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#steve rogers x you

Steve Rogers x Muslimah!Reader

(Eventual x Bucky Barnes)


Summary: Stefanus joined the Roman Legion to make a life for himself. At the end of his final campaign in Syria, he is commanded to take the local Prince’s daughter as a wife, to ensure continued friendship. He vows to love and protect you forever, but neither of you were to know how fate would hold you to the promise…

Warnings: LIGHTLY TOUCHED UPON MENTIONS OF A STILLBORN BIRTH, language, historical inaccuracy, poor Latin, smut.

A/N: I don’t want to reveal too much about this series just yet, but not all is as it seems ;) Each chapter will take place in a different time period. This will start off being heavily Steve x Reader, but become Bucky x Reader and then come full circle to Steve x Reader x Bucky. Fun fact, Stefanus Rogelius is a ridiculous, but entirely accurate Roman name and I will never get over that.

For @buckysknifecollection @sunmoonandbucky and @venusbarnes


460 AD, Roman Conquered Syria

Stefanus sighs, cupping water between his hands before splashing it over his face again. It had been a long campaign. The fact they’d won and the fact he still lived were beyond him.

Peace with Syria at last. It seemed unbelievable. He was going to go home now, retire, live the rest of his life in moderate luxury. There were perks to joining the Emperor’s Legion.

“Legatus! The Tribunus calls for your presence!” Stefanus turns, standing as he takes in the soldier who’d delivered the message. A young man, one he’d come to know well, a good soldier. Stefanus places his helmet over his head with a nod, moving back to his horse and climbing astride.

“Lead the way, Markus.”

He follows the centurion through the small town, sand and dust flying up in small clouds with the wind. Syria was a dry place, beautiful in its own right, but nothing like Rome. Stefanus longed to see his city once more.

He’s brought to the main house of the town, the home of the chief here, and he dismounts easily, handing his reigns off to Markus who waits behind as he approaches Tribunus Lucius, his Commanding Officer, standing with the local Prince.

“Here he is, The Legatus. Look at him, a strong man I tell you, my best soldier. He will serve well, I promise you.” Lucius says, slapping Stefanus on the back as he bows his head in respect. They no longer fought these people, there was no need to disregard the status of the Prince.

“What am I being volunteered for now?” He says, and the Prince looks him up and down before clapping his hands.

“A strong man indeed! We will feast tonight in celebration.” He ignores Stefanus’ question and moves off to speak to his servants in his own tongue. Stefanus turns to Lucius, frowning.


“Walk with me a moment, Legatus.”

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Type: One-Shot

Word Count: 677

Summary:  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a classic and it’s really important to you and Sam that Steve watches it. 

Warnings: Chaotic nonsense, one cuss word

A/N: I’ve been drinking and this is the ridiculous result. I fully recognize that this personality does not fit with canon Steve. Humor me, fam!


Originally posted by rapversal

You were shocked. Wounded almost. 

Sam was the one to tell you and he wasn’t happy about it either. The offense was pretty serious. Sure, the guy had been on ice for a few decades. And he’s been a little busy protecting the world from HYDRA and aliens.

But Steve Rogers still hadn’t seen the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

And it was a travesty.

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Hey Loves! 💘

It’s been a while! To get my groove back into this account, here are a few ideas I’ve came up with. I would love some input and suggested! Thanks!


Originally posted by jesimahcah



* 1. Tony Stark watches the short film on repeat. Nobody recognized the film, or any of the actors in it. Tony recognizes the lead, but not because she’s an actor, but because she’s his deceased partner who died two years prior.

* 2. High-school reunion. What could go wrong? Tony Stark figured he’d go, show off his success, and leave. But, that’s not exactly how it goes when his old pal thinks she’s going to do the same thing.

* 3. Steve thinks he’s right. He’s always right, right? With America on his side, nothing can go wrong. Until one day, the one person he loves most, goes against America. ⠀

* 4. In Asgard, Loki and Thor argues as usual. Once Thor finally walked away, tired of his brothers comments, Loki throws a knife straight at his back. Thor turns and deflects it with his hammer, only for it to shoot straight and directly into Y/N.

