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#takao kazunari

dr kishitani: shintarous been studying for so long… how do i get him to come out of his room?

takao: leave it to me

[3 minutes later]

midorima, glowing green, chasing after takao: CEREAL IS NOT A SOUP

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Did he just call her cute? Was he *trying* to make her blush? Because it was definitely working, and she felt both embarrassed and giddy at the same time. Even more so when he took her wrist. She wondered if the others could see the flustered smile she was trying to conceal as she sat beside Takao and got her lunch out. Her food looked just fine, and so did his. Looks like there won’t be any problems today, she thought. -Kimiko

Takao doesn’t notice your state but Midorima did even though he doesn’t say anything about it. Or Midorima would have said something but Takao beat him to it by commenting about your prepared lunch.

“Your lunch looks good! Do you prepare your own lunch?” Takao asks as he eyes your lunch. His lunch looks like a typical one but it’s full of food that gives him energy while being healthy.

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Special thanks again to @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby <3 


Originally posted by yuuriiviktor

Day 3: MidoTaka - Flowers/You’re beautiful, you know that?

Summary: Shin-chan is being very difficult these past few days and Takao is getting frustrated.

Title: Valentines’ Language

Rating: T for cursing

Also on Ao3


Kazunari calls on the tall boy walking way ahead in front of him as he tries his best to catch up with his steps in comparison to Shin-chan’s long strides. Most of the time, it is a curse for being shorter than Shin-chan especially when he looks down on him. It is alright if it’s a normal stare. However, most of the time, Shin-chan will just stare down at him as if saying if looks can kill, he’d be six feet underground by now. He shudders at the thought. No, he doesn’t want to die yet. There’s no way in hell he’ll die before he can do all his wildest fantasies to Shin-chan.

He’d been wracking his brain real hard on how to get Shin-chan’s sweet yet dangerous yes for a date without him really knowing that it is actually a date. But as you can see, the boy is just ignoring him. This has been going on for a few days now. He dashes towards him and settles on walking beside the tall boy and says, “Shin-chan, are you getting deaf now? I’ve been calling you for a while now. Maybe Oha Asa will think of giving Cancers a hearing aid as a lucky item.”

He heard his companion just sighs heavily before speaking, “What do you need, Takao?”

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Yup, it’s painfully obvious who is my favorite character but then again, Murasakibara x Midorima is my precious second love OTP. The sexual tension is so painfully obvious and I just have to write something about them <3 Once again, thank you @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for this event.


Originally posted by hiyokayart

Day 2 Prompt: Pillow/Are you wearing my shirt?

Title: Valentines’ Day Hitch (Established Relationship)

Summary: For Midorima’s lucky item on the 14th, only Murasakibara can help him. 

Word count: 2, 712 words

Rating: T

Midorima Shintarou is, by all means, a normal type of person. He lives by the saying “Man proposes. God disposes.” He has a loving family, a team that he has come to trust and respect, and he has great (?) friends? That last statement doesn’t really sound right. He knows about his tsundere attitude so whenever Takao teases him about it, he just gets all defensive just because. 

And lastly, he has been in a long time relationship with one moron that goes by the name of Murasakibara Atsushi from way back their middle school time. Why does he mention that giant now, must you ask? It is because today, Oha Asa has this horoscope special that from the 12th of February until the 14th. Instead of giving you the reading for a day, they have decided to give out your luck for three days straight in preparation for this unscrupulous day called Valentines’. 

For Cancers like him, the first two days are a breeze. He’s in the third and first place respectively. The lucky item for today, as he ranks third is a scented candle and he has already obtained it. For tomorrow, his lucky item is an oversized shirt. He knows that he is already set for tomorrow because he has some of Murasakibara’s shirts, in fact. 

But for the third day, that is when his demise will come. Out of all the things in the world, Oha Asa has to choose a life-sized mauibo pillow to be his lucky item for the 14th. And to put an icing to the cake, he has to rank dead last. 

And he only knows one person who has it because he knows for a fact that it is a limited edition supply. After all, he is the one who gifted that to that candy-loving fool that he calls his boyfriend. 

He groans painfully as he adjusts his glasses. His class is coming to an end and he has his basketball practice to focus on. He just makes his resolve that he will deal with his lucky item for the third day later. After all, he knows that Murasakibara is just one call away even if they are far away from each other. 

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Hey hey hey! Here I am with the #knbvdaychallenge2020 organised by @vanilla-daydreams . I’m going to try an post a short prompt every day with a different pairing. The first one is Midotaka!


Miyaji Kiyoshi was many things, but patient was not one of them. That morning the Shutoku practice was strangely too quiet to his liking. Midorima has not even used one of his selfish requests. But Miyaji knows better than to expect peace and quiet when the green Miracle is involved. Especially if Takao Kazunari is also involved.

