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Taylor Swift at Sundance Film Festival 2020Sundance is extremely cold in January so with that in mind, this Carmen March plaid ensemble that she paired with matching shoes and red lips looks like quite a high fashion winter style. Having said that, it is very clear that this fabric is stopping short of overwhelming her because of how heavy it is. Maybe the stylist could have left out one or two small parts just to balance things out.

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I havent been on tumblr in literally 8 years but I had to jump on to say to @taylorswift @taylornation has always captured my heart. From painting 13’s on the back of my hands for my first ever concert (Fearless tour!) To owning her entire discography now (and hell yeah I’m gonna change it up when she remasters, girl gotta own her own music!!), I’ve never loved and supported an artist more. Keep forging this path because it’s the right one. It’s only the loud minority that are the haters. Also yall I literally dont remember how to tag people I thought you just @’d them 😅

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Cover: Kobe Bryant – The shocking death of a sports legend along with 13-year-old daughter Gianna “Gigi” 


Page 3: Chatter – Brad Pitt, Tyra Banks, Taika Waititi, Adam Driver, Irina Shayk on Bradley Cooper, Leslie Jones 

Page 4: 5 Things We’re Talking About This Week – a social media challenge goes viral, Hershey’s debuts a makeup line, Bong Joon Ho learned swear words from Spike Lee, the Mean Girls musical will be a movie, Bambi is getting a live-action remake 

Page 6: Contents 


Page 8: Grammy Awards – Billie Eilish’s big night, with brother Finneas 

Page 9: Demi Lovato 

Page 10: Rosalia, Billy Porter, Lil Nas X and Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi 

Page 11: Camila Cabello and her father Alejandro, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton and Tanya Tucker and Shania Twain and Keith Urban, Chrissy Teigen, A Difficult Grammy Night – the shocking death of Kobe Bryant and an ousted CEO loomed large 

Page 12: Tyler the Creator, John Legend and Smokey Robinson, Cardi B and Offset, Nick and Joe and Kevin Jonas 

Page 13: Party Time – Jay-Z and Beyonce, Gary Clark Jr. and his pregnant wife Nicole Trunfio, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz, Aerosmith 

Page 14: StarTracks – Emma Thompson and Robert Downey Jr. at the London premiere of Dolittle, Olivia Newton-John and Michelle Pfeiffer at a G’Day Usa event in support of the Australian bushfire relief efforts 

Page 15: Drew Barrymore and Minnie Mouse at Disney World, Patrick Dempsey at the 80th Hahnenkamm races in Austria, James Marsden and girlfriend Edei and his kids Mary and William Luca at the Sonic the Hedgehog premiere 

Page 16: Stars at Sundance – Glenn Close and Alec Baldwin, Kaitlin Olson and Veena Sud and Jeffrey Katzenberg, Eva Longoria and America Ferrera, Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kerry Washington

Page 19: Taylor Swift’s hidden pain 

Page 20: Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial begins 

Page 22: Heart Monitor – Cara Santana and Jesse Metcalfe messy split, Avril Lavigne and Pete Jonas new couple, Brandon Jenner and pregnant Cayley Stoker surprise wedding, Lena Waithe and Alana Mayo it’s over 

Page 24: Blake Lively – Family is my everything

Page 27: Channing Tatum and Jessie J back on and going public after split, Catherine and Sean Lowe juggling 3 kids under 4 

Page 28: Molly Ringwald from brat packer to modern mom 

Page 31: Passages, Terry Jones passed away 

Page 33: Stories to Make You Smile – a kindergartner makes tiny clay koalas to raise money to help real ones –

Page 35: People Picks – Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer 

Page 36: Tommy, The Sinner 

Page 37: The Rhythm Section 

Page 38: The Assistant, Briarpatch, One to Watch – Party of Five’s Brandon Larracuente, Q&A – Coyote Peterson 

Page 41: Books – Q&A with royal etiquette expert Myka Meier 

Page 42: Cover Story – Kobe Bryant – a tragic death, a lasting legacy 

Page 50: Diane Keaton became a movie star and her brother’s life was stunted by mental illness and in her new memoir Diane tells the story of her beloved brother Randy 

Page 54: The Bella twins Nikki and Brie are both expecting 

Page 58: Princess Kate’s new project is honoring Holocaust survivors 

Page 60: How Schitt’s Creek – a little feel-good TV show – became a global sensation and turned its cast into the toast of Tinseltown 

Page 64: A Jehovah’s Witness cover up – survivors of sexual abuse inside the religious group speak out in a new documentary part of an investigation they hope will bring offenders to justice 

Page 67: James Taylor opens up about how he overcame personal pain to find his peace through his songs 

Page 70: The deadly coronavirus – what you need to know 

Page 73: Oscar Insider – Renee Zellweger, fourth time’s the charm for Brad Pitt

Page 74: Cynthia Erivo, double nominee Scarlett Johansson, could Parasite pull a surprise win? 

Page 76: Oscar Ballot

Page 87: Second Look – Seth Meyers and brother Josh Meyers and Jack McBrayer vs. Kevin and Nick and Joe Jonas 

Page 88: One Last Thing – Sean Hayes

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watched Miss Americana last night and let me just say it succeeded all my expectations. I know Taylor doesn’t live a normal life, but regardless I feel so blessed to have her as someone to look up to. Her bravery, confidence, honesty and kind heart are so inspiring and I’m just really frickin proud of her and how far she has come. I hope this project allows other people outside the fan base to really see the girl that we know and love 💜💜


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“I don’t care as much if like- somebody points out that I have gained weight. It’s just something that makes my life better, the fact that I’m, you know.. I’m a size 6 instead of a size double zero. I mean, that— that wasn’t…how my body was supposed to be. I just didn’t really understand that at the time. I really don’t think I knew it.

If you’re thin enough, then you don’t have that [butt] that everybody wants. But if you have enough weight on you to have a [butt], then your stomach isn’t flat enough. It’s all just impossible.”

I’m sitting here on my couch in tears because this is the exact thing I’m currently dealing with. I have been hating myself for the past year because I have “become too fat.” Needing to buy all new pants because I went from a 0-2 to a 6 in a very short amount of time really has been hard on my self-esteem. I bought a smart scale that syncs to my phone so I have constant access to the number of times I weigh myself throughout the day. All my life I’ve been told I need to eat more, that I’m skin and bones, but in the last year it stopped. Now people point out I’ve gained weight after I stopped running. It’s known I can out-eat my boyfriend. It’s been really rough and knowing that Taylor too went through something very similar…I’m trying to find peace in the situation. I’m trying to accept myself and tell myself “this makes my life better,” because somehow this helped her come to an acceptance of herself.

@netflix @taylorswift @taylornation

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ok so i am not the biggest fan of taylor swift like i like her!!! ans her songs omg!!! its just there are bigger fans than me, more dedicated, and still i cried 4 times while watching miss americana; wondering what it was like for others because i feel clean after watching it like my anxiety is cured u know

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