* 5. Soulmate!AU Where life is black and white until physical contact is made between two soulmates. One day, Y/N gets into a heated argument with a stranger on the subway. Eventually face to face, Y/N throws a punch, only for her world to become bright and colorful.

* 6. After nearly a decade of being in ice, Steve was full of something he dreaded. Lust. After meeting Tony Starks daughter, Y/N, they started up a heated friendship. Nothing more than friends with benefits. Until one day when she calls it quits, he loses his mind.



* 1. “After everything i’ve done for you, this is how you pay your respect?”

* 2. “I never stood a chance, did i?”

* 3. “We’re just friends. Only friends.”

* 4. “I’ve never loved you.”

* 5. “You’re the enemy? I just can’t believe it. Sorry, you’re just incredibly beautiful.”

* 6. “Stop pretending like you’re not in love with him.”

* 7. “You know, as far as first dates go, almost being killed isn’t the worst date i’ve had.”

* 8. “Oh? Is that a challenge?”

* 9. ”You will tell him what’s bothering you, but not me?”


Originally posted by 4vengersmarvel

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Originally posted by shwdgold

  • God does he respect you, watching you go though your daily responsibilities even as your brain feels like its imploding, still kind and considerate as well
  • Steve tries his best to make the week easier for you via gifts of sweets or arranging naps inbetween work hours but over all hell actually set you up a doctors appointment during the weekend
  •  His reason for doing so is mostly to get you prescription pain medicine but itd be nice if he could hear a professionals explanation of what your condition is 
  • During your times outside the house steven is usually beside you all the time anyways, so he could also take over anytime a migrain pops up, helping end your sentences and translate what you might want to whoever
  • Hes full time on the support job, comforting you with homemade and over the counter remedies to ease any overwhelming sharp pains or aches, letting you lay ontop of him while rubbing consistent circles on your back mummbling in a soft tone of voice how much hes missed you today
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10,000 Hours: Prologue

Steve stared straight ahead as he watched Peggy Carter move through the office, a folder in one hand and a small hand held fan in the other.

Her head was down, eyes focused on the words scrawled on the thick document paper in the file, her lips moving while she read.

Steve placed his hand on the door handle, waiting until the other man in the room had left, and Peggy was alone. As he slipped into the room, Bruce’s warning had flashed in his mind, that what he was about to do, could change more than he realized.

But he had to do this. He had to know.

“Peggy.” He stepped up to the desk, speaking her name as clear as day.

“Steve? How…how is this possible?” Peggy threw the file on her desk, set the fan down, and then reached out to touch his cheek.

“It’s a long story.” He wiped his hands on the khaki colored pants of the borrowed army uniform. “I need to say something.”

Peggy, with her dark brown curled hair and stained red lips, watched him carefully. Her brown eyes which he had longed so long to be able to see in person again, were warm.

As he looked at her, as he stood there in front of her, he got his answer without even asking the question. Peggy was a beautiful woman, she was dazzling and confident in herself. She was a modern woman stuck in an old decade.

He didn’t want to stay here, he didn’t want to stay with Peggy, but he owed her an apology. He needed to apologize for not coming back, for not taking her out to dance.

“I’m sorry for not being that there.” He was gone too long and he knew that Bucky and Bruce would start to worry.

“I’m sorry for not coming back for that dance. I’m sorry that I didn’t come home. I’m sorry that I never made it home.” He took a step back, knowing that he would have to leave soon.

“I forgave you, Steve. I had always forgiven you.” Peggy squeezed his hand before he got too far away. “I’m happy, Steve. I’m married and I’m happy.”

That’s all he needed to know. That’s all he wanted to know.

“Before you leave, I wish you happiness. Find what brings you joy, Steve. You deserve it.”

He turned and walked out that door, left as quickly as he had come. When the door had clocked shut, Steve took one last deep breath before he left the past behind him, and was pulled to his present.

“You did it.” Bucky appeared in front of him, his smile relieved, when Steve came back as promised.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” The question was hushed and quiet, meant for the two lifelong friends.

“Yeah, Buck. I got the answer I needed.” Steve clapped Bucky on the shoulder before moving past him, to Sam.

