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Okay but where the crossover fic that puts John Winchester in Derry, Maine during the summer of the Pennywise attack?

And like, while John is off doing his hunterly duties, little 10 year old Dean and 6 year old Sam wander the town and come across the Losers.


Obviously Bill takes to Sam, becoming insanely overprotective because he’s the same age as Georgie. 

And Dean, you know he’s mature for his age (you grow up fast when John Winchester is your dad and you grow up hunting monsters) so the Losers accept him into their group pretty easily.

I need a retelling of IT where Sam and Dean are part of the Losers Club!

I need to see Dean and Sam show up 27 years later with sawed off shotguns and rocksalt, ready to kill this fuckin clown for good.

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A place to hang out and chat with other members of your fandom while watching your favorite TV shows and Movies.

Just check the monthly schedule on the blog for upcoming Watch Parties and Viewing Times and send an ask or IM to subscribe to the specific viewing of your choice.

                                     Come Join The Party!

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Originally posted by jarpadandjensens

Summary: After a bad hunt one night, Sam has a close call, like really close. As he’s laying in bed, unconscious, he hears the reader crying and begging him not to scare her like that again because of how many important people she’s lost in the past.

Warnings: angst, past deaths, close calls 

I got the call that Sam had been hurt really bad and I immediately froze. Dean and Sam were on a werewolf hunt and Sam had been scratched really deep. I jumped in my car and drove as fast as I could to meet them. We were meeting in Kansas City, right outside of the border to Missouri. Fear was crawling through my body as I drove faster. It was amazing I didn’t get pulled over.

Within three hours I made it from the bunker to the motel where the Winchester brothers were staying for the hunt. I burst into the room Dean told me they were in and immediately saw the younger of the two on the bed. His bloody laid on the floor beside his bed and his torso was covered in bandages. 

“Dean what happened? I thought this was supposed to just be a simple case.” I asked, not looking away from Sam.

“It was supposed to be. I don’t know what happened. We were ambushed.” Dean paced, pulling at his hair. “I called Cas and Jack. Hopefully the little bit of grace both of them have can help.” He sighed, dropping down on one of the chairs. 

“Dean, why don’t you go shower. You’re covered in blood.” I said softly, finally looking away from Sam. “I’ll watch him.” Dean nodded and grabbed a change of clothes and a few minutes later I could hear the shower turned on. I moved closer to Sam and gently moved hair out of this face. He unconsciously leaned his face into my hand. I could feel the tears threatening to fall.

“Sammy you can’t do this to me again. You know how much I need you. You know what I’ve been through.” I choked out, the tears finally spilling over. “Please don’t scare me like this again. You, Dean, Cas, and Jack are all that I have left. Don’t tell them but you’re the most important.”

Sam and I have been together for two years now. He knew everything about me. He knew my biological father died right before my tenth birthday. He was there when my mother and step-father were killed by a werewolf no doubt. 

“You can’t leave me because I need you. We need you Sammy.” I laid down beside him, careful not to bump into him and hurt him even more. I grabbed hold of his hand and laid there watching him, eventually closing my eyes and falling asleep. 

The next thing I knew a hand was gently squeezing mine, “Y/N,” Sam said softly, bringing me out of my sleep. I opened my eyes seeing Sam awake. Tears welled up in my eyes once more and I moved closer to him. 

“Sammy,” I started but was cut off. 

“I’ll always be here for you. You’re stuck with me forever babe. I’m sorry I scared you so much. We were expecting two at most but were taken by surprise. Even if I ever truly die I’d still be here for you always.” He brought my hand up to his mouth kissing it softly, “Plus I could never leave my little bean”he said, bringing his hand down to my slowly growing belly. 

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[S15 in medias res] I Called, Nothing

Dean holds Castiel’s cold hand. The Bunker remains still and only the hunter is breathing. Angels dont need to breathe but Castiel is still dead to the world.

Sam’s footsteps fill the gap in the silence, then stops by the entry way. Dean wipes his face and bows his head.

“He still won’t come back, Sam.”

Silence. Dean sniffs gruffly and raises his head, eyes red. Sam swallows the lump in his throat.

“He’s not dead, Dean.”

“Then why won’t he wake up?”

“Cas… Cas left his vessel, Dean.”

