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#stink bug

Hi! I love you’re blog and all your buggies make my day and eeeeeeee!! Also, I have no idea who this little dude is. He landed on my mom’s hand yesterday :D (I live in Florida)

Have a fantabulous day!!!!

Hello! Thank you! This little dude is a black stink bug, Proxys punctulatus. A fun fact about them is that they are precious and I love them. Thanks for sharing!

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Blurry picture but I was chilling in my room when I saw a stink bug on the Cieling, I don’t usually like getting to close to these bugs because just a bug flying can cause me to panic so I went to get my grandma to get him safely evicted.

Of course, the bug was gone by then and we both thought he had flown away.

Turns out he just wanted to bring a friend, he entered back into my room and him and his Friend took a good drink of my Malta.

So I just sat for 10 minutes watching them because I was like hm.

End of the story: they both were relocated away from my room safely.

Sometimes bugs…just want a lil sip sip. And that’s okay they can have it, as a treat. Excellent stink bug story, they make amazing friends.

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I had been putting stink bugs outside using papers or cups but I finally let one just walk on my hand and then gently pushed it onto a branch. Funny little dude! I’m glad to not be afraid of them anymore, they’re just silly and very cute!

They just march around!!! Little pitter patters!!! All over your home. Amazing. I love them.

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Saw this lil dude on the floor in biology! I’m pretty sure this is just a stink bug but I figured I’d share jjsndbdshhx

I love that you said “just a stink bug” as if I don’t absolutely lose my mind every time I find one in mine own home walkin around like he owns the place. I love stink bugs…a whole lot.

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This funky man was flying around my room and I finally managed to find him once he landed. He was relocated to the outdoors.

These little stinkers absolutely love to come indoors and fly around noisily or wander around on your walls. They especially like to come inside when it’s cold out! Can’t say that I blame them. Thanks for sharing!

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Stink bugs get into my house a lot especially in the cold but I can’t stay mad. There’s something charming about them, they’re really funny to watch! I tried to get a closeup of this guy’s little beetle peetles but it wouldn’t stop moving! Man on a Mission.

Sorry I can’t talk right now I’m crying about “beetle peetles”

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Here’s some photos of what I believe to be a brown marmarated stink bug


It sure is! A very fine fellow. I befriended one just last night and have no regrets. Thanks for sharing! As always, submissions don’t count towards the one (1) nice bug per day.

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I was in bed watching youtube and Yearning™ when I was rudely interrupted by a VERY LARGE bug flying in and landing in the middle of the floor. IDK where it came from or how it got in. I panicked, put a flip flop on one foot and a slipper on the other, and ran out of the room. I was literally standing outside my own dorm room wearing two different shoes, frantically texting a group chat and making my roommate deal with it. He got in the room, looked at it, looked at me, asked, “is that it?” looked back at the bug, and squished it with his cane. The room was overpowered by the scent of grass. I made my poor roommate stop what he was doing and come all the way back to our room for a common stink bug. What a night this has been

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Here’s a quick peek at the process of making shrink plastic earrings, featuring the lovely green stinkbug (and black stinkbug below it). 

The top photo shows the plastic after I have colored it with colored pencils and cut it out, just before placing it in the oven.

In the second photo, the plastic has shrunk and thickened significantly and is now the perfect size for earrings.

The final photo shows the completed earrings.

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