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I had an anonymous request for smut involving a younger Reader (like mid-20 something)/Chadwick. I think this will be a short smut series.

Word Count: 1535 

Summary: Makeupartist!Reader x Chadwick are filming in Thailand and hanging out, when reader’s past sexual inexperience becomes a topic of conversation.

Warnings: none for this chapter except language. the smut will come soon! 

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The other ways the gauntlet could have been used:

  • Carol uses the gauntlet (she got her powers from one of the stones, why not?)
  • Wanda uses the gauntlet (same, and she held Thanos off with her powers when he had all but one stone, so she’s obviously powerful enough)
  • Thor? He’s a god? Why does everyone keep saying he can’t do it? I’m pretty sure Odin could have. It’s cause Russos ruined everything Taika did and they hate Thor
  • there are 3 super soldiers if you count T’Challa (I dont know how else to classify him), maybe they could have survived using it?
  • Doctor Strange reverses the effects the gauntlet had on Tony’s body by using the time stone (Thanos revived Vision with it, why not?)
  • maybe just deciding to use the gauntlet at all would’ve helped, instead they were playing catch with it for some stupid reason
  • separating the stones from the gauntlet and using them individually to wipe out Thanos and his army (maybe the Gauntlet was too powerful for anyone but there are people who could’ve used the stones)
  • speaking of which Strange using the time stone to unsend Thanos’ army somehow? Turn them into babies? I don’t know? He’s the guardian of the time stone and he doesn’t use it
  • every single fucking avenger, guardian, asgardian, whoever the fuck you are grabbing onto tony and holding their hands together, thus spreading the power of the gauntlet between them and making it harmless to any of them(cause there were so many of them) and ending thanos once and for all
  • the guardians at least should’ve thought of this but nooooo
  • the russos said fuck tony rights we gon kill this bitch
  • i mean i cant believe that they took the best most favorite character and went like noo
  • he has to die
  • like have you even considered the version where he doesn’t, have you, have you motherfuckers
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Ugh sorry guys I do have alot of Everpanther art to post on here but Tumblr is taking a crap on me

If you wanna see the art stuff I’m talking about go to my instagram: Everpanther

I’m sorry but I’m just done at this point I don’t know why it’s not letting me post my content I will try to contact someone about it but for now I’ll just post some story lines.

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Omega and alpha au

Everett was pregnant after there wedding after a month or so

But Everett was having doubts, worry’s, fear

But it was his hormones from pregnancy but he doesn’t know that

But lately he’s been having nightmares lately and T'challa was out in the city with the avengers for some type of mission in Everett’s side he was glad he was gone for awhile not in the bad why though he was nervous.. no it wasn’t that

He was scared of T'challa.

He’s scared because he might lose the baby due to his age or maybe other problems and he might abandon him for another young omega to have a heir to his Thorne

Eventually Everett was ready go to bed he’s been in bed rest since the baby is due in a few weeks and the queen has the castle in top security like wakanda was about to be attack but no it was only for Everett’s safety and the baby so the Dora are just outside the door guarding

You are old and failed me to give me pups!!”

“T'challa P-please I-I  can try-”

You are worthless broken and used omega begone!! I have already a new wife to give me pups” He’s new wife was already pregnant and was happy and beautiful and young


T'challa!!” I scream as I was bailing my eyes out with tears and heard the Dora’s barging in

“Our highness you alright!?!”

I couldn’t speak as I was sobing

“Do you need queen Ramonda? Princess shuri?”

I shake my head

“N-no It’s just a uhem…its the baby kicking.. I’ll be fine”

They both look at me concerned

“I said I’ll be fine I just need water…”

One of them got me water and I dismissed them

“I’m sorry to giving you stress my baby… I’m just so worried about you and your father”

I drink my water and relaxed again my eyes were so puffy

It wasn’t long before I went back to sleep

I woke up to a hand on my stomach and hearing my name

“ my husband I’m home”

I sit up as T'challa was actually home and he went to the baby and started talking to our child

“Hello my little panther did you take care of your papa while I was away?~” he cooed

He giggled and got up and kissed me

“I’m sorry about the mission it was urgent”

“It’s fine..”

“Hey sweetie you ok-”

“I’M FINE!” I snapped

“I’m sorry to wake you up..”

I sign and laid back down as I felt him wrapping his arms around me well he was trying to since the baby was hugging all the bed

Eventually they both fell asleep into the night

But Everett nightmares weren’t going away anytime soon


T'challa open his eyes hearing name but seeing Everett crying in his sleep

“Please no!!”

“Everett love! Wake up!”

I grabbed his hands and Everett woke up panicking

“Ssh love I’m right here”

“N-no T'challa P-please don’t leave me…” he cried

“Ssh breathe, why would I leave you?”

“I-I’m scared of the baby and that you might leave me and abandoned me because I won’t give you pups..because I’m old a-and-” he was interrupt by T'challa held his cheek

“My love i love you I would Never leave you or abandon you because of the baby the baby is well and healthy plus all the ice cream you’ve been having” i giggled

“But besides that you have nothing  to be scared or afraid of I’m always here for you” i rub his cheek

Sniff “I’m sorry..”

