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this got too long to send in an ask lasdfjkdl

uwu have i ever mention how much i love and appreciate you bc i do, im so thankful i get to be in the same fandom as you and also be friends with you omg i think you’re so cool even though we talk on the reg i’m still like oh my god she’s so cool too cool uwu you’ve been nothing but kind and charming- welcoming me and everyone else to the fandom with open arms like a sappy nerd i keep the first thing i sent you in my likes sldfkjs just bc it’s so nice and encouraging and your kindness has never wavered either. you’re helpful and creative and a wonderful person to go to for goofs and serious things!!1 im so grateful you entertain all our silliness and i hope you enjoy it lol :3c i know you try your best and put as much effort in your blog and it’s story for all of us despite being in college and working oh girl we stan i didn’t proofread any of this so know if anything doesn’t make sense i just love ya


I’m not even kidding when I say this brought tears to my eyes. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am to you, Petra, and everyone else that I’ve met in this fandom.

I’m about to cry lol because I really try my hardest to be the absolute best for you guys because you don’t deserve any less. ‘Oh my gosh, these people are so cool and I admire them so much.’ I put each an everyone of you on a pedestal because I love each and everyone of you and just want you guys to feel loved and appreciated even if I’m just y’know me, ☺️

You were one of the first people who welcomed me into this fandom and you won’t believe how happy I was when we started talking regularly to each other and you let me interact with your OCs and flood your askbox and I just-

I’m rambling, I’m sorry, I meant to say thank you! I don’t mind giving you guys 150% and if guys will let me, I want to keep being here for you guys! You guys are so funny and welcoming, I just love and appreciate all of you.

Thank you so much for sending me this, Petra. You’ve made my day 😃

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Touch Starved FS

Imagine him just awkwardly asking if he can hold you or you can pet him or somethin’

Because of his flames and how sometimes his emotions have a tie in with them, he gets terrified if anyone he cares about tries to hold him or vice versa. Of course, he won’t admit it- being a Legendary and all- but he just wants to be held and mushy, cuz he just,, wants to hold people.

But, he’d learn to adjust his flames, like, turn the temperature down on them? If you get what I mean? He’d learn to cool himself down enough so that when/if he ever gets used to touching, he won’t be terrified of burning anyone.

Don’t mind me I think about this way too much

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Hi!! I was just wondering if I could get a private selca ship with Stray Kids, Itzy & Seventeen please? (Thank you in advance ^^)


Heya there. @lazyfluffball Of course you can and thank you for requesting!! Here you go, I hope you like your ships. 

In Stray Kids I ship you with … Changbin


Originally posted by changbeanie

In Itzy I ship you with … Ryujin


Originally posted by shinyunas

In Seventeen I ship you with … The8


Originally posted by xurenity

Gifs are not mine, cr to owner

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Salutations hopeful mort-!




You are the Real hopeful one. It has been a long time.

Submitted by @ask-the-ultimate-breeder


“It has been a while hasnt it, you are the Ultimate Breeder, I assume you dont remember your time as a remnant correct? Considering everyone else who was in the program does not.”

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Peach: I’m going back to the Mushroom Kingdom to do some errands. Would anyone like to come with me?

Samus: I’m in.

Pikachu, hopping on her shoulder: Pika!


They arrive in Toad Town, a town close to Peach’s castle. But there is no one around.

Samus, looking around: Uh, Peach? Where is everyone? Aren’t there supposed to be a bunch of your mushroom people here?

Pikachu: Pika…(ears flinch) ….Pi?

As she said that, a cavalcade of Toads burst from the buildings and formed a formation in front of the three. Music began playing.

Toads, singing: Welcome to Toad Town, right here in World 1! Here we have some rules let us lay them down! Don’t make waves, stay in line, and we’ll get along fine. Toad Town is a perfect place!

While Peach was enjoying the singing, Pikachu and Samus exchanged highly confused looks.

ToadsPlease keep off of the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your….

Samus: (smiles in hopes of there actually being a swear in this song since it would be funny hearing Toads swear)

Toads: ……FACE.

Samus: (frowns as her expectations have not been met)

Toads: Toad Town is. Toad Town is. Toad Town is the perfect, place! (Throws confetti and takes a picture)

Peach gives a peace sign while Samus and Pikachu are just surprised in the photo. The Toads hand them the picture and waddle away.

Peach: They do that whenever there’s a new person. Did you like it?

Samus: Uh…yeah. It was…nice. Right, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika Pika…

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     “You know, I might start worrying you make a habit of wandering around mostly naked.” Of course, it doesn’t lessen the grin on his lips, watching Clint an offering a quick raise of his brow in question.

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*falls asleep after a bit my hand is on my bump*


*I stay awake, watching the news while I wait for our food*- Louis

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You know how Shadow Weaver can use her magic to mimic other people? What if she infiltrated the Fright Zone as Entrapta? She doesn’t know Entrapta was sent to Beast Island, but she does know Hordak trusted the tinkering princess and thinks that by assuming the scientist identity she’s found a way in to spy. Hordak thinks that Entrapta came back to him and is both happy and standoffish, but realizes somethings not right with Entrapta. Like her scent is off and she doesn’t know her way around her own lab and she mostly uses her legs to move around and doesn’t use her hair to ambulate with. 

Shadow Weaver/Entrapta then says or does something that is totally not her character, like push Emily or Imp away and Hordak now knows that isn’t his scientist.

He finally corners the imposter and has his hands around her throat, and is asking questions. Then the facsimile starts laughing and morphs into Shadow Weaver and before it can disappear into thin air it tells him.

“Did you really think she’d care about a monster like you?”, but does it in Entrapta’s voice.  

And that’s what Hordak is left with.   


Okay Satan.

Etherian-Affairs Submission Addition™

he stares at the empty space that the visage of shadow Weaver occupied only moments ago.

The words boom through his mind. They break through emotional walls he had been shakily building ever since Entrapta’s betrayal.

Where his ears have exposed him to a weapon that shatters his core his eyes give focus.

If he cannot shrug off this hurt he will push through it with focus. With hatred.

Hordak marches through the Fright Zone. Grabbing soldiers along the way. As Catra sees his she calls out “Lord Hordak what’s going on.”

He growls and turns to the cat.

“Catra. I am undertaking a mission. You have the Fright Zone.”

Catra blinks in confusion. “What mission?”

He leans in “I am going to burn a path through the whispering woods. I am going to march up the steps into Castle Bright Moon. And I am going to kill Shadow Weaver.”

Before Catra can speak Hordak places a talon to her throat. “And if you give me even the slightest hint that you do not wish to see this happen I will tear off your ears and feed them to you. Do you understand Force Captain?”

Catra’s ears pin back. She hears the message. “Yes sir…”

“Good. Try not to destroy my Empire while I am gone.”

Hordak continues on his way

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