, bundled in another blanket and sipping on a bottle of beer, half eaten bowl or pretzels between her legs, was the love of Steve’s life.

Ever since the fateful day when she literally shot at him in front of a whole class of trainees and half his team, the two of them have been dating and Steve couldn’t be happier. She turned out to be…. quite the character.

“Stevie!“ Her squeal pulled him out of his thoughts, and the dopey grin on her face a clear sign she was very tipsy. 

"Hey, baby. Wanna go?“ He stepped closer to her, throwing a nod towards his friends on the bed and giving Nat a pat on the head as he passed her. 

He grabbed the two outstretched hands and lifted his girlfriend off the floor, she immediately jumped in his arms, quite the impressive feat as she could barely stand on her own. 

"Ooooohhhhh!!!” She giggled as she ran her fingers through Steve’s hair and then his beard, gently scratching at it. 

“You like it, baby?” She always liked him with a stubble, but he was worried that maybe it was too much now. She seemed quite enamoured with his new looks though. 

“Mhm, look so handsome… Raw me, Captain.” Steve heard Sam choking and Bucky laughing at the top of his lungs. Even Nat turned around to look at them, brows so high they almost touched her hair line.

“…What?” She giggled at his shocked face, pulled him closer by the lapels of his jacket and repeated her request against his lips. 

“I’m not gonna raw you, you’re drunk.” Steve’s utterly scandalised tone only intensified the laughter coming from both the bed and the woman in his arms.

She studied his face for a moment, looking so serious, one could be fooled into thinking she was completely sober. “What if I say please?”


“Pretty please?” She batted her lashes for extra effect.

“Absolutely not.” He shook his head and went to set her down when she did something not fair at all.

“Please, Captain?” She pouted adorably, but used The Voice. The voice she only used behind closed doors. 

Steve set her down and stood up straight, but kept his hands firmly on her waist. Judging by the look on her face, she knew exactly what she was doing. “Let’s take you bed, love.”

“To raw me?” She lit up in excitement.


Yeah, she was a handful.



@brooklyn-boy @kiki5283 @hotheadbarnes @lecoindenox @weebid @lecoindenox

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Avengers x Reader Stealing his clothes



I bit my lip as I looked at myself in the mirror,My eyes scanned over the Black Sabbath T-shirt I had stolen from Tony’s closet.”Show time.”I mumbled to myself as I made my way into the lab where Tony was tinkering with one of his suits.”Hey baby,Whaca doing?”I asked him as I strutted across the marble floor towards him,”Just modifying a few things.”He told me without looking up from his work.”Do you need any help?”I said while leaning against his work table,”I am good babe.”He mumbled before his eyes caught sight of my bare legs.I watched with a smirk as his eyes trailed up my legs stopping for a moment to stare at my bare legs before his eyes met mine.”Is that my shirt?”He questioned while standing to his feet.”Yeah,I thought it would look good on me.”I told him as I spun around for him,”It definitely does.”He hummed as his hands grabbed hold of my waist.”I was hopping that you could forget about the suit tonight and maybe we could spend some time together.”I told him as I toyed with the collar of his shirt,”What did you have in mind?”He asked as he pressed kisses down my neck.”I think you know.”I said as I stood up on my tippy toes pressing my lips against his.He wrapped his arms around my waist as he lifted me into his work desk,”I love you.”He hummed in between soft kisses,”I love you to Tony.”I told him as I went to pull the shirt off only for his hands to stop me,”Leave it on.”He told me with a smirk before slamming his lips against mine with a smile.



“I hate parties.”I mumbled as I took a sip of the cold beer in my hand,”Yeah they aren’t my favorite.”Steve replied while giving me a small smile.”I thought you wouldn’t come.”I told him as my eyes glanced around the room at all the unfamiliar faces,”Stark said it was a mandatory team meeting,I should of known he was lying.”Steve said with a chuckle.I let out a soft laugh before setting my drink down on the bar,”I am gonna get some fresh air.”I told him as I hoped off my bar stool before making my way onto the balcony.

