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I literally spent hours with this accounting homework only to get MAXIMUM 1 POINT. For 25 tasks. I think my teacher has some serious problems.🤬

Now it’s time to finish my history notes, then I do my economics hw, so when I’m done with all these things I have the whole weekend to just chill.

Do you have teachers with a stupid rating system too?

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Holaaaa, ha sido un largo tiempo,mi estado de ánimo no ha sido muy bueno a decir verdad, estos días me he estado sintiendo triste, no por la carrera sino por cosas personales que han repercutido en mi desempeño, tengo que tomar el balance ahora que todavía no entro a exámenes así que este fin de semana me pondré a estudiar bastante para no atrasarme.

En otras noticias, algo que me relaja/disfruto/anima es hacer mis “apuntes bonitos” y SI,en mi salón yo soy “la morra de los plumones” jajaja que por cierto ya se me están acabando mis plumones y ando sufriendo, la buena noticia es que el sábado iré a comprar, quisieran que les hiciera un post de todo lo que compre? Den le corazoncito si es así ❤xoxo

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26. 02. 2020

Half way through my exam and idk, I’m not really stressed…. which might be good but I feel like I studied more the week before my exams that now I’ve in a way given up and going with the flow….does that make sense? Probably not .

- Sara

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i felt really confident throughout the whole day. i stepped out of my house wearing eyeliner, my pretty beginner made eyeliner, for the first time ever, as i had never dare to show it to the world before. i didn’t even feel scared. i was expecting that, at least. but i was okay with it. my outfit also made me feel comfortable so nothing seemed like a problem at all. it was very nice to feel that way about myself.

however, i felt impatient the whole day. all i wanted was for classes to be over as soon as possible.

the day went by as fast as ever but, funny enough, as slow as hell, at the same time.

i arrived home pretty tired and i have no energy to review what i learned today let alone this week. i think i’ll just crash into bed and cover everything in the morning.



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