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Hi! Head cannon I love is HS ! Nerd tony and Jock Steve ❤️

I absolutely love Nerd Tony and Jock Steve! Here we go!

- Steve is everything you’d expect him to be. Captain of the football team, popular, handsome but he also loves books.

- He always finds his way to the library whenever he’s alone to read and always carries a book in his bag.

- That’s where he meets Tony. Sleeping on one of the desks in thr corner, four different textbooks on astrophysics open around him and a bruise peeking out of his wrist. Steve fancies him immediately.

- When Tony wakes up from his power nap, Steve has taken up residence on the next desk over, reading a battered copy of To Kill A Mocking Bird.

- When Steve slides a note across the desk to ask Tony out he almost swoons.

- Their first date is bowling. Steve is a natural so Tony tries to distract him to throw him off his game. Steve still wins by 4 points. Tony demands a rematch.

- Their first kiss is in the library. Tony is freaking out over something science related that Steve has no hope of understanding but can’t stop himself from kissing him against the shelves of books.

- Tony attends all of Steve’s football games, sits with the rest of his friends at the front row, wrapped in Steve’s stole varsity jacket that proudly states ‘Rogers’ on the back. He always cheers the loudest when their team wins despite having no real interest in the sport.

- Steve likes to read aloud to Tony when their in bed together. Tony has never fell asleep quicker than listening to the calming sound of Steve’s voice reading one of his favourite books.

- The first time they have sex is awkward and fumbled. It’s a first for them both but they fill it with laughter and teasing and pleasure. Steve wraps Tony up afterwards, snuggles in close and thinks to himself he might just love this little genius in his bed.

- Then the bruises start to get worse. Fingerprints on Tony’s wrist. A large one on his back like he bumped into something with force. Steve asks, Tony brushes him off.

- Steve tells Tony he loves him at Christmas. He whispers it as they watch the stars and drink eggnog. Tony responds instantly with a kiss and his own affirmation of love.

- When Tony shows up at Steve’s door one night with a black eye and dried tears on his cheeks, he knows he can’t let it go. He patches Tony up, gets an icepack for his face and puts him into bed. Steve wraps Tony up, covers and all and just holds him. Tony tells him everything about Howard that night. Steve has never hated a man more.

- They talk about the future on those nights, as soon as exams are over and they can leave this town and Howard behind. Tony will go to MIT and Steve will go to art school and they’ll be happy. Tony plans out their apartment, with an art nook and a workshop and Steve thinks he likes the future already.

- Tony passes his exams with flying colours. So does Steve. They go back to the library one last time. Tony suggests they have sex in the aisle and Steve, well, he has never refused Tony anything.

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

Pepper Potts died during the events surrounding extremis.

Tony grieves an secludes himself.
Steve Rogers however, freshly thawed, will not be shaken off that easily. Tony on the other hand has to make a choice between emotions and rationality.

Words: 7452, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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I think we all know that if Steve tried to go back in time while Tony was there RDJ would’ve gone off script as Tony and made Stony canon just to get Steeb to stay

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Okay, so I dont have a tumbler and I have no idea if I'm doing this right, but: CACW fix it + angst + mutual pining + fakedating + sex pollen + aliens made them do it + truth serum + public sex + porn with feelings + slow burn + friends to lovers + drunk confessions

The Facility

After coming so close to losing against Thanos, the Avengers have decided to set aside their differences and work as a team again. Well, they’re trying… But there are a lot of hurts that haven’t gone away, and a lot of things still unsaid, and a lot of tension…

And that was BEFORE Tony accidentally ended up on an undercover mission with Steve as his fake boyfriend - at what turns out to be an alien sex club.

Read on AO3

(…okay, NOW it’s gone too far 😂 )

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Your (un)lucky break by itsallAvngers

Word count: 20,264

At the beginning of the summer break when Howard sees Tony on the front page of the Daily Bugle locking lips with another man, he decides it’s time to get the boy to knuckle down a bit and sends him off to do an internship at Stark Industries. Tony, who had plans to spend the holiday building robots and getting drunk with Rhodey, is very much against this idea, and decides he’s going to do everything he can to get himself fired immediately. Poor Steve Rogers is the man who ends up being tasked to train him up.

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Saturday night at 11:59 pm, the 2019 Marvel Trumps Hate auction opens for bidding. Hundreds of creators have come together to offer artwork, fics, beta services, and more to raise money for charity. This is your chance to own an original piece by me! If you have any questions, send me a DM. Let’s do this 😁😎. (search: Jessie Lucid)


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Imagine Your OTP

[struggling with cancer / chemo aftermath]

Persom A : *talking about something irrelevant *

Person B : *notices a lock of hair on the pillow* *is about to have a panic attack*

Person A : oh honey *hugs B affectionately* deep breath

Person B, regaining composure : you know it’s gonna keep falling

Person A : then we’ll shave your head. I bet you look ridiculously hot as a bald man *wiggles eyebrows*

Person B : *laughs then sighs*

Person A : i have something for you *walks to a closet and ruffles stuff inside*

Person B : if it’s a wig i swear to god

Person A : *returns, laughing* it’s not a wig

Person B : thank god

Person A : *shows a ring box*

Person B : what is this? What are you doing?

