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Day 26/100 days of productivity


  • Completed and marked a physics past paper
  • Finished my Spanish oral presentation and emailed it in
  • Wrote my drama essay
  • Finished my maths past paper
  • Read through and edited my script

I’m so tired 😭 still, I’ve done everything I needed to and I still have 2 hours to spare so I can get on with some extra revision 💕✨

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♡ 2/19/2020 ♡

It’s only Wednesday and this week has been the toughest so far. I’m struggling, but it’s ok. I’m 6 weeks into the semester and I think the days are telling me there’s not enough time in them to get everything I need done. I’m getting there, though.

Also, wish me luck on this anatomy exam I have today. I’m going to need it.

🎶 slow dancing in the dark, joji

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02.10.2020 | Research Capstone

I have beennoverly stressed in school until today. It’s been a hectic start of the year and I can’t wait to finish my this school year.

I still have plenty of things to accomplish before graduation and it’s literally took so much of my personal time, but honestly, I still find time to read that book up there.

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Article review number one is submitted and done =) 

I sent my advisor a half finished draft earlier in the week to make sure I was on the right track and she seemed thoroughly pleased with it so I’m fairly confident I will receive a good grade. Next up is finding an appropriate book for the book review due in April. I’m having a bit of a struggle because books are not typically peer reviewed research.. at least not for this topic. 

What are you guys working on this semester?

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