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#stranger things spoilers


I Watched Stranger things, I just finished, and I thought I was just sad because I loved Billy Hargrove, he was one of my fav. characters out there. I thought him dying was what had me so upset but guess what?


Or, maybe, not just that.

We’ve been talking about representation for a while, and for a good reason: black people, minorities, asians, native people, disabled people, LGBTQ+ community, all those people don’t get the time on screen they deserve. And I know that what I0m going to say might sound really stupid, I mean, I feel stupid even just thinking about it, but I can’t help it.


And the guy they always kill is someone like me, that is weird, angry, doesn’t really follow the rules, listens to noisy music, wears weird clothes, maybe has even some anxiety problems holy shit i’m blabbering.

I got more examples, not just Billy.

In a move like Ten Inch Hero we have Priestly, the punk guy with a heart of gold that I would fell in love with like, right now, that has to totally CHANGE to get the girl he loves because, guess what? Being yourself doesn’t work with that. You have to shed your own skin and wear some H&M clothes. Then maybe, maybe, you might get what you need, because god forbid a weirdo gets it anyway.


In the last IT move, the bullies are all metalheads. Can I tell you something? It’s the opposite, usually. I’ve been bullied for something like 5 years because I was a metalhead at school (and i still am, honestly), by clean cut kids that I hope will fall down some cliff because they deserve it. 

In my country (I’m Italian) there are no characters like me, or my friends. And maybe that’s better, you know.

So, I KNOW this is nothing, it shouldn’t piss me off that people like me, people who wear black even if we’re already 33 YO is always depicted as the evil kind of human being, the bullies, the asshole, the ones that can’t be saved or has nothing good to share, and when they do THEY USUALLY DIbreakfast club,E, BECAUSE WHAT ELSE ARE THOSE CHARACTERS THERE FOR.

Uhm, I mean: black people have it fucking worse, natives, disabled, asians, LGBTQ+, I said it already: YOU GUYS HAVE IT WORSE, AND I SHOULDN’T BE HERE WHINING LIKE AN IDIOT.

But I just got pissed, because anger is my default mode.

Now, I’ll go listen to some Slayer.


I thought about it even more, because overthinking is my hobby: there’s something else that pisses me off.

All they characters they LOVE to kill have bad backgrounds, bad habits, bad “friends”, bad fucking problems, bad balance, bad situations. Billy Hargrove, is just an example, but there are dozens out there. It feels like they’re telling us ALRIGHT, GIVE UP, IT WON’T GET BETTER, YOU WON’T GET OVER THIS.

Back to my Slayer now.

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Listen, I dont Stranger Things

But, Billy Hargrove resonates with me on a personal level. I relate to him. I could have BEEN him. So easily. The bitterness, the anger, the pain. And I know he deserved a chance to overcome that, to be better, to end the cycle. And I think he was robbed. And i think the viewers were robbed.

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Hands up if you stan Robin being bisexual and falling in love with Steve in season 4!


Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR LGBTQ+ representation and having a lesbian character on the show.. I just think that Steve deserves someone like her who understands and loves him for all his quirks! I feel like that last scene in that video store kind of hinted at her having feelings for him!

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Newsomberg Facts - Submission:

Andy binge-watched the third season of Stranger Things mostly alone because Joanna’s not much of a fan and he’s had time to kill since coming back from the tour. He thought the season was a bit of letdown though and he groaned to himself at the cheesy epilogue – right up until Eleven reads the letter from her dead dad and suddenly he is sobbing into the remnants of his popcorn. That’s how Joanna finds him when she returns from the music room where she was working out the playlist for her own upcoming tour. He manages to choke out why he’s so upset and then starts to get up because he has to wake up Baby Newsomberg right now and tell her she is not allowed to grow up, damnit. Joanna wrestles him back and into her arms and kisses the tears off his cheeks and tells him she will kick his ass if he wakes up the baby this late. They spend the rest of the evening debating whether 30 is too old for her to start dating.

(Thank you @vernonfielding 💕)

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