“I’m ready to retire. Ready to pass the shield on. I’d be honoured if you would take it.” Steve gripped the heavy weapon in his hands for what felt like the last time, before he handed it over.

“You’ll make a great Captain America, Sam. I have faith in you.” It was time for Steve to find his joy, his happiness.


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Tags list: @shygirl-00 @headmistressofbitchcraft @soradragon @kelbabyblue

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Steve Rogers x Reader


Summary: After defeating Loki in New York, you’re ready to get right back to more SHIELD Agent Business and less Avenging Business… But the doubts you have about SHIELD only continue to grow and fester, and it seems Steve feels the same too… Part Two of LTTP, follows through The Winter Soldier.

Warnings: language, fluff, slow burn

A/N: Find the Masterlist Here I’m now using the ‘season/episode structure to define chapters. It’s easier for me to see in my notes what chapter is getting reblogged/liked.



The moment you hit the tarmac in Washington, you’re escorted straight to the Triskelion, and straight to Alexander Pierce’s office.

“I’m sorry you had to find out about Nick the way you did. Being pulled from a mission of any sort is frustrating… I can’t imagine what it must be like for you. I know he was like a family.” Pierce had begun when his assistant left the room after delivering coffee.

The Secretary takes a large sip and you palm yours, bringing it to your lips but not tasting the liquid. You didn’t make a habit of accepting drinks from people you don’t trust, but you knew a thing or two on how to fool the subconscious mind.

“I don’t know what to say really… I’m upset and I’m sorry he’s gone, but maybe, at last, he’ll take a break.” You speak the words softly, aided by a sad smile that Pierce returns.

“I’m sure you know by now, but Captain Rogers was the last one to see Nick alive… He broke into your friend’s apartment and thanks to our bugs we know he was talking in some kind of code.” You keep your face only mildly curious, a professional level of interest.

You hadn’t actually known this information, but if you wanted to help Steve, you needed to tread carefully. Move the right pieces on the board at the right time. Nick had taught you how to play chess and by god were you going to play it.

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hello, luvs! i just wanted to thank anyone who’s a reader of His New Partner for being so patient with me. i’ve been trying to write at my own pace lately, not wanting anything to be rushed out. i’m so grateful to have such loyal readers, who always support me whether i update or i don’t. that being said, Chapter 38 will be coming to you in a few days! get ready! ;)

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The Request: Chris x wife “ I went lingerie shopping just for you…” Chris when his s/o surprises him with some really hot but pretty but also sexy lingerie? 🔥😏

The Pairing: Chris Evans x reader, Chris Evans x you, Chris Evans x female reader

Warnings: oral sex (female receiving) 18+ only, thanks 😘


Originally posted by evansensations

“How’s your day been hon?” Chris called from the living room as you let yourself in the front door. 

“It’s been good,” you replied, kicking off your boots and slipping your feet into a comfortable pair of slippers by the door. 

“Buy anything nice?” he asked, although you knew he wasn’t totally interested. You had been shopping with a few friends from work while Chris had enjoyed a quiet day at home. 

“A few things,” you replied, stepping into the living room where he was sitting with Dodger. 

He turned his head to look at you and he smiled. 

“Anything for me?” he asked with a grin, you knew he was just playing but you’d anticipated his question. 

“Perhaps,” you teased, “I went lingerie shopping for you," 

Chris’s face changed immediately from playful to seductive. 

"Oh yeah?” he pressed, “Something lacy?" 

"Wait and see,” you replied playfully, slipping out of the room and heading toward your bedroom.  

You stowed away the days purchases,  you had told Chris you were shopping for some new work clothes in the sales to throw him off because really you had been looking for something small and seductive for him to enjoy. 

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YYYYAAAAAYYYYY Chapter Three of my new series !!! Ugh I love this series….. 

Here is my Master List in case anyone wants to read my other works :) 

Warnings: Super fluffy, informational, cursing ? Nothing smutty (yet) 

Prologue   Chapter One    Chapter Two   

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

“The flood? Yeah we know about-”

“No!” Kai interrupted Peter, “I was the one who told Thanos about the Stones.” Her voice was a whisper. But Bucky heard her, wrapping his metal hand around her throat. 

