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Episode 2 “Two and a Half Men”: 

1. The title is also the title of another tv show. 

2. Watching childless adults take care of children/babies is always funny. 

3. The goop shifters leave behind is disgusting. 

4. Dean is surprisingly paternal. 

Episode 9 “Clap Your Hands If You Believe…”: 

1. X-Files reference. 

2. Soulless Sam was pretty funny. 

3. Patchouli actually does smell pretty bad. 

4. ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie 

5. “Fight the fairies!” 

6. Dean insists that he didn’t commit a hate crime. 

Episode 15 “The French Mistake”: 

1. The confusion on the brothers’ faces when they enter the real world. 

2. The fourth wall has been broken. 

3. Sam and Dean trying to act is hilarious. 

4. Poor Misha Collins. 

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Have you read Macavity by LadyRa over on ao3? If not you should check it out, it seems like something you'd enjoy!

It’s definitely a fic I enjoy! I love LadyRa’s fics, they’re so creative. Link to Macavity plus some other great fics:

Macavity by LadyRa 

Tony comes into an  unexpected legacy when he turns forty, and Gibbs meets a rat who knows a little  too much about his sex life. Once
word gets out about Tony, there’s an alphabet war going on for his talents that puts  him and everyone he loves at risk.

Sherlock the Demon Hunter by LadyRa

Sherlock is in Massachusetts with John who is attending a conference.  Sherlock finds Dean Winchester digging a grave, and the game is on.

Wraith Killers by LadyRa 

Atlantis ends up with some unexpected new residents

Four Military Men by LadyRa 

Blair, Tony, Daniel and Rodney all meet in high school and become good friends. When their twenty year high school reunion comes around, Tony decides to get them all to attend–with their significant others.

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Yeah but like imagine the Winchesters bumping onto Shane and Ryan (Buzzfeed unsolved) during a demon case and then Crowley (or any other supernatural demon) appears and he looks terrified of Shane and the Winchesters are like ‘you are the king of hell dude what the fuck’ and it turns out that Shane is some bottomless pit for demons and all who posses him are simply lost forever and he is like invisible to any kind of possession. 

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hello writblrs of the tumblr,

I have decided to challenge myself. I’ve very much fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to ~writing~ and I’m sick of it. I love writing and I love the stories I create (even if I hate the grammar that comes with it all). I’ve decided to attempt to write and finish my current WIP, “The Monsters We Know”, by the 30th of September 2019. (It’s the 18th of July today). I’m going to be documenting my challenge and all other things related to my writing process here, on this blog. I’ve linked my wattpad account (where the book is published), my pinterest (because character boards give me life) and my twitter (because who doesn’t love twitter) on my blog. 

I’m planning on putting everything I have into this book because I really want to finish it. I love the story, I love the characters and I believe I owe it to myself to finish a damn book. 

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Chapter Nineteen

A/N – Feedback is golden!


Dean came to a stop a couple of yards away from the building Cas had found. He was right when he said it wasn’t abandoned. The upstairs windows were lit up like a Christmas tree and it made Dean frown.

How the hell did they miss this?

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A Simple Plan

A/N – Any feedback would be much appreciated. Let me know what you think, it keeps me writing.

Warning – Implied sexual assault.

Chapter Eighteen

I woke up back on the table, restrained what seemed even tighter than before. Whatever he had given me must have been to knock me out. I didn’t understand why. If it was to get me back on the table then why had he been dragging me kicking and screaming before knocking me out easily with a single punch? I mean, it’s not like I could escape with second degree burns on my feet anyway.

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