“You have been out here for almost an hour,You’re going to catch a cold.”A voice said causing me to turn to around only to Steve walking towards me.”I will be fine.”I assured him as I leaned again the railing as the night wind nipped at my bare skin,”Take this.”He said while stripping his sweater off before handing it to me.”No Steve then you will get cold.”I told him as he placed the sweater in my hands,”I am a super soldier sweetie,I don’t really get cold.”He replied with a smile.I bit my lip as I pulled the sweater on over my head letting the fabric wrap around my frame,I sighed happily as the scent of Steve’s cologne filled my nose.”Warmer?”Steve asked curiously as I gave him a blissful nod,”Thank you Steve.”I said as I stood up gently pressing my lips to his,His hands wrapped around my waist as he kissed me back without hesitantion.”You’re welcome.”He said as we broke the kiss blush blooming on his cheeks,I smiled softly as he looked down at me with flusters eyes before I wrapped my arms around his waist pulling him closer to while he hugged me tightly in his warm embrace.



“Shit they are going to see us!”I exclaimed as Bucky and I tried to hide ourselves away from the Hydra agents that were looking for us.”I told you we shouldn’t of come here.”He said as he glanced around the museum,”Hey you were the one who wanted to know more about your past!”I told him with a huff.”I have an idea,Natasha taught it to me.”He explained as he stripped his jacket and hat off before handing them to me,”Put these on.”He instructed me while I slide my arms threw the jacket and placed the baseball cap on my head.”Now what?”I asked curiously as he watched the Hydra agents get closer,”Now we do this.”He mumbled before slamming his lips against mine.I let out a soft moan as I wrapped my arms around his waist while he pushed my back up against the nearest wall,I kissed his lips softly before pulling away slightly to look over his shoulder.”They are gone.”I told him as I panted softly,”I will have to thank Natasha for that trick when we get back.”He said with a smile as he tugged on the brim of the cap before pressing his lips to mine again.

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Chapter 12: The Experimentation

Series Masterlist

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 4721

Warnings: Smut, oral smut, nudity, Daddy!Kink, light Dom!Steve, sub!Reader, dirty talk, mentions of other kinks and sexual activities, cussing.

A/N: I debated for a while whether or not I was going to post something like this, but here we go.


“Can you pass me the gummy bears?” Natasha asked over the sound of ‘Dirty Dancing’, which was playing the television screen.

“Mm-hmm.” Y/N responded, being able complete the task without straying her eyes from the epic final dance number.

The two were having a ‘Girls Night’ in Natasha’s room, something which they did pretty regularly. The event was usually filled with snacks, gossip, and cheesy romance movies that the boys refused to watch, even though they secretly enjoyed them.

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (not gendered)

Rating: Fluff

Summary: Even Avengers go on vacation.

Author’s note: This was requested by a-watson-in-search-of-a-sherlock.  Sorry it took so long to complete! The prompt requested was “Hey - how did you get that scar?”  I hope I did it justice. 

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A/N: this isn’t really “rough” thor. this is fucking weird though. idk where my mind went with this. featuring steve x reader and abo dynamics. i also wrote it like a fast little speed demon bc i gotta movie to see tn.


Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

Steve is a stand in. He knows this.

She is Asgardian. She is powerful. She belongs to someone else.

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Previous Part | Next Part | Masterlist

Notes: Slightly shorter chapter this week 

Not beta-read

Summary: I had never done well with romance back in the 21st century. Romantic attachments in my field could be dangerous. That didn’t stop people from having them, of course, but I’d never really looked for anything like that. And the one time love had found me, I had shied away and let it go.

: None?

Rating: T (this may change)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes


Originally posted by morganalata

“He’s fine,” Bucky said, watching as Steve puked his guts out into a trash can.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked, unamused as I rubbed Steve’s back in soothing circles.

“I mean… mostly fine. You had fun right, Stevie?” Bucky asked. Steve straightened up, wiping his mouth and glowering at Bucky. I shook my head, turning back and looking at the Cyclone. I’d been on it countless when I was younger, but it was a sight to see now.

I could not imagine how Steve would react to going on the Kingda Ka at Six Flags.

