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• Following the original “Permadeath” format where if you die you MUST start the game over from scratch but now with some added details for that extra difficulty:

1. No “Mipha’s Grace” or anything that can revive you once all hearts are depleted.

2. No extra hearts, ONLY dishes that can replenish hearts you have earned from completing shrines.

3. No defense boosts. Every other effect boosts foods/armor are allowed (attack boosts, stealth boosts, movement speed boosts, heat resistance, cold resistance, and electric resistance.

4. Only allowed stock armor attributes, that means NO upgrading armor at fairy fountains. What you have is what you get.

5. No upgrading runes or champion abilities.

6. You can only upgrade your weapon stash 4 times.

7. You can only upgrade your shield stash 2 times.

8. You can only upgrade your bow stash 4 times.

9. No resting through the night or during rain. You must tough it out and survive.

10. No amiibos allowed.

11. Last but not least, you can only upgrade your stamina up to TWO wheels ONLY.

• Please keep in mind this is meant to be hard and if you want to do another playthrough of BOTW but need a different change of pace. Have fun and enjoy!

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is coming to the Switch, and this version of the game is based on the Western localization of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. That Western version had some toned-down content compared to the Japanese release, which some saw as censorship.

When Nintendo announced Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, they failed to say that it would be based on the Western version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, which had numerous fans feeling mislead. Those who preordered were expecting the Japanese version of the Switch port to be the same content-wise as the original Japanese launch. Nintendo has since apologized for the issue, and is issuing refunds.

All this fuss surrounding the game’s launch has had an interesting side effect. Over on the Amazon Japan Wii U charts, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has shot straight up to the #1 position. It looks like people want to make sure they lock in a purchase of the original Japanese release, rather than go with the Switch port!

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Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition is built to enhance Prison Architect’s existing gameplay mechanics to give players new and interesting ways to experience the game. Each feature in this expansion brings its own set of scenarios and opportunities that require players to get creative with their prison management. Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition is just the start of our plans for Prison Architect, we have much more in the works that you’ll hear about soon.

Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition Key Features

Plead Insanity: Criminally insane inmates are unpredictable, require special care, and have their own Reputation traits for you to consider when building your prison. Let them co-exist with the general population or lock them away in a padded cell, how you manage their needs is up to you!

Shrinks: Any prison holding the criminally insane needs a team of Psychiatrists and trained Orderlies to keep everything under control. These valuable prison staff can sedate rowdy prisoners or pull out the straitjackets when things get too rough.

Doctor’s Note: Provide counseling to the criminally insane with the new Psychiatrist’s Office and new consultation Programs. Improve their sessions by upgrading the office with leather sofas, medicine cabinets, Rorschach tests, and more.

Good Behavior: Your inmates now have a wide range of behaviors players will need to manage. They start out harmless, but if left untreated, they can turn violent or attempt to escape.

It’s Gone Viral: Treat your regular inmates with care. Subjecting your inmates to excessive suppression or punishment can cause them to turn criminally insane.

Extra Padding: Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition adds padded cells and padded floors along with a bundle of other new objects, floors, and wall types to customize your prison. Now you can easily build a dedicated wing for the criminally insane.

Tools of the Trade: Additional contraband, including Adrenaline Shots, Fountain Pens (Shanks), and Gold Pocket Watches, can be stolen by your prisoners, or by you in Escape Mode.

This DLC content has been announced for the PC version of Prison Architect, but it’s likely to make its way to Switch eventually, just as other DLC has. We’ll bring you info on a release date when it becomes available.

That’s not all, though. The dev team has revealed that even more DLC is coming in 2020, which was teased in the trailer above.

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Don’t get me wrong I’m still a huge lee. But I’m leaning more and more towards a switch. I’m starting to get ler moods more often than anticipated. And let’s just say… lee moods and ler moods suck. But you know what else sucks? Switch moods. Period.

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Fans of the award-winning and visually stunning video game can see Cuphead, Mugman, and friends like never before in this original, illustrated middle-grade novel. Join them on their adventure as they make merry mischief in the vibrant and topsy-turvy world of the Inkwell Isles!

It’s a special day on the Inkwell Isles: Elder Kettle’s birthday! Yes, sirree, it’s a very special day. So Cuphead and Mugman need to find the perfect gift to honor their beloved mentor. But along the way, the brothers and their new friend Ms. Chalice are captivated by the sights and sounds of the carnival that just rolled into town. Despite Elder Kettle’s warning that the attraction is filled with liars and thieves, the trio gets reeled in.

