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#studyblr challenge

100 days of productivity - day 3

I was out most of the day but finally got around to skimming through some info about Hypatia, which I’ve had sitting as ‘to read’ in my browser for a good few weeks now because I went down the rabbit hole when looking at stuff about the Library of Alexandria and ended up there.

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100 days of productivity - day 2

Spent most of the day out but managed to make all the “thank you” cards for the committee today, and even a bookmark with the leftover paint! I’ve now cut it in two so my friend and I can have a matching one… now I have more excuses to get physical books even though they’re highly impractical when moving.

…worth it!

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As someone with potential self-discipline and motivation issues, I find the task of the “100 Days of Productivity” challenge quite daunting, so I wanted to create something that would not only work for me (and people like me), but make me feel good about studying/learning new things/being productive. Hence:

The “10 Weeks of Productivity” challenge!

With the way my college -and usual weekly- timetable works, I often can’t find time to be “productive” outside of lessons towards the end of the week, and especially into the weekend - so this challenge doesn’t require 100 straight days of productivity, but instead productivity for 4+ days of the week, for 10 weeks in a row. This will hopefully help bolster my motivation to get on top of my college work, and help me to sort my life out a bit.

If you’d like to join in, please feel free! I’ll be using the #10-weeks-of-productivity tag when I post, so it’s easy to find :)

Productivity can be defined in any way you want it to be - for me, it’s sitting down at the dining table and completing a task, or an essay, or a set of notes on a topic for college, because that’s how college has conditioned me to think of productivity. However, it could be anything! Watching a TV show/film in a target language, going to the gym, getting groceries, catching up with a friend, even just achieving your daily goal on Duolingo - if it gives you a sense of accomplishment, then almost anything can be productive.

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and it could potentially be used as a stepping stone to the 100 Days of Productivity challenge, but we’ll have to see how well this goes for now before we leap on ahead to that. I’d love to be more productive throughout the week, and feel like I’ve achieved something at the end of each week when I look back, and this is a great way to start.

So, starting tomorrow, Wednesday 5th February 2020, I will be productive for 10 weeks! And yes, you can hold me to that! (please do)

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100 Days of Productivity: 71/100

I fainted on Friday and spent Saturday trying to recover/not fall into a spiral of depression or anxiety over it. Sometimes I feel like I HAVE to be doing something productive at all times, and if I take time to relax or chill for one day I’m doing something wrong. I think it’s because I know it’s easy for me to just fall into a pattern of not doing anything every day, and before I know it–BAM, semester is almost over and I haven’t done jack shit for assignments or gone into class for a full week. But that hypervigilance makes me feel ashamed for just relaxing sometimes, and it’s annoying.

Today, I took some notes for Aging and Development and studied Russian via Duolingo and Drops. Apart from that, I’m gonna clean my dorm and maybe write a little bit 😅

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31.01.20 | and the challenge came to an end

Alright we all know I didn’t make this post on the 31st of January but around the end February 1st but let’s just not make a big deal out of it.

Say goodbye to the challenge and semi-consistent posting and say hello to the picture from a few days ago when I kind-of tried to study mechanics.

Thank you @stu-dna for putting together another monthly challenge! I hope to see more of them in the future ❤️

It’s time for the last prompt!

reflect on how it went and what could have gone better. have you improved anything about yourself this month?

Well I’ve definitely improved on my… who am I trying to fool? I’m still the same binge-eating, lazy and definitely not working mess I’ve been when I started the challenge. I’m still barely passing my classes.

All I could’ve kind-of keep up with was the studyblr challenge that I still had to catch up on like five times in four weeks 😅

I keep getting distracted, doing something else, lying in bed all day doing nothing or I comfort myself with food to a point where I feel like throwing up.

But I think I’ve realised a few things about myself and I have a vague idea of what to do to help me with all the shitty things I get myself into.

And with that, see you all on a non-challenge post sometime in the future!

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skis on snow

27-29.01.20 | still doing the January challenge

I passed algebra this semester which is super cool because now I can focus on my other courses for the exam session. And algebra with this professor was very hard for me so I’m really relieved right now!

study in groups or study alone?

I’ve never actually studied in a group but I just suck at working with people so alone is better.

do you like the cold? what are your favourite winter activities?