Everyone in Shutoku knew those two were great friends no matter how much they argued. But today Takao was kind of avoiding Midorima which caused the other to steal glances once in a while. And even though he really appreciated the peace and quiet, the moping was starting to get on his nerves.  

To his surprise, Midorima and Takao were already talking in the equipment room. Miyaji leaned a bit closer. He has spent the whole morning with the dreadful feeling of something about to happen the least those rookies could do is letting him listen.

“I’m just saying maybe you’re taking this too seriously,” said Takao.

“It’s you the one who is not taking this seriously, fool,” Midorima looked nervous.

“But you don’t know if he saw us, right?”

“We were under the streetlight of course he saw us.”

“Come on, Shin-chan,” laughed Takao. “I’m sure your dad is cool with it. He is a nice man.”

“It’s not that easy, he is not your mother.”

“Look, sometimes you just have to go with the flow, you know?”

“No, I don’t know.”

“Just like, let it go? Like Elsa. For example, this morning I didn’t remember having these many hickeys, but I don’t mind. See, the flow.”

“So many what!?”

Miyaji irrupted right on the second Takao was rising his shirt showing several red spots on his torso. If Midorima was already pale all colour disappeared from his face when he saw Miyaji gaping at them. The older man suddenly blushed and ran away too embarrassed to even face his teammates. Takao started laughing the second he saw his fearful vice-captain turned into a flustered mess.

“Great, now they know too,” groaned Midorima.

“Well, it’s your fault for not telling them before,” teased Takao. “I told you we should have,” a brilliant idea popped in his head. “Hey, let’s make out next to the gym to see if Miyaji can catch us again.”

“Sometimes, Takao, I really wish I wasn’t dating you.”

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Hello! Would you be able to do the GOM+kagami+takao on hwo they would help an S/O who just got back from a long day of work and has an incredibly sore back/neck from it?

(I’m sorry I took a decade to write this)

Kuroko: He can tell by your struggle to remove your own shoes that you are more than just exhausted tonight. You rub the back of your neck for just a moment before beginning to take off your coat, which gives it all away immediately. It’s slightly startling to feel his arms suddenly wrap around you from behind. You jump a bit at the initial contact, but he presses a light kiss to the nape of your neck and moves his hands up to your shoulders to kneed to tense tissue.

Kagami: He is absolutely oblivious to your strained and stiff movements until he hears the quiet whimper that manages to escape your lips. In a slight panic, he asks you what was wrong, although he doesn’t have the foresight to ask if he can help you in any way. Instinctively, he wraps you in a bear-hug and squeezes tightly as he lifts you up, only setting you down after hearing a few cracks.

Kise: At the very first sign of any discomfort, he begins bombarding you with questions (only half of which are even related to your current condition). The last thing you need is to aggravate your already present headache, so you shush him before asking him to draw a bath for you. He does what’s asked of him, going the extra length to set out two towels as he’s invited himself to join you.

Midorima: He tries to ignore your discomfort as much as you do, but after he watches you struggle to sit down on your bed, he leaves the room fairly inconspicuously. You, of course, assume he’s just making tea or something, but after several minutes, he returns with a steaming bucket, insisting that you lie down and let him give you a hot stone massage; he’s certified.

Takao: When you first complain about a sore neck, he responds instantly with a quip about you getting old. But he doesn’t want to be rude and unhelpful, so he pulls you down onto his lap and delicately moves his hands up your back to the spot on your neck you’d been rubbing earlier. Of course, the jokes don’t stop, but it bothers you a lot less when he’s giving you such a relaxing neck rub.

Aomine: It takes him quite a while to finally realize why you seem so stiff. He thought you were mad at him for something stupid he couldn’t remember doing. But no, the hand on your lower back tells a much different story, now that he’s finally noticed it. He tells you that you’re overworked, it’s time to start planning a vacation. Any protest you make earns you nothing but a grunt and a tight squeeze to your shoulders.

Murasakibara: As the giant’s typical move is to embrace you from behind, curling over you, he notices immediately how stiff you are. For a moment, he’s unsure of what to do. Normally, his answer to every problem involves food. But snacks don’t seem like the right answer to this one. Or are they?…After running the microwave for ten minutes, he returns with a small bag filled with rice (and some herbs to make it smell yummy) and places it rather delicately across the back of your neck.

Akashi: You try to pretend like there’s nothing wrong, that it doesn’t fell like a knife in your neck every time you turn your head slightly. But of course, he catches every wince. But when this pain prevents you from being able to lean forward an inch to eat, he’s done allowing you to pretend like nothing’s wrong. Dinner will be on hold until after the family’s masseuse comes in for a visit.

