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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Just had a look at my follower count- thanks so much you guys! Never thought it’d pick up this much, I am genuinely over the moon. Here’s some shitty late night desk shots to celebrate. 😄

Struggled through my two deadlines, over the word count for both but at least they’re done and dusted. 2 of my seminars are cancelled this week, but it’s still a busy one because of admin for my project and also leading my first seminar! Looking forward to getting the ball rolling. I’ve also been researching Irish communities in North America for my essay on subcultures and I’m really?? Enjoying myself?? The sources are so rich and interesting?? Also hit the gym for two hours today. Felt good after quite a long time out. Here’s to a great one where you are!

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「  𝟐𝟒𝟎𝟐𝟐𝟎  」

stuff for me to do this week

  • mon: 4h of physics
  • tue: apply for jobs
  • wed: write an essay about media and technology
  • thu: write an essay about safety or smth idk
  • fri: do the rest of the math exercises
  • sat: revise the rules for analysing a poem/short story

bonus! here’s pics of bono stealing my laptop to watch youtube videos. laughed at him for solid five minutes, the posture is just too great 🐪

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If you ever come to Munich then don’t forget to visit the second hand bookstore called ”The Munich Readery”. This place is heaven: when you come in, the owner’s dog, Emma, will greet you enthusiastically and will lie on her back for belly scratches, you can order a cup of coffee, browse for good books, find a comfy couch and spend hours reading. This might be my favorite bookstore in the whole world.

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24.02.2020 11AM

True fact: Lo-fi music makes math practice easier.

And yep, you won’t see neat layouts here, they are just not fit for me. My desk’s only clear when I’m done working.

Fait: La musique lo-fi rend les exos de maths + faciles.

Et oui, vous ne verrez pas de layout proprette et symétrique etc de ma part, ce n’est juste pas ce que je suis. Mon bureau n’est organisé que lorsque que j’ai fini de travailler.

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