“Then why hasnt he come back?” the tremor hidden in his voice gets Sam looking away. Dean wipes the hot tears running down his jaw.

“We didn’t… We didn’t help… We couldn’t. We… Dean, Cas was on his own. Jack died… You ignored… We abandoned him. I suppose he couldn’t bear it anymore. So many things were happening. It’s our fault. We left him. We shouldn’t have. We were a family.”

“Doesn’t explain why he won’t come back. I’ve been calling him.” Dean plasters both knuckles on his eyes to stop the water works.

Sam doesn’t answer.

Dean clasps both hands tight. Desperate. His green eyes fall on the closed lids of the angel. He misses those blue. He misses his voice. He misses everything.

He tries. He fucking tries again.

“Cas… Come on man, Cas please… You can’t… Not like this… It’s my fault so please…” he clears his throat. Gulps and tries again, “Let me make it right, man. Don’t make me wait too long… I can’t… I want to see you, Cas.. Please… Come back… Cas…!l


"Please, let me return.” Castiel pleads, face crumples and fearful, “He called me. He’s prayed to me. He needs me… I need… He needs… Let me return.”

In the endless darkness, no one sees the Entity smirks and clicks his fingers.

The angel falls on the ground.

“Sleep, Castiel.” he surveys the angel and rolls head. “Poor thing, still singing the same tune even after 150 years. But he’s really an odd ball, waking up every after 5 years. Very unique. Next time he wakes is another 50 i suppose.”

He waves a hand and melts in the darkness.


Dean.” echoes his voice in the dark. Sad. Longing.


***** Dont need my emotions today****

#workingMyAssonDBCC 😂 #miss shortfics

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Thinking about the Annie Hawkins character from Supernatural. The female hunter who had sex with Bobby, Dean and Sam. Felt like such a weird throwaway history to the character that of course she was at the least interested in the boys but at the most had sex with both. It took away from what could have made her an interesting one time character and instead made it all about that one time she banged all three. If she’s been there longer and had more of a story to work with then maybe this would have been okay but she’ll be remembered instead as the one who had sex with all the main characters instead of a lone female hunter who could have lived a pretty cool life.

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Anyone ever consider that Supernatural might just end with Sam and Dean killing Chuck and Amara and taking their place kinda like a next generation Light and Darkness?

We all know that show loves its sibling parallels. After having each of them get possessed by Lucifer and Michael respectively, it kinda seems like the next logical step in a series that just keeps escalating.

Like, the Winchester Gospel is a thing in-universe. Just go big and end it with the Ascension of the Winchesters.

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Summary: Sequel to Drink You Away. Quinn deals with the aftermath of Dean’s confession.
Warnings: cheating, language, angst, Baby gets damaged (I’m sorry!), physical violence.
Song & Artist: Harder To Breathe - Maroon 5.
Word Count: 2.3k (including lyrics).
Notes: Follow on from ‘Can’t Lie’ and ‘Drink You Away’, although don’t necessarily need to read them.
Characters: Dean Winchester, Female OC, Jody Mills, Sam Winchester, Male OC (mentioned).
Pairing: Dean x Female OC. 

Beta: The awesome, the great, the beautiful @slytherkins

Tags: @dancing-the-hellfire-rumba @crashdevlin @the-dead-skwad @evansrogerskitten @firefly-in-darkness @deans-baby-momma @impala-dreamer @p3nny4urth0ught5 @drakelover78 @fandomoniumflurry @manawhaat @wheresthekillswitch @supernatural-jackles @thecleverdame @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @dean-winchesters-bacon @waywardbaby

Dean/Jensen tags: @akshi8278

A-Z Song Fic Tags: @foxyjwls007

I’m writing a fic based on a song for every letter of the alphabet - Master List

Harder To Breathe

The sound of cascading glass had never sounded so fucking sweet. The sight of the busted back window replaced the image in Quinn’s mind of Dean screwing some faceless woman. She had spent three weeks blaming that woman, calling her all kinds of degrading names while she cried in Jody’s arms. Degrading names that should never be uttered by one woman about another.

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“You’re talking like him, but I can tell you you’re nothing like him. He fooled you!”

“He wants to make both Heaven and Earth better, how…”

“Who will you trust, him or me?”