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Good day. Can I ask headcanon or scenario to Midorima and Takao (separately)? Headcanon on the theme: "If he played in the team Kirisaki Daichi". Please.

Hello, there, sweet human! Sure thing! This was quite and interesting request, I had fun thinking it through. I decided to go with some headcanons since I feel it is easier, at least with this ask, to express it this way. 

I hope you like it; I apologize if this is not what you expected :)



Originally posted by midorihope-blog1

Midorima Shintarou

  • Midorima would still be as confident as he usually is. 
  • He would also still be pick on for his lucky items, not by Hanamiya or Seto, though.
  • He wouldn’t mind his team’s dirty plays since given his long rate shots, he doesn’t really needs to get too physical with other players. 
  • He’s cool with the way his team plays as long as they win. 
  • I don’t think Midorima would hold too much respect for his teammates, he probably wouldn’t even be as close to them as he is with his canon team. 
  • Even if he were to disagree with the way his team plays, he wouldn’t do much to change it. 

Originally posted by dailyknbgifs

Takao Kazunari

  • Given his personality, Takao will probably disagree with Hanamiya´s basketball but will still play with them. 
  • Takao will try his best not to hurt any player while also ensuring their victory. 
  • He would be the sun of Kirisaki Daiichi High; he might even brighten Hanamiya a little bit. 
  • His team would be a lot more chill with him around. 
  • He would still be respectful towards his teammates, sometimes pulling some pranks on them. 
  • I think Takao would slowly try to get his teammates, including Hanamiya, to play fairly instead of hurting others and to also have some fun while playing. 
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“I-I’ll be careful next time…” She followed, staying behind him so he wouldn’t see her face-palm in embarrassment. She wasn’t usually this clumsy, and hopefully he knew that. Well, on the bright side, it was… pretty cool how he’d saved her from falling. She couldn’t help but smile a bit as they went to the roof. “Thanks,” she whispered. -Kimiko

“Hm?” He turns to you before chuckling. “It’s no problem. I wouldn’t want you to hurt that cute face anyway.” Then he looks around the roof for Midorima who’s sitting by the far side of the rooftop. Just like Takao said, Midorima’s already eating by the time you get there. Without looking at you, Takao grabs your wrist gently and leads you to Midorima.

“Shin-chan, you really couldn’t wait a few minutes till we get here? Lunch hour’s barely even started!”

Midorima just grunts and keeps eating. Takao lets go of your wrist and sits beside his friend, inviting you to sit down too.

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The blush returned to her cheeks at the mention of flirting, and it took her a second to register what Takao said after. “Y-Yeah, let’s!” She stood up with her things. But being called Kimiko-chan had caught her a bit off guard, and she tripped right into Takao while trying to walk to the door. “Ah! I-I’m sorry…!” -Kimiko

He catches you in his arms and steadies you. “Whoa there! You okay? You have to watch where you’re going or you’ll hurt yourself.” He squeezes your arms gently before letting you go and walking through the door, waiting for you in the hallway. “Come on! Shin-chan’s probably already eating without us.”

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*It’s a WHAT?* She almost squeaked. Well, it made sense when she thought about it, but the idea still made her blush like crazy. Good thing Takao already went to his seat. Kimiko calmed down as class went on, but when Takao came back up to her later, she stiffened like a deer in headlights. “Huh? I-I mean, y-yeah, sure!” she quickly stammered with a nervous smile. Then, fully comprehending what he’d asked, she collected herself and said, less jittery, “I’d, um… yeah, I’d like that.” -Kimiko

Takao smiles at your cute reaction while Midorima just stands by the side, watching. Your signs are still incompatible but today was a neutral day for your interactions. Who knows if it’ll be a good day or a bad day?

“I’m leaving you both behind if you don’t stop flirting,” Midorima says, already heading out the room without waiting for the both of you. Takao just looks at his friend leaving before sighing. “Always so impatient, Shin-chan. Well, Kimiko-chan, let’s go too.“

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Posting another throwback.

Kuroko no Basuke; Immaculate Anime Winter Cup.
I believe the original Panini America Immaculate design is still the best. I’m surprised I only did 5 of these.

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She continued to smile but looked down, trying to hide the slight blush on her cheeks. “Ice cream sounds good.” Quietly taking a deep breath, she looked back up and glanced at the clock, looking forward to the afternoon. They’d just have to get through the school day first. -Kimiko

“Great! It’s a date then.” He winks and laughs as he goes to his seat as classes are about to start. He keeps on glancing at you throughout classes. He can’t wait to spend time with you that afternoon!

When the lunch bell rings, he approaches you with his own lunch. “Hey! Wanna eat lunch with me and Shin-chan again? Don’t worry about this time! I made sure my lunch isn’t all messed up.“

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