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Non c’è mai stato nulla. Non ci siamo baciati, non siamo andati a letto.

Mi bastavano quei rari contatti. Un abbraccio, un bacio sul collo, un morso sul collo, una carezza sul fianco. Le mie mani tra i tuoi ricci biondi. Mi bastava.

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This was actually written in only 5 minutes. I feel like most poetry is. That is, of course, if this even is poetry. Once you get in that feeling and everything zones out it becomes so simple. I like to just fade off into positive thoughts. My first thoughts are always the topics. I think it is because I had roses on my mind. And trust me, I need the heat back ASAP. I like stories of development. Growth. There is different factors to an individuals growth but they all depend on how you use them. Good or bad. Always a choice.

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Led Zeppelin, the doors, and Jimi Hendrix ☺️❤️

Led Zeppelin: 4 turn ons

Dark hair; a beautiful smile; self-assurance; good eyebrows

The Doors: 2 places you’d like to visit

Texas & Tennessee

Jimi Hendrix: Name 8 things that make you happy

Hiking; forests; gardens; cereal; driving back into my city after being away; writing; blankets; my cat!

Thank you so much, sunshine ☀️💕

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