“You sent Thanos to Earth?” he growled into her face, she didn’t even wince. Her voice flat.

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This is my entry for writing challenge! Congratulations  @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan again and I hope you enjoy. 

Prompt: Steve Rogers, Enemies to Lovers

Pairing: Reader/ Steve Rogers

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: Y/N works and lives with the Avengers and has never seemed to want to follow Captain America’s orders. It all comes to a head when he finally confronts her. 

Series masterlist

Chapter 6

Mission briefings were normally a lot longer than this one. There was debate over teams, best options of extraction but this morning it was as simple as ordering Captain Rogers and Natasha to fly to the drop off point, infiltrate, extract and get out. When Natasha has suggested Y/N instead of her Fury had announced that she had been allowed a sabbatical. “What do you mean she’s gone?” Steve coughed through the mouthful of coffee he had taken before Fury had provided a lack of explanation of the situation.

“I don’t see how this is any of your business Captain Rogers” Fury replied, with a tone that it was clear that this was no up for discussion, nor was it any business of Steve’s. Steve used a handkerchief to clean up the mess of coffee on the table of the conference room. It may be the 21st century but Steve still retained some older ways. He always carried a handkerchief in his left pocket, no matter where they were. It had come in handy on a few missions, so no one made fun of him for being such an old man. 

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Request: Would you please write for Bucky & reader, wherein he’s in love with Natasha but is forced to marry reader, he’s never home ignores her even when she tries hard. She even must work as a waitress for money, one-night Brock tries to rape her, Steve arrives just in time and saves her. They become good friends. It’s on you if you want her to stay with Bucky or get married to Steve. It could be an au where they are not Avengers.

Pairing: Mobster!Bucky x Mobster!Reader, Mobster!Steve x Mobster!Reader, Gamora, Wade Wilson, Nick Fury

Warnings: angst, feisty reader, language, mentions of sex, tension, talk about ‘family’ business, fluff, comforting, light smut, violence

Consolation Bride Masterlist


A few weeks later…

“How is work?” Glancing at Gamora you can see the hesitation in her eyes. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“You said no sex and giving favors to customers or your men but one tried yesterday. I came just in time as he wanted Hilary to give him a blowjob.” Gamora exhales and you jump up.


“It’s fine, okay. We are used to giving favors and stuff. At least we are safe here and get paid for our work. I don’t want to lose my job.” You can see the fear in her eyes, knowing that look all too well.

“Gamora, this isn’t about you or the others. It’s about me, James’s and my word. I gave you my word and someone tried to make me look like a liar. This is inexcusable.” Angrily pacing around the room you barely recognize Bucky  entered the room moments ago.

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We hit 2.5k!! 

Thank you guys for following and sticking with me. It seems that since coming back from hiatus, things have been a lot stronger! I’m so relieved! 

As a treat, besides all the things I’ve written and queued up for yall, I’m opening up drabble requests from now (1/15/2020) through Monday (1/20/2020)

Here are the rules!

  • Please follow me (if you’re anonymous, I’ll never know, but uhh be kind? Please?)
  • Reblog this post 
  • Check out my 2k Bollywood Writing Challenge (not required but pleASE) and my masterlist
  • I write for Bucky and Steve.. But uhh.. If you want to hit me with a Ransom Drysdale one I’m game too ;)
  • I reserve the right to refuse drabble requests
    • Moreover, it may take me time to get to specific drabbles depending on my mood and inspiration levels
  • No smut requests 
  • Send an ASK to place a request
  • AUs are GREAT! I’m partial to Biker, Tattoo Artist, Modern, Royal, Pirate, and Teacher! But honestly give me an idea and I’ll run with it
  • You can send songs as prompts
  • I’ll take requests for the little world’s I’ve created with all of my oneshots and series’ as well 

I will be tagging all drabbles with daisy’s 2.5k and will be making a masterlist when I’m done with all of the requests!

Tagging mutuals and taglists under the cut

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Pairings Steve Rogers x reader, Tony Stark x reader

Summary: A realization hits now that Christmas is passed.

