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| 2/26/2020 | Been trying to stay on this grind lately, hasn’t really been working out since I’ve been so tired (started a new med so that should help) but it’s whatever, I’m happy I’ve just been turning in my assignments. Today was a pretty wild day and the rest of the week is gonna be even more hectic. I had:

-musical practice (playing percussion in the pit ye ye)

-Mexican War map to do

-studying for a pre-calc test tomorrow (haven’t done too hot on the last few so we shall see how that goes)

-a psych appointment

-getting a head start on my unit 4 terms and chapter 13/14 review for APUSH

-trying to start my environmental science reading questions (and failing oops)

My brain is fried and I still have an APUSH test on Friday and musical practice the rest of the week and most likely something for stats, pray for me 🙏

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8-9-10 / 100 days of productivity

24-26 /2/2020

Hey, guys! I am back again, after three long days. A lot of things have happened.

I was able to finish the most difficult essay of my “carnival break” and it feels amazing.

Also, you can see my planner above. It was designed by a Spanish artist, Maria Hesse. I love her work!

How have you been?

P.S.: I think I will post this challenge every week, because I’m trying reduce my time online

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Only a few days left in February!! 💕 Getting through Song of Achilles has been harder than I thought it would be. As much as I want to love this book, I think I came in with too high of expectations. I was expecting better representation than there really is, BUT then again, ancient societies did tend to be incredibly misogynistic so… It could definitely be worse. I am looking forward to finishing it, though, and checking it off my list! 😊 It will make more room for Shakespeare!

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Day 1 of 100 Days of Productivity.

Some history reading. We’re reading a chapter out of Silvia Federici’s Caliban and the Witch. It has to be on of the most interesting reads I’ve ever had in regards to class, it’s hard hitting on capitalism, patriarchy, and class or race hierarchy. It’s also a reminder of why I am studying history, because this chapter is discussing lost history, history that often ignores the livlihood of women. It’s also Lent starting today, I won’t be able to attend a service physically but I will be watching a service online. I’ve decided to become a vegan for at least 40 days, with a pass for my creamer lol. I really need help finding a non-dairy creamer that doesn’t make my coffee taste like oats or nuts.

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Today I will be sharing makeup vocabulary. Pardon me if my sentences are a bit choppy, I haven’t gotten to study Chinese in months. I’m hoping to get back on track so please correct me. It will be so appreciated.


化妆品 (huà zhuāng pǐn)


粉底 (fěn dǐ) 


粉饼 (fěn bǐng)

pressed powder

唇膏/口红 (chúngāo, kǒuhóng)


修容 (xiū róng)


眼影 (yǎnyǐng)

eye shadow

眉笔 (méi bǐ)

eyebrow pencil

眼线笔 (yǎnxiàn bǐ)

 eye liner / eye pencil

睫毛膏 (jiémáo gāo) 


唇线笔 (chúnxiàn bǐ)

 lip pencil

遮瑕膏 (zhēxiá gāo)


散粉 (sǎn fěn)

loose powder

闪粉 (shǎn fěn)

shimmering powder/glitter

腮红 (sāi hóng)


What other list should I should I do? Should I add on to this and make it a mini-series? Leave a comment down below ♡

Also s/o to @anjjiu-studies she motivated to make this list and get back to studying. 谢谢你。- 佳佳

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Hey everybody! It’s Jada!

I haven’t formally posted in a while. Weeks have been extremely hard, lost a family member and classmate all in the same week. Although it was very hard, I will continue to be strong and I had a bit of self-actualization: I’m so much braver than what I thought. I managed to still do my thing and finish business.


I got a 49/50on my home assignment in dual credit. Very impressed! I have another test though but I’m gonna be ready- best believe it! I also got to print out @bobbiprintables printables. They are so cute and I will be using them.

I’ll be doing another post soon! Love you all


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This might be one of my favorite notes! These notes helped me greatly in Microbiology lab when we had to determine the microbe’s oxygen requirements! :-)

🌻tag me! @vitalstudyskillss | #vitalstudyskillss

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Feeling greatful for the place I call home.

Today I had three interviews, did lot of self care and chores to reorient myself, and then I spent my free time talking with family and friends.

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[ 25. 1. 2020 ] Tuesday

Today I wrote an essay for school. I hope i’ll get good grade. I am kind of anxious last days but i am a warrior and i can do this.

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