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The sacrifice didn’t reply for a moment. He seemed to be weighing something behind his eyes, his face still.Does that mean we’re friends? Because friends don’t lock each other up in dungeons.”

A kind of sadder looking Tinsley than the original doodle, had to edit it on the computer otherwise it wouldn’t be so vibrant TBH. Anyway, enjoy my attempt at the Tinsel Man, Phantom of the Sky and Sky’s big ass man baby

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Booth name: the sign outside just says ‘training practice’, but somehow it feels a bit more ominous than that…..
url: @lacobscur

booth: Fight him. Just fight Lancelot.  It’s the challenge quest for this event. Do it. Fight him. He wants you to fight him. It’s an open training field, and he’s waiting, because he’s not going to hold back and he wants to go all out. A full-on exhibition duel between one of Camelot’s former champions. The only requirements is that you actually have to be a capable challenger.

Cost: The fortitude to fight Lancelot at his full effort.

Prizes: You survive. – I mean, bragging rights? Someone might win some Crystallized Lore……….

Attempts possible: until Lancelot is tired or dead (meaning, until mun has more fight threads than he can handle so like, five people.)


“Whoever is reckless enough to fight Lancelot while he’s riled up like this.. Best of luck to you. I’m going to be keeping a table of food handy for him as well. Your application is accepted, Lancelot. I’ll have your field prepped and ready for you soon.”

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It all came crashing down shortly afterwards, of course. 

Well. Why shouldn’t it? It was hardly the type of conversation you could just drop in as lightly as you could discuss the weather outside. 

Didn’t make anything easier, though. 

“…Did you guys… even listen. To anything I said. Thought you knew me by now.” 

Her voting card turned over and over in her hand, the world’s worst stress ball as it crumpled and folded underneath her restless fingers. Idly, Bams wondered if she could rip it in half. 

(Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving- all those memories packed up in a box finally toppling off the shelf she put them on so long ago-) 

It wasn’t quite with that previous flat, empty look that Bams lifted her head again. If previous questions had cracked the dam, the most recent outburst from Moss had all but thrown a wrecking ball against it: first her teeth gritting as Moss’ words about her theories grew more and more manic, then her expression straining at the absolute understandable blowout against her character. Her free hand massaged a temple, as though her biggest worry right now could be a headache even as a couple of blinks sent the emotion streaming. No flinch in pain imagining the brutal image regarding her teeth, just… a little bit of water, really.

“…You two were in a gang together last time, you know. You and [Rookie]. If… memory serves, anyway. You act like… this is what I hoped for, though. Can’t control being put in this position. Sorry for trying for [Rookie] so hard. His… the outside connections and his situation. You see why I had to try. And I… really did mean the sympathy to it. [Orwell], too. And [Runa]… to be honest, it’s not that special. I’ve never been exactly sunshine and optimism. Even before I got involved in this mess.”

(Because it was memories blurring together and overlapping a dead Runa on a dead Runa- just enough details to not need to pause but not quite enough to stop it being uncanny-)

Scourge was next in the circle, though they weren’t afforded too much time; just a flash of an expression to match their own tired one, and a simple:

[Claire] already told you that. Forget about the mole. They’ve never been that important.”

Blink. Blink. Water streamed down her face, but she remained deadpan; unnoticing. 

Her gaze swept round to Seattle next, card folding over and over in her hand picking up the pace; teeth gritting again, but otherwise managing that steady tone. More or less.

“You’re going to call me out for not wanting to be vague when I’ve never known how to hold back a word or five? I… didn’t know that you’d definitely been given one of my old names. Is it so suspicious that I wanted to know. Right, though. That stupid painting. Surprised that thing even carried over so far, where it was. I’ll give you that, since so much effort got put into that shitshow of a building to find it. It’s me sitting down. Much better outfit than this one, honestly. Took away so much of my coverup this round. Once again I’m being picked on, huh.” 

Valerio did manage to break half of a wry smile out of Bams with ‘Grand Batman’, but it was a ghost of the usual one. Maverick, too, though it may have barely counted for freezing the attempt at a smile on her face too; buffering his takedown of her words before there came one, simple robotic statement.

