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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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“I’ve watched as one of my favorite artists of this decade, Lana Del Rey, was ruthly criticized…in her early career and then slowly but surely she turned into, in my opinion, the most influential artist in pop… (and further on)

And I see that fire in the newer faces in our music industry whose work I absolutely love. I see it in Lizzo, Rosalia, Tayla Parx, Hayley Kiyoko, King Princess, Camila Cabello, Halsey, Megan Thee Stallion, Princess Nokia, Nina Nesbitt, Sigrid, Normani, H.E.R., Maggie Rogers, Becky G, Dua Lipa, Ella Mai, Billie Eilish. And so many other amazing women who are making music right now”

- Taylor Swift, Billboard Woman of the Decade Speech


19 names, 19 hands.. wtf is happeninggg

Mark my words, this will be the biggest single off Lover

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If there is none thing that I’m proud of myself for.. it’s that I made it. I recently graduated high school last June and was going to attend this college near me but I was going for the wrong reasons. I was very distracted my junior year of high school and didn’t have the time to look at colleges like everybody else. I had friends who thought it was ok to leave me in a dark place, I had a toxic ex boyfriend who manipulated me constantly for over a year, I felt alone. I didn’t really have many people. But it didn’t stop me from being kind to others even if they weren’t so kind to me. I had a lot of people talking about me, using my kindness as a weakness, and had a lot of people try and destroy me. You know it’s a cliche people always say they “hate school”, but I truly had an awful experience. I spent most of my days my junior year hiding in a sweatshirt, breaking down constantly, and just wondering what a nice girl like me deserved to be treated so horribly by people. My coping mechanism through my off and on breakup and my reputation was writing and listening to @taylorswift and just understanding and being able to connect with her. My senior year came around and I decided to not let myself fall like I had done previously and it worked out for the most part. My main goal was finding happiness and I would say I did a pretty good job but I still wasn’t 100% back to my full self again. I was still in that toxic environment and dealing with my toxic ex boyfriend and dealing with people honestly just being mean without any given reason because I’m honestly one of the kindest hearts you’ll ever know.. and I think people wanted to take that away from me.. but I didn’t let them. I’ve honestly been through a lot. I just turned 19 and I’m currently taking classes to become a nurse in the future, I am focusing on me. I cut off toxic people in my life.. and realized that I cannot love anybody else until I love myself first.. and let me just say… I’m having an AMAZING time doing that!!! I spent the past year saying “I’m doing better than I ever was” and a lot of the time that’s what I wanted people to think, but here right now at 1:28 in the morning I can HONESTLY say “I’m doing better than I ever was” and it’s all because of staying strong and having the support of @taylorswift by my side forever&always ❤️ This is your daily reminder to be kind always because you never know what somebody else is going through and another reminder to check up on the people you love and never give up on your dreams. Pain isn’t meant to last forever and things will change and one day you will get to exactly where you need to be and don’t let anybody else try and break down that passion you set up for yourself. I love you forever. @taylorswift @taylornation

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The Man music video is coming out this week, International Women’s Day is next week, & my life said, “bitch, hold my wine…”

In the last four days, I’ve…

been nominated for an award for my work in Intentional Inclusion,

received a raise that I asked for,

been hand-picked out of thousands to attend a conference & advocate for advancing progressive initiatives with CEOs & other change makers,

& earned a promotion.

I’m MANifesting that alpha type, BLAZERing a trail, & stumbling on home to my dogs. @taylorswift thank you for my anthem this week & forevermore 👠

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