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i don’t have really restriction i’m ok with ship, AU and OC ;) so yeah so on if you want

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“Tony, thanks for coming!” The President boomed as he walked in through a side door that Tony hadn’t even noticed as a door. “I’m sorry I had to duck out earlier, I had a thing where some very monochromatic men gave me a giant fish and I simply couldn’t pass that up. Did the meeting go well?”

Tony swallowed. Stark, come on. Head. In. The. Game. “Yes, sir, I think so. I’m concerned about some of the egos, but Pepper will keep everyone in line.”

President Rogers laughed warmly. “From everything I have heard about Pepper, I believe she can do so with one hand tied behind her back.” He took a seat on the couch across from Tony. “I’m sure I can’t match your benefits package or I’d try to steal her.”

“Considering her stock options make her in one day what you make a month, I’d think no, but the last time Pepper negotiated her salary no one owned smart phones, so I’d also assume she has no idea. I did give her a private experience swimming with otters last year and that seemed to be a thing,” Tony shrugged.

“Otters. Got it,” President Rogers nodded solemnly. “I’ll make a note. Anyway, I know you’re busy and so I won’t take up too much of your time, but I was wondering if you were free for dinner tomorrow evening? And Ms. Potts, of course, if she is also free. My son is rather enamored of you after reading that interview in the robot magazine and it would make his millennia to meet you. Could you come for dinner?”

“Peter’s heard of me? Isn’t he, like, 12?”

President Rogers grinned. “Going on 45, I believe, because thank God he got his mother’s brains. But yes, I’ve stopped him a few degrees short of building a shrine, but it is becoming, what did you say, a thing.”

Tony was momentarily bewildered but recovered quickly. “Pepper has an event tomorrow, how I remember that I don’t even know, but I was going to fly back home and get some work done but I have to admit I haven’t talked to a 12-year-old since I was twelve and I’m a little curious. So sure, Mr. President, I’d love to come.”

“Fantastic,” President Rogers said with such enthusiasm that Tony felt it in his bones. “He’ll be thrilled.

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~Dear dad

Love, Morgan~

[So I decided to try this thing where Morgan kinda writes letters to her dad and I’ll be doing it as much as possible so yeah this is Part 1.]

Dear dad,

I had my first day of high school. It was okay. Since I’m a few grades ahead im stuck with some crappy smart ass seniors but it’s chill. I try not to answer every question but it’s fun showing them who’s boss. I miss you dad. In whatever memories I have of you you’re always smiling and you have this twinkle in your eye. Why did it have to be you? Some days I think you’re still gonna come back. Like the others. But I don’t know anymore. Its been 9 years and I still miss you. I’ll never forget you dad.



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Pieces of Echoes Final Chapter Preview

Behind? Catch up on AO3/ FFN 😊


“I’m sure Happy’s told you about the press conference already,” Natasha began. “It’ll be held in the Tower’s press room, and only journalists hand-picked by Pepper have been invited. Oh, and no questions will be allowed unless you say it’s okay. This is mainly just so you two can get your faces back out there and give our side as to what happened.”

“Which is, what, exactly?” Steve asked nervously, clinging tightly to Tony’s hand. Steve didn’t enjoy having to deal with the press at all, and usually allowed Tony to take care of it whenever it had been necessary in the past. Unfortunately, this time the President had asked for both Tony and Steve, and Steve hadn’t felt like he’d been able to say no, especially when he’d promptly put his foot down when the President had initially asked for Peter’s presence as well.

Natasha gave Steve a wary look. “Our official statement is the same as its always been; that you two and Peter were taken hostage from the Tower, and that Killian, who’s since been ID’d as the Mandarin, then tried to extort ransom from the government for your release. Stane was a disgruntled former Stark Industries employee who was working with him, and they both were killed in the ensuing battle.”

“Okay, so then what’s the problem?” Tony asked. “I feel like there’s a pretty big ‘if’ or a ‘but’ in there somewhere that you’re not mentioning.”

Glancing furtively at Peter, Natasha leaned forward, lowering her voice. “So far this is just a rumour, but word is that some new up-and-coming New York congressman is planning to introduce a bill once Congress comes back into session.”