Warnings:  **TRIGGER WARNING**  Past child loss due to cancer. It’s not the forefront but it’s always looming nearby in this series.

A/N: Ah, with six minutes to spare! So two years later I’m finally finished. lololol. This wasn’t the ending I had actually planned but after writing and (it’s totally my fault) this is the only ending that made sense. Don’t hate me. 🙈 Big thank you to my 11 readers that waited two years for this. I love you dearly. 

***My fics are not to be saved or posted on any other sites without my written permission. Reblogs are my jam, though. Thanks!***



You ignored the gentle urging coming from your mother as you frantically shoved all your belongings into your suitcase. You couldn’t be in this town for another minute. How could he just leave something this important under the tree like it was any of trinket or charm? It was so much more than some silver and pieces of oval-shaped paper. He should know that and he should having it back couldn’t change anything. It didn’t change how you felt– not that you knew how you felt anymore. 

One thing was for sure you never should have come back home. Before all this started, you were finally starting to move on with what little bit of closure you had, and now it was as if you never moved on at all. You should have known the second you saw Steve again you would slip right into those old shoes you left behind. 

You were happy, well, as happy as you could be with two-thirds of your heart missing. 

“Y/n. Why are you running from him again?” 

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At this point I’m just openly a slut for your headcanons like, I need an ice bath after the Ransom and Steve Drysdale twins. Fuuuuck! I think, no I’m positive I need more. Maybe them finding reader flirting with a dinner party guest, and they have to remind her exactly who she belongs to. 😩


  • OMG Drysdale Twins again!
  • Your dad and Linda have some friends over, and it’s like this huge family friends get together thingy
  • And needless to say, there’s a lot of cute guys around
  • You’re not generally the type to get out there and flirt with any man
  • But given the Drysdale brothers weren’t currently giving you the attention you wanted, you decided to mess with them a little bit
  • And seeing that one of the guests were approaching you, you immediately hopped on the opportunity
  • It was one of your dad’s close friend’s son, a really cute young man named Peter (spidey)
  • And he was funny too
  • He made you laugh and midway through laughing at one of his stories you noticed a very pissed off Ransom making his way to you from across the room
  • You smirked internally and casually touched Peter’s arm to steady yourself.
  • That made Ransom quicken his pace
  • Once he walked up to you, he sent a fake smile over at Peter
  • “May I steal her for a moment?” he asked, not even waiting for an answer before he dragged you across the crowd of people and up the stairs.
  • He walked the two of you into your room and locked the door behind him
  • “What the hell, Ransom?”
  • He walked over to you and stopped just inches away from your face
  • “Watch that fucking tone with me!”
  • Now you were furious
  • “No, you watch that fucking tone with me! I’m not a toy, Ransom. You and Steve have been avoiding me for 2 whole days now!”
  • Ransom sighed
  • And you kept going, “You’re insensitive assholes! Both of you!”
  • Ransom looked at you and smirked.
  • “Oh yeah?”
  • You nodded.
  • “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have someone waiting for me downstairs” you spoke and started walking away
  • But before you could, someone grabbed your arm and pulled you into them; your back against their torso
  • A hand came up and wrapping around your throat, squeezing it gently
  • “You were saying, little girl?”
  • You’d recognize that deep voice anywhere; Steve.
  • Turns out, you and Ransom weren’t alone in the room.
  • You shivered at his voice.
  • “You’re eager to go back to that boy, huh? Does he know you belong to us?”
  • OMG they’d be so cocky while fucking you with a full party going on downstairs
  • You’d hear the music and the loud voices, which covered up the sounds you three made
  • “Bet that boy doesn’t know you take our cocks so perfectly, does he?”
  • “Does he know how pretty you look on your knees baby? With my cock in your mouth? I guess he’ll never know”
  • “You belong here, with us. Not with some young boy who doesn’t know how to fuck you right”
  • “Shh, be quiet baby. Can’t have anyone catch us in here now, can we?”
  • There was something so sinful and wrong about fucking them in your room while your parents and their friends were all downstairs
  • But damn did it feel right
  • I’m assuming they’d take you at the same time, both slipping in and out of you relentlessly
  • Making you whine and whimper just to prove their point;
  • That you indeed belonged to them
  • Ransom would be a complete tease, while Steve would give you his all; pounding into you incessantly
  • “That boy doesn’t know you’re such a perfect little slut to us both, does he baby?”
  • They would purposely leave hickies on your body; especially in places they knew your dress wouldn’t hide
  • All over your neck and collar bones
  • “There, now he’ll know you belong to someone else”
  • You’d just whimper in pleasure and pain
  • You’d let them do whatever they wanted with your body because they were both just so good
  • Okay, but they would totally put a plug in you right after they both came in you
  • Steve would look you in the eye as he’d push the plug deep in you, while occasionally kissing your thighs
  • “Now you can go talk to him all you want, babygirl. This will remind you exactly who you belong to”
  • “See you later, baby”