I was brought back to myself when I heard Steve say my name for what must’ve been the third or fourth time.

“Huh?” I asked.

“You okay?”

I nodded.

“Let’s get you some water,” I said, wrapping my arm around Steve’s shoulders.

“And some cotton candy,” Bucky tacked on, wrapping his arm around my waist. Steve grimaced.

“I think just the water for now.”


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Hey! Can I have 32. "What if I love you?"

You know what happens when your mind is free to think about stories while you spend close to five hours of a work day (including commuting to and from work) in a car? You get an idea that starts out small and becomes MASSIVE. So this drabble is the longest one I’ve written for this whole collection. Thanks to @nomadicpixel for her help with this one.

And since this behemoth took me like three hours to write, I haven’t had a chance to work on any of the three remaining prompts. Which means that I will be taking this weekend off from posting again with the goal of writing the said three remaining prompts to share with you all next week. Since Tumblr can sometimes be a brat about links, I will reblog this post with a link to the masterlist, prompt list and tags.

Title: Band of Misfits

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: a little bit of angst

Prompt #: 32 - “What if I love you?”


Coming out of the bathroom, you glanced back at the door to the bedroom where you’d left Steve sleeping and silently wished him a good night. A small part of you wondered what it would be like staying all night with him, but that would break rule number one, always sleep at home.

Quietly, you made your way across his Brooklyn apartment and had almost reached his front door when you heard his voice, not from his bedroom but from the dark living room.

“What if I love you?”

His question hung in the air and you froze.

“What if I love you?” He said, again, his tone clear and to the point, letting you know that he wasn’t asking you a question, but stating a fact.

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You Are The Reason: Part 4

You were woken up in the morning by your 80lb dog jumping on the bed and right on top of you. Like clockwork, every morning at 6am, Thor dove on top of you and started assaulting you with his wet, slobbery tongue.

And every morning, you shrieked and tried to shove him off, your laughter as he ‘attacked’ you, making the black and white dog even more excited than he was before.

“Thor! Stop!” You wheezed from laughter and rolled over, shoving your head under your fluffy pillow, hiding from him.

When you couldn’t hear his breathing or feel the air from his tail wagging like a whip, you removed the pillow from on top of your head and wet it aside.

You sat up, your arms straight as your held fell back, your neck stretched out. You closed your eyes and sighed, the lingering tiredness making you feel lethargic. You knew you would have to get out of bed, have a shower and make yourself a coffee, but actually getting out of bed was a struggle. You loved your bed too much, you thought it was too warm, too delightful.

After raising your head, you peered at the time displayed on your alarm clock, the bright white numbers displaying 6:03, precisely.

You ran your hand down your face, pulling at your right waterline, and then the right half of your lips. You dropped your hand to your lap and glowered, the mornings were never your favourite.

When it was clear that you couldn’t stay in bed any longer, you switched positions and shift on the bed, turning to drape your legs over the side of the bed. You kicked your legs back and forth, your heels touching the wooden bottom to your bed as you raised your arms above your head and stretched.

“Come on Y/N.” You went through your morning routine, doing everything as you normally would’ve.

You showered, got dressed, made yourself breakfast and a coffee. As you were carrying your mug of coffee to the counter, Thor ran in between your legs, tripping you and sending you crashing into the counter. You grunt and groaned as your mug of coffee slipped from your hand.

You jumped out of the way as it shattered and spilled your coffee onto your floor, the steaming back liquid coating your cheap laminate floor.

You stared down at the coffee, unable to process and deal with the shitty start to your day. But, knowing you couldn’t leave it laying there, you started picking up the broken pieces of ceramic mug and tossed them into the garbage sitting at the end of the counter.

You dumped the pieces and grabbed a dish rag, cleaning up the spilled coffee while glaring at Thor as he sat in the living room, wagging his tail. “You know what you did.”

You stood up and moved back to your bedroom, tossing the wet towel into the dirty laundry before spying upon phone still laying on your bed. You snatched it off the bed and tucked it into the back of your jeans before spinning on your heel and moving back out of your bedroom.

“I hate this day already.”