At the carnival, the friends are bamboozled and burgled by enemies, old and new. Will they escape the chaos and get their gift before it’s too late?

Includes over 20 never-before-seen illustrations drawn by Studio MDHR’s Lance Miller that feature hidden items for an interactive treasure hunt!

Cuphead in Carnival Chaos: A Cuphead Novel is set to launch on March 3rd, 2020, and is priced at $15. You can preorder your copy here.

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Simon Belmont is getting the amiibo treatment, and you can get a real good look at the design in the video above. Even though I don’t play as Simon in Smash Bros. Ultimate, there’s no way I’m passing this amiibo up.

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Well this is certainly a unique design. SADES is playing up the nostalgia factor with its GameCube-Style Joy-Con for Switch. The pair will cost you $60, and you can get more details on the controllers below.

- Unique Game Cube design button, hours of comfortable game play with curve ergonomically designed grips.
- The wireless Home button wakes up the host, which provides quick and convenient.
- Built-in near field communication NFC function for Amiibo. The dual strong vibration motor will bring you a different experience in the game.
- Two Joy Con can be used independently in each hand, or together as One game Controller when attached to the Joy Con grip.
- Randomly updated. Includes 1 Micro USB cables for charging purposes. Compatible with Nintendo Switch as a Replacement for Joy Cons.

Grab yours here

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Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout has been a big hit for Koei Tecmo. What was the reason for so many flocking to the game? While there are a number of factors, it could have something to do with Ryza herself. The character’s design has proven to be extremely popular. In an interview with NintendoEverything, producer Junzo Hosoi elaborates upon the unexpected reaction to Ryza’s design.

In this case, the setting is that she’s a farmer’s daughter, but then we thought, “Well a skirt and farming – that doesn’t go well together.” We don’t really want their underwear showing as well. So we decided to go with the short-shorts. The other aspect is that because it’s summer – that’s the theme – so that’s how we came up with the design.

So surprisingly a lot of people are paying attention to her thighs. We didn’t create her with the intention of her thighs being the key point, but a lot of people seem to be really… (Laughs)

Our approach was to make a cute character without any sexual innuendo whatsoever. Everyone sort of looks at her as sort of being sexy, and that’s completely not how we look at her, so that really caught us by surprise. (Laughs)

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Tired of not knowing if someone’s above or below you based on sound? Fortnite now has a new option that should help make it lot easier to tell what’s going on. Epic explains the update in the blurb below.

With the release of Chapter 2, we’re excited to share that we’ve added a setting to improve audio. Tested by members of the competitive community, by toggling on the “3D Headphones” mode in the Audio Options menu, the mode will improve spatialization of tactically-important sounds.

What does that mean? You’ll have a better sense of sounds above, below, and behind you! Please note: we recommend stereo headphones for this mode, and the mode will not work if you have the “Visualize Sound Effects” accessibility option enabled. Jump in and try it out!

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The first three games in the beloved DRAGON QUEST™ RPG franchise are now available for Nintendo Switch™. The releases are perfect for long-time fans, as well as newer players looking to experience a slice of gaming history with these influential classics. Each game in the legendary Erdrick trilogy may be purchased separately as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, including: DRAGON QUEST, DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line™ and DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation®.

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If you have a Switch Lite, this story won’t matter one bit to you. If you have a regular Switch, it might cause you to take pause. Image & Form, in one of their latest videos, talks a bit about Anthill coming to Switch. In the feature, the team confirms that the game is only playable in handheld mode. You’re not going to be able to play this one via dock on the big screen. Hopefully people figure that out before they make a purchase and get upset!

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We knew he was on the way sometime this month, but we didn’t know when. Nintendo has confirmed that Luigi is now available in Mario Kart Tour, just waiting for you to hop in and check him out. I know quite a few people were sad to see him not included at launch, so hopefully this makes up for it!

Remember, the Halloween Cup is kicking off in Mario Kart Tour on Oct. 22nd, 2019, and runs until Nov. 5th, 2019.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of the biggest games hitting Switch this year, and Nintendo wants to make sure the game gets the attention it deserves. That’s why they put together a special preview event that recreated Garden Suites from Luig’s Mansion 3 in real life! Check out the immersive experience in the video above.

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