I kinda like it. At least I prefer winter over summer - I mean when it’s too cold I can always wear a warmer jacket (even if they’re not exactly comfortable) or wrap myself up in a blanket but when it’s too hot its not like I can take my skin off to feel cooler.

My favourite winter activity is definitely skiing, teaching people how to ski and drinking hot cocoa in the evening while being a blanket burrito with a cat on my lap.

do you have any hobbies?

Yep! As I mentioned, I love skiing (even if the last time I did it was last year). Then there’s also drawing and doing my hair (as in bleaching it and dyeing fun colours and spending days trying to get it all right), and tbh doing other people’s hair is fun too, but unfortunately it’s just so much time and effort that I don’t get paid for and could be spent studying 😓

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january study challenge by @stu-dna

day 15/31

halfway—did you make any / have you kept up with your new years resolutions?

I didn’t have any in the first place (besides making a studyblr and whatever I had for day 1), so…? Kinda? Haven’t really been keeping up with anything in particular

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27 january 2020

@stu-dna‘s january study challenge

day 27: study in groups or study alone?

study alone! i don’t like the distraction of having people around me. if i do have questions while studying, i’ll just text one of my friends. i think it’s more efficient than having a group of people to study with and just losing focus on the task at hand 👌🏻

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picture of a girl from a digital coloring book

25.01.20 | day twenty-five of January challenge

I couldn’t find a study-related photo for today so I decided to just share the picture I’ve coloured in the Pigment colouring book app.

what’s your go-to study method? are there cases in which you wouldn’t use it?

When I try to study, I usually focus on solving problems because that’s the best way for me to understand physics and math. I need a hands-on experience and I’m not good with dry theory - that’s why I hate my algebra class this year, because the professor’s focus is on theory and proofs and all the abstract stuff. Don’t try to prove math to me, show me that it works and where I can use it!

I obviously can’t use this approach for subjects like history where it’s all just a huge info-dump with all those unmemorisable names and dates. I sucked at history in school because even if I could tell what happened why and how it ended, it didn’t matter because I needed to know who did what when for a test.

I also can’t use it for our Introduction to Astronomy class, because even though it’s super fun and I love the lectures with that professor, it’s still an info-dump kind of thing as it’s the whole history of astronomy and basic definitions and classifications (and that’s a lot) squeezed into a one semester course.

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january study challenge—days 23, 24, & 25

had a very busy week so here are the past few days of the study challenge!

if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

oooh it would have to be a tour of Norway+Sweden

I’d love to drive myself across the coasts and through cities / towns just taking in the scenery and trying good food

what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or a messy space?

ideally? nothing. currently? so many things.

I definitely function best in a clean environment but you wouldn’t believe that with the state I keep my room in ;)

what’s your go-to study method? are there cases in which you wouldn’t use it?

write summaries / note sheets for each chapter then write flashcards on them.

if I’m low on time I would just do flashcards, but in doing that I definitely don’t learn the material to the depth I would want

also with maths- and physics-based exams I mostly use practice sheets and old exams to learn because practicing what I need to do helps me a ton

ft. molecular biology practical & gel electrophoresis

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messy desk picture

23-24.01.20 | days twenty-three and twenty-four of January challenge

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t dropped that yet, I usually don’t do things regularly for that long!

Exam session starts next Wednesday so it’s time to start binge-studying instead of binge-eating 😂

if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

Never realny thought about it. I guess it’d be cool if I could go skiing in other countries a few times a year. And because of the “no limitations” part, I would be the happiest person on earth if I could just hit all the music festivals I want and not have to worry about work.

what’s in your desk? do you function best in a tidy or messy space?

This picture is from a few years ago actually.

I’m not posting pictures of my current desk situation because I don’t like the idea of sharing my underwear with the world. Yep, I’ve got my computer, tablet, bullet journal, pen, hair brush and two bras on my desk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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january study challenge—day 22

do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

I use colours to distinguish between which subjects my notes are on, for example biology notes are blue, chemistry green, and mathematics orange. I’ll use that colour in highlighter to mark titles and vocab, and I’ll use a pen in that colour to add annotations or important quotes/concepts

I then use yellow highlighter to distinguish the start of new chapters on my longer notes and to highlight keywords on my flashcards

ft. studying with friends. exam season is looming.

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digital notes
digital notes

22.01.20 | day twenty-two of January challenge

Today was the last lecture with my favourite professor ever and I’m so sad 😞 Not gonna have classes with him for the next three semesters.