Steve pulled up to the curb and turned the vehicle off, hooking the key ring on his finger. He locked his vehicle and started making his way into the school, only a few minutes after 4, hoping you would still be at the school and in your classroom.

He jogged up the steps and yanked open the metal door. As he started walking down the hall to the end, he could see into the classrooms that were open, the lights on but no one inside.

When he got to the kindergarten wing, he turned to the left and peeked into your classroom. The lights were on, the classroom cleaned up for. The day, but you weren’t in there.

He stepped back out and frowned, his eyebrows knit. He turned slowly, wondering where you could be. When he turned toward the other kindergarten classroom, he saw a glimpse of you as you walked from one end to the other, another woman on the other side of the class.

He strode to the other side of the hall and raises his hand, knocking on the wooden door, interrupting both of you.

When you both faced him, Steve’s lips twitched into a smirk, his arms folding over his chest. You had looked completely surprised by his presence here, noted by the deer in headlights look.

“Am I interrupting?” He leaned against the door frame, watching you look in between him and the other teacher, then back again.

“Not all, Captain America.” The other teacher bushed her kinky hair off her shoulder and then nudged you. “I was inviting Y/N to my engagement party on Friday, but she seems to be lacking a date. It would be a shame if she went alone, wouldn’t it?”

The past few weeks of polite and small conversations, the lingering looks, the obvious chemistry between the two of you, plus a shove in the right direction, had led Steve to the decision that he should bite the bullet and ask you on a date.

“I don’t need a date!” You spoke ruggedly, frantically, and then realizing how quick you were to answer, you spoke slower, trying to backtrack. “I mean, I’m fine.”

“I’m free Friday.” Your head whipped around at such a rate that your hair hit you in the face.

“Really?” Steve was picking up on the small changes in your body language, the little quirks that you had done every time you were nervous, or so he had noticed.

Your hands, while down by your sides, were not restful. You were crossing your fingers over one another, if you could. You were chewing the inside corners of your lips as a way to possibly stop yourself from saying something stupid.

“Great! The party started at 7:30, its formal but not black tie. It’s at Midtown Loft and Terrace.” Your friend and fellow teacher cast a glance at you, before turning her attention back to him. “Please drag her if you have to, she needs to be there. She’s going to be my maid of honor.”

“On my honor.” He smiled at you, your confusion broadcast by your furrowed brows and your lips tugged into a frown.

“Good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go home to my fiancée.” She was polite but blunt as she walked toward the door.

“Chrissie, what the hell just happened?” You were still in shock, standing on the other side of her door.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Your friend, Chrissie waved to you while she was walking away, leaving the two of you standing in silence.

“Are you-“ You has cut him off by trying to speak at the same time as him.

“You don’t have-” You had cleared your throat and motioned for him to speak first.

“I didn’t mean to cross any boundaries back there.” Steve was slightly enamored by you. You were so unlike any other woman he had been with, and he liked that. He liked your normalcy, in comparison to super powers or shaper strength, especially after all that had happened.

“You don’t have to go. I don’t know why Chrissie pushed so hard. I mean we barely know each other.” You scattered to the comfort of your own classroom, ignoring the fact that Steve was still waiting for you.

“I wanted to. I want to.” He cleared his throat. “I was actually coming to see if you wanted to go out anyway with me. On a date.” He waited for you now.

“Well…it would be nice to not sit alone while two people in love are celebrating.” He picked up on the slight sarcastic tone, but never mentioned it.

“Do you want to grab a coffee? Or dinner? Just to get to know each other?” He left the offer ambiguously, but hoping for the better.

“Uhh…yeah. Yeah okay. Give me a half hour.” Steve wait until you turned around before he fussed with his hair, his own nervous habit showing up.


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PairingDark!Steve X Reader

Summary: Steve Rogers is America’s Golden Boy, right? Wrong. To the outside world, he might be, but you get an up close and personal view of just how fucked up the hero is. And he has big plans for you.

Chapter Warnings: Language, Angst, 

Word Count: 1.2K

A/n: Voila. Please don’t be disappointed


“I can explain.”

