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#study tips

Originally posted by kicikicimrau

The realm of your oblivious existence is exasperating

But I would still trudge along no matter how wearing this voyage would be.

If i get lost on these recherché paths or if i fall into my trepidations

Would you come looking for me?

If i run out of breath and get caught in my delusions

Would breathe into me your affection and set me free?


(This gif inspired this poem, i am not great at writing but it’s very therapeutic to me.)

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Hello lovelies,

Now that Midterms are nearly here and Finals is just the next step, here are some study tips to remember:

1. Focus on what you struggle on and not what you excel at

Focusing on what you’re struggling on helps save study time and decreases stress.

Once again, study what you don’t know.

Review what you do.

2. Use flashcards

Using flashcards can help you remember the information better (especially if you’re a kinesthetic learner!)

3. Make your own study guides

Stop asking your teachers or professors for study guides and make them yourself! Doing this will help you retain and understand the material better! If your teacher does give you a study guide, then fill it out and highlight what you struggled with.

4. Attend the review sessions or tutoring

These sessions can help provide you with extra information about the exams and what could be on the exam. Take advantage of the resources given to you!

5. Create a study schedule

Make a schedule for your homework, tests, quizzes, what you study and when. This helps clean out the clutter in your head and gives you some peace of mind. BUT, you MUST follow this schedule! DONT PROCRASTINATE!

6. Handle your time thieves!

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Those friends who always want to hang out or go and grab a ‘quick’ snack. You only need to say one word to them: “no”. These time thieves will steal away your precious study time. Prioritize your study time!

7. Be Kind To Yourself!

Reward yourself when you get a chapter or assignment done. Give yourself a treat or take a breath and relax for a moment. You have to remember that your mental health is important too.

8. Take Breaks

You’re Human. You need to take breaks or you’ll push yourself too hard and end up collapsing. After you’ve studied for a while, take a break. You have to balance your study time so that you can recharge.

I hope these help and Good Luck on your exams and tests!

Feel free to add more below 👇👇👇

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I hope this gives you ideas on how to tackle your own classes. I might do something like this each semester or when I take a class that makes me develop a new study strategy. It took me a few weeks to find out what kind of studying would work for each class, but now I’ve found the tactics that work for me. Let me know what works for you!

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Holaaaa, ha sido un largo tiempo,mi estado de ánimo no ha sido muy bueno a decir verdad, estos días me he estado sintiendo triste, no por la carrera sino por cosas personales que han repercutido en mi desempeño, tengo que tomar el balance ahora que todavía no entro a exámenes así que este fin de semana me pondré a estudiar bastante para no atrasarme.

En otras noticias, algo que me relaja/disfruto/anima es hacer mis “apuntes bonitos” y SI,en mi salón yo soy “la morra de los plumones” jajaja que por cierto ya se me están acabando mis plumones y ando sufriendo, la buena noticia es que el sábado iré a comprar, quisieran que les hiciera un post de todo lo que compre? Den le corazoncito si es así ❤xoxo

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Journal entry- “our lives” 

Coming from a strict Christian family, I learned that telling the truth would bring a better connection to the people around you but ultimately with the Lord. Now that I am a uni student, and I am very conscious of the words that I say and the way I act in a professional setting. I know that I have different personalities for a particular type of group that I am in. People mistake different personalities as being fake, not genuine, or even a liar. We are all actors in this television show called “Our Lives” and acting differently than your normal personality is common, but some people do not get that. We live different personas when we are at work, home, and even hanging out with friends. You wouldn’t use the same vocabulary with your boss as you would do with your close friends. Some people are really genuine that they actually do. I am not one of them. Having multiple personalities (not the disorder) can come with lies. For example, at work, my boss asked if I liked sports, and I know that the super bowl is next week (it is not). Therefore, I am assuming he is going to invite me to their party so we can bond over sports. I am personally not a sports fan, I never played a sport, let alone watch it, but I said “yes.” I lied. I lied not to hurt or deceive others in a harmful way, I lied to benefit myself. Some would argue that it is selfish to do that and would hurt the other side when the time comes. In my perspective, I am using my masculine personality so I can have a better connection with my peers at work. In all honesty, I am actually an introvert when I am around my family, but when with others at school/work/socializing, I am an extrovert. I am not sorry if I do not live the “honest” life, but to be blunt, that is just one of my personalities. 

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I’ve been gone for awhile y’all may have noticed. If not, then I’ve been gone for awhile. My life has been very hectic with family and school. I had a mental breakdown yesterday during my break before my other classes. Everything bottled up and it made me expode in tears. I’ve been behind on lots of things in life. Taking meds (which im getting back on slowly), homework, notes, my life in general. What I’m trying to say is that life is terrible. Sometimes it’s not, but it is at the sametime. If you want to cry and breakdown, do it. No one will judge you…well okay maybe some but still. People don’t know what goes on in your mind emotionally and mentally just physically. All you have to do is breath and breath. Cry if you need to, breath once you get yourself together after the breakdown. You got this! I believe in you!

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