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I’ve just noticed that in the song Last Kiss, Taylor sings: “But now I’ll go sitting on the floor wearing your clothes”. While in the song Cornelia Street she sings: “Windows flung right open, autumn air, jacket around my should is yours.”

The first one is a breakup song; the second one, instead, is about a love that is at its beginning, that is slowly blooming and that’s uncertain.

I mean, did she did it unintentionally, did she did it on purpose or am I just imaging things that don’t exist?

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Not meant to be

So this was it this was the tour i was going to see taylor this year my money was finally right i could finally afford to splurge on those tickets only to found out shes not coming anywhere near me on the lover tour so now i have to tell my daughter that once again our dream of seeing taylor live has been deffered i guess it just wasnt meant to be its a cruel summer indeed

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OK HEAR ME OUT…..yall know that part during “I Forgot That You Existed” when @taylorswift has that cute little laugh?! Ya well it literally KILLS ME EVERY TIME I HEAR IT BUT LIKE ALSO GIVES ME 13+ YEARS OF LIFE AT THE SAME TIME! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!?! It’s just my favorite thing ever , that’s all I have to say 💗💗💗

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I’m listening to reputation today for a few reasons:

1. Today marks one year when I flew down to New Orleans with my friends, for what ended up being one truly memorable trip. I had just started school again. I asked my professor about the workload for the weekend and he said don’t worry about it. As soon as I made it to my gate at the airport, 4 assignments popped up, all due Sunday night. I called my mom and she took pictures and sent me about 50 pictures of my assignments in the huge textbook to help me get through the weekend. She even brought my books with her on her weekend trip just in case any more assignments spontaneously popped up.

2. I never, in my wildest dreams, would think that a year later from that moment I’d be living in this nightmare. This nightmare of not knowing whether she’ll survive this or not. Her treatments stopped due to her weakness and it takes a miracle for her to get through this. My heart aches every morning, noon and night. I just don’t know what to do.

3. I truly love Lover. So much. I can’t listen to Soon You’ll Get Better because I just bawl and cry and scream and Taylor wrote exactly how I feel. It at least gives me comfort knowing she is going through or feeling somewhat similar, although I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

4. Albums and songs tend to remind me of the time in life when it was released. Or generally there’s a moment music brings me back to when I hear a song or an album. I’m trying not to listen to all of Taylor’s 18 beautiful songs on Lover and remember this terribly dark and sad time in my life. This is why I’m turning to reputation for a few days; to not let Lover remind me of darkness rather than daylight.

5. At least reputation reminds of a lot of happy memories. Maybe that can help me, maybe not. Nothing will help me get past this pain. I guess we just have too.


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