Also I’ve only slept for 40 minutes last night and I’m tired as hell and I’m not studying tonight but I’ll just try to get up early tomorrow and get the studying done and pass all my classes so that I can have more fun classes next semester!

Mechanics I (left) and Calculus I (right).

do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

I guess you could call it that but it’s not much of a system yet. I try to keep to one colour per subject, from my harmonica folder to notes. This term the colours got mixed up but I’ll just make sure to make it work next term.

I use the colour for exercise numbers and headlines, sometimes for side notes that are actually more important for my understanding of the subject. The main class notes are in black and additional comments and explanations in gray. It seems to be working so next term I may just try organising it a little more by putting the notes in separate columns or something - a little like the Cornell system.

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january study challenge by @stu-dna

day 11/31

~winter aesthetic~

Hot drinks, warm cookies, oversized sweaters and sweatshirts, scarfs, beanies, watching anime under a heated blanket, doggo on my lap, sitting by a fireplace…

a very cozy winter aesthetic

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year overview page in bullet journal
year overview page in bullet journal

19-21.01.20 | I’m so failing this semester

I can’t even keep up with a 31-day posting challenge so how am I supposed to keep up with all my subjects?

Enjoy this long-ass post as I’m getting ready to go to sleep at 3 am before a test and another half-nighter!

show us your planning system!

My what?

Well I have a bulled journal though I’m horrible at planning. I’ve noticed it helps me at least keep track of what happens when and being aware of a test makes me just a little more likely to study for it. And making spreads kinda helps me relax.

So for this semester I’ve got:

  • a yearly calendar just for reference
  • a semester page where I have all my subjects listed with their ECTS values and amount of class hours. and (now empty) space to put in grades. There’s also a list of important dates - exam season, holidays and actual exam dates for subjects that have exams
  • then there’s a schedule which I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted here. It’s pretty simple with a separate colour for each class, times, places, type
  • and subject pages, each has the syllabus glued onto the page, professors’ contact info, grading rules, exam and test dates and grades I got along the way
  • after that I make monthly calendar starting the first month of the semester. I put there all my due dates, holidays and private plans like concerts.
  • then for each month I make a weekly spread where I may or may not put more detailed to-do lists for each day
  • that continues until Christmas when I’ve made a separate page with the things I’d like to do over the holidays and also stuff I needed to catch up on before coming back to school. Obviously I’ve done most of the fun stuff and none of the catching-up stuff, and the page itself was more of a fun thing itself than actual planning
  • the calendar changed in January because I cut it off at 28th to make a separate one for the whole exam session which is last days of January and almost all of February. I don’t know if I’ll make a weekly spread for the session yet, right now I’m trying really hard to pass my classes and get allowed to take exams
favourite hot drink? recipe pls ;)

Tea. Or cocoa. I guess for the first one you can pretty much just throw a bag of tea into a cup of water a little cooler than boiling and wait a few minutes, for cocoa all you have to do is warm some milk and mix it with however much cocoa you like, maybe add some sugar if it’s unsweetened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

can you play any instruments? how long have you been playing?

Nope. I’be tried guitar a few times but I can’t count to six so I’ve never made it to playing a song successfully. Maybe I’ll try taking bass guitar someday, as I really love its sound and the number of strings matches the number of pingers used for playing.

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cat in blankets
cat in blankets

14-15.01.20 | catching up again

show us how you keep cosy in the cold months!

So here’s the cat picture and the tablet picture - when it’s cold I like to wrap up in a warm blanket, and study in bed with my kitty and a mug of tea or cocoa. Unfortunately not very possible in a dorm room, no cats allowed and a tiny bed.

halfway - did you make any/have you kept up with your new year’s resolutions?

I vaguely remember deciding not to buy sweets for as long as possible, and I haven’t bought any yet. There may have also been something about passing my classes and we’lol find out about that in February.

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100 Days of Productivity: 70/100

On Friday, we learned some words related to booking a hotel in Russian. I decided to add some of the vocabulary from the handout into my notebook, and I also made a Quizlet set too! We’re supposed to talk about our hobbies and entertainment on Monday, so I started to review how to talk about that today.

I also took my first US history quiz, and considering I wasn’t able to get the textbook and had to study with just my lecture notes, I think I did pretty well (I got an 83)!

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