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#study challenge

Day 1 - Your target languages and why you want to learn them

Japanese - I love Japanese culture, I love the country, the food, the media, the history, all of it! I picked up Japanese because I want to consume Japanese media in its native language, and because we were planning to visit some day. It took a couple of years to stick (I didn’t start being consistent until after our first visit in 2017) but now it’s my favorite language!

Spanish - My family is hispanic and I’ve been trying to learn Spanish since I was 9 years old. I want to learn it to have a connection to my heritage and culture, and because it’s also a super useful language where I live!

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Picture: A relaxing green and pink bubbly… thing?

100 Days of Productivity

Day 1/100

  • Worked out after school in the weights room - 45 minutes
  • Weekly planner - 15 minutes
  • Analyzing a Podcast (English)- 20 minutes
  • Cut out DNA strands (Biology) - 25 minutes

Physically: Tired

Emotionally: Content

Grateful for: The friends I’ve made on Tumblr

Current song: I Was Feeling Down, I Found a Nice Witch and We’re Friends - In Love With a Ghost

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Week 2/14 of my productivity challenge.

This week school was still kinda slow, I know this is just the beginning but I wish it could be like this the hole semester. I have a new case for my iPad, I loooove the design (you can see it on the bunny pic) but I love more that it has a special place for the pencil.

The first and the second pic are some notes I took, this are science classes but they are more about concepts than math so taking notes is easier.

For Christmas my best friend gave me the egg notebook (4th pic) and I use it to make lists of…stuff. Just lists. I love lists what can I say. The 5th pic is just an example of a list but I also have movies, animes, concerts, bands and K-Pop groups lists.

This week I had to work after a loooong time. You may not know this but I sing at weddings and most of the time is waiting time so I took a book (a new one bc I got bored of the last one lol) for that. Also water is a must and I should remember to bring a snack next time.

Also, I studied Chinese A LOT. The last picture is a list (again) of all the characters I know and my goal is to re do it every week at least twice. I have to choose a song to sing at Chinese class, it has to show that I can sing but also be easy enough for a beginner to pronounce. If you have suggestions please let me know!!!!!

That’s it for this week, hope this next one is as good, I will see you then.

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As someone with potential self-discipline and motivation issues, I find the task of the “100 Days of Productivity” challenge quite daunting, so I wanted to create something that would not only work for me (and people like me), but make me feel good about studying/learning new things/being productive. Hence:

The “10 Weeks of Productivity” challenge!

With the way my college -and usual weekly- timetable works, I often can’t find time to be “productive” outside of lessons towards the end of the week, and especially into the weekend - so this challenge doesn’t require 100 straight days of productivity, but instead productivity for 4+ days of the week, for 10 weeks in a row. This will hopefully help bolster my motivation to get on top of my college work, and help me to sort my life out a bit.

If you’d like to join in, please feel free! I’ll be using the #10-weeks-of-productivity tag when I post, so it’s easy to find :)

Productivity can be defined in any way you want it to be - for me, it’s sitting down at the dining table and completing a task, or an essay, or a set of notes on a topic for college, because that’s how college has conditioned me to think of productivity. However, it could be anything! Watching a TV show/film in a target language, going to the gym, getting groceries, catching up with a friend, even just achieving your daily goal on Duolingo - if it gives you a sense of accomplishment, then almost anything can be productive.

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and it could potentially be used as a stepping stone to the 100 Days of Productivity challenge, but we’ll have to see how well this goes for now before we leap on ahead to that. I’d love to be more productive throughout the week, and feel like I’ve achieved something at the end of each week when I look back, and this is a great way to start.

So, starting tomorrow, Wednesday 5th February 2020, I will be productive for 10 weeks! And yes, you can hold me to that! (please do)

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February Challenge .. 1/29 days of productivity


Fresh and energetic start

I Studied surgery and gynecology for 3.5 hours and will continue studying for another 2 hours

I also Went grocery shopping, 30 minutes jogging and cleaned my home

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hello lovelies and fellow studyblrs! - i’m going to start a 60 days study challenge for february and march! i have to study for exams and hand in several assignments, so i’m going to share my experience, tips&tricks and some pictures on here! you can follow my journey here or on instagram (@ orionsstudies)! - i hope everyone’s terms and semesters are working out nicely and you’re having a wonderful weekend! ✨

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1 february 2020

@stu-dna‘s january study challenge

i know i’m a day late but let’s just finish this… happy february! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

day 31: reflect on how january went & what could have gone better. have you improved anything about yourself during the month?

to be honest, january felt like every other month. maybe because i was still in the same class and studying the same thing and didn’t have much change to my life in general.

what could have been better was my patience and determination. many people really got onto my nerves last month and there were times when i really couldn’t take it anymore. i was also less determined to pursue my habits because i always used the excuse that “i can still do it tomorrow”, but then fail to do it the next day.

while there were downs, there were ups in january too. my classmates and i have bonded really well together. i also feel that i’ve been able to cope with failure better and try to improve myself from there. i read a lot (of books and news articles!) this month and i’m very happy about that.

