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I AM BORED: 심심하다 Vs 지루하다 Vs 지겹다

I think most of you learn 심심하다 to say ‘bored’ or 'boring’, right? But I learned 지루하다 first, so I got confused whenever anyone asked me “언니, 심심해요?”…. And then I just learned there’s 지겹다! (Mind blown). So here’s the subtle difference (it’s actually very easy)


심심하다: to be bored due to a lack of activities, stimulus, etc. AKA 'I’m bored because I have nothing to do’ (me right now)

  • 나는 너무 심심해요 - I’m so bored (because I have nothing to do)
  • 심심해 죽겠어요 - I’m bored to death


지루하다: to be bored because of an activity that is not fun

  • 나는 지금 내 방을 청소하는 것이 지루해요 - I’m bored of cleaning my room now
  • 나는 쇼핑하는 것이 지루해요 - I’m bored of going shopping


지겹다: to be bored because of a repetitive activity***

나는 이 일을 하는 것이 지겨워요 - I’m bored of doing this work

나는 너의 불평을 듣는 것이 지겨워요 - I’m tired of listening to your complaining


Easy right?

*** NB: You wouldn’t really use 지루하다 to say, 'this movie is boring’ because it’s used more when you want to say you find something boring - you should use 재미없다 instead


Originally posted by corredordelaberintos

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🗒️🌿 : 7/100 days of productivity


-it’s been a whole week! i’m so happy even if i didn’t achieve anything that great, better than nothing. i stayed up late after work to work on this japanese assignment and the deadline is in a few hours but it’s mainly talking about your aspirations in life so i find it pretty inspiring. hopefully i can finish it well!

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24.02.2020 | going dark mode, class notes edition

finally, not a bunch of rewritten/summarized notes for once lol. it does work with other classes but history of art and architecture ain’t one of them.

the jesus fandom sure has a lot of fanarts and fanmade goods.

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The only way I could get myself to study at the end of term was a bribe with coffee and honestly I’m okay with that- it’s the start of a 6 week term now and I’ve been using the hell out of Notion to study for Mays exams!💕

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So i just came back home after being done with my chemisrty practical. Honestly i fricked it up real bad. I messed up a PRACTICAL ffs. How much more hopeless can i get lmao.

Anyways, wallowing about that isnt gonna hep now, i should’ve utilised my time properly.

Ill be taking a nap till 4 to replenish on the lost sleep. And rhen ill be getting back to studyin gin full force. This time for sure.

Physics is supposed to be tougher than chemistry so im worried and i really would love to rather study but in all honestly i know i will pass out of a bad headache and the passing out will waste unexpected amoints of time and i cant have that considering ive got a lot to learn and memorise for physics.

So yea. I’ll be off to nap now.

OH and!!!!! What do yall do to pick yourself up from a downfall in a short amout of time? Or even long term, honestly anything would help

Also what memorizing techniques do you use??

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Day 19 of 100 days of productivity


REALLY productive day today

  • Went out and bought some necessities for myself, it felt good to get out of the house and get some basics
  • BOUGHT FLOWERS! I hoping to make my study space more lively as the year goes on.
  • Finished an assignment for my English class and one for my AP world history class, I’m feeling very satisfied with myself
  • Day 23 of my Dulingo streak
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