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january study challenge—days 23, 24, & 25

had a very busy week so here are the past few days of the study challenge!

if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

oooh it would have to be a tour of Norway+Sweden

I’d love to drive myself across the coasts and through cities / towns just taking in the scenery and trying good food

what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or a messy space?

ideally? nothing. currently? so many things.

I definitely function best in a clean environment but you wouldn’t believe that with the state I keep my room in ;)

what’s your go-to study method? are there cases in which you wouldn’t use it?

write summaries / note sheets for each chapter then write flashcards on them.

if I’m low on time I would just do flashcards, but in doing that I definitely don’t learn the material to the depth I would want

also with maths- and physics-based exams I mostly use practice sheets and old exams to learn because practicing what I need to do helps me a ton

ft. molecular biology practical & gel electrophoresis

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january study challenge—day 22

do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

I use colours to distinguish between which subjects my notes are on, for example biology notes are blue, chemistry green, and mathematics orange. I’ll use that colour in highlighter to mark titles and vocab, and I’ll use a pen in that colour to add annotations or important quotes/concepts

I then use yellow highlighter to distinguish the start of new chapters on my longer notes and to highlight keywords on my flashcards

ft. studying with friends. exam season is looming.

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january study challenge—day 19

show us your planning system!

not pictured but it consists of a few google calendars with events, and a bullet journal to do daily events and to-dos

ft. essay schreibseminar presentation preparation

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january study challenge—day 18

food while studying?

absolutely! we love a healthy piece of fruit or bowl of nuts but nothing beats the happy feeling you get from eating cookies ;)

ft. klausur aufgaben & cookies

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ahh ok I’ve gotten really behind on this January challenge so I’m going to do a speed round of posts! sorry for the spam

9. how do you keep yourself awake while studying?

I try hard not to study if I’m tired, I prefer to get some sleep and look over stuff in the morning! but if I have too I try to get out of my house and definitely 𝒸𝑜𝒻𝒻𝑒𝑒

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