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#study motivation

I had a very productive study period working on my new French work. I’m really enjoying this topic about music.

We had a talk about applying to Oxbridge today and I am genuinely considering applying. I’m going to do more research into their music courses because I’ve been told that it’s fundamental you pick a course that excites you, you will love whichever university you go to. So, I’m trying to keep that in mind.

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I literally spent hours with this accounting homework only to get MAXIMUM 1 POINT. For 25 tasks. I think my teacher has some serious problems.🤬

Now it’s time to finish my history notes, then I do my economics hw, so when I’m done with all these things I have the whole weekend to just chill.

Do you have teachers with a stupid rating system too?

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02.27.2020 // I got soaked coming home from my microbio lab (last one! it’s officially plant time now) this afternoon, def missing the reading week vibes of studying in the sun near the wood stove. I have four tests next week and so much prep, so little time. today alone I’ve submitted an assignment, caught up on notes for two classes, and written four quizzes, and I’m still a lil (a lot) behind, so it’s a yikes from me on that front.

but! I got into a summer field course so that’s super exciting! acceptance emails went out like three weeks late and there was a ton of back and forth, but I’m registered now so it’s all good ✌🏼

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