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I think I read a post somewhere that said something like “how is it only february but also february already” and that pretty sums up my current mood I think

Anyway bujo pics + an old pic I found from my school trip to Portugal

🎧 The Aces - Volcanic Love

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Snagged these two inserts for my notebook at Michael’s yesterday and I am in love 😭

Both are from Happy Planner and fit perfectly inside my TUL discbound notebook 📒🥰

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tuesday 3 december

today i wrote my reflection paper on the communist manifesto and explained why marx&engels cherish caputalism in the beginning of the manifesto. the more time passes and i learn about marx, the more it grows into my way of thinking, even if he was always one of my favorite thinkers. this year we studied him in three modules so i have fresh perspectives on his work.

i also did the reading for linguistic anthro and it eas so interesting and illuminating! now i’m on my way to catch a flight to london. i want to see the british museum exhibition on troy. can’t wait!

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October 5, 2019

Strategic Management + a new string of pearls!

I’m still working hard on balancing my time with school, work and life. It’s definitely a challenge + I work hard at it everyday.

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Well, recently this baby idea appeared in my mind: why don’t I create a yt channel when I would upload “study with me” videos? 

Because, Idk if I have ever mentioned it, but I’m in love with yt channels such as suzlnne, TheStrive Studies, EJ_Study With Me and a lot more… They always give me soo much motivation when it comes to studying. Also, my school ending exams start in a month. That’s why I thought it would be nice if you could study with me and I could study with you (kinda like). 

So my question to you is:

Would you like to study with me? 

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Adding another entry into my journal. I haven’t finished my requirements and even studied this weekend! I was too busy reading books to lift up my soul but it seems that my priorities had jumped off somewhere, out of my head and just came back lol. I hope I can do all of these within the remaining time of this day.

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