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#superman ii
I'm utterly baffled that in Superman II they deleted a scene that showed Zod and his followers were arrested by the arctic police along with Lex. Maybe it was cut for pacing or something, but now the audience is left to believe Superman killed those guys with a smile on his face!

Extremely dumb, but he’s still an asshole in that movie even then.

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Highest grossing superhero film of 1980-1981

Status Post #8421


Flash Gordon – 1980

  • Studio: Universal / Thorn EMI
  • Publisher: King Features
  • Budget: $20-27 million
  • Gross: $15.4-27.1 million

Superman II – 1981

  • Studio: Warner Bros. / Dovemead
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Budget: $54 million
  • Gross: $190.4 million
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If Brandon Routh is playing Kingdom Come Superman and Superman Returns was really heavily set up to be a continuation of the first couple Superman movies, does that mean that Christopher Reeve Superman eventually went and killed Captain Marvel?

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