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The Dark Side

@laphirablack asked: Heeey, can u do a fic with moc!dean x demon!reader, like she’s trying to convince him to go dark side. Maybe some hot smutty smut smurder??

Alright, demons are a go.


“So you want me to seduce your pet into going to the darkside?” (Y/N), one of Crowley’s most trusted spies had been asked to meet her King at a local demon bar.

“Essentially.” Crowley said, drinking his fruity drink through his straw. (Y/N) sighed, looking back at the bar tender and tapping her glass signalling him to refill it.

“What’s in it for me?” She asked. Crowley wasn’t cheap and the rewards from his little gigs were usually pretty good.

Crowley hummed, “The usual payment?” He asked. The usual payment was usually money and a higher position on Crowley’s list of friends.

“No way.” She said, “Don’t try to fool me. I know who this cat is. That’s Dean Winchester. The Dean Winchester, who will literally murder me on sight. I’m not going in there without a greater incentive.” She took a drink from her Jack and Coke.

“And what exactly would be a greater incentive.” He leaned forward.

“I want the usual. And I want you to get involved.” She spoke the last part quickly.

“I beg your pardon?” He asked, almost choking on his drink.

“They trust you. Sort of. You just talk to them with that sexy accent of yours and tell them that I am here to help them. Especially after that Ruby situation.” She grinned, crossing her legs.

Crowley tutted, looking her up and down, “I suppose you learned something.”

“Oh Fergus,” she placed her hand on top of his, “I learned from the very best.” She winked.

“Fine.” He said and smiled tightly. She hummed, looking down at herself.

“I suppose I’ll need a new wardrobe.” She looked at him expectantly.

He sighed, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his wallet. Handing her a few hundred dollars.

“Should be enough. All they wear is in the sporting goods department. Lots of flannel and jeans.” She grinned and stood, leaning down and pressing a kiss on his cheek.


The Winchesters had agreed to meet Crowley in the usual place. An abandoned warehouse covered in anti angel sigils.

“Alright, what’s this about?” Dean asked, he was opening and closing his hand on the arm that had the mark. The Mark always pained him and made him anxious.

“I don’t know. I just got a call from Crowley saying to meet him here.” Sam said, looking around.

“Hello boys.” Crowley appeared behind them with another woman behind him.

“Is that your trainee or something?” Dean asked, looked around Crowley at the woman.

“Hardly.” She said, stepping around him.

Crowley smiled, “Meet (Y/N). She’s going to be on call for me while I’m out on business. So don’t bother me unless she’s dead.”

Sam looked at her warily, “How do we know we can trust her?” (Y/N) hummed, stepping forward and unzipping her leather jacket. She pulled it open, revealing her bra.

Dean stared then tried very hard to avoid the merchandise. She pointed to the sigil on chest by her clavicle.

“This mark locks me to this vessel and essentially has me locked to whatever job I take. I can’t leave until it’s satisfied. Or else.” She drew her finger across her throat to mimic a knife.

“Test it if you want.” She said, zipping up her jacket.

“Okay, uh, get me a piece of cherry pie.” Dean said. She snapped her fingers and disappeared. Soon after she reappeared soon after with a plate of steamy cherry pie and a fork. She held it out to him and watched him grin and take it.

“I’m satisfied.” He smirked, starting to dig into it.

“Could you get the heart of a werewolf?” Sam asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

She smirked, “A challenge. I like it, Moose.” She snapped her fingers and disappeared. They stood for a few minutes. Crowley looked at his watch and smiled.

She reappeared finally. Her jacket was torn and her hair was disheveled. There was blood coming from her lip. She grinned, holding up a brown paper bag. The bottom of it was soaking and dripping with blood.

“Sorry for the wait. It was not ethically harvested.” She tossed it. Sam panicked and caught it. There was a wet slap as it fell into his hands. Dean looked up from his almost empty plate.

“That sucks.” He laughed and kept eating.

“Well, boys, satisfied?” Crowley asked. (Y/N) smiled, blowing a piece of hair out of her face.

“Fine.” Sam said, “We’ll call if we need you.”

Crowley snapped his fingers, the two disappeared.

