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Editor/Co-Writer: @ironwoman359 (a big shoutout to Taylor for helping me write this chapter. She wrote the majority of it when I couldn’t get past my writer’s block, I just told her what I wanted. Thanks again, friend.)

Warnings: Eating disorder, swearing, food mention, alcohol mention, hospitals/injury detail, death mention, negative thoughts.

Also available on Ao3 here.


Roman spent the car ride over to the hospital zoned out, ignoring Patton’s worried glances and laying his forehead against the cool glass of the backseat window. At some point, he must have dozed off, because he awoke to Patton gently shaking his shoulder. He blinked, rubbing his eyes and slapping at his cheeks to wake himself up, then forced himself to put a pep in his step as he and Patton walked into the hospital lobby and asked for Megan’s room number.

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Evwryone’s posting pics of themselves and I want to, but I havent take any recently due to ✴Dysphoria✴ and also I just think I look like shit

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Oh, nice try honey. I’ve played this game with your kind before. I was right to feel the way I did about you when this started, I was wrong to give you a second chance. Shame on you for using me the way you did, silvertongue. If you thought you charmed my mouth shut, well, I’m so sorry to say… That’s never worked with me. I’m just angry now. That hurt has just fell away to being fucking done with your bullshit.

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Bucky: You shine so bright

Steve: …thanks Buck?

Bucky: Move your fucking blond head out of the sun, its blinding me, you irish ass motherfucker

Steve: Aaaah!!!



Bucky: You re not moving

Steve: Enjoying the sun warmth and blinding you at the same time, its a win win. You, on the other hand, should go wash your mouth with soap if you ever intend to kiss me with it anytime soon

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Oh shit is that paper due today?”

“Bro, lemme copy”

“FUCK the group chat answers are wrong. Again.”


“When’s the deadline to sign up for the AP test?”

*crying because you were so swamped under homework you forgot to sign up for the AP test so now you’re taking the class for nothing*

The last one actually happened to me y’all I don’t feel so good.

Feel free to add on with your AP and honors horror stories.

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Since October is coming up, I would like to say that I’d gladly take 100 “MUH BIDEO GAEM IS HAWNTED” stories over one more ableist shitfest involving a killer with a mental illness or mobility aid.

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Dungeons & Dragons memes: Bards are ineffectual dandies who try to fuck everything that moves.

D&D players: That’s a gross and annoying stereotype that maligns a useful character class and encourages bad behaviour at the table.

D&D memes: Wizards are gleefully amoral meddlers in forces they don’t understand and a greater danger to their friends than the monsters they fight.

D&D players: No, that one’s accurate.

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Jesus christ…that was fucking terrifying! Had one hell of a nightmare so I’m going to make y'all deal with it too.

It began with me reading a story about a murderer. People at their most comfortable were dying in horrific manners. I’m glad I remember less of them. Sounds rather cheesy to be honest. But whatever it was terrified dream me.

But I was in my bed reading the book. I froze thinking I heard music and hid under my covers. It didn’t work… The ghost demon man with a blank white face appeared and chased me out downstairs. Fucker had a even more distorted version of Malhare theme song playing in the background whenever he appeared. An empty sauna/ahowering area materialized at the end of the stairway. The monster’s voice was distorted in the constantly flowing water. I was stupid and panicked then hid in the corner. Then the floors started to flood.

After he started getting closer fear well up to the point I snapped. My hands and legs felt like they were weighted down but I walk toward the bastard and lifted both hands flipping it off. When it didn’t leave and instead tried to tell me to sink down and drown quietly. Felt like if I didn’t do something to scare it off I would die. I screamed every religious thing, every name of God I could to get it away, possibly send it back to hell. That didn’t work. It wasnt until I realized I was in a dream and I could kill it by mentally picking something to fight it off with. I first materialized a lightning sword but then realized I fry us both then I used a sword of fire that evaporated the water in my path. Slowly but surely I stepped closer then I sent that thing back to wherever the fuck it came from. Stabbed it so it burned from the inside out with the rest of its remains evaporating.

This one of the few times managed to lucid dream for a bit to make decisions within any dream much less a nightmare. But what was not normal is that I was froze awake? My hands were where I held in the stance I used to use the blade to gouge the spectre through. After a few minutes, I was able to finally open my eyes and move. Still I have the lights on now at least. It bothers me before I struck it, it said you wouldn’t wake up, but at least I’m awake enough now to prove it wrong.

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Shodaigoji = first baby

Showa Godzilla = silly baby

Heisei Godzilla = buff baby

98 Godzilla = fast baby

Miregoji = spiked baby

GMK Goji = demonic baby

Kiryu Goji = cranky baby

GFW Goji = agile baby

Godzilla Filius = tree baby

Godzilla Earth = biggest baby

Shin Godzilla = crispy baby

Monsterverse Godzilla = chubby baby

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