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We’re +5,000 already! Thank y'all for the supporting and lovely comments ♥️ Today, I wanted to give you a very important advice if you have a studyblr/studygram: don’t write all your notes by hand!!! I know they look more beautiful like this, but sometimes it’s better to use a laptop instead because it is way faster! Your grades are more important than posting a beautiful picture, have that in mind 🙆🏻‍♀️

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Day 19 of 100 days of productivity


REALLY productive day today

  • Went out and bought some necessities for myself, it felt good to get out of the house and get some basics
  • BOUGHT FLOWERS! I hoping to make my study space more lively as the year goes on.
  • Finished an assignment for my English class and one for my AP world history class, I’m feeling very satisfied with myself
  • Day 23 of my Dulingo streak
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Just uploaded another study with me video 💕 it would mean a lot if you guys would check it out.🥺🌹

One of my goals this year was to start a YouTube channel and be consistent. I already uploaded THREE videos in one month so I’m suprised at myself too. Please support me and this unlikely but maybe likely dream 💌


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23.02.2020 [day 3/100]

Overslept and feeling a little tired and very poorly. A resident I was looking after yesterday was being sick so maybe I’ve caught it myself.

Giving myself an easy task this morning with coffee and a book.

  • Read the childhood experiences part of Myra hindley ✓
  • Read the dissertation for references
  • Read cycle of violence paper ✓
  • Maybe try some writing ✓ (kinda but getting even more confused)
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I faced the problem of lack of inspiration

I have not kept beautiful notes for several months

I felt that I did little for my studies. I did not spend enough time studying

so my new semester started 2 weeks ago and I want to spend it as productively as possible 🤞🏼

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I’m in 2nd year and this semester, the core module helps us to start our thesis. So for the next week, I already have to hand in an annotated bibliography of ten readings that might be useful for my topic. I thought about my topic for three months now, and finally starting to read on it simply blew my mind. I feel an overall joy, a sense of fulfilment because I get to find all these amazing things on a topic that makes me so happy. My topic is on food culture and material culture and this summer I will do fieldwork in Romania. I am so excited when I read and take notes that I sometimes feel my chest is vibrating.

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Map of the Soul: 7

I got version 1 randomly and I’m so happy because this one was my fav and I also got the photocard of Tae (my bias) 😭 Have you listened to it? Tell me your thoughts and what’s your favourite song 🎶

Instagram: whoislales

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Hi guys~大家好~

I wanted to make this post before starting to post everything about my course and stuff.

Where do I study?

I’m currently a undergraduate student at UIBE (对外境贸易大学)in Beijing, China. I just want to say, I’m currently in France (my homecountry) due to the whole CoronaVirus mess, as the university is basically closed. So, don’t worry about me, I’m safe and also for the first time in my entire life I will be having online class, excited but also stressed.

What’s my major?

Even though many people think Chinese is my major, my major is actually International Business. All of my classes (or most) are in Chinese so yeah, I still have Chinese classes to be able to understand.

What is your year?

I’m a 3rd year student, I did two years in France and it’s my first year in China. If you want to know more about my Double Diploma and schools, feel free to ask.

When did you start learning Chinese and what it your level?

I started to learn Chinese in sept. 2017 so about two and a half years ago. The last HSK (Chinese language exam) I took was the HSK4 in June 2019 and my score was 246/300, I’m currently working on my HSK5.

What will you post?

I’m going to post study notes (most in Chinese obviously), study tips mostly on how to study a language since I’m a polyglot (6 languages) and probably other random stuff. Maybe help you learn French or Chinese since I know it’s not easy.

What languages do you speak?

I have two native languages: French and Portuguese. I also speak English fluently. My Spanish level and Chinese level are advanced and my Korean is intermediate.

When will your new semester start?

Next week so be ready for some posts!!

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February 2020 // I’m doing an anthro module called Povery&Development and it gives me so many answers to questions I had all the time growing up. Questions around page these little observations and questions that I am so carried away by. What makes it funny is that all my colleagues complain of how boring this module is and they constantly doze off. School is amazing because it exposes us to things that make us click. That help people discover that they are into horses, death, Papua New Guinea, or wood. It’s a magical quest.

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