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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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I see you’re doing some aspec stimboards! v cool btw thank you, might I request an aroace board with pastels and paint and soft stuff?? also maybe a demiromantic board with snakes and jewelry??

Yeah!! Aspec folk deal with so much shit honestly and the stim community could use a lil’ more aspec love imo :) I will be sure to include plenty of the stims you mentioned in the aroace and demiro boards, thanks for the suggestions!!

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I used to think there was nothing more frustrating than a good story told badly, but then I discovered the truth: real hell is when the person telling the story is actually great at it, but one of the people present doesn’t know how to be a good listener and keeps dragging the story off track with tangentially relevant questions and badly timed interjections.

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I’m currently trying to teach my racist, lgbtqphobic, sexist, anti-femenist sister to not be a shitty person and it’s so ridiculous sometimes.

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‘writer, fan of thomas sanders’, oh, you mean fan of a literal fucking pedophile

I seriously fucking despise you people

Do your damn research you cockroach

If you did you would know that all the claims were false and came from aspec exclusionists literally digging for scraps to try and cancel Thomas for after he said he includes them in the LGBTQ+ community.

First, there was people speculating he had a relationship with his friend Leo when Leo was 17. That wasn’t even true and was only fueled by a photoshoot they took together and the fact that Thomas was at Leo’s graduation. That’s it!!!

Next, we have him reblogging NSFW art from a minor. He had a rule of only reblogging NSFW art from adult fans and did not know the artist was minor and deleted it as soon as he found out, and now he actively avoids interacting with that kind of fanart of him.

If you want to hate someone for something, at least make sure it’s fucking true. Screw off and go get a hobby or some shit that’s actually productive.

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My sister, two months ago: I have two stuffed sheep that need names there’s a big one and a small one what are your suggestions?

Me: mary and jesus

My sister: fuck no


My sister, today: I’m making a bag that will fit all of my stuffed dragons and also mary and jesus the sheep.

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My cat really likes strawberry yogurt for some reason, and I’ve taught her okay, you can have a little dollop, but only when I’m finished with it, and only if you wait politely without pestering or trying to dart in and steal any. She got the picture fairly quickly, but she literally vibrates with anticipation while she’s waiting, and it’s the funniest goddamn thing.

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Warnings: swearing, cleithrophobia

Word Count: 3,311

Prompt/Request: shiro/female reader with like childhood friends and mutual pining ?? Flustered shiro is a bonus, u can add any other tropes u like (locked in a closet, sharing a bed, fake relationship etc) cheers xx

Summary: Shiro and you have been best friends for longer than you can rememeber, but when he helps you move into your new apartment that has a tempermental closet door there’s no telling what could happen. Call this story a forest cause it’s full of pining. (Sorry aout the pun)

Author: Mod Alex

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Are there any dark corners of the mindscape cass could be hiding or anyone who's be helping her?

Raven: not that I know of… god my head hurts… can I get some water please?? Cass has been practicing… haven’t been thrown under like that in forever. 

Liza: *handing Raven a glass of water* hey Raven… how you doing? 

Raven: I wanna yeet myself out a window. 

Talia: I also share the sentiment of defenestration. 

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Social anxiety story time

Hey I so uhh I have social anxiety (like I can barely talk to the barista anywhere my one friend has had to order for me multiple times and I rehearse what I have to order or say in my head until I say it and when I do it’s quiet) anyways all of my friends are in band and such and are pretty busy this summer and I wanted to go see fat from home when it came out problem both of my friends I want to see it with won’t be available I explained my predicament to my parents and they said “oh invite someone newer” and I’m like hell no fuck no I can’t do that what if they judge me I don’t know them well enough what if I cry in the movie are they gonna laugh I’m not a skinny person what if they judge me for eating candy and such. I was planning on not going at all and just waiting but then I realized someone I could invite and I got excited problem is when your mom texts you saying “oh I was talking to your coach for four years ago and his daughter is going through the same thing” and I know I should be the bigger person and invite her but I haven’t spoken to her in 4 years and we kinda don’t like each other so yeah that was my rant again ignore it I needed to get it off my chest

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Haven’t talked about it much, but I went through a rough breakup six months ago (we’d been together almost six years). Even though the relationship’s been healthier since deciding to be friends, there’s still some strain. My ex moved across the country and tasked me with getting their stuff to their new home, by way of a U-Haul shipping container thing called a U-Box. They’re paying for the U-Haul stuff, but I’m responsible for moving all their stuff (which has been in a storage unit) into said U-Box, which the U-Haul people will ship over to my ex’s new home. I agreed to it because they don’t have anyone else over here who can do it.

There’ve been multiple technical difficulties, though, and I now have to meet the U-Box in another town by 4pm on Thursday. This means I have to rent a U-Haul van in my own town at 10am, fill it with all the stuff in the storage unit, drive the van to this other town, and move everything out of the van into the U-Box. All this in a five- or six-hour window, in two days’ time, when I’ve already been struggling with debilitating anxiety shutdowns and suicidal urges all month. All this, for a relationship and a person I don’t really feel good about anymore, who has expected me to prioritize their wants and needs over my own for pretty much the entire time I’ve known them. So basically, I’m fucking tired.

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