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Important message for Taylor Swift


I’m in a bad situation

I’ve been a fan of yours since 2006

You’ve saved me from a lot of bad… like a lot

But the past few years I’ve been abused

Emotionality and sexually

Breaking up with my abuser didn’t help

She’s still virtually stalking and harassing me

I’m not getting the space I need to heal

So I haven’t gained the strength I need to stop getting sucked back in to this abuse cycle

I would file a no contact order but she has blackmail that she threatened to use if I ever try that

I can’t afford legal help and I don’t even know if it will do anything

I’m feeling so hopeless

So unsafe

I can’t stop watching Miss Americana specifically because I resonate so much with the parts that mention your experiences with stalking and sexual assault

At this point watching that documentary is the only thing keeping me sane because it makes me feel less alone, more validated, and more hopeful

And of course listening to your music is a huge comfort as well

I feel like this is just getting harder and harder and my outlook on life is getting worse

But you’re still there for me when I feel alone and helpless

If you happen to see this all I’m asking for is any kind of acknowledgment. Even if it’s just a like. You’re pretty much my only source of hope right now since I’m feeling so stuck and exhausted and scared. Getting any sort of acknowledgment from you no matter how small would be amazing.

I love you Taylor. I hope one day I can meet you and give you a hug and thank you to your face for all that you’ve gotten me through.

Also I named my cat Swiftie 9 years ago here she is ❤️


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