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#taylor needs to see this

Miss Americana where have you been all my life? 🥺🥺🥺

I’ve been cyber bullied before and it sucked. People I didn’t even know would write mean things about me on the internet and make fun of me. I used to cry because of it and it really affected my daily life and put a lot of negative thoughts in my head. I can’t even imagine how Taylor even dealt with it because it must have been a billion times worse for her. I just wanna give you a hug Taylor, you are so genuine and kind, it’s heartbreaking to see people say mean things about you. You don’t deserve that 🥺💖

I feel so much closer to you now @taylorswift, you’re the bff I always wanted 💁🏻‍♀️



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‪If Taylor or Taylor Nation ever does another follow spree, I SERIOUSLY deserve to be followed for voting for Taylor the max amount of votes in each category every single day on Twitter & on their website. 🥺 I’m very dedicated! 🙏🏼💖 Just sayin 💁🏻‍♀️😬

@taylornation @taylorswift

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this is literally not @ any of my mutuals and kinda hate sharing my opinions bc of anon hate but….. i mean if you start to realize literally everyone has their own agenda for things anyway… for example blogs will literally crucify blogs that want “taylor’s attention” but then also want taylor to see their edits and go through the tswiftedit tag, which comes down to the same thing. and these are just two examples but it’s literally like…. a scale. i guess what i’m trying to say people have been classifying things into “worst to least annoying” to get her attention which apparently gives others the right to literally come @ the other group when deep down they all want the same thing. anyway NONE OF THIS IS REAL….. IF YOU CLOSE YOUR SCREEN TUMBLR IS GONE…

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Taylor stans. Swifties. Whatever. I need help. I get super frustrated when I see criticism of Taylor. I mean, she’s multifaceted and makes mistakes from time to time because she’s a human being and I can’t/won’t defend her from ALL criticism but I have to know more about her side of the “suing her fans” thing. I haven’t had tumblr and I really haven’t been a super fan for like - as long as some of you so I just want to be able to hold up my side of things when people throw “she SUES HER FANS” at me whenever I try to defend her from the typical “she’s playing the victim again” thing.

And like Halsey said it best when she said that Taylor doesn’t need any protecting but I still can’t help myself when someone is spreading misinformation.

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Today i put “Lover” on Suffle. And it was so wrong. Like Cruel Summer next to False God.. uhmm nope. Not. Nice.

I actually stopped at the point that Soon you’ll get better didn’t came up after London Boy and i was like “Oh Fuck, let’s start all over again from the top”

@taylorswift what kind of masterpiece have you done. I mean would i be able to play it on shuffle at some point?


Originally posted by tayloralison

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