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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Kendini bulmanın tek yolu, tanınmadığın bir yerde yeni bir hayat kurmaktır…“ diyor PaulAuster

Oysa ki biz, hep bildiğimiz yerlerde kayboluyoruz.

The only way to find yourself is to start a new life in a place you’re not known for … "says PaulAuster However, we are always lost in places we know.

Good evening


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You are the eternal universe experiencing itself💫

Maybe you can’t find the answers to all your questions in this visible world outside, but they are laying inside you. You can listen to the inner voice and it will lead you to the most amazing and beautiful things you can event.🌸

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Last night I told the friend with whom I had spent the day that I was kicking them out at 8pm so that neither of us had a late night, and that it was 7pm at present, and they looked out the window at the still-strong daylight and spent a good moment having that summer WTF thing about the light.  It’s their first summer since moving to Seattle after a lifetime in the Southeast and our long-lit summer nights have been messing with them.

I’m here to say that on July 18th, Seattle sunset is at 9pm sharp, and will be occurring before 9pm starting on July 19th.  Three seconds of daylight per day will be lost until we hit the nadir in December.

At winter solstice, our sunset is at 4:20pm.  No fooling.

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