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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Morning comes too early ,
And night time falls too late.
And sometimes all I want to do is wait.
The shadow I’ve been hiding in

Has fled from me today.
I know it’s easier
To walk away,
Than look it in the eye.

But I will raise a shelter to the sky
And here beneath this star tonight I’ll lie
She will slowly yield the light
As I awaken from the longest night.

Dreams are shaking set sirens waking up tired eyes
With the light the memories all rush into his head.
By a candle stands a mirror of his heart and soul she dances
She was dancing through the night above his bed.

And walking to the window
He throws the shutters out against the wall
And from an ivory tower hears her call
“Let light surround you”

It’s been a long, long time
He’s had a while to think it over
In the end he only sees the change
Light to dark

Dark to light
Light to dark
Dark to light
Heaven must be more than this

When angels waken with a kiss
Sacred hearts won’t take the pain
But mine will never be the same
He stands before the window

His shadow slowly fading from the wall
And from an ivory tower he hears her call
“Let the light surround you”

Once I was but I was found.
When I heard the stained glass
Shatter all around me.
She whispers words to clear my mind.
I once could see but now at last,
I’m blind.

I know it’s easier
To walk away,
Than look it in the eye.
But I have given all that I could take.
And now I’ve only habits left to break.
Tonight I’ll still be lying here surrounded
In all the light.

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STARTER for @goddessoffidelityy​‘s shield verse
muse: f.enrir | verse: mcu


“—no.” The suggestion sounded ridiculous, and while he was pretty much open to most things ( no matter how hard his little brother said otherwise ), that was on his list of things he would NEVER do. One, he didn’t trust the people she was working for. Two, it sounded like they wanted to prod at and experiment on him. He was a son of A.ngrboda and L.oki; he was no mere specimen in a laboratory. Eyes narrowed at the pair of lab coated scientists lingering behind his stepmother, and a growl began to form in his throat.

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