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Goose: *Meoooowowoww*

Peter sparkly eyes: I feel you Goose!

Tony: Are you a cat translator now?

Peter : No Goose just wants to eat.

Tony facepalming: Stephen!!!!!

Stephen: Don’t look at me, Tony, he’s your son.

Goose: Meoow!

Peter: *Gasp*

Stephen: Ok that’s it… *drags Pete away*

Tony: Wait! Don’t leave me here with a Flerken!

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I’ve been in a mood lately, so family fluff it is!

Savanna learns to swim over the course of their vacation. She’s three years old and sloppy, but has the basics down in less than three days. She and Stephen walk along the beach, just close enough to the surf for the waves to lap at their feet. Savannah leans down, examining a bright spot in the sand. 

“Wait, Daddy look…” she says.

She digs for a moment with her fingers and unearths a battered old piece of shell. It’s not much to look at, but does glimmer in the sunshine. “Look at that,” he laughs. “You found a little piece of a shell.”

Savannah turns the shell over in her hands curiously. She isn’t vocalizing a question, but Stephen hears the question in her voice anyway. She is wondering what it is.

“It’s part of a creature’s home,” he says. “Sometimes the creature gives it up, or it gets broken away.”

“So big…” Savannah murmurs as she points out onto the ocean. There is a boy surfing in the distance and a few bodies bobbing along, closer to the shore, people swimming. “People swim there.”

“You’ll be able to, eventually,” Stephen promises. 

Tony meets them at the end of the beach. He’s wearing shorts and a ridiculous Iron Man themed t-shirt. 

“There are the loves of my life,” Tony said, as he pulled Savannah in his arms. “I love you two.”

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Tony isn’t the biggest fan of the water, and never really has been. Yet, Savannah needs to learn to swim and the strangest family in the world is on a little vacation. “I don’t know how to do it,” Savannah says pointedly. “I don’t know how to swim.”

“Well, I know that,” Tony teases, from inside the swimming pool. Savannah stands on the edge, looking at Tony with an exasperated expression. Stephen sits near her, feet in the cool blue water. “That’s why we’re going to learn.”

Savanna shakes her head. “It’s big.”

Stephen kicks the water, smirking. “It’s not deeper than Papa,” he teases her. “That means it’s not too big.”

“I’ll catch you if you jump on in. It feels good.”

She takes a tiny leap.

Tony catches her as she lets out a squeal.

“Now time for a lesson,” he says, as Stephen watches them and breaks into a smile, muttering, “I love you.”

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Tony, singing to himself: I want to see my little boy
Thor: [grabs Peter and yeets him across the room] here he comes
Stephen: THOR NO
Tony, still singing: I want to see my little boy
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The first time, it is to settle which restaurant they are going to eat at. Peter wants sandwitches, Tony is trying to talk them into sushi, and Stephen votes pizza.

In the end when no one budges, Peter suggests they play rock, paper, scissors, winner gets to choose dinner.

That time Tony wins. The next time it’s picking a movie to watch and Peter wins.

When Peter wins again the following time, he notices that Stephen always loses because he always does paper. It takes him another day to figure out why- paper is the only shape Stephen can make with his damaged hands.

When they need to choose something again, Peter declares rock, paper, scissors too boring and challenges Tony and Stephen to trivia questions instead, saying it will help him with his Academic Decathlon team.

Stephen wins after six intense rounds.

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Peter, via text: Mr. Stark built a flamethrower.
Stephen: Oh my God.
Peter: You should probably get here.
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Prompt: Stuck.

The voice from behind him startled him, causing him to throw the vial he had been holding into the air.  The thing came down on him, splattering everywhere as a thick, white substance spilled all over himself and Stephen who had been the one to startle him to begin with.

Web fluid.  Tony had been testing a new web fluid (two times stronger than the old one) for Peter when Stephen just had to come in and scare the crap out of him.

“Aaand now we’re stuck together.” Tony observed, staring at Stephen who, like himself, was covered in webbing.

“You mean this is–”

“Yup.” Tony popped the ‘p’ and grinned over at the sorcerer who was current bound to him.  “If you had announced your presence like I keep telling you to do, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Stephen wasn’t paying attention.  Instead he tipped his head back and spoke to the ceiling.  “FRIDAY, call Peter.  Tell him to come to Tony’s lab as soon as possible.”

“Sure thing, Doc.” FRIDAY replied in her usual cheery tone.

Tony just continued to stare at Stephen.  No matter how many times he told him that he didn’t have to stare at the ceiling in order to speak to FRIDAY, Stephen never listened.  The wizard just wasn’t very tech savvy.

“Is the chair roped into this too?  I’d like to sit down on the couch.” Stephen tipped his head in the direction of the piece of furniture.

Tony stood, surprised to find that the chair he had been sitting in didn’t roll along with him.  He took one step only to find that he hadn’t actually gotten anywhere.  “Steph, baby, you need to walk with me.”

Walking together was a challenge.  It took them ten whole minutes to make it to the couch, but once they collapsed onto it Tony deemed it worth it.

“How long could we potentially be stuck together with this stuff?  Won’t it eventually break apart?” Stephen questioned, fully leaning against Tony.  He figured if they were going to be stuck together then they might as well make themselves comfortable.

“It doesn’t work that way.  The web fluid has a dissolving agent.  That’s the only thing that can get it off.  This is the strongest stuff I could possibly make.” Tony explained.  He nuzzled his cheek against Stephen’s head, sighing happily.  “There’s worse people to be stuck to though.  This isn’t so bad.”

“Agreed.” Stephen’s eyes were closing.  He was comfortable enough to take a nap while they waited for Peter.  So that’s exactly what he did.  It was only a matter of time before Tony joined him.

It was to this sight that Peter arrived in the lab.  He paused, snapped his mouth shut, and turned on his heels to march from the room.  The two of them would call him when they woke up and were desperate to get away from one another.

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Peter: Mr Wizard sir, what’s your name?

Strange: It’s Strange.

Peter: I promise I won’t make fun of it.


Tony: Strange. His name is Strange.

Peter: ᵇᵘᵗ ᴵ ᵖʳᵒᵐⁱˢᵉ ᴵ ʷᵒⁿ'ᵗ ˡᵃᵘᵍʰ

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Hello everybody! It’s me again!
My Shop will be completely gone tomorrow forever since TicTail is shutting down! So I wanna advertise it one last time!
I have a bunch of new Charms and reprints in my store!
Aswell as my Artbook and Sketchbook which I am very proud of!

Shop Link:


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