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They talk during the drive; about the different projects, about their training. T'Challa complains about Shuri blackmailing him with some footage of a test with the Black Panther suit gone wrong. (A distant voice at the back of Zemo’s mind tries to point out that maybe the conversation flows a little too easily, points out that he is not meant to actually enjoy this.)

“Are you sure you don’t want any guards with you?” T'Challa asks after the car stops and Zemo gets out.

Knowing they’d rather choose be eaten alive by a hyena than to be stuck alone with him, Zemo assures him there is no need. “I’ll be fine. Go, or you’ll be late.”

T'Challa is reluctant to leave.


From The Lazarus Project on AO3

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BamBam, T'Challa and Loki

Enemies to Lovers: Loki (b/c its fucking Loki you hate and love him)

Slow Burn: T'Challa (I would literally never act on it nor assume he’d have feelings until he legitimately says it)

Fake Date: Bambam (We’re such memes and good friends that we don’t even realize that we actually like each other until it’s too late)

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Title: Trust You: Captain American/Avengers. Soulmate series/AU. (In place of IW/Endgame)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes/OFC - Bethany Roselyn Jones. OFC - Benjamin Jones/Sasha Banks. Friendship! -  Steve Rogers, T’Challa, Shuri, and Sam Wilson.Other Avengers will appear down the road.
Rating: Mature Audiences  
Summary: Bethany Jones has always had her heart broken. What happens when she lands in the most  unexpected place with two super soldiers? Will she finally be able to find the love she has been  looking for all this time? Along the way, Bethany discovers something about herself that changes her world forever.
Word Count: 6,488
Story Updates: Fridays/Saturdays.  
A/N: Mood board was created by myself. Please do not steal and don’t credit as your own. The pictures were from Google in itself but the artwork is mine. Please do not steal as your own work or  post anywhere else. Reblogs and likes are muchly appreciated.
Story Tags: #sideeffectsofyou, #trustyoufic, #mrsgigastarx

Taglist is open for those lovelies that are interested. DM me or leave a message in my inbox.

A/N: Eating disorders are no joke. As a teen, I, Myself, dealt with eating issues. I know this is very  sensitive material and understand that it maybe cause a trigger to some people. So please tread  carefully. But This chapter is to show how much my character has overcame and the stronger  person she truly is. That everyone falls and has someone there that will help them through it. That  it’s okay to get help. Also most of the facts about Alexa Bliss are true, she did battle anorexia and  that’s why she is such a main focus on this chapter with Bethany. 

This also coincides with National Mental Health day, yesterday. So anyone that is battling Mental  Health or need someone to talk to, you can always contact me. I will be here to listen to you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help because there might be that one person that will change your life  and help you through the darkest of your days. 

There is very strong dislike between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss in real life, so I touched on that a bit.

ONCE AGAIN, this chapter deals with very sensitive material. If it triggers you, please don’t read. I  will completely understand. This chapter is more focused on my OC and what she has overcame. 

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