Person A, on one knee : do i really have to elaborate?

Person B : *takes a deep breath* i don’t want you to be pressured by the cancer

Person A : I’m doing this because you are the one, B. I love you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you

Person B, joking to cover nervousness : don’t you mean the rest of mine?

Person A, with a hurt look : please don’t say that

Person B : Yes, I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you *pulls A up an into a sweet, loving kiss*

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Here’s a snip of “Taming of the Shrewd,” my upcoming arranged marriage ABO fic set in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Tony tries his hardest to convince Steve he’s not worth the trouble of going through with it by showing up plastered and with a date. Steve doesn’t know how to back down from a challenge. They play marriage chicken, and both lose.

They exchange the traditional Catholic bonding vows, but not exactly in a traditional way.

Steve goes first, his declaration calm and clear. He pledges his life to Tony, for richer or poorer (or slightly less richer, he supposes), in sickness and in health (or whatever passes as health for such a man), until death (probably Tony’s) do they part. He eyes Tony standing across from him, silently daring him to back out as he so clearly desires, but much to his annoyance, the omega repeats his vows. Sure, Tony sways on his feet, far more gone than he had been an hour before, and his best man, Colonel James Rhodes, has to feed him the words one at a time while the escort he had arrived with is bawling loudly in the front row reserved for family, but he gets through it; damn him.

And so it happens that by the time the priest declares, “What God joins together, let no one put asunder,” it’s already too late.

They’re bonded.


His best man, Bucky, passes him the rings signifying their union.

Steve goes first. He looks pointedly at Tony who limply slaps his hand against Steve’s, too drunk to be more coordinated. Steve reaches out to grab his wondering limb, steadying it for the exchange of rings.

“Tony, receive this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” He firmly pushes the ring onto Tony’s finger, being careful not to hurt him with his enhanced strength in his thorough annoyance.

Tony tries to return the gesture, but he can’t quite find the right finger, so Steve discretely takes the ring from him and threads his finger through it, his mouth a thin hard line of displeasure.

“Right back at you, Cap,” Tony slurs, unable or unwilling to repeat the binding phrase.

The priest looks nervously to Steve, who mutters, “It’s fine. Just end it.” End this farce of a bonding, for Chrissake.

So he concludes the ceremony with the Universal Prayer. 

Steve attempts to help Tony down the single step then towards the exit down the aisle to the melodious beats of their recessional song, but his newly-bonded omega leans heavily against him, constantly tripping over his own feet. When Tony almost falls for the third time before they pass the fifth pew, Steve sighs. He crouches down, tipping the confused omega over his shoulder with his distal hand pulling Tony’s wrist taut while placing his proximal arm between Tony’s thighs, hugging the back of his knee close as he fully extends to lift his new omega in a fireman’s carry, bouncing a bit on the upswing to ensure stability before continuing onward. Tony’s parents look mortified while Bucky and Rhodes openly laugh at the sight.

“This’s kind’a hot,” Tony mumbles, drooling on the back of Steve’s tux.

“Shut up.”

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2 & 50 with Stucky or Stony

Mmm. Let’s combine it.

How about Prince Steven is set to marry Prince Anthony as has been arranged since they were babies, but Steve is in love with the captain of his guard, Sir James. They’ve been together since they were old enough to understand what was love is and now James has to sit back and watch as the man he loves marries someone else.

Steve nor Bucky counted on Tony being so… Perfect

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Tsum Tsum Nest of Love

Maybe he had been working far too long but Tony ran a hand over his face, shook his head, then blinked and rubbed his eyes a couple of times, but he still saw it. A tiny flying Iron Man was chugging across the workshop dragging a basket of salad cuttings. The journey was an immense struggle for the little Iron Man. Not exactly an Iron Man but a small ovoid creature decked out in red and gold armor and using repulsors to jet along the workshop air current.

Tony quietly stood up and followed the little guy on his journey to a dark corner of the workshop. The Iron Man put down their basket and pushed a vent grill aside to slip behind it. They had a bit of a struggle pulling the basket behind them. 

Being an Avenger and having seen way too much shit for a man of his age, Tony had deduced that he was now dealing with aliens in the tower duct work. Which had to be stopped, even if the alien in question was beyond cute. He grabbed a flashlight, knelt down and pulled the grill away from the wall. And got unibeamed in the hand for his trouble. 

“Hey, knock that off,” Tony snapped as he shone the flashlight on the now angry Iron Flying Ovoid. 

The alien buzzed around flashing repulsors at Tony. Tony swept the flashlight over the vent and noticed the basket, the salad cuttings, and a nest. With a Captain America ovoid alien nibbling the salad cuttings.

Tony pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. He needed back-up in case he was in fact hallucinating the whole scene. 

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