“Don’t be sorry it’s your brain and the hormones kicking in it will all soon go away” i smile at him as I look at his eyes

“I love you alpha”

“I love you too my omega”

Another few weeks has passed and Everett give birth to is new son N'kuka and they never been felt so happy with joy

He had Everett’s eyes, had T'challa’s hair and skin

“Everett I told you everything’s going to be fine~”

“Oh haha Frick off You’ll not be sleeping me for like weeks!” He glared holding his newborn son

“Oh come on babe!”

Everett laughs.

And eventually again poor Everett was pregnant again

And he almost killed T'challa but he was happy to have a new child

And there were having another boy and Everett had a hunch that his son was going to be like him

They named him martin.



Hey sorry this was like rushed I’ve been working on long chapters in progress had to post somthing to keep this up and dated!

Hope you like and will post more soon

Trying to get motivation and ideas.

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My new favourite thing in the whole world.

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Warnings: Adult themes, light smut, and cursing. 2.4k words.


Often times the Udaku’s sexual desires for each other blinded their need to stay tactful in some places. They would get scolds from their family members and friends or get called out for their post sex smirks on the red carpet or at high profile events.

Neither of them saw what the problem was. “She is my wife and I love her.” T’Challa said to Erik who had caught Maya sneaking out of his office while T’Challa was supposed to be working.

“Y’all need to do something about that.” While Erik and his wife, Jasmine, were active no one seemed to hold a candle to Maya and T’Challa’s sexual appetite for each other.

“I bet y’all can’t go one week without fucking” Erik challenged. “You know we can’t. That is not a fair bet.”

Realizing that the bet was foolish, Erik nodded in agreement. “You’re right. I don’t even know why I said that.” The conversation steered in a more professional manner for the most part.

Maya was still in a bet of a sex induced haze while she was sorting out her letters and such from America. She would receive invites for events and premieres through email or the old fashioned letter.

“What’s this?” She held up the golden letter and opened it. It was an invite to the Wearable Art Gala. It was in its third year and the theme was Lion King.

“Makes sense.” Her best friend, Bey, was always the main attraction and the event was founded by her mother. It was befitting that the theme be centered around the new Lion King starring the singer.

Maya walked back to T’Challa’s office with the invite in hand, “Come in my love.” He purred, taking in her figure like he hadn’t just seen her a few minutes ago.

Holding up the envelope, she smiled. “I just got the invite for the Wearable Art Gala.”

He leaned back in his chair, “Is the theme honoring me again?”

“No, that was last year’s.” The theme ‘From WACO to Wakanda’ was in celebration of the styles, innovation, and inspiration of their homeland.

“What is this year’s theme, then?”

“Lion King. Into the Pridelands. I’m assuming because of Bey’s role in the upcoming movie.”

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Everpanther prompt- Everett stays to help with the transition, he and T'challa both pine for the other thinking it’s unrequited. One day while looking for Everett, T'challa finds him flirting with someone else(maybe him and M'baku have developed a rapport and are just joking around?) and becomes extremely jealous at the scene. Up to you if he steps in and says something then and there or quietly seethes for a while.  Tumblr

I may do this differently since I didn’t understand quite fully.


T'challa was having a meeting with M'baku for the transition and Everett offered to help after the meeting the moving the talks etc everyone headed out for the night and Everett and M'baku decided head out to a bar for a drink (only because M'baku,made him to) and supposedly T'challa followed them hmmmm

M'baku and Everett were having cocktail and laughing away

“Haha yeah you did really scared me with your threat to feeding me your children”

“Haha yes you had that face like you just peed you’re pants!”

Everett was really having a good time with M'baku and T'challa was not having it,

“No offense or anything but I was kinda relief when you said you guys were vegetarians” he chuckles

M'baku smirks at him

“Well maybe if you come by again I can show you how we do things around in my tribe”

T'challa rushed over to them and stands right beside Everett wrapped his arm around his wasit

“Back off M'baku he’s not interested!”

“T'challa what are yo-eep!” Everett yulped as he Jerked up as T'challa grab hiss ass

“Heh T'challa we were just having drinks no need to be jealous I know he yours if I tried to steal him away from you I would’ve done that waaay before when you were dying I would’ve trapped him my Thorne room” he smirks

“Y-you would what!?” Everett blushes

“But I’ll finish having drinks in my room for now I’ll let you two birds chat away” M'baku laughs as he walks away

Everett punches T'challa on the shoulders

“What the hell was that for!? You didn’t need to squeeze my ass!”

“I didn’t want M'baku take you away from me!”

“Oh Jesus Christ I wasn’t going to let him take me away from you T'challa I’m not  going anywhere” looks at him in the eye

Sigh “just my worried heart would be scared that’s all”

“Just admit you were jealous plus can I ever chat to guys without you being jealous?”

“No you can it’s just M'baku that’s all”

Everett giggles as he goes on his tippy toes in for a kiss

T'challa will be always be jealous at M'baku ;)

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