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stuff for me to do this week

  • mon: 4h of physics
  • tue: apply for jobs
  • wed: write an essay about media and technology
  • thu: write an essay about safety or smth idk
  • fri: do the rest of the math exercises
  • sat: revise the rules for analysing a poem/short story

bonus! here’s pics of bono stealing my laptop to watch youtube videos. laughed at him for solid five minutes, the posture is just too great 🐪

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Is there anyone available to speak with me in English? It can be about any topic you want!!

I just need a lot of practice.

You can see that last time I got 6.5 in speaking but I need a 7!

Hit me up if you want to talk! 😘😊

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The only way I could get myself to study at the end of term was a bribe with coffee and honestly I’m okay with that- it’s the start of a 6 week term now and I’ve been using the hell out of Notion to study for Mays exams!💕

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So i just came back home after being done with my chemisrty practical. Honestly i fricked it up real bad. I messed up a PRACTICAL ffs. How much more hopeless can i get lmao.

Anyways, wallowing about that isnt gonna hep now, i should’ve utilised my time properly.

Ill be taking a nap till 4 to replenish on the lost sleep. And rhen ill be getting back to studyin gin full force. This time for sure.

Physics is supposed to be tougher than chemistry so im worried and i really would love to rather study but in all honestly i know i will pass out of a bad headache and the passing out will waste unexpected amoints of time and i cant have that considering ive got a lot to learn and memorise for physics.

So yea. I’ll be off to nap now.

OH and!!!!! What do yall do to pick yourself up from a downfall in a short amout of time? Or even long term, honestly anything would help

Also what memorizing techniques do you use??

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Hey guys! These concepts maps have helped me learn everything I needed to know for a specific drug. Right now, we’re finishing up on drugs that affect the Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous System!

Link in bio!

🌻tag me! @vitalstudyskillss | #vitalstudyskillss

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⏰ - This evening birthed the first generation of a time table tailored to what and how I need to plan for my studies and this weekend saw Fresh Nails into the world.

🎼 - Listening to Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood ~ go ahead and cry little girl, nobody does it like you do ~

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