“What kind of a bill?” asked Steve

“The details we have right now are a bit sketchy, but from what we’ve been able to find out, it’s supposedly some sort of anti-vigilante bill,” Natasha said.

“Anti-vigilante?” Steve said, confused. “Okay, but I still don’t get—”

“Is this congressman trying to imply that the Avengers are vigilantes?” Tony cut in, a bit more sharply than he intended when Natasha frowned. “‘Cause that’s just a huge load of bullshit!”

“Yes, it is, Tony, and no, I don’t think he’s trying to imply anything about the Avengers specifically,” retorted Natasha. “It’s not like people don’t know who the Avengers are.”

Tony was already completely over the conversation. “Okay, so then what’s the problem?”

Again, Natasha’s eyes flicked over to Peter, completely engrossed in his beloved book. “You know that the video of Peter was sent to the press outlets as well, right?”

“Yes, Happy already told us about it,” answered Steve. “And he also told us that Pepper’s released multiple statements that it was faked, so—”

“Yeah, well, this congressman isn’t buying it,” Natasha said. “Apparently his entire view is that by allowing the Avengers to operate as an independent, private organisation, we’re inviting copycat individuals and groups who believe that they’re above the law and can do whatever they want. Hence, an anti-vigilante bill.”

Tony was squeezing Steve’s hand so hard that his wedding ring was digging into his fingers. “Okay, I’ve heard enough. This is just goddamn ridiculous, and it’ll never even fly, so why are we even discussing it?”

“You’re right, it probably won’t fly, or at least right away,” agreed Natasha. “Right now we have the court of public opinion on our side and the support of the sitting president. But next year just happens to be an election year, and like it or not, it doesn’t look good politically for a president to have had to rely on the Avengers to root out his domestic terrorists for him, so whoever his opponent ends up being, you can be sure that’ll be a huge part of their campaign. And as a part of that, there will be people who’ll start calling for the Avengers to be put under some other higher authority.”

“Which will never happen,” Tony said firmly. “Even Fury back in the beginning said that the Avengers were under Steve’s leadership and no one else’s.”

“Yes, but unfortunately Fury doesn’t have as much pull now as he used to,” Natasha pointed out. “I mean, we can’t even publicly acknowledge that SHIELD exists anymore, so—’

“That may be, but the Avengers’ mission is still the same,” Steve said in his Captain’s voice. “And it’ll remain the same until I say it’s not. We’ve never taken any endorsements or anything else from any outside sources, so there shouldn’t be anything that these politicians have on us.”

“Except for the video,” Natasha said grimly. “We can deny it’s authenticity all we want, but there are people out there who won’t believe it. And the more people who continue to talk about it, the more it’ll chip away at our integrity.”

“Oh, ‘cause integrity is such a big deal in D.C. and in the press,” Tony grumbled. He pressed his free hand to his chest, over the mass of scars where the arc reactor used to be. He still wasn’t quite used to its absence.

“We’ll take care of this, Nat,” Steve said. “Somehow, we’ll take care of it. Right now I think the Avengers’ record can stand for itself, and we have the support of the current administration. That has to stand for something.”

“Yeah, and you can be damn sure that the president is going to milk that support for all it’s worth, babe,” Tony said. “And if it comes down to it, he’ll probably even ask for an official statement, especially if he feels like he might lose the upcoming election.”

Steve’s eyebrows knitted together in a deep frown. “Well, he’s not going to get it. We can’t start doing that, Tony, you know that. We can’t give anyone the idea that we’re supporting specific politicians, or that we’re receiving any special treatment from any of them. The Avengers as a group have to remain independent and neutral.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, August 19th 😊

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For my dear friend who sent me that screenshot of FFH, I had to make it all psychedelic and bright.

Help me out with some ♥️🔁, or check my blog too!

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Loki: *laying face-down on the bed*

Peter Parker: Hey Mr Loki, are you okay?

Loki: *muffled* I just need a bit of a break from everything…

Loki: Including existing

Peter Parker: Alright, if that’s what you want.

Peter Parker: *plops face-down on the sofa next to Loki’s bed*

Loki: *looks up in confusion* What are you doing?

Peter Parker: *looks up at Loki* I’m taking a break from existing with you :)

Loki: *smiling softly* Thank you Spiderling :)

[Both of them lay face down in silence until Loki feels better]

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