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Trying to transition to zero-waste? Check out this list of zero-waste pantry staples to buy in bulk! Buying in bulk means bringing your own containers, scooping/pouring into it as much as you want of a certain food, and paying for it by weight. Most health food stores have bulk sections. When in doubt, try Whole Foods! 

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Hi, everyone! I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been pretty sick. Unfortunately, it’s led me to turn to a lot of packaged convenience items I’m not proud of. As I start to feel better, I’m trying to shift back into the low waste mindset. It can be so easy to get down on myself for not doing my best, but I’m trying to counter that by thinking of all the little things I already do (no bottled bath products, short showers, thrifted clothes, etc.).

So I guess this is also a reminder to step back and appreciate all the things you do for the environment that you don’t even think twice about anymore. This is a journey about doing what we can and not one of being perfect.

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Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane DDT


Reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, I learned all about DDT and its harmful effects on nature and humans. DDT was a pesticide, banned in 1972, widely used for agriculture, pest management, and even to spray our packaged foods. It is a fat-soluble compound, so once ingested, it is stored in the fat reserves of our own body. It has been almost 50 years now, yet trace amounts of DDT can still be detected in foods today. It just comes to show that what we put into nature doesn’t just “wash away.” 

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Working towards a zero-waste lifestyle? Check out these 10 zero-waste lifestyle must-haves!*

*As with everything else, don’t buy anything you don’t need. For example, if you don’t drink coffee, you probably have no need for a french press (even if you are low waste). The best way to lead a low-waste, minimalistic lifestyle is to only buy things you absolutely need.

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