(Because it was sitting down with those who’d been killed as though nothing had ever happened- trying not to superimpose the image-)

“I just wanted to help you solve this. Right here. Hello.”

So she moves on. Her gaze can’t quite complete a full smooth sweep around the circle, hurrying over from Amita to- well, she wasn’t going to make herself look up to her roommate, but something pierced: enough to freeze the constant turning of her voting card.

What… benefit would I..?” 

It was akin to a child cheering to be allowed to go buy a toy but never expecting to actually make it inside the store; a student turning to a full page question they hadn’t studied for. Bams’ mind was able to be seen going blank through her eyes, mouth gaping just a little bit at the enormity of the answer space before her- and when she did respond, her monotone had been replaced by a very ‘work in progress’ spacing of her words. 

“…I think I would just. Like the chance to be able to live as myself, now..? No pressure. No being contained. No being used. Or I… could ask for a PC fix, I guess. Maybe if Gamb can revive the dead over and over he can… defrag my hard drive, or something…”

It was a ghost of Bams’ usual kind of snarky tangent, no heart in the lame answer to Orwell’s question. Something else mercifully triggered her buffering mind instead, and she tipped her head to look over at Duck. 

“Did you think Gamb just lets you all live on merrily until we hit reset when someone wins. Gamb already hinted why we need to be put on trial way back in our first time in a room like this. If the Don isn’t voted for, they win. Everyone else loses. The Don was playing for a picked prize and looking to trash you all in the process, as… as nice as all this about ‘just trying to help’ is. You all got me cornered very neatly though, so that’s over. It’s upsetting.”

Speaking of.

…She couldn’t avoid it forever. 

“…I tried so hard to not let it be real for you.”

And there was the crack: Bams’ voice splintering in the middle of her first reply to Ana and never quite picking back up into its usual volume. 

(Because it was checking that Orwell wasn’t home before screaming into a pillow after a Valentine that promised a better one on the outside-)

“Back at the beginning. I knew your fate. I knew my fate. We’d end up here, and that was that. The Don would win, and you’d get reset. Didn’t… expect it to get so pointed, but. Rock and a hard place. I don’t know how long you’ve been here, it… it all blurs together, by a point…”

Her blinks got faster, but Bams made no effort to stop. 

“I’m sorry, [Ana]. I’m sorry you got dragged into all that grief because of- because of the mole’s fuck ups. I’m sorry I just let you talk at me so much about this when I didn’t have any choice to directly respond. When we weren’t talking about this stuff, I… I can’t say I didn’t. Get invested. This is… everything I said that wasn’t related to this place, I meant. I swear. I swear.”

The card finally slipped out of her hand as they dropped to her side in defeat, balling into fists as the image of herself gently landed face down on the table.

“…Please. You’re… you’re good at these mysteries. Apologising probably… means nothing. I get that. But… keep thinking.” 

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Applejack: You are such a bitch sometimes, you know that?

Dash: Fuck you, suck my perfect dick.

Applejack: You don’t have one, dumb ass.

Dash: *furious wife noises*

– Several Days Later –

Dash: Hey, Applejack? Come here for a second.

Applejack: What do you want now? And why does your voice sound diff— HOLY SHIT

Dash: *is a stallion now*

Applejack: The fuck did you do?!

Dash: I had gender reassignment surgery to give myself a dick.

Dash: So suck my perfect dick.

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☆About Mun☆

Mun Name: S

Age: 18+

Preferred Pronouns: he/him

Blog Where To Contact: @shors-stone

Would You Like To Join The Discord Server?: Uhh sure

☆About Muse☆

Country: Norway

Human Name: Halle Sorensen

Age: 20

Occupation: Forensic Science major

Personality: Initially cold and aloof, Halle is shy yet mischievous. He has a tendency to be snarky in as little words as physically possible. As a friend, he is much warmer and willing to ease up the teasing just a teeny bit. He’s a bit overprotective those he’s close to and is beyond loyal. Halle takes trust very seriously and hates being taken advantage of. This leads to him being surprisingly vindictive and unwilling to give second chances (in most cases). He’s incredibly difficult to read and is a bit of a hermit outside of school and being Muninn. Him being a cynical assholle 90% of the time doesn’t help this whatsoever.