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January Study Challenge | day 31: reflect on how it went & what could have gone better. have you improved anything about yourself this month?

This month has been pretty good, overall. I feel like I’ve hit the ground running with the start of the spring semester; in the week-and-a-bit that I’ve been on campus I’ve kept up with most of the habits I wanted to start, although eating healthy hasn’t been going quite as well as I’d hoped. I’ve definitely been feeling more stressed out now I’m back at school, but also really happy, so I’m hoping that that continues and I don’t get burned out by midterms. 

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Here’s what I learnt from making my own study challenge!

1) I thought at least one or two other people would try it. Nope.

2) I picked questions that I thought other people would like. It would have been better to focus more on questions I wanted to answer

3) Maybe I should have included more prompts for pictures. I get the feeling that I’m the only studyblr who doesn’t post pictures.

4) I love handwriting notes but hate photographing them.

5) Some of my prompts were not flexible enough to fit my study and revision needs

6) I should not have done this challenge while studying sexual assault and sexuality. It’s very hard to talk about those things in a non-triggering way. Which made it hard to talk about my studies in general.

7) Doing the challenge felt … meh. It didn’t feel good or bad. It wasn’t entertaining or boring. It wasn’t helping or hindering. It just was.

8) I don’t think I’ll make another study challenge any time soon.

9) I will still do other people’s study challenges in the future. 

10) I am tired of thinking about/ talking about study challenges now! I don’t wanna think/ talk about them for like, at least a week! I bet you’re all tired of reading about it too.

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Day 30: If you could study your major in any University in the world, where would you study?
WHY did I have to pick this question!? It’s too hard to answer! 😫 I choose The University of Iceland in Reykjavik, because I wanna go home. (Though I also considered Eastern Michigan University and The University of London. Just because each one is located close to one of my friends’ places. If I attended either, I could hang out with that friend IRL)

Day 31: 3 Reasons why you will succeed!
1) I am studying my special interest! (I’m on the autism spectrum, one of my special interests is Psychology)
2) I love setting goals for myself and reaching them. So I work as hard as I can
3) I am always trying to work effectively. Don’t just work hard, you gotta work smart too!

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January Study Challenge | day 30: how do you plan for the next month? anything fun happening in February?

My monthly planner spread includes things happening on specific dates, and things that I generally need to get done that month. I also do a monthly gratitude log and habit&sleep trackers. 
February so far has the show I’m working on opening on the 1st, which is exciting, and then it’ll be over and I’ll have my evenings free again, which is also exciting lmao

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Day 29: Academic aesthetic


Neutral colors, preferably de-saturated and pale.. Handwritten notes, written with pencils that are just a little dull. Slightly messy notes, but still organized and readable enough to be useful. ALL OF THE COFFEE! Bright sunlight streaming through windows. Quiet cafes and libraries. Huge backpacks. Carrying way too many water-bottles in case you get thirsty. Carrying your pencil case everywhere, even when you are not studying. Having as few things as possible on your desk. (But that’s not just aesthetic, it’s also so I don’t get distracted or accidentally knock a stack of books off my desk)

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Day 27: Spend at least 20 minutes on that thing you’ve been avoiding!
I have been avoiding practicing the conjugation of words in Icelandic, because Icelandic grammar rules do not always make sense to me. My Icelandic grammar is so bad, that it’s hard to understand me when I try to speak Icelandic. Not only did I spend 20 minutes, I spent 45! Oops. But I feel like I understand some rules just a tiny bit better.

Day 28: Reward yourself by studying/ revising a topic you like for 20 minutes
Later today I’ll spend 20 minutes perusing the DSM-5. I will be focusing on disorders that are mentioned in the Chapter I’m currently studying. The DSM-V is NOT mandatory reading material for my University course, but it is very useful nonetheless.

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