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As the family sits and watches the fireworks explode in the sky, Savannah drops that little question. Tony beams, surprised by the inquisitive nature of his little girl and Stephen shakes his head at the way the enthusiastic engineer beams.

He has to admit that he kind of tunes out Tony’s rambling for a moment, watching the sky explode in red and green and gold. He turns back, and Peter and Savannah are both watching the sky and listening to Tony with big eyes. Tony goes on about combustion and Savannah, too short to go on most of the rides, looks at him with a wisdom far beyond her years. Their daughter is absolutely perfect and he adores her with all of his heart.

“They’re perfect,” Savannah tells Tony and he has to agree. There’s something perfect about the sight above them.

There’s something perfect about a lot of things - including the engineer who’s still explaining fireworks enthusiastically.

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It’s not your fault”.



I’m so sorry I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy with work and besides I needed a break to recover from Avengers Endgame, you know? But I’m finally here, out of that hole of dispair(?) ready to ignore cannon and keep drawing Ironstrange.

I just wanted to say: STOP BLAMING STEPHEN for what he did (you know what I mean) It wasn’t his fault so stop putting the blame on him.

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Savannah is too short for a lot of Disney’s rides, but she doesn’t mind waiting patiently outside while one of her dads and Peter go on the big ones. She asks Stephen, as they wait outside of Space Mountain, when she’ll be tall enough.

“Not too long from now,” Stephen promises her. “Little girls grow up way too fast, trust me.”

Savannah does ride the Haunted Mansion, squished in the cart between Tony and Peter, while Stephen rides in the next car, watching them with an amused expression whenever the cars turn towards one another.

Afterwards, Stephen chuckles and asks Savannah the question, “Were you scared?”

Savannah laughs and shakes her head.

“No way,” she says. “Those ghosts were silly and not like real ones.”

At those words, Tony looks at Stephen with a mock scolding expression. “How does our daughter know what a real ghost looks like?” he whispers and both men can’t help burst into laughter. Even their Disney trip has to be weird.

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Stephen: every time I want to do something I will think about what your papa would do

Peter: and you’ll do just that?

Stephen: No! I’ll do the opposite!

Harley: why?

Stephen: he is a dumbass, he lends me his wisdom through his dumbassness, as long as I do the opposite as his plan we are all going to be just fine.

Tony: I will never marry someone like you.

Stephen: Tony, we have been married for 10 years.

Tony: yet you still talk trash about me! Who do you think save your magical ass the last time you almost get lost in another dimension? This ‘dumbass’*making gesture toward his face with his hands*

Stephen: honey, honey, I am kidding! You are the smartest wisest, the best of planner in the entire multiverse!

Tony: I don’t buy it. You sleep on the couch tonight.

Harley *whispering to Peter*: they have been doing this since their wedding day.

Peter: if anything dad told us even remotely close to the truth, they have been like this since the first day they met.

Stephen: it was correct, he thought I was giving out ticket or something when I picked him up in that park, he was truly a paramount dumbass.

Tony: I am still here and I can hear you! I hate you so much, don’t you dare touch me *walk out of the room furiously*

Peter: dad! Why do you always have to tease papa like that? it’s your guys wedding anniversary day! Now he won’t even eat his cake! Harley and me made it with extreme difficulty.

Stephen: you young kids won’t understand *ogling tony’s ass not so subtle as he walk away, knowing damn well that make up sex is on the menu*

Peter and harley *look over each other and rolled their eyes*: oh, we understand just fine.

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The Disney trip is kind of strange. Unfortunately, that means that he and his little family require an escort. Fortunately, Disney is kind of scary good at discretion. Seriously, Tony’s wondering if some of them are secret agents in disguise. He would have seen weirder things.

It’s Cinderella, standing in front of her castle, who asks the question in a high pitched voice that would have been grating if Savannah’s eyes weren’t huge.

“I’m not a princess,” Savannah whispers, the words very quiet.

“Nonsense,” Stephen says. “This is princess Savannah.”

Cinderella nods wisely. “I know a princess when I see one,” she says matter-of-factly.

Tony grins at the sunshine in Savannah’s eyes. This vacation is exactly what he wanted for his birthday.

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Peter: *walking into the garage/working area* Dad have you se— Oh. Where’s dad?

Harley: *still tinkering one of Tony’s vintage cars* Went on an ice date with papa or something.

Peter: Oh okie. Hey, are we allowed to do that?

Harley: *walking towards Peter, smirking* No. But wanna see something cool?

Peter: Yeah!

Harley: Put the crown on.

Peter: *puts it* Now what.

Harley: Say Megatron.

Peter: Megatron!

*Car transforms like in the transformer*

Three hours later

News anchor: The city of New York is both amazed and surprised as one of the “Transformers” walk along the streets bringing joy to the—

Stephen: You had to adopt geniuses.

Tony: Oh come on! I don’t think they both worked on it. One of them at least had the idea of test driving it.

Stephen: Why don’t you think so?

Tony: Honey, that would be flying if they both worked on it.

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this one is totally setup for 18-20…oh well.

Tony responds by yawning. “That wasn’t because of your question,” he says, running a hand through his tousled hair. “That was because I was up late last night working out the kinks on that new prototype. Honestly, I forgot my birthday was coming.”

“How do you forget that?”

“I’m old enough to not really care about my birthday,” Tony points out. “It’s just another day. I don’t need anything, either. I have everything I could ever want, both in terms of physical possessions and the perfect family.”

“Do you really think we’re the perfect family?” Stephen teases, batting his eyelashes. “Tony, come on, there’s gotta be something that I can get you.”

“Stephen, darling,” Tony responds, reaching out and taking hold of both of the sorcerer’s hands. “I honestly don’t need a thing. I would love a chance to do something special with you and the family, though…some family magic, y’know?”

Tony’s birthday comes a week later, and by then, Tony has forgotten about his exchange with his husband. They do celebrate at the tower, a little gathering of their closest friends. Sitting on the balcony, drink in hand, he smiles. He is a lucky man. He truly has everything that a person could ever want.

“Tony, come back inside!”

He obeys instantly, of course, because it’s Stephen and he’s weak for his husband. When he comes in, Savannah is sitting on the table next to his birthday cake. She hands him a little card and he opens it up. On the front is a mouse. He knows that mouse.

“We’re going to Disney?” Tony chuckles. “Perfect birthday present.”

It’s exactly what he wants. Magic.

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Peter: *walks by Tony straight into the kitchen* good morning, mr. Stark

Tony: *didn’t have his coffee yet* what did you just say? Are you trying to get into a fight?

Stephen: What fight?

Tony: Peter just- *realizes that nothing happened* -in my defense, I didn’t have my coffee yet!

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Head cannon

Tony texts back extremely fast, like the text is sent you put your phone down and it dings. BUT. That’s only when it’s family members or people he cares about. People he works with or like business men usually don’t text him they call. So on the rare occasion he is texted by a business man he doesn’t respond quick because he’s a little sad it wasn’t his family. That just helps his image of being cold in the media when his family know otherwise

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