“Really? You can explain? Well, Steven Rogers, I’d love to hear it! And I’ve got all damn day!” You recoil at the woman’s angry voice and Steve sighs, rubbing your back.

“I-I’m sorry. I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t!” You cling to him, sobbing against his shoulder. “Please don’t punish me,” you whisper lowly, too low for Natasha to hear, but Bucky hears it clear as a bell.

“It’s okay. I know it was an accident. You were good.” He smoothes your hair down and kisses your forehead then turns to his teammates.

“You’re not going to do any talking while she’s in here. You’re going to step away from her and you’re going to come with us.” Natasha has a gun pointed at his back. He sighs heavily and in an instant you find yourself turned around, back to his chest, facing the woman with the gun.

His hand wraps around your throat and you grab at his wrist, gasping uselessly as he cuts off your air.

“I’m not going anywhere. She’s mine!” You claw at him, desperate for air, your heart hammering painfully fast in your chest, blood roaring in your ears.

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Tomorrow, Steve leaves for a mission that will more than likely kill him. But tonight, he's home with you.

Oh, shit made myself cry a little with this one. Too sappy for my own good. Hope you wanted it sad cause that’s what it turned out to be.
Warnings: Um, lots of tears and soft sex cause I’m too sappy of a human being.

“You’re gonna miss me,” you said in a singsong teasing voice. Tossing the plastic cup into the sink beside you with a clang. It wasn’t often that Steve told you the specifics of a mission, but this time it was important, life or death stuff. Heavy emphasis on the death.

Steve’s mouth was set in a grim line, it was one you couldn’t help but try and wipe away. Despite your best efforts to tease him into a grin, to chide him in that half-cocked way that usually gave him a mischievous grin; his mouth staid pulled down in a heavy frown. “Y/N, I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

That made your own forced smile falter and you turned around, blinking rapidly hiding tears that threatened to fall. Steves’s hands caressed up the back of your arms as he rested his chin on your shoulder, wrapping his arms around you tightly. Missions were always hard, but this was Wakanda he was going to. This could be it.

Swallowing hard you wiped a stray tear away from your eye, turning around in his grip.

“Can we not think about it,” you whispered. “Just for tonight.” Your hand traced the curve of his jaw, feeling the softness of his beard under your fingertips. Thumb tracing over his plush bottom lip as a sad smile tugged at the edges of your mouth tears threatening to spill over. “Just for tonight.”

“Just for tonight,” he breathed against the tips of your fingers, holding your hand and kissing them gently. He fingered the ring on your hand, turning the band around and around like he always did when he was nervous.

“Show me Rogers,” you said your voice hard, just as hard as it had been when you were on the same team. “Show me again how much you love me.”

Steve was gentile, he was soft, he was caring as a lover. But this was a mission night and on mission nights he was always sure to fuck you as if it would be the last. The caresses and kisses were demanding but sweet as he slid you against the counter, pinning your hips against the fridge as his erection pressed against your belly.

Your hands traveling up under the soft gray henley, pulling it over his head and ruffling his hair. Steve had become soft over the years, his muscle definition not going away but softening under a layer of domesticality. He kissed you hard, pulling your hips against his and hiking up the dress you wore. 

Pulling down your panties as your hands scrambled at the fly of his pants, he bent down to taste you for the briefest of moments before lining his cock up against you and thrusting inside with three quick strokes.

Hands gripping the edge of the counter, black lace panties dangled on your foot and your mouth parted in a moan as he fucked you next to the coffee maker. Then on the kitchen table. Against the wall in the hallway. Finally making it to your bedroom where he stripped you completely naked and made you scream over and over again.

Late in the evening, he laid his head against your belly as you stroked his hair. Running your fingers through the longer locks, maybe it was time for a haircut? Steve shifted, his grip tightening against you when the alarm began to go off before stopping. Neither of you moved, too afraid to put the inevitable into motion.

Steve moved first, sitting up on his elbow and smiled at you. Leaning down he pressed a kiss against your belly, that had tears springing back into your eyes. Stupid hormones.

“Come back to us, Steve.”


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