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Hi thank you for my selca ship!! 💕 and omg sorry for requesting again 😥 could I please get a written ship with EXO, NCT 127, and NCT Dream? I am a 99liner, 166cm, Latina. I am described as someone who is intimidating at first but in reality am the opposite. I get it all the time and I never understand why since I can be a little shy sometimes. My friends have told me I have a RBF so I guess I can see why people would think that. My true self however is that I like to make people laugh and try to make the best of any situation. However I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I’m also described as easy going and fun to be around. I love animals especially dogs. I am a hip hop dancer and love to perform. Dancing is my biggest passion. I love music especially hip hop, rap, & reggaeton. I’m a mix between the mom friend of the group and the outgoing/adventurous one. I can be playful and love to tease my friends. I also really like to eat and travel. I love Disney and watching anime. I also really like to play video games. I can’t stand people who bully others and people who are fake. I like to be honest and helpful in any way I can. I usually like someone who doesn’t mind being taken care of since I’m a person who prefers taking care of people. But I would like them to take care of me as well. My style is usually urban street wear and if I’m lazy just anything comfortable lol. I speak English and Spanish (learning some Italian, Portuguese, and Korean). Thank you so much💕💕

Hii! and sorry for being inactive, I´ve had many tests :(

In EXO I ship you with



Originally posted by x-exo

In NCT 127 I ship you with



Originally posted by takoyakiprincenayuta

In NCT Dream I ship you with



Originally posted by haenyan

A close second is



Originally posted by tentakul

I hope you liked It!


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Narrator: Something about the Horde soldier’s vulnerability opened a door in Glimmer’s heart.

Glimmer: Nope. No, it didn’t!

Narrator: Inside, a sea of confusing emotions bubbled to the surface.

Glimmer: Nope.

Narrator: She started to imagine herself holding the taller woman and stroking her ponytail.

Glimmer: No!

Narrator: She pictured her first kiss with the Horde soldier.

Glimmer: No! That–

Narrator: They’d both giggle at how clumsy it was.

Glimmer: N–

Narrator: They know the next one will be even better.

Glimmer: I-I’m seriously not picturing that!

Narrator: But inside, she was.

Glimmer: No, I’m not!

Narrator: But she was.

Glimmer: No, I’m NOT!

Narrator: But she was.

Glimmer: NO, I’M NOT! And that’s the final word!




Narrator: But she was.

Glimmer: skdfghs—

[source: The Gunslinger – Omeleto]

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So Jeongin legitimately reminds me of a clown in this shot, he’s feeding us— 😳


*Yang Jeongin; starring as the dead inside Pennywise in IT 3*

i think he looks like a pokemon like mudkip or something

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