Dean was scrapping cherry filling off the plate with the side of his fork. Sam stared at him, the noise of the metal against the plate echoed throughout the empty building. Dean put the fork in his mouth, looking up at Sam. He pulled the fork out of his mouth and shrugged, “What?”

The next few weeks were essential. Gaining the Winchester’s trust wasn’t easy. She went on errands and even helped kill a demon or two. Crowley said whatever was necessary.

After a hunt one night, Dean and (Y/N) went to a bar to drink to a job well done on a shifter hunt.

“Cheers.” He grinned and lifted his glass.

She smiled and clinked her glass, “Cheers.” They both knocked back a shot. He cleared his throat, looking at the shot glass.

“So… What’s the story with the Mark?” She asked innocently.

“Crowley didn’t tell you?” He said, avoiding eye contact.

“He did, but I wanted to hear it from the that pretty mouth of yours.” She rolled the sleeves of her red flannel up to her elbows.

Dean hummed, “Well it’s more of a pain in the ass than I thought. It’s taking over my life. Some days… resisting it is harder than others. I don’t know when I’ll be able to stop myself.”

(Y/N) shrugged, “Maybe you should give in every once in a while. Ya know, when you really need it.” She motioned to the bartender.

“I was thinking the same thing.” He admitted, surprising her.

“If that’s what it takes, to give into the mark and kill Metatron. Then… Am I willing to take the consequences? Would I could back from it?” He looked at the new shot on the counter, “For Sam? I’d do anything to keep him safe.” He took the shot.

(Y/N) began having doubts. I’m the last few weeks they had gotten so close. It almost felt like they were… Something…

She hissed in pain, grasping at her chests. The Mark on her chest burned, signalling that she was straying from her path.

Dean leaned forward, grabbing her arm, “What is it? What’s wrong?”

She couldn’t tell him. He would never trust her again.

“I’m straying from my assignment…” She said, looking him in the eye.

“How?” He asked, his eyes narrowing.

“For wanting to drag your pretty ass in the back and showing you a thing or two.” She bit her lip. Dean smirked, none the wiser.

“I think that could be arranged.” They made their way towards the back, leaving through the back entrance. He pressed her up against the brick wall, leaning down and began leaving sloppy kisses over her neck. He gripped onto her sides, keeping her against the wall. She sighed, running her fingers through his hair and tugging. Her eyes had been shut, but they fluttered open. There was a group of men standing there.

“Dean.” She whispered, shoving him away slightly. Dean looked up, looking over the the men.

“Uh… Kinda busy here. You mind?” Dean asked, his hands still held her to the wall.

“Didn’t know Crowley’s pet was free game.” The one at the front said, “Pass her over here, friend.” His tone was threatening. The group began closing in. Dean glared And stepped in from of her protectively.

“I would take a step back if I were you.” Dean said. The demon scoffed and punched Dean in the face, shoving him away.

“Asshole!” She punched him, but was shocked when it did nothing. The head demon pushed her back into the wall. He grabbed at her arms, and smirked. Dean looked up at them. His hold body was shaking with rage. The Mark started burning on his arm.

“Dean!” He heard her shout. Dean felt his rage burst in his chest.

(Y/N) watched as Dean roared, bringing out the demon killing knife. He just tore through each demon like they were flies. When the last one fell, he looked at her. His breath was ragged as he came down off his high. He looked around then grabbed his arm, his face contorted in pain. When it passed and he looked up at her, his eyes were widening horror. He looked around, seeing the dead bodies on the ground. He looked so scared.


(Y/N) sat at the bar, nervous for the time ever in her afterlife. She had asked Crowley to meet.

“Alright, darling.” He said as he arrived and sat in the stool next to hers, “You’ll have to make this quick. I have to go to the hell grounds. The hell hounds have been escaping.”

“Release me.” She said quickly.

“Excuse me?” He asked, grabbing his drink off the counter.

“I can’t do this. When you had me do this before it didn’t matter what happened to them. Now it does.” She said, “Crowley, he blacks out and when he comes out from under the influence, he’s scared and guilty. He can’t handle it.”

Crowley narrowed his eyes at his most prized demon, “You actually have feelings for him, don’t you?” she didn’t meet his eyes. He sighed and stood, smoothing out his suit.

