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@procession-of-blades So I’ve actually been stewing around on some ideas for what the Boneskinner *could* have been since I learned what it is and today I was inspired to write some fake journal entries for it.

My basic inspiration was a creature/spirit from Norn legends that hunts using the scent of fear. It’s taking advantage of the atmosphere that Jormag has created to hunt down individuals and groups that stray too far from Raven’s protection in the keep.

Spooky stuff under the cut (hopefully)

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grimdr replied to your post “boy i really need to figure out how to filter tumblr search so it only…”

I see as I look fat the next post down from this that apparently this is based on a totally different and possibly actually Santa Claus-themed piece of media that I’ve never heard of BUT my first instinct was “oh yeah this is about Iorek Byrnesen. I wouldn’t have thought of him as Santa Claus but I’m willing to go with it”

oh my god

I…. I mean I certainly very much do desire gay fanart of the giant murder polar bear, but I would be a great deal more understanding of people being disconcerted by that

you know what, though. I am also willing to go with it. Let’s do this.


my next longfic will be a wacky romcom adventure where a plucky Texan aeronaut crashlands at the North Pole and must escape from the workshop of the alcoholic giant talking polar bear who makes children’s toys all day… but can he escape LOVE?

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I love my coworkers

Along with books, students can check out DVDs and I get to request movies I want so obviously I request movies with the Twilight cast that no one knows about. This past time we put in requests I put in for the movie High Life and my coworker called me into her office and said she had a present for me. So I walk in there and she hands me the movie! Ugh I’m so excited to get to watch it.

My coworkers embrace my interests and I love them so much. I don’t want to leave this job.

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Sven wakes up in a hospital with a new scar and surrounded by friendly faces - with one in particular being the person he never thought he’d see again…

The Sven/Dante (aka Adam/Shiro) fic I promised ages ago and have now finally delivered! This is set in the Alternate Universe the Paladins entered back in season 3 where they met Sven and the Alternate Slav. Dante is Sven’s husband who has been missing for 2 years (sound familiar?) and now they finally get to reunite - although not under the most desired circumstances. Enjoy!

(you can read it here or in AO3)



“Don’t let go.”


“I won’t, I swear I won’t.”




“I love –”



The first thing Sven noticed was the tubes. That and the raging headache pounding against his skull.


It took him a moment to open his eyes, his eyelashes stuck shut with sleep sand. He blinked back the bright fluorescent light shining down at him; a rude wake-up call.

“Oh! He’s awake!”

Suddenly, two pairs of eyes were blinking down at him, crowding him back into his pillow. Wait – pillow…

“Where am I?” Sven croaked.

“Well hello to you too,” someone chuckled. After a few more heavy blinks, the strange smudge became less of a smudge and more of a person. Sven rubbed at his eyes, wincing when the needle moved under his skin.

The smudge tsked, moving closer. “Don’t do that, you’ll loosen it again.” A gentle hand took Sven’s wrist then lowered it so it lay down at his side. There were calluses on their fingertips, well-earned from long hours on the training deck.


Sven’s eyes finally decided to piece together what he was seeing, revealing his childhood friend. Matthias’ large hazel eyes were hidden behind his gold-tinted goggles, his mop of hair grown long enough to tie back into a small ponytail.

“Hey, man,” he said, giving Sven’s hand a light squeeze.

Sven fumbled to get the words out, his throat protesting. “What – I thought you were in the Trifecta Nebula?”

“Still am,” Matthias grinned. He raised his arms, gesturing to the room. “Welcome to the Trifecta rebel base hospital – best on this side of the galaxy.”

Sven frowned. “But, Slav, we were –”

“Destroying the Altean explorer ship, yes,” Slav said, appearing at Sven’s other side. “Quite successfully too.”

“The comet… did the otherworlders –” Sven couldn’t finish his sentence, his chest wracking suddenly with dry coughs. He felt something cool press against his lips and when he opened his mouth, ice-cold hydration liquid poured down his throat. He sighed in relief, his throat already beginning to lose some of its scratchiness.

“For someone who got shot in the chest, you’re really talkative,” Matthias chuckled. He took the now-empty glass back and placed it on a floating tray. Sven eyed the jug longingly. Matthias shook his head and poured him another glass, offering it to him. “What were you thinking, jumping into the fray like that?”

“So Slav told you?” Sven said after draining his second glass.

Matthias nodded, his smile turning grave. “An alternate reality? Do you really believe them?”

Sven sighed. “Don’t know.”

“Well, alternates or not, they got rid of that comet which puts them in my good books,” Slav said, shrugging all six shoulders.

“So they succeeded?” Sven asked.

“We bought them some time to escape,” Slav said. “Whether they made it back home, I don’t know. But I’d like to think so.”

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One time when I was like 10, my mom got sick of being the only one who was washing dishes (my dad usually does them too, he was just doing a bunch of overtime for a few months) so she just stopped washing them thinking we’d do it but she forgot how ridiculous Lombardi’s are so she got to watch me and my dad passing “The Family Bowl” back and and forth for like a month before he reminded her she could just teach me how to do it, and that’s how I learned to wash dishes.

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I'm sorry, I did send a request, but it must have been lost or something!My prompt was maybe some more of your les amis zombie/Warm Bodies AU? It was how I first found your blog and I love the fics so much!

SO clearing out my inbox a little also happened to coincide with me refinding my Warm Bodies AU plans. This has probably been sat in my inbox for years, and I am SO SO sorry that I never replied to it, apparently. Probably I started writing something then never finished it then forgot lol.

But, since I’m kind of wanting to gauge potential interest in this AU if I were to start writing it next year…. Have a piece which has been archived, so it won’t be used if I do start writing. It’s unfinished, unfortunately, but here it is:

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