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This weekend has been good surprisingly. I went out to see an art museum with an old friend. Went thrifting by myself and bought 2 silk blouses and a beautiful copy of Persuasion.

Now sadly the crushing thought of going back to a miserable prison school today has ruined the previous joy. Let me sit in the small cafe, read my books and listen to Lacrimosa.

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100 days of productivity [plan]

new semester new plan 

the third semester of Master of Environment

Subjects I’m taking this semester :

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design 
  • Interdisciplinarity and Environment 
  • Adapting to Climate Change 
  • Analytical Methods 
  • Development Project Management & Design

As the last lecture finishes at 28 May 2020 for this semester, I’m attempting to challenge 100 days of productivity this time (again)! 


Originally posted by danks-gif

for my morale and responsibility, I’ll try to record 100 days of my workload

some ground rules 

  • record everyday and reflect
  • complete required reading before lecture 
  • even when packed with assignment still not lose focus on lecture materials so that I could actually learn something 
  • be nice to everyone still !!!! 

gd luck everyone and myself 

19 Feb 2020

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February 4th.//07/100//.

Things I accomplished today:

- chapter 2 lecture slides of arthropology

- chapter 1 of linguistics

- treated myself and bought another turtle neck (because apparently I think I need more)

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February 3rd.//06/100//. I truely think the ironic thing about loneliness is that we all universally feel it as a collective but seperatly. It’s a spectrum. One one side we have loneliness and the other is solitude. I feel like the entire human experience and journey is trying to bridge this gap or to at least just try to find the middle ground. On your worst days you can be extremely skewed to loneliness and feeling so completely lonely and unfulfilled. On the opposite side we can feel alone but fully there and present.

I personally think the biggest difference is that you can be in a crowd of people and still feel completely alone. On the opposite, you can be alone but not actually feel lonely at all.

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It’s weird how I learn more about myself as I learn about sociology. All the things I do wrong as a person are told here. I care about too many people’s perceptions of me. 

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Writing crappy semi-poetry (in a christian notebook from a bi friend before they learned they were bi) about how I wanted to kiss one of my closest female friends (who’s bi) when I was driving her home after a live show (drag show) we saw together. Now if that isnt peak suffering wlw I dont know what is

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