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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Skippy/ny here. For MM’s bday HMTQ will  give  her a signed  11/14 color pic of HMTQ from the wedding, doing her famous side eye as a remembrance. MM can hang it where ever she s living in the future. Allegedly she will end up somewhere nearby


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Have just read the article on Harry and M going to Balmoral. What a load of tosh!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 like the way it says ‘spokesman says he couldn’t possibly comment on their private diary’. (Paraphrasing a bit). Either he knows it’s not in there or they are having a laugh. Well the joke is on them.

As if there is one ounce of truth in anything she or her “sources” say…..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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So, the Penguin Miraculous. To start with, it’s a monocle, and the command phrase to transform is “Slide Out” and the cancel phrase is “Slide In.“ 

The kwami connected to this particular miraculous is Galle, the Kwami of Emotion. As a kwami, he’s generally very curious about the world around him. Spends lots of time trying to convince his holders to visit penguin habitats. Prefers fish to fuel up with. (Has been known to eat fish crackers in emergencies) 

The base power that most holders gain from the Penguin Miraculous is "March”. This power pushes people to feel a common emotion, and to band together in a group for a short period of time, during which they can be manipulated by the holder. It wears off after 2 minutes, and of course there’s also the 5 minute timer. 

(For some odd reason, many holders gravitate towards using angst as the emotion they fall back on pushing people to feel.)


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More fluff- “The Swirling Haze”

Index’s screen buzzes and flickers with a loving light. A trilling purr escapes him as he leans closer, intertwining his glowing fingers with Dory’s claws.

Dory’s eye swirls with an unfamiliar, sickly pink slight. Nonetheless, Dex can see that unfaltering spark of affection, even buried under the haze of corruption.

There’s a scowl on Dory’s face, a snarl clear in his tone as he snaps, “Get away from me.” He growls lowly, “You. Mean. Nothing to me.”

Index momentarily flinches. His screen’s light dims, and a sad chirp escapes him. “This isn’t you…” His tail sways to and fro, a warning spark jolting from the prongs of the cord.

He stares into Dory’s eyes, searching for a sign of recognition, of mercy. He feels claws dig into his wrist, his cold, blue blood starting to spill out, and he whimpers. The pained sound sends a jolt through Dorito, and Dex feels a twinge of relief as the triangle falters, regretting harming him.

(Sometimes, he realizes bitterly, it takes pain to help Dorito. For both of them, it seems.)

Dory yanks his hand away with a hiss. “Stop… I just need space…” He breathes heavily, his frame quivering. He holds his head, barely even protesting as Dex places a cool paw on his shoulder.

The Sparkyr being chirps, “Take your time… it’s alright.”

It takes several tense, horribly silent moments, for the triangle to snap out of his momentary daze. Dory shakes his head, a crooked smile working its way across his features.

He whispers, squeezing Index’s paw. “I did it again… didn’t I?”

Index hesitates, but he can’t help but nod robotically. Internally, a bitter mirth fills him at the irony.

He sighs, lifting Dory’s hand to rest against his cool screen face. Dory’s running a fever, his touch nearly burning Index, sending his mechanical sensors off the charts.

He whispers in an endless mantra, “It’s alright….” His voice shakes. “It’s alright.”


can i just


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“It’s gross how often you need to do that.”

“Well, if I don’t, the corpse starts stinking!”

She sighed. “We really need to find your actual body. I’m sick of sleeping next to a new dead person every night.”

He spluttered. “It’s not my fault someone stole my body! You were meant to watch it while I was out!”

They lapsed into silence.

“To be fair, I didnt know you could leave it.”

- submission by forgotten.nebula on instagram

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I was mistaken it wasn't Amy and Adam that investigated this place it was Nick and Katrina, do you think zak purposely chose this place as an FU to a nick saying he can do it better ?

Of course. Zak is like a Kindergarten kid in a sandbox. He will kick sand in your face WHILE DENOUNCING others that do it. -TDB

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“I am sure that once you are all healed, you will be moving around here faster than me, baby. You are never ever useless. You’re the best mother and the best girlfriend that anyone could ask for and we are all very lucky to have you,” I smile at you before beginning to eat my own breakfast. I felt Tristan’s eyes on me and I loved how calm that he was as I held him in my lap while I ate. I smile as he laid his head against my chest and I grin over at you. “I love all our children equally of course but I won’t pretend that I don’t love how attached he is to me. Just like Sabrina is a mommy’s girl,” I say. “They are so young yet but it’s so cool how they already are getting their own interests and such. I truly love being a father so much,” I admit to you.

I reached over the table and kissed you softly. “And you are a wonderful father and best boyfriend anyone could ask for,” I say as I sat back in my seat and finished my breakfast. “He just loves you so much.” I smiled at the two of you. “Every kid is always attached to one parent,” I say honestly. “I think for these guys it’ll be different because they have the both of us in their lives growing up, whereas you and I didn’t have our dads, so it was easy for us to be attached to our Mum’s but, for these guys, it can be very different as they get older.” I explained as I looked at Sabrina and ran my fingers through her hair. “I love being their mother. I remember the look on Eleanor’s face when she saw that we had two kids,” I laughed softly. “My God, that was so priceless.” I say honestly with a laugh. 


I smirk when hearing what you said to me as I sat across from you at the table. “You are free to do whatever you want to me later, handsome,” I say to you before adjusting my breasts in my lingerie since they were spilling out a bit. I wink at you before starting to eat with you. “I am eager to finish eating because I have some gifts for you after dinner,” I say with a smirk before continuing to eat more and taking a long sip of my wine.

I bite my lip hard when hearing what you said. “Shit, I’m going to cum in my pants if you keep talking like that while I’m eating.” I say honestly with a smirk. “Then let’s finish eating, because I want to know what these gifts are.” I winked at you as I kept eating. 

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