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Supernatural Challenge|Day 29

Meg 2.0

Originally posted by kingofthecrxssroads

honestly, i didn’t like meg coming back at first cause i though she was going to be like the first meg, but i actually like her a lot. i don’t know why, i just didn’t like her the first time around.

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Stay Alive For Me

Warnings: self harm, cussing, near death, suicide attempt, angst.

“Y/N what the hell was that?!” Dean yelled

“I saved them!” I yelled back

“Yeah and you got hurt!”

“I’m fine!”

“Yeah and the only reason your fine is because Cas saved your ass!”

I stormed off to my room and slammed the door. He was right the only reason I’m alive is because Cas saved me. There was a family cornered by a werewolf. So I led it to me so they could escape. I had run out of bullets and when it got to me it slashed open my stomach. I was dying and Dean prayed to Cas. He came and healed me before I died now it was just scars across my stomach. But at least I saved the family from the werewolf. If I was honest I didn’t really care if I died.

I knew what I deserved for causing so much worry and inconvenience for my brothers and Cas. So I went to the bathroom and grabbed a razor. I made about three cuts but it didn’t work as well as usual. So I made a few more.

“Y/N you in there?” Gabriel asked

“Shit” I whispered

“Yeah I am.” I answered

“Are you alright your brothers told me what happened?” Gabriel asked concerned

“Yeah I’m fine.” I said but my voice broke and was getting weaker

I looked down at my arms and saw I had hit a vein and was bleeding out. I hoped Gabriel would just go away so I could die in peace. But Gabriel sensed something was wrong with my voice. Gabriel opened the door. He looked down at me in fear.

“Shit Y/N what are you doing!?” Gabriel yelled

“Go away.” I said weakly

He grabbed me before I could say another word and brought me to my bed. He ran to the bathroom and got cleaning supplies and stitches. He realized he didn’t know how to do this. He was human now but when he was an angel he never had to do this.

“SAM DEAN GET IN HERE QUICK!” Gabriel yelled

I shook my head slightly getting dizzier by the second.

“Sorry sugar but I can’t fix you but they can.” Gabriel whispered kissing my head

“What is it?” Dean asked running in

He and Sam saw it my blood soaked arms and paling face. Then I passed out before they could do anything.

I woke up the next morning late Gabriel was sleeping beside me. I looked at my arms they were all bandaged up. I sighed. This apparently was enough to wake Gabriel up.

“Sugar you’re awake.” Gabriel said excitedly

I nodded my head trying to hide my disappointment but he saw through it.

“You don’t want to be awake?” He asked

“I’m only alive because of Cas earlier and now you and my brothers. I shouldn’t be alive.”

“Sugar listen to me you deserve to be alive and happy and don’t you ever say otherwise.”

I started to cry I couldn’t help it.

“Look Y/N I love you and I need you here with me.”

“I love you too” I replied hugging Gabriel

I decided maybe I didn’t deserve to die after all. Sure I made mistakes at times. But we all do hell my brothers brought around the apocalypse. Also with Gabriel here at my side I can face anything.

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poem: endgame

one day it’s here

one day it’s gone

one day we will forget

but this day we won’t

hello my friends

united, ready in a row

all togheter

suited up

ready to find their dusted friends

who are gone, from in the night

let’s get ready

ready to fight

this is the endgame

come one baby, i’m ready to fight

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Pairing : Winchesters.

Word count : 1,438

Written for : @samwinchesterbingo

Square fill : Sam gets a haircut.

Warnings : Mention of past bullying,  Mentions of Sam in trouble in the past, Over protective big brother Dean. Sam gets a haircut.

This fic was commissioned by @awesomesuziebstuff .

Sam Winchester Bingo Masterlist.

The door slamming shut echoed through the bunker, and so did the boot falls that stormed down the stairs. Dean appeared first on the landing, not stopping as he stormed his way down yet another flight of stairs. “You’re getting a haircut.”

Sam reached the landing and rolled his eyes. “No, I’m not.”

Yes, you are.” Dean snapped over his shoulder as he hit the bottom of the stairs. “Even if I have to do it my damn self.

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