a/n: … sorry.

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“Feel My Hands”

Summary: It’s too cold outside and you need to warm up. (Southern!Reader x Steve)

Warnings: Kind of ooc Bucky but like he’s got a reason he’s all laughy and it’s got something to do with an Email he recived.

A/N: I have decided this is connected Love is a Four Point Eassy universe so uh bet


Originally posted by leahberman

If there’s one thing you know. It’s way to fucking cold. You are a tropical flower, the snow, the ice, and fucking COLD were not what you were made for. You sighed as you wrapped your jacket around you tighter. You kept your head down as you walked down the icey New York streets. You know your sun worn skin wasn’t always use to the hard gusting wind that came with the snow here. Your cheeks and nose were red you know it. It’s been twenty minutes and you’re already a tomato. You huff out and the white steam that comes from your mouth is not comforting.

You turn the corner and walk to the beginning steps of up to the Avengers Tower. You see people mill about and pass you and you just can’t wait to get to the tower and get some coffee from the first floor coffee shop. You let out a deep breath when you entered the tower and warmth enveloped you. You rushed to the coffee shop and got your favorite and then made your way to the elevator and to your floor.

You let out a contented breath after your first sip of hot coffee. When you arrive at the lab floors you hear a laugh as soon as you step off the elevators. You look up and Stark is laughing at you. “You warm enough?” He asked and you rolled your eyes setting your coffee down on one of the tables and you took off your jacket and your scarf and your hat.

“Not nearly. What’s on the agenda today boss?” You asked and slipped into your spinny chair and you picked up the file on your desk. You turn to face the elevator as it dinged again. Before you looked up you can hear the laughter and you roll your eyes. You look up at Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers as they walk in.

“Bucky Barnes, you keep bein’ ugly I’ll short circuit your arm.” You said purposefully making your accent a little bit deeper than normal.

“Sorry Dolly, your nose is just so red. Who needs rudolph with you around.” He said and you rolled your eyes at the nickname. It was so stupid, he caught you blasting Dolly Parton one time and now he won’t let you live it down. You looked at Steve and gave him a small smile.

“What’s gotten into you today, Tin Man you seem jollier than usual.” Tony says as Bucky comes to sit down on one of the tables. You shake your head, yes he has been happier, which is strange but you wouldn’t pry.

“Yeah yeah yeah, just look at the arm.” He said and you and Tony swarmed him. He’d been on a mission recently and had banged it up a little, according to the agenda you’d read earlier. When you touched the metal he hissed.

“Damn Dolly, your hands are colder’n ice.” Bucky complained and you shake your head.

“Why don’t you just grow up and deal with it.” You said and pressed a cold hand to his face and he jerked away. You look over at Steve who was staring at his phone and you pierced your lips.

“James Buchannon if you don’t stop actin’ like a crackhead I’m gonna to stab you with this solderin’ iron.” You said and he conceded. As you pulled apart the little sheets of medal and fixed the wires, Tony fixed the metal plates and in about an hour it was back to normal. “Ta Da, good a new Buckaroo.” You told him when the last piece had been put back together.

“Thanks Dolly, thanks Stark.” They started talking about avenger things, like what kind of pizza they were having that night and if the pool was ready yet. Yeah Avenger stuff. You walked towards the center of the room where Bucky and Tony had moved. Steve was quietly listening to them as they discussed. You rose a brow at his spaced out face and decided to put your still freezing hands to good use. You pressed your fingers to his cheek and he jerked away like Bucky had earlier. You laugh and he looks slightly irritated.

