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these are some notes i’ve taken after listening to a recorded lecture. my teacher lets us record his lectures which is pretty great because i’m not always mentally present during class. :-) 🥺

this is my first time posting original content & my own notes, i’ve been that person on the sidelines reposting people and their beautiful & unique notes, so i’m so excited to join the studyblr community!!

i’m not the best at capturing photos but i hope that through my posts you can see development and hopefully with time some sophistication on my feed, i know that it’s just a process but i’m just now getting started💪🏼🤍

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Highlight of my Student Teaching Experience so far:

(Percy Jackson fans, read this)

I am a Music Education major and i’m currently doing my student teaching in a Middle/ High School. I was telling 3 of the middle school boys that they were getting a new piece in band that day, Horkstow Grange by Percy Grainger, and the one student jokingly goes “Percy Grainger? Is that Percy Jackson’s cousin?”

Then, that student and the other two started making other joking comments like “Does he have a brother that’s a Cyclops?” DEFINITELY trying to be little shits and see if they could confuse me.

It was so freaking funny 😂 These kids were trying to confuse me, and i’m standing there with a freaking trident tattooed behind my ear because of this series.


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I'm curious how well I'd fare at EU,, I have a psychotic disorder and sometimes have difficulty discerning what's real and what's hallucination. I have adhd, and the occult is one of my lifelong hyperfixations, with weapons and fighting a close second. I'm clumsy though, and shaky hands make for poor aim with any weapon, melee or ranged. I have low empathy, but so my best to try to help people even if I don't understand how they feel. What do you think?

Pain is just pain, sometimes. There’s no reason to hurt like this. Let yourself come away from the forest for a while, lay down your handfuls of thorns, rest your worn feet. There’s no shame in that, even if you pick up the search again tomorrow.

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How would this person do: Greatly interested in strange symbols, ghosts, and a variety of mythologies including Irish and Egyptian. She applies these interests to her schoolwork when she can but otherwise isn't that good of a student, only puts in the effort to pass and continue her classes and lets the pursuit of these other focuses consume the rest of her spare time. Basically lives up to the quote "Everything interested her, but nothing satisfied her completely".

The moon is wrong. The new moon is wrong. It should simply be an absence of moon, the moon in all its silver beauty merely shadowed, turned away. It should not be beaming darkness down like the sun’s void.

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