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Happy Lunar New Year and Break 🎇

Happy Lunar New Year to my fellow cuties who do celebrate it. If you don’t, I hope you have a well-rested break through the weekends  😊

I will be on hiatus for a few days to celebrate the Lunar New Year and taking a break to catch up with family, friends and to gorge myself on goodies  ✌🏻

I will be back ever-motivated again.   

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My singing is no good outside of bathrooms 😝
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2019 to 2020

21 January 2020

2019 was indeed not an easy year

A year which full of ups and downs

A time when my emotion was like a roller coaster

A period while I have unstable state of mind

1 and 9

When my emotion varied from a calm 1 to angriest 9

When my existence ranged from a lonely 1 to fully 9

When my feeling spread from a numb 1 to the happiest 9

Furthermore, I have a hope for 2020

A year of determination

Between 0 or 2

Nothing or Something

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001/100 Days of Productivity

Week 2 of University has finally arrived, which means goodbye introductory lectures and hello to actual content 🤯

Went for my 3hr Lab in social psychology session today in the late afternoon. Since I had started school later than usual today, I had some time to complete some of my readings for my Developmental Processes psychology module as well as my Postwar Japanese Film and Anime module, that is due tomorrow.

Also had some time to do some preliminary notes for my Individual Evaluation Methods Report for my Lab module that is due in Week 4 as well as some research for some suggestive questions for my Honour Thesis.

Pretty glad for the progress today 💓

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Nothing has made me want to hide my mental disorder more than studying counseling in graduate school. I know. That sounds insane. Changes need to be made with the way administration teaches counseling students. Instead of making students feel like they cannot accomplish anything or help others since they have a mental disorder, they need to teach students to accept it and to make adjustments that will help them achieve the same goals in a different way. 

Nobody is the same. Our unique experiences and troubles give us our own set of knowledge and skills. I read a textbook for class that told me that having personal experience with dealing with mental illness is not an acceptable motivator for wanting to be a counselor. I disagree. Having personal experience with mental illness helps you empathize with others who are also struggling. And “experience with dealing with mental illness” is NEVER the sole reason someone is pursuing this career. That greatly simplifies people’s motivations. It is always attached to something else, like a desire to understand one’s own mental illness, and through one’s own personal interest, learning how to help others as well. Even if your personal experience led you to considering this field, I guarantee you that while you continue studying, you will develop new interests, goals, and desires, and will discover a lot about yourself and what you want. 

Ok, sorry for the rant. This is the only place I can go off where my real name is not written all over my post!

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Hiya!✨ I hope your Wednesday has been treating you all very well! Today I just learned of some sad news involving a family member, so I’m feeling a bit down. I know I can’t stay in this mindset if I want to get stuff done today. I need to catch up after I accidentally took a four hour nap yesterday so I’m just trying to accept it and let it go for now.

If you can tell I’ve decided to let go of the black and white theme and lean more towards warm tones. I just wanted to snap a quick picture of my textbooks and tell you all what classes I’m taking this semester. I’m a first year student in a general humanities program but I’m hoping to double major in multimedia and communications in second year. This semester I’m taking 5 courses…

🌞Beginners Intensive Spanish B

🌞Introduction to Communications

🌞Breaking into Television and Film

🌞Introduction to Contemporary Indigenous Studies

🌞Innovate: The World of Entrepreneurship

My favourite course right now is probably Spanish because I’m really starting to enjoy the content. Though Breaking into TV and Film is a close second because my professor is an actual director who has worked with stars like Dave Franco and Mathew Perry. He always tells us the wildest stories.

What courses are you taking this semester?🌙

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