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Can you maybe write more hc's for Tony and Steve adopting baby Peter?

• They go through the big process of getting cleared for adoption and all the home visits go super well, but it gets slipped to the media and heaps of Tony Stark haters start raging about all the questionable things he did in his party days and there are even more steps Tony and Steve have to go through to adopt Peter.

• But when they do he’s such an adorable bby and they love him more than anything, they’re super careful about going out together as a family just in case Peter gets upset by the paparazzi or anything.

• He grows up helping Tony in the lab, crawling around on his bby mats in Steve’s art room. It’s adorable.

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Okay but tony waking up from a nightmare and having to seek out his kids to know they are safe

asdjefrkrk this sounds like a prompt and I'm thirsty for prompts

Tony was a different man now. After all, wielding all Infinity stones could do that to a man. The only reason he was alive was because of the durability of his nanotech armor. Today, he was grateful because it marked the first year anniversary of the snap. He had brought everyone home, including Peter Parker.

All of Tony’s kids had gone to his house to celebrate with a Star Wars movie marathon. Pepper and Rhodey were in charge of snacks. Nebula and Happy were babysitting keeping Harley, Petter, and Morgan company. Tony took everything in. The smiling faces. The hearty laughter. Today was perfect. Until it wasn’t.

Later that night, Tony had his first nightmare in months. It didn’t surprise him but it did make his heart sink. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. Breathing in and out had helped slow his heart rate down but he couldn’t get the flashbacks out of his head. The what-if scenarios kept floating around in his thoughts. The clock beamed 3AM. Tony looked at Pepper sadly before putting on his slippers.

He went to Morgan’s room to make sure she was okay. On nights like these, he felt paranoid. What if the dream was a sign? What if it was trying to tell me something? No. This wasn’t one of Wanda’s visions. He shook his head and opened his daughter’s bedroom door. 

Her bed was still made. His stomach dropped. He held the wall in order to not give in to his wobbly knees. Quickly making his way downstairs, trying to be quiet in order to not wake Pepper, he concocted a plan to get his kid back. 

He paused as he saw his three kids and Nebula sleeping on the couch. They must have come down for one more movie. He could feel the twinkle reappear in his eyes. “Thank God.” he breathed. He grabbed a nearby blanket and covered them up. As he made his way back up, someone cleared their throat.

“You can rest Tony. Don’t be afraid.” Nebula said softly, trying not to move so she wouldn’t wake them. I won’t let anything happen to them. Tony seemed to understand the unspoken dialogue and smiled at his close friend and proceeded to climb up the stairs to get some sleep. 

Everything was going to be okay.

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“I’m pretty sure thats private property.”

Miles gasps and jumps, whipping around anxiously before freezing.

“Y-You’re-You’re Spiderman.” He drops his spray can, buckling slightly against the wall.

Peter shifts just slightly, takes a step forward, and Miles inches away. The kid looks like hes about to bolt, but Peter raises his hands cautiously.

“Hey, hey, you’re not hurting nobody.” He promises. “I’m not mad, I….”

His gaze shifts to the Iron Man piece behind Miles. The placement of color, and intrinsic realism that displays his hero, his father.

“I’m impressed.” He says gently. Miles slowly relaxes and turns to the graffiti. He looks up at it, slowly takes a few steps back, before he’s standing next to Peter.

“He saved my Dad,” Miles says, swallowing thickly. “It’s the least I could do..”

Peter nods slowly, just staring. A few brief moments of silence passes between them, before Miles notices Peter’s shoulders beginning to shake, the way his head dips down, the way he places his hands over his face.

“M-Mr. Spiderman?” Miles asks awkwardly, placing an unsure hand on his shoulder.

Peter chokes out a laugh at that, but it dissolves into a sob, and suddenly he’s on his knees, his body shaking violently as he tries to keep himself together. Miles bends down next to him, and, still unsure of what to do, decides to try and rub his back to comfort the distraught hero.

“I couldn’t save him. I should have saved him, it’s all my fault-It’s-” Spiderman let out another heart wrenching sob into the dead of night, and all Miles could think about how weird this situation was.

You meet a superhero and you expect them to be big and stern and strong, but what he sees now is a broken man who, come to think of it, doesnt sound that much older than Miles himself.

“Hey, hey, Mr. Spiderman, it’s not-it’s not your fault-” He reassures, but even himself begins to feel the weight of the world crawl onto his shoulders. A heavy lump forms in his chest, and rolls up his throat, and he swallows thickly as he listens to Peter cry next to him.

