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Noivern is afraid of Piers

  • He was excited to meet your Pokémon until he saw the hulking black dragon, Noivern
  • He took an unconscious step back and gave the giant a wave
  • And… it started cowering behind you and shivering
  • Piers.exe stopped working
  • He can’t even fathom how this creature as big, as it is, is afraid of him
  • He takes a step forward with one hand out, trying it be gentle, and Noivern just flys away
  • It doesn’t take you with it, so this isn’t about you
  • The dragon is just scared of him
  • Piers tells you that he wants to spend a lot of time with Noivern so he can be accustomed to him
  • Which doesn’t work, he keeps flying away
  • When you go how you find the cutie cowering under your bed
  • Piers tried bringing lots of treats for him and that sort of works but there’s still a lot of nerves
  • Noivern will approach Piers for the treats but if Piers moves one inch, he’ll fly away
  • He tried to get his Obstagoon to play with him but the moment Piers ever held up a Pokeball your dragon was long gone
  • Piers decided that he should probably just never make any sudden movements around him, speak softly and always have snacks
  • This kinda works
  • Noivern will eat the snacks and just sniff Piers for a long time, if he doesn’t move at all
  • It takes about 7 months of not moving around Noivern for Piers to be able to pet him
  • But then Noivern heard Piers “hurt” you in bed one day and suddenly all that progress was reset
  • Well, damn
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Piers and S/o Argue 

  • Marnie was leaning against the wall by the opening to the living room, biting her mouth shut as she listened to the screaming
  • She didn’t know what even started it but there was nothing but screaming, pointing fingers and name calling
  • Piers rarely raised his voice, life’s too short for that nonsense, but he was livid
  • He took the remote off the coffe table a tossed it across the room, pointing at you with a wicked snarl and tell you you’re wrong
  • You’d clap back just as hard, backing up your side with facts and fallacies that only seemed to anger him more
  • He would run out of words first
  • He’d dilute to just telling you to be quiet and that he doesn’t need you to survive
  • Marnie felt a tear roll down her face hearing him say that
  • She liked you and she knows Piers loves you
  • He just can’t see that right now
  • You barge into the hall, headed to the room to pack your stuff
  • You don’t even notice Marnie
  • Piers does
  • He still has a little bit of an attitude when he asks her what she’s doing here
  • To which she proceeds to smack the hell out of him
  • Marnie will berate piers for as long as possible
  • How could you throw them away like that? What’s wrong with you? You don’t have to be right all the time!
  • He doesn’t really want to hear any advice right now
  • He pays for your cab and you get out
  • He doesn’t let Marnies words get to him until later after seeing how empty his room is without your stuff in it, how big his bed is without you, how silent it is without your laughter
  • He doesn’t sleep much
  • He misses you
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