“Well, (Y/N). Know that this gives me no pleasure.” He snapped his fingers. The Mark on her chest started to burn again. She shouted in pain, sliding down to the floor. She ripped open her flannel and watched as the mark on her chest because to to turn the skin around it black, eating away at her skin. She screamed, curling up in a ball on the floor. The pain was intense and spread throughout her body. Wet streaks began making their way from her eyes, nose, mouth and ears. She tasted her own blood. Crowley had started to walk away.

“Wait!” She called out. She screamed again, feeling the black start to invade her heart.

“Crowley! I’ll do it!” She screamed. He stopped, snapping his fingers again. She gasped for breath, watching as the black faded back into the mark.

“Don’t forget your place.” Crowley didn’t even look at her as he walked out. The other demons in the bar stared at her, then looked away when she stood. She snapped her fingers, leaving the bar behind.

Later, Dean and Sam had finally caught wind of Metatron. Dean would use the power or the mark and the first blade to kill him. Sam and Dean would go in alone.

Just as they were leaving, (Y/N) grabbed Dean by the jacket.

“Look, I know there’s not time. But… Don’t lose yourself, Dean.” She ignored the burning in her chest.

“I’ll be careful.” Dean smiled weakly and leaned down, pressing his lips to her forehead as a sweet goodbye.


After Dean’s death, (Y/N) went out on the run. Hiding from demon trackers and hell hounds to avoid Crowley. She had found a way around her mark. If the mark was broken, she would be free. The only issue was she had to keep breaking it. Everyday slicing through the mark with a blade forged in hell fire. Unfortunately, her running came to a halt. They caught her off guard and brought her to a tiny motel room. She was tied to a chair, but no devil’s trap, nothing to keep her contained. Which only meant something worse was coming. The door opened to reveal Crowley.

“Well, don’t you look comfortable?” He asked. He stood in front of her, moving her shirt collar to the side to reveal the scared mark on her skin. She looked away, not wanting to meet the face of someone she used to spend her whole existence trying to please.

“That would explain why I couldn’t just snap you out of existence. Not after what you did to Dean.” Her head shot up.

“What are you talking about? You’re the one who-” she was about to finish but stopped. In walked the only human she had ever loved. Dean was alive. But… Something was wrong, very very wrong. He … He was like her. A demon.

“What did you do to him?!” She shouted.

“Me?” Crowley said Innocently, “I helped resurrect him. If you had told him to give into the mark… Why… He would still be alive and not a knight of hell.”

Dean looked down at her as if she were a stranger.

“Dean, I….” She started to say but her words left her when she saw the first blade in his hand.

“I thought what better way to kill two birds with one stone. With you gone, I can avoid anymore incidents. And Dean can get his revenge.

Dean grinned and looked at the first blade thoughtfully.

"Dean, please.” She begged, “You never wanted this.” Her heart rate soared as he got closer.

“Personally,” Dean said, finally meeting her eyes. He grinned, usually s face that made her heart leap, but now it just sunk. She watched as his eyes flickered black.

“I like the the disease.” He raised the blade and struck.


Take it how you will. I may or may not have a thing for the idea that when Dean becomes human again the pain of this will just KILL him, ya know.

I hope you liked it!

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What are the best episodes of seasons 10-14? Mainly asking for standalone eps. If you could comment with the titles, that would be so helpful.

I haven’t watched Supernatural since the end of season 9.

I plan on watching the Dean/Cas scenes of the seasons I never watched (10-14) but in addition I’d like to watch the best standalone eps of the seasons, too.

I won’t have time (nor sadly, the desire) to watch the entirety of the seasons I missed so any help on identifying a few eps (maybe 2-3 per season) would be so helpful to me in semi-catching up with the series before it ends.

Thank you for the help!

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Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.


Originally posted by yyh

Rating: 2/3

Categories: childhood friends, coming of age, drama, dub, ghosts, melancholy, original work, romance, slice of life, supernatural, unrequited love

As children Jinta and his friends were a close knit group but the tragic death of their beloved Menma saw their bond torn apart. Ten years later Menma’s ghost appears in front of him requesting that he help her fulfill her final wish so she can pass on. However with no memory of what her wish is it’s up to Jinta to bring his former friends together to work out what needs to be done.

S1, 11 eps

Picture Drama, 1 ep (sub only)

Movie (sub only)

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