Eventually the tears die down, but Miles doesnt move. They are stuck in time, in a moment he feels that shouldn’t be broken.

“He was-he was… like a father to me.” Peter whispers to the ground. “He… He was all I had.” He chokes just slightly, sniffles, and then turns his head.

Miles tilts his own curiously, before he freezes up as he notices Spiderman beginning to roll up his mask just slightly to wipe his nose. Miles averts his gaze, giving him his privacy.

After finishing his sniffling, Peter rolls his masks back down, and looks up at the wall.

“He saved all of us.” Miles says softly. “I was… alone for so…. so long.” His voice shakes. “And then one day I wake up and theyre home again…”

His mind races to the months prior to this very moment. He thinks of his mother and father, disoriented and confused, but alive.

Peter looks at him quietly, the mask hiding his own expression.

“Sometimes…… we gotta lose the people we love,” Miles says quietly. “To cherish the life we have.”

Peter looks away, back at the ground.

“It happened to you too.” Miles says. He thinks back to the years in the streets, the loneliness, the terror. The walls he destroyed with his own feelings, not a care in the world. The anger he felt at the universe.

“You disappeared. So many people did. But he brought them all back. Isnt that worth something?”

Another silent moment passes between them. For a moment, as he looks up at the Iron Man displayed on the wall, the word “Hero” under the image, he remembers he should be in trouble.

But he isnt…

“I cant do it.” Peter breathes, and Miles snaps up to look at him.

“Everyone is depending on me to-to do the right thing. Nobody is saying it, but we all know that-that its up to me, now.” He says shakily.

“What if I mess up? What if I disappoint him? What if im not the man he wanted me to become?” His voice drops.

“What if I cant be better?”

Miles stares at him, gaping just slightly, and then sits up. Peter watches him go, but is shocked to see the boy spin around.

“You’re freaking Spiderman!” Miles squeaks, pointing at him. “You dont have to try at all.” He says softly. “You’ve already got it. You’re the best we have-that we could ever ask for. Nobody is doubting you. The only person who doesn’t see that is you.” He says.

“If Iron Man, the guy who saved the universe, didnt have an ounce of faith in you, he wouldnt have bothered in the first place.”

The moment the words leave his mouth, he wants to take them back. Talk about being a huge dick to a mourning hero, who could totally kick the shit out of him and make it look like an accident if he wanted to.

Spiderman stares at him for a long, brief silence, and Miles really is afraid he’s going to swing at him.

But he doesnt.

Peter stands, walks forward, and then grabs the kid, pulling him into a fierce hug.

And while Miles returns it, all he can think is oh my god i am hugging spiderman right now

When Peter steps back, he chuckles wetly and clears his throat.

“You’re a good kid, Miles. We should hang out some time.” He says simply and thwips out a web to a nearby building.

“I-uh-Yeah! Yeah, totally!” He squeaks out, totally caught off guard.

Peter gives him a firm nod, before looking up and disappearing into the night.

Just as he disappears, Miles frowns, before looking up into the sky.

“Wait, how do you know my name!”

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If my mind wants “Morgan ROGERS-STARK” My mind will get it!

Respect for all fics and arts and imagination and love AND THE PEOPLE WHO WANTS THIS IN THE SUPERFAMILY PLEASE THANK U. ♥️

You love Pepper but u can love this too.

Your imagination your rules.

Don’t u like? Get out.

*Morgan Strange is valid too but is other ship

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hey! I love ur mafia au- i raise you WILD WEST SUPERFAMILY AU. steve is the sherif, tony as a cowboy and peter a boy from a wealthy bank owners family that kicked him out for being gay, so he's trying to learn how to be a cowboy (most cow boys where black or gay) tony takes him under his wing. He earns the name spider man when he leaps from his horse and scales this cliff side to divert their cattle heard from running the wrong way. harry is the son of a travelling businessman who notices pete~

Ooh this is new! I like it, very interesting.

The concept is pretty cute, you’ve got two dynamics, the sheriff and the cowboy Steve and Tony, then Harry and Peter too! Very sweet 🥰

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Iron Man becomes Morgan’s Captain America as Captain America was to Tony Stark.

She grows up believing in superheroes and the retellings of epic adventures. The heroics of brave men and women. Stories. Fantasies that lack the blood and gore and the loss of love.