“What has the Captain so quiet?” You asked and he shrugged.

“It’s too cold,” he said and you gave him a strange look.

“Didn’t you grow up in Brooklyn.” You asked and that puts a smile on his face. You know he likes your accent, a soft little twang and lilt sometimes exaggerated for an effect. Which happens to be used to make Steve smile.

“Yeah, doesn’t mean I don’t like the cold.” He said and you nod taking a seat beside him.

“Fair enough, but I hear that super soldiers are like heaters therefore, I’m tasking you with warming my hands up.” You said and he makes a fake exasperated face and grabs you hands in his. You giggle and shake your head. It’s a stupid tactic, to get him to hold your hand, but you’ve found that Steve is willing to go along with whatever you ask. You catch Bucky’s smirk out of the corner of your eye.

“Come on Punk, quit flirting with the lab tech we got things to do.” Steve turns red and lets go of your hands slowly. You scoff at Bucky and they leave through the elevator.

“Bye Steve,” you say as he gets up. You look farther past him to Bucky, “Goodbye James Buchannon.” You said and he gives you a wicked smirk and a wink.

“Bye Dolly.”

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Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Warnings: Fluff, adult themes (18+). 

Word count: 600

Summary:  The period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer. x

A/n: Thank you to @jesus-buck​ for editing this as well. No read more because it’s short. Feedback always appreciated :)

Blue Hour


You sat facing the sleeping form in your bed, gripping a cup of coffee and allowing it to warm your hands. The shirt you were wearing was technically his and left very little to the imagination. You had been awake for a while, the sun was just now reaching the horizon and greeting the world with it’s golden light. Boredom and the need for attention were filling your mind, and you set the cup aside as you decided it was time to get what you wanted.

A golden hour with your golden man.

The yellow light against the lace curtains cast shadows down on the two of you. You traced the outline of the shadows, your finger gliding over the muscles on his back. He shivered occasionally and buried his face further into his pillow. Your finger traced up along the back of his neck, tickling the thin hair there, and an involuntary groan left his lips.

The giggle that left your lips is contagious, your finger continuing to follow the outlines on his back as you watched with amusement as shivers continued to run down his spine. He allowed it to continue for a while before a deep sigh left his lips and he rolled onto his back. He adjusted the sheets to hide his more sensitive areas, then his eyes found yours.

In the golden light, the green was more obvious in his eyes; sparkling with held in laughter as he pretended to be annoyed with you. You grinned down at him lovingly, not hesitating to lean over and pressing a soft kiss to his pouting lips.

You drew a hum from him as you pulled away, tugging on his bottom lip as you did. His eyes are hooded when he opens them again, eyelashes casting shadows on his cheeks and pupils dilated with interest.

Your hands found his bare chest, his skin warming slowly from the sun. You bite your lip as you resumed your actions, tracing the outlines from the curtain with feigned innocence. His lips cracked into a smirk, that damned smirk, white teeth flashing at you as a deep chuckle rumbled in his chest.

His head tilts back, eyes shutting for just a moment and his neck exposed. The temptation was too strong, and you lean over again to press kisses into the skin. The scent of his aftershave lingered on his skin, and you nip curiously at the spot you knew was most tender to get a reaction from him.

He muttered a swear deep and huskily as his hands found your hips. You smiled against his skin before your lips traveled to a different spot and you nipped at his skin again. He squeezed your hips as a warning, and you pulled away with a smile of satisfaction knowing that you worked him up that easily.

Your hands went back to work, tracing and exploring the body of the man you love. You knew where he liked to be touched and where he didn’t. You also knew that your time with him is close to ending. In a few minutes he would have to get up to go on his run, and after that he had a mission with Natasha.

Your hands halted and a frown appeared on your lips. He peeked at you with one eye, noticing how your mood shifted and sat up. He rested his forehead on yours, warm hands remaining on your waist as he promised to be safe, to come back to you before tomorrow morning. A promise to spend another golden hour with you.

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