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#stranger things
Jonathan and Nancy dancing with other people at a wedding

Another fic for you, o mighty anon




He knows he’s swaying a bit awkwardly and that he’s come dangerously close to stepping on El’s toes multiple times, but she had insisted on dragging him out to the dance floor.

His sister looks beautiful in her white wedding gown, and the big grin that she’s had on her face the entire day makes him happy.

“You look great, El.”

She smiles at him and pinches his cheek affectionately, a habit she’s picked up from their mother and has pulled on him and Will countless times. He can feel the cool metal of her newly placed wedding band against his jaw, reminding him of the ring he has on his own finger.

“Thank you, Jonathan. You look nice too.”

“Thank you.”

“Nancy definitely agrees with me. This is the first time she’s taken her eyes off you all night.” She says, gesturing with her head to their right.

He turns his head and finds Nancy dancing with Mike. She looks stunning in her baby blue dress, and even after all this time together and all they’ve been through, monsters and parallel dimensions and government conspiracies and eloping a few years ago and a baby on the way (which they’ll wait to announce to their families for a few weeks, it’s El and Mike’s day after all) his heart still flutters at the sight of her.

Nancy brushes something off of Mike’s wedding tux and although he can’t hear them, he can tell by their expressions that the Wheeler siblings are giving each other a hard time like they always do. But the smiles on both their faces don’t leave.

El, also watching the interaction, laughs.

“Do you think it’ll always be this…happy?”

He pulls her into a hug as the song ends.

“I sure hope so.”

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Mileven prompt ‘that’s... a lot of blood’

hope is an endless song (so kiss me for eternity)
“That’s a lot of blood”“basorexia: the overwhelming desire to kiss”

“No,” Mike whispers and, when he shakes his head, black hair falls into his eyes. He reaches forward on instinct, running his hands through her own hair, fingers slipping past her curls with adoration, “I can’t get mad at you for wanting your dad back.”

(She hopes that maybe, if anything at all, she’ll always have him. Hope is all she’s ever had.)

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fallback series update #2

I’m putting the series on hold for a bit - I may post chapter 10 but it’ll be the last chapter I post for a while until we get kind of confirmation on the rumours and the photos?? I’m hearing two sides where it’s a family friend or cousin but I’m mainly hearing it’s his girlfriend.

Overall I don’t want to disrespect or be unsupportive of the relationship until there’s confirmation, if that makes sense. He seems happy and that’s the priority I have and I know it’s weird shipping irl people and it just feels awkward shopping an irl person with a made up person when they’re in a relationship (I’m sorry if this makes no sense, I’m really bad at explaining when I’m in this mood — I feel sad, of course, but I’m happy he’s happy and I feel like I don’t have a right to be sad because I don’t know him personally and I don’t have the chance to ever meet him (again I’m not sure if this makes sense, I’m so sorry)

That said, if you hear anything / hear any updates, please feel free to tell me! I may try to avoid any news about it as I’m quite sad as I really had the biggest crush on Tom, so I’m feeling heartbroken (despite never having met him / lacking chances to meet him)

I’m so sad to be leaving this story on a back burner for now, but I just feel awkward writing for someone who may be confirmed in a relationship. Additionally - the chances of them reading this is low, but I just know that media and shipping can mess with relationships so I don’t want to risk anything. So chapter 10 may be the last chapter in a while, but if the relationship is shown to be familial/platonic or if the rumours die down I will start to post again.

Im so sorry and thank you all for the support! I hope you respect this decision.

However, I am starting a Steve Harrington or Grayson Dolan story and will be willing to take requests for any stories 😊

I will try to post chapter 10 soon so I’ll leave a shortened version of this in the intro 😊

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Nancy being bisexual and scared to tell Jonathan

:D supportive bf Jonathan for you, anon





“Yes, Nancy?”

Her heart skips a beat or two as she takes a deep breath.“

"I think I like both boys AND girls..”

He’s silent for a moment, then gives her a smile and pulls her into his arms.

“Well isn’t that just a big coincidence.”

“What do you mean?”

“I like guys and girls too.”

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Imagine El getting billy to wear suspenders like her. She loves them and thinks billy will look great in them too.

She takes him shopping to get his spirits up and she makes him try on all these different colorful shirts and suspenders. Billy thinks he looks like a dork, but he can’t deny he’s having fun the most fun in weeks and because of el, starts to wear suspenders sometimes.

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