But like most things, you grow up and begin to see the things you once loved with child like innocence in a different light.

And you begin to rationalize things to comfort your broken life.

Morgan sometimes embraces the fiery, burning hatred she feels for Iron Man. How much she hates the suit.

Because he took her Daddy away from her. She had to grow up fatherless, in a broken home. Her mother was strong, yes, but a mother can only be strong for so long until you yourself begin to grow up to become your own woman, and watching your own mother break, realizing how she had been chipping away in the last few years, becoming aware of how much better your life could be if your father was still alive-

Morgan hates Iron Man.

But it doesnt end there.

It takes a while. Steve Rogers, in his old, tired voice, tells her the things him and her father shared about one another the day they met. He tells her about Tony’s hatred for Captain America when Tony was growing up.

And then he tells her the love and compassion Tony had for him regardless. He tells her about the friendship that blossomed between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. He tells her about the Civil War. He tells her about his trust in him despite it all. He tells her about Tony’s forgiveness, because Tony always had a kind soul for everyone.

She grows to understand that Iron Man is not a separate entity of Tony Stark. She learns of his words on the battlefield.

And, through all her grief and loneliness, being raised by a widowed, busy mother and the confusion, the awareness that her own mind is so much different than everyone else’s her age, she accepts her destiny, the legacy her father left her.

And you can bet your ass Steve Rogers was right there encouraging her when she built her very first Iron Woman suit.

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(commission for @yuniesan as part of @findingstony’s follower celebration.

angst w/ happy ending, hurt/comfort, misunderstandings, cheating allegations (that are false), secret identity, identity porn, mr. & mrs. smith au)

“Steve,” Tony says, face drawn, voice tight. “Steve, I’m sorry.”

Around them, ash drifts down from the sky like a light, soft snow. Stark Tower has been incinerated - the entire building, burned down to it’s very bones. They’re lucky that all its occupants managed to get out in time. All, that is, except Tony.

But Tony’s fine. He’s got a scratch on his face that’s still oozing blood down his temple, and he’ll probably be very bruised in the morning, but he’s fine. A building just landed on him, but he’s fine, because when the mortars came crashing down he was wearing a gold-titanium alloy suit. Because he’s Iron Man. He’s Steve’s husband, and a superhero, and Steve didn’t know.

Steve shakes his head. He knows it’s unfair of him to be acting like this, but he can’t seem to get himself under control of rationality. “I have to go,” he says. His voice is thick from the soot, but he knows Tony understands him, because his expression cracks as Steve watches. Steve can’t look him in the eye. “I can’t -“

“Steve,” Tony says, voice watery, now. “Please, don’t go. Please, we can talk about this, or, or -“

“I can’t,” Steve says, and takes a step back. “I can’t, Tony, I’m sorry, I need -“ He shakes his head again. “I can’t,” he says again, and turns to go.

“Sweetheart,” Tony says. He grabs Steve’s arm, but his grip is light, and Steve easily twists out of it. He doesn’t turn around; he goes.

His Ma would say he’s running. She’s probably right. Steve never wanted to be the type of person that runs from his problems. But right now, his body seems to have decided it’s his only option. He slips into the crowd - frantic parents, shaken victims, policeman carefully herding bystanders towards medical tents - and loses himself where Tony can’t find him.

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You ship stony/superfamily too right? How about Steve trying to woo Tony and Peter finds out, and Protective Peter Parker mode is triggered ~ cue shovel talks and Peter trying to make sure Steve is good enough for his father figure

Yes yes!

So Peter is basically protective to the point of being scared of someone hurting Tony (emotionally hurting, as in breaking his heart) and so he’s quite verbal to Steve about “you have to treat him well, how he deserves to be treated.” And how “I won’t let you hurt my dad and then disappear, he deserves better than that. He just wants a family. I hope you can be that for him, for us.”

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Tony: *walking to the kitchen with a scowl* What are you doing here, Strange? Just what the fuck? Why are you in my kitchen and this soon in the morning?

Stephen: *slowly moving the mug with coffee towards him*

Tony: *glaring at him cautiously and reaching for the mug*

Peter: *whispering* What are you doing, doctor Strange?

Stephen: Magic, kid. I´m doing magic.

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Steve: I'm trying to get Tony to eat but he isn't leaving the studio
Peter: just say something slightly mean about Peter
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