Appearance: Halle stands at 6'2 with long, slim legs. He has a bit of muscle on him, but not enough to look beefy. His skin is light, but not to the extent of his half-sister Hrafna. Wavy, platinum blond hair is cut fairly short, though a large fringe partially covers one of his dark blue eyes. Fashion wise, he’s mostly casual, though sometimes he wears button-ups and slacks for some variety. He’s almost always seen with a thin, cross shaped hairpin holding up one side of his fringe.


Animal: Raven

Kwami: Raavn

Accessory: Hairpin

What Does The Miraculous Represent?: Thought

Transformation Phrase: “Raavn, take flight!”

Holder Name: Muninn

Special Power: Using his power, he has the ability to influence and manipulate the thoughts of his opponent for as long as he’s transformed.

Weapon: Dual fans

Holder Outfit Appearance: /image/

Personality as a Holder: Halle keeps his unreadability and sarcastic attitude, though he’s more talkative as Muninn. The loyalty also remains, but he’s less willing to throw himself into danger for the sake of others. Muninn is also generally more selfish than Halle, prioritizing himself above others. As long as it benefits him, of course - Muninn tends to think things through to the point of overthinking. While Halle isn’t exactly the most impulsive, takes it to a whole other level.. So while he may be more talkative, he’s also more isolated.

Who are they: Inbetweener


☆About Muse☆

Country: Nyo!Iceland

Human Name: Hrafna Sorensen-Fenrisdottir

Age: 14

Occupation: Middle school student

Personality: Like a typical middle schooler going through their edgy phase, Hrafna is moody as all hell. She can get snappy as well, though she’s more awkward and closed-off more than anything. With a tendency to fall into melancholy, as well as her short fuse, she can be hard to approach. Hrafna is almost embarrassingly easy to fluster. On top of that, she’s actually a very sweet person, it’s just that she’s literally 14 and trying to figure herself out.

Appearance: Hrafna stands at around 5′5. Horrible posture makes her look more around 5′2, however. Her hair is a pale, cool silver and fashioned into a wavy (aka bedhedded) bob. Her porcelain skin is littered with faint freckles and she has light indigo eyes. Being the definition of an e-girl fashion-wise, she dresses in mostly black and white and even gave herself a little eyebrow slit. Most clothes hang off her with ease.

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we won, captain. your death amounts to the same as your life; a zero sum.

the year is 2020 and after nearly a decade of success and acclaim, the avengers lose everything in the aftermath of the sokovian tragedy. the world cries out for the team to be held accountable for their actions, and talks are underway to discuss their fate. while heroes of every kind are being scrutinized, shield is exposed for rebuilding their ranks, along with a covered-up superhuman outbreak, whispers of hydra performing heinous experiments, and government organizations snatching up these inhumans, never to be heard from again. the world is on edge, but spinning madly on, and all these heroes can do is hope that everything they’ve done isn’t all for nothing.

#zerosumrp is an upcoming au civil war roleplay based on the marvel cinematic universe. follow our tumblr and hashtag for previews, reservation contests, and more!

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Blog URL: Arthur / @royaltyfated
Shop Name: Test your apple bobbling skills here!

An good old game that the Saber has heard, and hosting. This booth will feature 30 apples. If you get one of them, you get to keep the apple, and a prize consisting of.. a dessert, homemade by yours truly! Towels will be provided.

You will only be able to try 30 times per day. Once the apples runs out, it needs to be restocked.

RNG? How it works you ask? I am using a coin flip to determine if your muse gets the apple! Heads to get the apple, and tails to not get the apple.

Fee will be 10 QP. QP goes to Master.

Starting Prizes:

Fresh Apple pies, berry pies, peach pies, and pumpkin pie.
Fresh Pudding, consists of Vanilla, and Chocolate,
Newly Flan to cool down and give a small boost of energy since it’s made with a bit of coffee.
Cupcakes of various cream toppings.

Plates, napkins, and forks are provided.


“A nice Spring game~! Sounds like it will come with amazing desserts too. I might give it a try myself when I have the time. Your application is accepted, Arthur!”

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