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[086/100 d. o. p.]

Spent the whole afternoon studying and writing Math notes with a friend. I hardly ever study in groups, but this time it definitely boosted my productivity!

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My presentation study group is fxxking insane and I absolutely love them.

There’s me - sat in the corner on a bright green beanbag reading comics and scrolling Tumblr.

My partner - Who seems to be trying to do work but is also losing their shit laughing at the other two.

Our child - Who has the most adorable voice and says shit that you do not expect, cracking people up. (Also keeps squeaking)

and The List - Who has a list of antics and funny quotes from other study groups that they’re reading out and I keep hearing them completely out of context and it’s amazing.

I’ve done no work since coming here to put our presentation together and no one’s said anything about it because we’re all having a good time and a giggle. I don’t get along with a member that isn’t here right now, but I love the others and really want to hang out with them more often. 

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💜Let’s Practice Korean!💜

✨Hey everyone!✨ 안녕하세요! ✨

So I started learning Korean about a month ago using Talk To Me In Korean (which if you are thinking about learning after having become a Kpop fan, a K-Drama fan, have Korean friends you’d like to converse with, are traveling to Korea some time soon, or maybe just because you find it a beautiful language, or a combination of any of those *takes a breath* I HIGHLY recommend TTMIK! No matter your level; beginner to pro. They’re wonderful teachers, BRUH ITS FREE!)

I LOVE the Korean language (Hangul) -oof look at me , YAS Queen- *coughs* BUT! I would really like people to study with, both fluent and not so that I can and you can get in some practice!

If there is anyone interested in learning with me or helping me learn or would like help learning how to speak Korean, shoot me a message! Maybe we can like create a Discord or send emails or Skype even. I’m up for anything. Let’s speak Korean! 😍

✨BONUS✨:I’m a huge BTS fan. We can always talk about that as well so any Army that haven’t started or have already started or are proficient that would like to join me, let me know! As well as any other Kpop groups you’d like to talk about 💜

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Hey studyblr friends <3 

We are all back at school/college/university now right? So why don’t we help each other and meet some new friends with the same study values!

I’m going to make a group chat on Telegram so message me + reblog/like if you are interested and I shall add you! Dont be shy, we are all kind and friendly i promise xo

So let’s help each other and grow together, a place to vent, share study tips and schedules! Tysm have a fab day my loves! (pls reblog!)

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Study Cafe Discord ☕️

Hey everyone! @procrastinatae and i have set up a study based discord and all students are welcome to join!

in the discord we’ve got hogwarts houses (compete each week to see which house is the best at studying), subject-based chats, a forest study session channel, a study buddy channel, a chill study music channel, ect.

we hope it can help offer a close study group atmosphere that will help motivate you with your studies.

heres the link to join:

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Study group on Todait

If anyone wants to join my study group & has a todait account: Let’s study together in [🌸 fresh start 🌟]!

You can join via the link below :)


We’ll be waiting!


(The app is available on both android and iOS)

You don’t have to be studying a specific subject or anything, anyone who needs a study buddy is welcome.💕

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I’ve started learning Spanish on Duolingo, you know that murderous owl app. Anyone else learning the same language, or maybe native speakers, who would like to team up to help strengthen our knowledge of the language? Let me know.

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